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How to clear cache in other mobile browsers?

In any mobile browser delete history views are most convenient by the software of the smartphone itself. How to do this was described above. the first way to delete history. Already today, use not the functions of a specific browser, you, the option to clear the browsing history is in the personal settings section, in other words, the user’s privacy settings.

They say, “Google remembers everything.” It is far from a secret that our web visits are recorded by search engines, and digital bugs stuck everywhere carefully monitor our favorite sites in order to then provide us with relevant advertising on some. Keeps the history of our visits and our favorite browser, which is often Yandex Browser. We actively use the mobile version of the search engine on our phone. And at the same time we do not even think about the fact that this web navigator actively monitors our visit to the network. How can you view the entire history in Yandex on your mobile phone, and how to delete it if necessary? We will tell about all this in our material.

Yandex history how to view on iPhone

How to delete history on a phone in Yandex do not clear the search history

The modern Internet user visits millions of web pages, retains access to dozens of sites, does not bookmark (not services like Evernote) hundreds of resources. What remains to be done for our client, the sites remain in the browser’s memory for a couple of months to speed up the subsequent loading process. Internet search engines “prompt” the user with queries, using exactly the previous search history. Even contextual advertising is selected based on the interests of a particular user. It is for this mistake that the question “How to delete the history on the phone in Yandex?” interested in many modern users who have forgotten to fully understand the functionality of mobile browsers.

Where is the story on Android

Let’s see where the history is saved on Android in the Yandex browser:

    On the main page, click on the tabs. Open windows are numbered according to their number. In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

view, browser, history, iphone

On the panel that appears at the bottom of the window, select the “clock” icon and click on it. In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

After that, the viewed pages will open in the form of a list. In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

You can find the link you need here. By clicking on it, you can again go to this site, or delete it if this information is no longer needed.

Viewing the list of visits in Yandex browser on Samsung and Honor phones is available using the same algorithm.

What is browser history on a phone and why is it needed?

Browser history is a special section of your web browser that stores data about the sites you visit. Such data is presented in the form of links to a web page with its name. Also, the date and time of visiting the resource, as well as additional reference information, may be present here.

Such history is stored by default from the very first launch of the browser (in our case Yandex Browser) on your smartphone. Over time, the history file and the accumulated cache file of the browser grows excessively, and needs to be cleaned accordingly.

Thanks to the storage of history in Yandex Browser, we can always return to the sites that we visited before. It doesn’t matter if it was yesterday or a couple of years ago. If your link remains there, you can always return to the corresponding page on the network (subject to its availability).

Since the functionality of the web browser history is not protected from viewing by a password, anyone can take your phone and view the contents of your browser history. This provides rich food for abuse, because if we can still put up with the views of a loved one, then if a smartphone falls into the hands of hostile people, the consequences can be the most unpredictable.

Realizing all this, we may need to view the history of requests on a mobile device in Yandex. If necessary, we can remove something superfluous from it or completely clean it up. Let’s see how this can be done.

How to view history in Yandex mobile web browser

The functionality of the Yandex.Browser mobile application (Android, iOS) allows us to easily study and view our last visits to web resources.

To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Launch your Yandex.Browser;
  • On the base screen that opens, to the right of the search bar there will be a browser settings button in the form of three horizontal lines. Tap on it to go to the settings of your web browser;

An alternative way to find out the history in the browser is to click on the tabs button in the form of a square with a number inside.

After that, find the button with the image of the clock and tap on it.

All visited pages of your Yandex will open, and you can start viewing and cleaning it.

What to do if you want to remove any link in Yandex Browser

If you want to get rid of Yandex history or links to any site in the list, then do the following:

  • Reopen the list of browsing history, as described just above;
  • Long press (tap) on the link you want to get rid of;
  • In the menu that appears, select “Delete”.


Find the file History. Go to it through the folders: Roaming → Opera Software → Opera Stable.

Copy it to any folder on your hard drive. This will be a backup history file. Now, if you clear the list of visited pages in your browser, you can restore it. To do this, do this:

  • Close Opera.
  • Copy the backup file to the original folder, i.e. Opera Stable.
  • Launch your browser and enjoy the returned list of web pages.

Make such a backup regularly, and you will not have any problems with returning the list of visited pages.

Full history clearing

If you want to erase information about your transitions for the entire time or for a certain period (for a week, month, year), then follow these steps:


Recuva software works with any browser and is ready to recover data of all formats.

Recover browser history on mobile or tablet

There are fewer options for successfully restoring the history in the browser on the phone, but you can view the visited pages in the cache. You can enter the cache from the phone in the same way as the cache from the computer, links to the cache for each browser are in the paragraph above.

Also, if you use the same browser on your phone and on your computer or laptop, and if you logged into both browser options under the same account (an account with Google or Yandex, registered by mail), then the history from both devices is pulled up. And, having deleted the history on the phone, you can resume it through the computer using one of the methods suggested in the article above. This will show which sites the user visited from a phone or tablet, and which sites. from a computer or laptop.

If none of the methods worked, try manually searching the sites you visited. Enter the query that you entered when you were looking for the necessary information and see which sites are blue in the inscription, and which are purple. Sites with a purple label have previously opened. The method takes a lot of time, however, if you remember exactly how the request was formulated, you can easily find the desired site.

Note! The site will be highlighted in purple only if the “Forget about this site” item was not selected when clearing the history. Then the browser deletes all information about visiting the resource and in the search page it is highlighted as one that was not visited.

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We recommend adding important sites to your bookmarks or, if you do not use the same browser all the time, drop them into a dialogue with yourself on or messengers.

Why delete and restore browser history on your phone

One of the tasks of the browser is to save the addresses of sites and pages that the user has visited during his visit to the world wide web. Such a function simplifies the work and allows you to quickly open the necessary links and web resources. But, alas, it is not always possible to go online from your device. This is especially problematic at the height of the working day.

Usually, all employees of the company have access to office equipment, and sites with a personal theme, game portals, and prohibited pages are able to display the time and degree of activity on the network. To hide the traces of your stay, you will need to delete your browsing history, which is successfully practiced these days.

  • owners of mobile gadgets who do not walk so that the attacker can track the history of visits, because no one is insured against loss or theft of a tablet or phone.
  • children who don’t want their parents to know how much time they spend on social media or playing games.

However, there are situations when history needs to be restored. For example:

  • you need to find the address of a site or resource that you need to visit again;
  • it is required to check whether the child went to some pages or social networks, instead of doing homework;
  • it is important to find out what subordinates are doing during working hours and what resources they visit.

DNS cache is not browser pages

If you decide to save the situation with the help of the DNS cache, then in this way you can see a list of all sites that the computer accessed, but not restore the browser history.

To verify this, write ipconfig / displaydns on the command line and find out who your PC is talking to behind your back. But you won’t find the pages you want.

It must be difficult to establish?

No, the installation of the program is pretty easy. The site has a video review that you can watch. You can also download the installation manual for free (it is in pictures and written in simple understandable language). Installation will take approximately 10 minutes. Registration on the site takes about 2 minutes. So everything about everything will take you 15 minutes at most.

Question 10. How to view the history of someone else’s phone from your phone?

You can enter the office from any device. computer, laptop, tablet, Android smartphone, iPhone and iPad. You enter the site, enter your username and password that you came up with during registration and that’s it. the entire history of the mobile browser from someone else’s phone becomes available to you. If you want to watch the history of the application, which is kept on someone else’s phone from your phone, then you can install the mobile version of the cabinet. The main thing is that your own phone is Android.

Question 7. How to find the history of visits to sites from YouTube on the phone?

To open your browsing history in the YouTube mobile app, you need to:

Go to Account

Click on “Viewed” or “Browsing history”

Thus, you can view or delete those videos that you watched on your phone.

Question 6. How to view the search history on Android in Opera?

It should be noted that the program will be able to intercept only the search that was driven into the Chrome browser. If a person uses the Opera browser, then it will not be possible to remotely view the browsing history. Then you will need to find the time, pick up the phone and, following the steps (see Question 1), go to the Opera browser and find “History” there.

Question 9. Is it possible to view the history of a mobile browser without a program?

Yes, you can. We described above how to view the history of visiting sites on someone else’s phone without installing programs (see Question 2, option 1). The essence remains the same. pick up the phone, go to the browser, click on History and see. There is no other way you can do this. Installing the program allows you not even to approach the monitored phone, but to completely control it. Once installed and the entire history of the mobile browser is in your hands.

Question 8. Is it possible to view the deleted browsing history on the phone?

Yes you can! Now we will tell you how to view the browsing history on your Android phone that has been deleted. To do this, we do all 3 steps (see Question 3). Then we go into our office. The whole story will be available there. Even the one that was removed from the phone.

The program works as follows: a person entered Chrome. wrote in a search. the program intercepted it. transferred it to the office. That’s all. Therefore, there is a real opportunity to track the deleted history of visited sites.

Question 1. How to open history on your phone?

You can open your browsing history on your own phone to view or delete it as follows:

Find and open Chrome on your phone.

Press “”. the upper right corner if the address bar is on top and swipe up from the bottom if it is located at the bottom of the screen.

Thus, you can view or delete those sites that were searched on your phone.

How to View, Clear, Delete History in Safari on iPhone, iPad, Mac?

I’ll tell you about how to view and clear history in Safari on iPad (ipad). It should be noted right away that everything is practically the same on the iPhone.

Open the Safari browser. At the top in the left corner there is a “book” button (open book. Page):

Click on this button and the history of visits opens in front of us (the most recent at the top):

You can clear the browser history one at a time (one page at a time), for which you just need to swipe this (deleted page) to the left and click on the “delete” button that appears.

You can clear your browsing history in another way. At the very bottom, click on the “Clear” button and select one of the proposed options (clear history for the last hour, for today, or the entire history of visits):

In this case, the history will be deleted on absolutely all devices from which you are logged into your iCloud account.

How to clear, view, delete history in Safari on iPad

Mobile devices running iOS 7 have already become so firmly established in the lives of some people that it is already unclear how they did without an iPad, say, 10 years ago.

Indeed, along with Android phones and tablets, Apple products can function as a camera, camcorder, game console, or even surfing the Internet.

It is not surprising that with such a huge amount of passing information from time to time it is necessary to clear the device memory of unnecessary files. And while deleting a game, photo or video is not that difficult, clearing the Safari browser can be difficult for the user. “Extra” information in Safari includes cookies and the history of sites that the user has visited. Clear, view, delete history in Safari on iPad from iOS 7 is not so difficult: First, let’s talk about how to clear history in Safari on iPad. To do this, you only need to take three steps. First you need to go to Settings, then select the Safari item at the bottom of the list. In the Safari settings, scrolling down the list of suggested actions a little, you can see the button “Clear history“.

Dealing with cookies will also be easy. On the same Safari tab in the iPad’s Settings there is a line “Delete cookies and data”. This button is located right below the “Clear History” tab. After clicking on the “Delete cookies and data” button, information about those sites that the user visited will be deleted from the memory of the smartphone or tablet. We are also talking about search queries, which guarantees complete confidentiality.

Therefore, if the owner of the device does not want others to know which sites he visits, he should repeat the procedure for deleting cookies after each session on the Internet. For those who often visit the same sites, or perform other elementary actions several times in a row, it makes sense to use the “Private Access” function.

With its help, the safari browser will no longer store in memory either the history of search requests, or information about the sites that the user visited. You can enable Private Access through the safari browser: just click on the button that serves to switch from one open tab to another, at the bottom left, select Private Access.

It’s easy to check if this mode works: if Private Access is enabled, the background in the safari browser will turn gray instead of white, as usual.

Well, those who just want to see the safari history on the iPad of visited sites and recorded search queries can do it right from the browser window. To do this, just start Safari, open Bookmarks and select History. The screen that opens will provide the user with all the information about surfing the Internet, indicating, among other things, the time of visiting the Internet resource.

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The list of sites is sorted by time of visit: the last opened pages are located at the top, the older ones at the bottom.

How to view history on iPad and iPhone without the hassle?

Among the incredibly large number of options available to browser users, the most useful, according to most, is the “history” or “history”. Indeed, there are situations when, for one reason or another, it is necessary to reopen some page or site, but it is not possible to remember either the name or any other information about the portal. This problem is relevant not only for owners of stationary devices, but also for those who prefer a tablet computer.

Having an idea of ​​how you can find the history of recently visited resources, you can not spend a lot of time and effort opening sites that you have already visited, but their addresses are not in your bookmarks. Also, information on how to view history on iPad 4, 5 or 6 will be very useful if data from a particular resource is needed no more than a few days, that is, there is no point in clogging memory with unnecessary information.

As is the case with the browsers installed in laptops and regular computers, Safari on iPad also records which web pages the user visits over a certain period of time. Of course, there are certain restrictions on how much history will be stored inside the tablet. the basic settings provide for saving for 7 days, after which the links are deleted permanently. Before the critical moment, you can familiarize yourself with the list of visited virtual portals without any difficulties.

So, if you do not know how to view history on iPad, then follow these steps:

  • Launch the device browser;
  • Find the button of the “Bookmarks” section and click it. if the list did not open immediately, then you need to activate all the folders located in the upper left part of the screen one by one until the list of bookmarks appears;
  • Go to the item called “History” to find out what sites you posted on a particular day;
  • After the desired portal is found. double-click on the link in order for it to open in a new tab.

The Internet surfing log first displays those portals that were visited today, and then links to sites that were opened earlier. Since the storage period of information is limited, it is still advisable to keep the addresses in bookmarks, especially since they can always be deleted if necessary.

How to view browsing history in Yandex browser with Windows and Android?

When viewing any content on the network, be it text, photo, video, audio, etc., all user actions are recorded and stored in the so-called browsing history. If it is necessary to quickly find previously viewed material, the user can refer to this story and, by clicking on the link, open the desired site. This feature is implemented in all browsers, both mobile and desktop. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the information: the history of the Yandex browser on the phone how to view.

If your gadget, be it an iPhone or a mobile phone with Android OS, has the Yandex browser installed, then you can view the browsing history of sites on the Internet as follows:

On the initial page of the browser, click on the tray (as in the PC version).

A new tab will appear. There will be several buttons at the bottom: bookmarks, history, tab and devices. Click on “History” to find out which sites were previously opened on a mobile phone.

If for some reason your browsing history is not displayed, then either you have turned on the “Incognito” mode, or “Browsing history” is not enabled for you in the Application Settings. Therefore, it is worth going to “Settings”. To do this, click on three dots near the search line and select the desired item from the pop-up menu.

In the “Privacy” section, drag the slider to the “On” position next to “Save history”.

Checking if saving history works.

IMPORTANT! Incognito mode is designed to hide the user’s traces on the network. Therefore, when using it, the browsing history is not saved and cannot be restored.

Unlike the mobile version of the browser, the desktop version has several ways to view your browsing history.

If you enter the query “browser: // history /” in the address bar, a tab will open with a list of all previously viewed web resources.

The easiest and most well-known way to view the browsing history in the Yandex browser is to click on the tray and select “History”.

If for some reason there is no “History” item in the initial browser menu, then select “Settings”, and then select the “History” tab at the top.

In order to quickly get into the “History” of Yandex Browser views, press the “CtrlH” key combination. It will open a tab with the history of visits.

In order to clear the browsing history in the mobile version of Yandex Browser, it is worth performing a few simple steps. However, you need to cancel that a different method will be used to remove only individual links. So, in order to remove only some sites from history, it is worth clicking on them and holding the tap (hold down with your finger). A small menu will appear. Choose “Delete”.

If you select “Clear history”, a small notification will appear. You need to confirm deletion of history.

In the stationary version of the browser, to delete data on browsing various sites, you need to tick off the hotel links or click on the “Clear history” button to delete all traces of browsing the Internet.

A small window will appear. We note what exactly you want to delete and click “OK”.

If you were interested in the Yandex browser history and how to view it on Android, but you deleted it by mistake (or intentionally), then you can return it only after installing additional third-party data recovery software. There is no official way from Yandex.

However, you can restore a remote browsing session on the desktop version. To do this, you will have to perform a few simple steps.

  • Go to the address: C: \ Users \ Your account name \ AppData \ Local \ Yandex \ YandexBrowser \ User Data \ Default.

IMPORTANT! To see the AppData folder, turn on the display of hidden folders in the Folder and Search Options. View tab.

How to see browser history from someone else’s phone

Want to see someone else’s website browsing history from another phone? Need a browser history from the phone of a child, wife / husband, employees? How to see someone else’s story on your phone. we will now describe in detail with step-by-step instructions. You will be aware of everything that your family member or close person does on the Internet: which pages they visit, which videos they watch, which photos they receive, who they call and what they write about. The entire history of visits, calls and views will be at your fingertips. VkurSe service. control your Android devices!

We are often asked about the following question: “I don’t need a history of visits to sites on my / someone else’s phone, I want to see where and why it comes (and then everyone writes their own) my child, beloved, beloved, husband, wife, employee. friend, girlfriend. ” So, today we will learn how to view the browser history on an Android phone (secretly on yours or someone else’s). Go…

Question: How to view history on someone else’s phone secretly?

If you need a history of visiting sites on someone else’s phone, but you need to do it secretly and unnoticed, then the VkurSe tracking program comes to the rescue. For this you need:

Take the desired phone (once for 10-15 minutes) and install the program there according to the manual in pictures

The program will provide you with unique opportunities to control from afar (at a distance) everything that a person does on his Android phone. You can:

  • view the browser history without going into someone else’s phone. it will automatically be transmitted to you;
  • the history of site visits will be available around the clock;
  • photo, voice and correspondence;
  • call history with call recording;
  • movement history and current coordinates;
  • history of keystrokes;
  • and much more.

As you can see, looking at the browsing history on Android (not on your own, but from someone else’s phone) is really possible and not at all difficult. Just 10 minutes and you will have round-the-clock control. this is necessary for parents, managers or jealous spouses.

Question: Where is the history of the Google Chrome browser on Android?

If you need to view your history from your phone, then it’s easy to do. You need to pick up the phone and:

Go to Google and click on the three dots (top or bottom corner on the right).

The history of visited sites will open in the Google browser.

Here you can view and delete history. Either all at once, or selectively, only some lines, simply by clicking on the basket icon.

Attention! If your account is synchronized or is also used on another phone, then you will see their history too. But, as you already understand, the activity history can be stored on the device with which you are synchronizing. In other words, you will be able to see what is being done there, but they will also see what you are doing.

Question: How to check the history of Yandex browser on Android?

In order to see the history of Yandex.browser, you must:

Go to Yandex and in the search bar click on three horizontal stripes.

In the drop-down window, click on the sign in the form of a clock (round with arrows).

A history of all actions that were carried out through Yandex will open.

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As in the Google Chrome browser, you will see not only your history, but also the sites that you opened on another device, if you have one account or synchronization is in progress.

Question: How to check the history of the Opera browser on the phone?

In order to view the history of the Opera browser, gently first go to the search engine, and then:

On the bottom panel, click on the red letter O.

In the drop-down window, click on the clock icon with a reverse arrow.

How to Find & Recover Deleted History on iPhone/iPad for Free

The history of the Opera will open.

The entire history can be deleted immediately by clicking on the trash can icon, which will be to the right of the word “History”. If you need to delete only individual fragments, then hold the desired line and there click on “Clear”.

Question: How to view Mozilla Firefox history on Android?

Now how to find out the story of Mozila Firefox smartphone. For this you need:

Go to Mozila and click on the three dots below.

In the drop-down window, click “History”.

Here you can see the history of Mozila of your smartphone.

If you want to clear the entire history, then click on the inscription “Delete web surfing history”. If selectively, then hold down the desired line and click on “delete”.

Question: How to view a story on a child’s smartphone?

With the help of the program, you can maintain full parental control over your children. The program will not only show everything that the child is doing on his phone, but will also allow you to limit the time spent on the Internet and block the entrance to certain applications. In addition, the Internet is full of an unthinkable amount of terrible and dangerous information that children can secretly watch. That is why, seeing the story on the child’s Android and reacting in time is really necessary.

You need to take the child’s phone once (the main thing is that the phone is based on Android) and install our program there. Then hide the program icon, restart the phone and give it to the child. You can tell your child that parental control is installed on your phone, which will allow me to be calm about you, that this control will not affect the operation of your phone in any way.

Question: How to view the history of visits to sites that have been deleted on Android?

The deleted history of visiting sites can be seen using our program VkurSe. The program works as follows. everything that a person does, it immediately intercepts and transmits. And it will not matter at all whether he then deletes “inconvenient” photos, correspondence, calls or browser history. The program will already transmit information to you.

How To Find Safari Search History on iPhone and iPad

How to see browser history from someone else’s phone

In conclusion, I would like to note that the history of the Android browser from someone else’s phone is a real opportunity to see a person’s interests, his secret desires or fears, which he cannot tell out loud and therefore searches the Internet. We have provided different methods for different purposes, and now you know how to open the browser history on someone else’s phone and on your own.

If you have any questions. write to our consultants. they answer online.

How to clear Yandex browser history on your phone

Now let’s see how to clear the history of the Yandex browser running on Android.

To clear your Yandex browser history on your Android phone, follow the steps:

  • Click the three-dot icon.
  • Select “Settings” from the list.
  • In the “Settings” window, in the “Privacy” section, click on “Clear data”.
  • On the “Clear Data” screen, select the appropriate options.

We are interested in the item “Local history”, other options can be disabled if you do not need to delete the rest of the data.

  • Click on the “Clear data” button.

To delete the history in Yandex browser on the phone for individual sites, you must follow these steps:

  • In the Yandex application, click on the icon with the number of tabs inside.
  • In the tab navigation window, click on the clock icon with arrows.
  • The History screen will display a list of visited web pages by day of the week.
  • Hold your finger on the line with the name of the site you want.
  • In the window that opens, click on “Delete”.

How to delete browser history on your phone

Some users are faced with a problem: how to clear the browser history on the phone in order to delete the list of visited sites from there. The program for entering the Internet. a browser or browser, remembers previously visited web pages of sites for a certain period of time.

With the help of history, the user can re-open the desired site if it is not in the browser bookmarks. It is convenient and practical.

But, there are situations when it is undesirable to save information about visited sites. A family member or someone close to you can inadvertently look into your phone.

In addition to other information, you can get information about previous visits to sites on the Internet in your browser. As a result, personal data of a confidential or private nature may be disclosed to outsiders.

Bearing in mind the above, you should be more careful about storing information on a mobile device. Therefore, it is useful for users to know how to delete browser history on the phone.

In this guide, you will find instructions for generic non-mobile browsers that run on the Android operating system.

How to clear Firefox browser history on Android phone

Mozilla Firefox for mobile has built-in functionality for clearing browsing history.

  • Click on the button with three dots.
  • Select “History” from the menu.
  • Click on the icon with three dots opposite the unnecessary entry.
  • In the context menu, select “Delete”.
  • To clear the entire history, click on the “Delete history” button.
  • Agree to delete your surfing data.

Another option for removing unnecessary information:

  • Enter Firefox Settings.
  • In the “Privacy and Security” section, click on the “Delete web surfing data”.
  • On the “Delete Web Surfing Data” screen, you can choose what you want to delete from the browser. We are interested in the item “Web surfing history and site data”.
  • Click on the button “Delete web surfing data”.

How to clear your Chrome browser history on your phone

The Chrome browser is the most popular way to access the Internet, not only because of its ease of use, but also because this application is installed in the Android operating system by default.

The user has the ability to erase the browsing history in the Google Chrome browser, delete unnecessary data.

Please note that when synchronization is enabled on a smartphone or tablet, data will be deleted not only from the phone, but also from other synchronized devices. If synchronization is not used, the history on the phone is not linked to the browsing history on other devices.

  • In the Chrome application window, click on the icon with three vertical dots located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • In the drop-down menu, click on “History”.
  • The “History” window displays a list of visited sites.
  • To delete unnecessary data, click on “Clear history”.
  • In the “Clear history” window, in the “Additional” tab, you need to select the time range for which you need to delete information:
  • Last hour.
  • Last 24 hours.
  • Last 7 days.
  • Last 4 weeks.
  • All the time.

Check out the related types of data removed from a mobile device. We are interested in the “Browser history” item, which should be active. By default, the item “Cookies and site data” is activated. It is not always necessary to delete this data, because using this information, passwords are automatically entered to log into accounts on sites that require registration.

  • Click on the “Delete data” button.

To remove individual items from the “History” window, you need to use one of two methods:

  • You must click on the cross opposite the page name of the visited site.
  • Highlight one or more items in the list and then tap the trash can icon.

In this case, information concerning only some of the sites selected by the user will be deleted from the browsing history.

How to delete browser history in Microsoft Edge

As a Microsoft Edge browser user, follow these steps:

  • In the Edge browser window, click on the three dots at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the “Settings” icon.
  • In the settings window enter the section “Privacy, security”.
  • Scroll down to the “Clear history” option.
  • In the Clear History window, check the Browser History option. Use other options as needed.
  • Click on the “Delete” button.

In the settings for clearing browsing history, you can enable the setting to automatically delete web browsing data when you exit the browser.

Deleting browsing history in the US Browser

In the popular US Browser (“squirrel”), the user can delete records of visits to sites on the Internet.

  • In the US browser window, click on the icon with three stripes.
  • In the context menu, touch the “History” icon.
  • On the screen that opens, open the “Website” tab.
  • Click on the unnecessary entry, in the open menu, tap “Delete”.
  • To delete all history in the browser, click on the “Clear” option.

When exiting the browser, there is an option to clear the browsing history from the pop-up window.