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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 goes on sale at an insane price

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Wearable electronics have long become a part of the lives of tens of millions of people around the world who cannot imagine performing everyday tasks without it. Someone prefers to use wrist Smart-watches, but someone liked various sports bracelets, the functionality of which has been rapidly expanding for many years in a row, and this year 2019, such a long-awaited novelty, like Xiaomi Mi Band 4, will be on sale. She is credited with top-end hardware and an insane price tag.

As it became known from the CFO of Huami, David Cui, the new sports bracelet of the Chinese corporation is guaranteed to be released on the market this year, and it certainly will not take long to wait. It is impossible not to notice that Huami has created all generations of Mi Band, starting from the very first, and she is the daughters of Xiaomi, specializing in wearable electronics, that is, fitness trackers and smart watches.

As it became known from an official source, the novelty in the face of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is guaranteed not to be announced in April or May of this year, that is, in the next month and a half, the presentation of this wrist gadget can not even be expected, but then it will most likely happen. is fully confident that this sports bracelet will be presented to the public in mid-June, and then, at the end of the same month, will be launched on sale in China.

As for the start of sales in Russia and other countries of the world, everything is not so simple here. Due to the high demand for the new product in China, the manufacturer will not be able to quickly launch the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to the international market, therefore, most likely, this tracker will appear in official outlets in the Russian territory only in August, and maybe even in September. Everything will depend on the demand and determination of the Chinese brand. According to some reports from the social network Weibo, the basic version of the new item will cost all buyers an insanely low amount. only 27 (1,750 rubles).

Recently it became known that the most important new feature of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 shocked everyone.

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Xiaomi all instructions

Operating instructions for Xiaomi devices


To install the Mi Fit mobile application on your smartphone, enter Google Play or the Apple Store, type “Mi Fit” in the search bar or scan the QR code below.

Supported by Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 and later operating systems.

Open the Mi Fit app, log in or register. Then select the bracelet from the list of available devices. Follow the recommendations that will be displayed on the smartphone screen.

Please note: Mi Band 4 must be charged to pair. When the bracelet vibrates and the tracker image appears on the screen, press the bracelet button to complete successful pairing.

Assembly and rules for using the bracelet

Insert one end of the fitness tracker into the groove on the front of the bracelet as shown in the illustration.

Press the other end with your thumb to fully submerge the fitness tracker into the groove.

Place the bracelet on your wrist about an inch from your wrist. This is necessary for a more accurate heart rate monitor. Tighten the strap around your wrist to a comfortable level. Note: Wearing the bracelet too loosely may affect heart rate data collection.

Mi Band 4 manual in Russian Xiaomi Mi Band 4 user manual fitness bracelet

Please read this manual carefully before using the bracelet.


Warranty service is carried out in accordance with the Law on “Consumer Rights of the People’s Republic of China” and “The Law on the Quality of Products of the People’s Republic of China”. The warranty service includes the following.

Within 12 months from the date of purchase, in the event of a problem from the “Fault List”, the Xiaomi service center determines the problem, after which you are provided with a free repair.

Mi Smart Band 4 fitness bracelet

List of possible malfunctions

Tracker: incorrect operation of the device functions described in the instructions. Display problems / incorrect display of symbols / symbols are not displayed. Incorrect operation or malfunction with vibration feedback. Problems with device synchronization. Cracks / breakages due to the structure or material of the device. Cable: problems with charging the device.

Removing the module from the strap

If the bracelet indicator indicates a low battery level, charge it using the supplied USB cable. To do this, remove the tracker from the strap in the manner shown in the illustration.

Setting up the watch Mi Smart Band 4

There is no need to set the clock and date, it will be set automatically when connected to a smartphone. To activate the screen when you raise your wrist, you need to open the Mi Fit app. Go to the profile tab, click on the device, in this case on the inscription “Fitness bracelet Mi Smart Band 4”, open the menu item “Raise your wrist to view information”. Here you can disable or enable this function (for the whole day or for a scheduled period), set the response speed (high or normal).

Music Control Mi Smart Band 4

To start the music control, just swipe to the right or left side of the screen. Here you can stop or start playback, turn on the next or previous song.

Configuring Mi Smart Band 4 notifications

To configure vibration for incoming calls, select the “Incoming call” menu item. Here you can activate vibration, select its type, turn off the notification of unknown calls (then the bracelet will only respond to calls from numbers entered in contacts), set the display of the number or name of the caller.

To set up notifications for Mi Smart Band 4, you need to open the “Notifications” tab in the application.

  • Here you need to activate vibration when receiving push notifications.
  • Here you can adjust the vibration strength, set your own or select the default.
  • At the bottom of the screen there is a button “Manage Applications”. When you click on it, a list of all installed applications will drop down. Of these, you must select those to whose notifications the bracelet should respond.

Calorie counting during exercise

Calories burned during exercise in Xiaomi Band 4 is calculated based on heart rate. To start it, go to the “Training” tab in the bracelet menu and select an activity mode. You can choose from: outdoor jogging, treadmill, cycling, walking, exercise, swimming pool.

The analysis of the number of calories, heart rate, load analysis (no load, intense, anaerobic, etc.), distance (walking or running). When walking and running outdoors, you need to enable geolocation on your phone.

To pause or stop training, you need to briefly hold down the center button of the bracelet. Then select either the pause button or stop.

Warm-up reminder

Such a mention will be useful for office workers. It is configured through the application, for this you need to go to the “Warm-up reminder” item, where this function is activated and the time interval for it is set. If reminders are turned on, the Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet will vibrate if there is no activity for an hour.

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Manual for Mi Band 4 in Russian. how to use Xiaomi Smart Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is a budget fitness bracelet from a Chinese manufacturer that came out this summer. It differs from previous models in a list of functions and a color display, the previous tracker had a black and white screen.

The manufacturer produces bracelets for watches in several colors. In our case, this is red. Replacing the bracelet is easy, just take out the capsule and insert it into a new one. Everything is almost the same as in previous versions. But this time there is a special groove on the capsule, and it cannot fall out by itself.

We offer you to figure out what functions Mi Smart Band 4 has, and how to use them.

MI Band 4. Full Features Walkthrough [Amazing]

Unlock your device via Bluetooth

Unlocking a mobile device with a fitness bracelet is configured through the application. To do this, select the “Screen unlock” menu item. Unlock distance is set here (close, near, far). When the distance is set “near”, the smartphone is automatically unlocked when the user wearing the bracelet picks it up.

If you lost your native charger?

Charging the Xiaomi bracelet lasts an average of 17-20 days. After such a long break, it is quite easy to lose the “native” capsule-charger.

In order to charge the device without a capsule, you can use the most common USB mini cable:

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 (Global Version?!) Full Review [Xiaomify]

  • We unbend the mini connector body using pliers. It is better to remove the three central wires immediately to avoid shorting the device. If you put the cable with the icon up, then “plus” will be on the left side, and “minus”. on the right.
  • Now you need to connect the “minus” of the USB cable with the spring-loaded contact of the “native” cable of the Xiaomi fitness bracelet, and the “plus” with the “plus”.
  • You can connect this structure to a voltage of 5 volts.

The most important thing when doing this procedure is not to mix up the polarity. To avoid this, contacts “-“ and “”, it is better to immediately label.

How to set up Xiaomi Smart Watch

Smart sports watches from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi are in great demand not only among professional athletes, but also among lovers of a healthy lifestyle. In this article, we will take a step-by-step look at how to set up a fitness bracelet.

How to connect a SIM?

Smart bracelets Xiaomi are equipped with connectors for two SIM-cards.

  • After the card is carefully inserted into the slot, you need to go to “Settings”, where you need to find “SIM cards and mobile networks”. Here you can immediately register SIM cards.
  • Next, go to the “Default settings” item. It is necessary to establish which SIM-card will serve for making calls, and which. for working with the Internet.
  • To disable the SIM card on the Xiaomi bracelet, you need to go to “SIM cards and mobile applications”, click on the SIM card that you do not plan to use and select “Disable”.
  • For notification settings, go to the “Notifications” section and go to the “Operator”. Find “Notification icons” and move the slider to the right.

How to turn on / off Xiaomi smart watch

The Xiaomi watch turns on automatically, for their further activation, you will need to install the application and synchronize with your smartphone. Some models of Xiaomi bracelets are activated by moving the hand up.

There is only one button on the body of a smart device, by pressing which you can find out the number of calories burned, battery level, time and number of steps.

You can turn off the Xiaomi watch only by gradually discharging it (up to 17 days). To speed up the discharge, you can permanently activate the user’s physical indicators and through the constant updating of the application.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 (Mi Band 4)

On the model of the bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4, it became possible to change the vibration level using the settings. For this you need:

  • open the application on the phone;
  • find in “Profile”;
  • click on “Alarm”, find just below “Vibration”;
  • tap on “” at the bottom of the display;

Vibration will be set by pressing the phone screen. After setting the desired option, click on “Save”. In the sports watch Xiaomi Band 4, it became possible to lock the screen using a pin code, to activate this function you need:

  • We go into the program and open the “Profile”, click on the name of the watch.
  • We select “Laboratory”;
  • Click on “Locking the bracelet”.
  • We tap on “Password” and enter the invented password.
  • Repeat the password and click “Save”.

How to connect Xiaomi smart watch to the phone?

To properly synchronize the Xiaomi fitness bracelet, you need to do the following steps:

  • Using a smartphone, you need to connect to the Internet and activate Bluetooth.
  • After that, you need to download and install a special application for the Xiaomi fitness watch.
  • You need to open and register in the installed program.
  • When choosing a region, you need to click “Mainland China”
  • Find “” in Bluetooth and click.
  • On Xiaomi smart watches, press the button and hold until a slight vibration appears.
  • The smartphone display should show the name or image of the handheld device.
  • On the bracelet, click on the button, and on the smartphone, click on “Use”.
  • The smartphone will display a form to fill out. It must be filled in. date of birth of the owner of the watch, gender, weight, height.
  • Again go to “Settings” and select “Profile”.
  • You need to tap on “Setting”. We are looking for the item “Language”.
  • Click on “English”.
  • After that, turn on the “Menu” button on the Xiaomi bracelet, set the time zone and set the clock functions. reminders, call alerts, accelerometer, heart rate monitor, alarms, etc.).

If all steps are taken sequentially, the Xiaomi fitness bracelet will be connected to the watch and ready to go.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 (Mi Band 2)

When setting up the Mi Band 2 bracelet, you should select the parameters that should be reflected on the main screen, namely:

  • time and date;
  • number of steps taken;
  • the number of calories burned;
  • online pulse;

The clock on this model is automatically synchronized with the user’s smartphone. In the mi Bend 2 bracelet, you can also set up and activate reminders that you sit or lie down for a long time.

You can control this model of the Xiaomi bracelet using gestures, for this go to “Settings” and click on “Profile”. Next, find “Mi Band” and click on “Raise your hand to display data”.

To configure the activation of smart unlock, you need to open the main section and find “Screen Unlock”. After enabling this function, you can bring your hand with the bracelet on to the smartphone. The phone will immediately identify the owner of the watch without entering the peak code.

The band 2 bracelet has a function for calculating the distance to the phone. To activate it, you need to go to “Settings” on your smartphone and find “Unlock with a bracelet”. You need to click on it 10 times.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 (Mi Band 3)

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 differs from the Mi Band 2 model in two types of notifications:

  • Automatic notifications that are configured using the application and come to the bracelet, regardless of the smartphone;
  • Missed calls and SMS notifications;

To properly configure notifications, you need:

Go to the “Mi Fit” application and find “Notifications”. The following types of notifications will open in the section:

  • reminder of inaction;
  • “Bend alerts”. notifications from the application;
  • incoming calls;
  • alarm;

You can select the notification you need and connect, and if unnecessary, turn off.

In the sports bracelet Mi Band 3, it became possible to find out the weather forecast for the next three days. To configure and activate this function, you need:

  • go to the application;
  • click on “Weather settings”;
  • we set the city we need and in the units of data measurement;
  • click on “Enable Weather Alerts”;

Xiaomi Mi Band 4: summing up the fitness bracelet

While everyone is waiting for the fifth version, I propose to summarize the fourth. Discuss all the pros and cons, and also decide what we lack so much in it.

In terms of functionality, the bracelet simply does not have any restrictions. I was personally satisfied with the standard Mi Fit application. Which, by the way, has practically not endured configurations since version 3.

Here you can see sleep graphs, the history of heart rate measurements, configure from which applications and messengers you need to receive notifications, also set your characteristics in the form of growth and weight and indicate in which form we want to come.

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If you need more functions. For example, a smart alarm clock cut from Mi Fit, continuous heart rate measurement during exercise, or displaying only the last message, in other words, many other applications with advanced functionality. I used Notify Fitnes for Mi Band, Tools Mi Band and Smart Alarm for Mi Band.

In other words, thanks to the huge community, you can do anything on it. And if something doesn’t suit you, just look at unofficial applications or macros with Yes, there is such a thing here too.

With all this, I myself only count the steps, I use the bracelet for watches, weather and alerts. Well, from time to time I watch the phases of my own sleep and measure my pulse. The main thing is that the device provokes me to move more and set my own records in this regard.

The bracelet works with any phone on Android 4.4 or iOS from version 9 and above. The connection is made via Bluetooth. Which here, by the way, is already 5 versions. Answering a more common question, I will say that the bracelet does not need an invariable web and connection to the phone. It is enough to commute them once every 2-3 days, so that he updates the weather and resets the readings.

The bracelet interface has become very peaceful. There are several integrated watch faces and a whole mountain of custom ones. I like the standard one more, but for the child I put various animals from the Mi Store.

According to abilities, there is a stopwatch, notifications, heart rate measurement, phone search, as well as the weather for the next certain number of days.

You can adjust the brightness, turn on / off the alarm and set a comfortable time for the monitor to turn off without the help of others.

An accessory awakens from a wave of the hand or tap on the screen. Someone will appreciate the music controls. This feature has been recklessly coveted by many. Although for me, it’s easier to control the sound specifically from TWS headphones.

As a result, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet is very amazing: it is successful, informative, has a whole sea of ​​necessary and not very functions that grow in proportion to its popularity. There is just a huge number of extraneous applications for him that implement those functions that the manufacturer has scored for or considered it unnecessary to waste energy. Extraneous charging that does not require taking out the capsules, that smart alarm clock in the form of Smart Alarm for Mi Band. In general, any Mi Band is always a good choice, progress and development. Whether to expect the newest version is up to you. But there, as usual, there will be a Chinese version full of jambs and errors for a long time, later a European version and fixing bugs. For me, there is simply nothing to develop here. Unless payment with NFC will eventually be screwed up, but this is unlikely. So, to this day, I still consider version 4 to be the best. And the price tag just sank on her.


NFC now works only on the territory of China.

4th generation Mi Band with improved functionality

Mi Band 4. fitness bracelet equipped with a color screen with a diagonal of 0.95 inches, which in addition is protected by 2.5D tempered glass.

Screen personalization has been taken to a whole new level. Since 77 different dials are foreseen in the accessory, from this moment users will be able to choose a theme to their own taste.

A function has appeared that allows you to use the bracelet to control music playback: using Mi Band 4, you can pause, rewind and play songs from your own phone.

The 4th generation of the Mi Band fitness bracelet is presented in 3 versions: a standard version, a version with NFC and a limited edition dedicated to the Avengers superhero saga. Avengers limited edition.

A treasure trove of innovations

The fitness tracker Mi Band 4 is a treasure trove of innovations. The developers of this small-sized accessory equipped it with a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope, and also introduced functionality that allows you to monitor the health status (including heart rate) of the user while swimming and while performing other physical exercises.

How to use the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 fitness bracelet

This control will help you understand the functions of Xiaomi Mi Band 2: how to use its abilities and configure them through the Mi Fit program.

This fitness bracelet was first released for those who are fond of sports or are just starting to play sports. But over time, those who simply want to track their own daily activity data, the number of calories spent per day and the quality of sleep began to take it. For example, I use it in the main specifically for this. Unlike Xiaomi Mi Band 1s, this model has a small screen with which the user sees the data and can also control gestures.

Synchronization with your phone

After the profile is completed, the program will offer you to turn on Bluetooth on your phone and pair with the bracelet. Turning on Bluetooth, go to the profile interface and click on the “Add device” button. Band. Then the application will automatically search for the tracker and notify you of the find by vibration. Follow the instructions on the screen. press the button and wait a couple of seconds for the connection to be established.

First acquaintance with Mi Band

To start using the tracker, you need to assemble it. This is done trivially: insert the bracelet capsule from the inside into the silicone strap that comes with the kit, with the screen upward. Next, turn on Mi Bend by pressing the only button near the monitor. We have already mentioned that this version of the bracelet has gesture control. it will be enough for you to raise your hand with the bracelet, as if you are looking at the time on the watch to view the data.

To configure this function, go to the “Profile” in the Mi Fit application, tap on the tracker title and activate the sliders next to the inscriptions “View information” and “Pressing efficiency”. By the way, before the first implementation, we advise you to charge the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. You cannot turn off the fitness bracelet manually, you can only wait until it is completely discharged, but we do not recommend doing this to avoid deteriorating battery performance.

Notification settings on the fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4. calls and reminders

Now let’s return to the top of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet settings menu. In it we can configure the display of phone calls, notifications and reminders on the screen. To open the full list, you need to click on the link “”


Reminder of important events not to be missed.

When adding a note, there is a limitation on the number of characters in 14 pieces.

You can also set the frequency of the reminder. once, every day, month, etc.

Incoming SMS

A separate item was taken to activate the reception of SMS-ok.

Here you can also select the type of vibration and display contact details.

How to charge Mi Band 4?

To charge the watch, you need to firmly fix the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 in the charger that came with the bracelet. Then connect it to the USB port of a computer or a regular power adapter from the phone. The fitness tracker will start charging automatically.

Bracelet location

The choice of the hand on which the fitness tracker will be worn. Required for more accurate calculation of physical activity data


Find a bracelet

By design, it is a very convenient function if you suddenly lost your smartwatch. When you click on this item, the bracelet will vibrate. However, there is no dynamics in it, and the vibration force is so small that it will be heard only when you are in the immediate vicinity of it. So the practicality of its application is questionable.

Screen lock and password

The bracelet screen lock setting is hidden in the “Advanced” menu on the bracelet itself. It serves to protect against accidental clicks while wearing. To remove protection, you need to swipe up on the display.

There is one more interesting, but in our “world” not very usable function. a screen lock with a password entry. It was clearly created in order to protect personal data. To prevent an attacker from using the AliPay service and NFC. However, since they do not work for us, there is only a little from it. Even more problems, since every time the display goes out after 5 seconds, you have to enter the password.

To activate this mode, go to the Mi Fit application in the “Laboratory. Bracelet Lock”

And set a four-digit password. It is noteworthy that only values ​​from 1 to 4 can be selected.

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Subsequently, it can be changed or completely removed. At the same time, it is simply impossible to disable it. next time you will have to assign the password again.

How to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to a phone. Android or iPhone?

Let’s start by connecting the smartwatch to the phone. After charging and turning on, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 screen will display two different icons with some hieroglyphs.

But it doesn’t matter. The main thing we need is the Mi Fit application installed on your smartphone. I talked in detail about its installation and operation in the article about Mi Band 2. The only thing I want to note here is that when registering or logging into an account, it was necessary to select the region “Russia” in it. And accordingly, the entire application interface must be in Russian.

If you did not do this initially, then you need to completely uninstall the application, reinstall it and log into your account with the choice of the Russian language

Next, turn on the Bluetooth module on the smartphone and from the main screen of the application click on the link “Add device”

Here the phone will start searching for a smart bracelet. As soon as one sees each other, a vibration response will be triggered on the tracker, and a request will appear on the screen to confirm the connection. still in Chinese, of course. We click on the check mark on the screen.

Next, we return to the Mi Fit application and allow the bracelet access to our location


The watch is equipped with a 410mAh battery. Perhaps this is a small capacity, but the manufacturer managed to optimize the charge consumption so well that the operating time from one charge is really impressive: with moderate active use, the battery will last for 22-24 days. With active use, the charge will last for 17-20 days. If you use them in energy-saving mode, the watch will last up to 74 days.

During the night in standby mode, the clock was not discharged by one percent (looked at 21:30 and at 8:40). In the morning I put on my watch and went for a walk, at 12:40 pm the battery charge was still at the same level.

In sports tracking mode (walking, with GPS and heart rate sensor on), the watch was discharged by 3% in 27 minutes.

The charging attachment is magnetic, the watch holds up well, does not fall off. Charging takes about 2 hours.

Watch weight:

The body is made of aluminum, the back cover is plastic. Build quality is excellent.

The watch has a 1.39 inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 454×454 pixels (pixel density 326ppi). Tempered glass, 3rd generation Gorilla Glass with hydrophobic coating.

Brightness can be adjusted, maximum level is sufficient even in bright, direct sunlight.

Active display time can be configured (5 to 15 seconds).

It is possible to turn on the constant display of time and date on the display (the style of time display and brightness will differ from the main dial).

The strap is made of leather and silicone, it is soft, high quality and pleasant to the touch. Strap width 22mm.

The instructions warn that the leather strap is not waterproof and must be changed if the watch is planned to be immersed in water. The watch itself is protected by the 5ATM level (tolerates high humidity, splashes and short-term immersion in water).

On the right there are two physical buttons, the pressing is distinct, a soft click is heard.

The top button is responsible for turning on, off, restarting the watch, turning on the display and returning to the dial from any menu.

The bottom button can be programmed for one of the following functions:

Amazfit GTR runs on an operating system from Xiaomi, the system is optimized well, but not perfect, there are slight jerks during navigation (not always smooth). Considering that the watch has just come out, there is a chance that this will be fixed in future updates (two updates have already arrived in three weeks of testing the watch).

When you turn on the watch for the first time, you need to sync with your smartphone in the Amazfit app. Then they can be used without connecting to the phone.

If Ukrainian is set as the system language on the phone, the application will be partially in Ukrainian. partially in English, and the clock will be entirely in English. If the system language is Russian, then both the application and the clock menu will be in this language.

Swipe up to open the main menu.

Swipe down brings up a menu with access to basic settings (flashlight, change the brightness of the display, select the sleep tracking mode, turn on the power saving mode and lock the display). In addition, this menu displays the status of connecting the watch to a smartphone, month, date and battery charge (in percent).

Swipes left and right scroll between information about physical activity (number of steps taken, calories burned and mileage) and starting heart rate measurement.

Initially, the watch has two dials to choose from, but in the application there is much more choice. The disadvantages are that when you select more than one dial from the application, the previous ones are not saved. That is, the maximum number of dials stored on the watch is three (including two pre-installed).

When there is an incoming call, the watch vibrates and displays the name / number of the caller. You can either reject the call or mute the sound. Unfortunately, it is impossible to answer calls and speak through the clock.

The watch can display notifications from any application, however, emoticons do not display, only text.

On the watch, you can control the music that is played on the phone (change the volume, pause / continue playback, switch tracks).

The watch has 12 sports modes and can track and record detailed statistics of sports activity, which can be viewed both on the watch and in the app (more detailed). GPS works fine, it takes 10-20 seconds to initialize on the street.

During the work of the alarm clock, the watch distributes 10 vibrations. During vibrations, it is possible to either turn off the alarm by pressing any button or choose to fire again after 10 minutes. If you do not select anything during the vibrations, the alarm will turn off. As for me, this may not be enough to wake the person up (as an option. set many alarms for every minute). The advantages include the fact that the alarm clock works regardless of whether the watch is connected to a smartphone or not.

There is an event reminder function (the watch vibrates 4 times and the display shows a reminder).

It is possible to set a custom vibration rhythm for both notifications and alarms (the total maximum vibration duration is 12 seconds).

The watch has a power saving mode, in which the watch only displays basic information (time, date, month, day, battery charge and the number of steps taken), tracks steps and sleep.

The watch can display detailed weather information.

stylish design; high-quality assembly and low weight; high-quality display; availability and good work of GPS; notification of incoming calls and from any applications; HUGE AUTONOMY;

Working with the application

To synchronize the watch with a smartphone, you need to install the Amazfit app.

You can optimize and customize almost everything in the application.

Currently there are 56 watch faces available.

I liked the fact that you can personally adjust the vibration rhythm for notifications / alarms.

Among the interesting functions, I would like to note the ability to set up the automatic turning on of the screen when you raise your wrist and thus exclude the possibility of accidentally turning on the screen at night. It is possible to enable a high response speed of the watch when raising the wrist.

You can select notifications from which applications will come and configure them.

In the application, you can adjust the order of the clock menu items or completely remove unnecessary ones (hide the display).

As for the heart rate, it can be measured either by going to the appropriate section on the watch, or by turning on one of the following modes in the application: automatic regular heart rate measurement (every 1, 5, 10 or 30 minutes), heart rate monitoring in a dream, or at the same time turn on regular measurement pulse, including in a dream. There is also an option for the watch to automatically increase the measurement frequency when detecting physical activity.