What to do if whatsapp is not installed on the iPad

Messenger WhatsApp is not installed on the iPad directly, even though it is in the AppStore. It is available exclusively for iPhone. But, despite the fact that a separate application with all the functions and standard design is still not, there is an opportunity to use the auxiliary applications or the browser web version. True, in these cases will be their nuances. From year to year there are rumors about the release of a separate version for the ipads, but until it happened, users use: Tweakbox, Cydia Impactor, i-FunBox and other software.

WhatsApp does not work on the iPad only because it is not yet developed. Despite the news from 2019 that the company has already begun to work on the integration of the messenger, which was initially programmed only for smartphones, so much time and even the beta version has not appeared yet.

Naturally, the installation of an unofficial application can become an alternative method, but in no case, it cannot fully replace the official version that is available for smartphones. The alternative application copies the one that is installed on the iPhone, but only “stretched” under the size of the tablet. There is no adaptation of the inteeis and there is no benefit for this version, but there is an opportunity to comfortably receive notifications, and the application can work without browser use.

WhatsApp Setup on iPad

WhatsApp Setup on iPad

The easiest and most popular auxiliary application is TweakBox. This is a special market account that allows you to download, install and use the messenger on the iPad.

If for some reason, it is not possible to install this application, then you can use other. There are many people now on the Internet only to understand that the problem of working with Vatsapom can be due to different factors: from the incompatibility of the utility with new versenger versions, to viruses.

[FAQ] how to run whatsapp on iPad?

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Dear editors, there is any way to put WhatsApp on the iPad without a racing of stupid applications? They do not work normally at all, and when an update for iPad is displayed. unknown. It will be great if you can help, I often use the application on the tablet.

While the Zuckerberg brand’s team only hatches the plans to the Tablet version of WhatsApp, along the way, there are various applications that specify the Web assembly and requiring money for the disconnection of advertising. over, they cause new security issues. who knows these Chinese enthusiasts.

But why apply frank crutches when there is a long run way to run WhatsApp on the iPad, and without additional applications, exclusively on iOS resources and actually a couple of clicks through the Safari browser (or any other). We will not pull the rubber, accept the instructions:

  • Go to the address: https: // Web.Whatsapp.com
  • Click on the button of the ball in the upper right corner and select “Version for PC”
  • A QR code appears (by the way, there is a possibility that now Safari opens the default desktop versions of sites)
  • Run whatsapp on the iPhone and go to the application settings, the WhatsApp Web tab
  • Select “Scan QR code” and bring on the screen
  • Add a site to bookmarks and rejoice WhatsApp for iPad

Thus, we get the same WhatsApp, which works on desktops, and in “special” applications, in fact, deceiving users.

How to install whatsapp on iPad?

Surely, the first problem that occurs from iPad users when installing WhatsaApp on the iPad is the lack of version of the program for the tablet in the App Store. over, in contrast to other programs available for the iPhone, the application cannot be found and when you turn on the program display only iPhone.When you try to install the program from a computer iTunes will also give an error.

To bypass all these obstacles, we will have to fulfill several simple actions:

  • Open the iTunes program on your Windows or Mac computer and fighter in the iTunes Store section.
  • In it, find the Whatsapp program itself and download it to your computer
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After that, you will need to resort to the help of the iFunBox third-party program (you can download here), which is available for both Windows and Mac. This program is essentially a manager for iOS devices by analogy with iTunes.

  • Connect the iPad to the computer and make sure it is defined in iFunBox.
  • Press the Install application key and find the installation file using the search.IPA WhatsApp program that has been downloaded from iTunes Store.
  • After successfully executing the procedure, the WhatsApp program will appear on the iPad screen.

However, it is still impossible to use the program on the iPad, since it will report that it will not be designed to work on the tablet:

Now you need an iPhone on which either not installed, or the WhatsApp program has been deleted. Note that after removing whatsapp with the iPhone, when you cannot restore a copy of the correspondence data from iCloud. The phone must appear on the phone to register numbers.

After the application confirms your phone number and send a message with confirmation code in SMS, complete the setting and connect the iPhone to a computer with a running iFunBox program.

Now connect the iPad to the computer again and run the iFunBox program. Similarly, go to the WhatsApp folder and download folders copied with iPhone to it.

It remains only to restart the program on the iPad and start using it.

Please note that WhatsApp will not work on both devices in parallel, messages will only come to the device on which the WhatsApp program has been used last.

Installation methods

Set WhatsApp on the iPad can be installed by the following programs:

Consider each of these ways in detail.


Tweckbox is an informal application store, where you can also download the necessary programs.

For Apple devices owners, the high attractiveness of Tweakbox is that it does not need jailbreak for him.

At the same time, all applications presented in the tweakbox pass preliminary moderation, which the users themselves are partly carried out, which already guarantees the reliability of the proposed programs. The only minus is that when using tweakbox, the warranty on the device is automatically canceled.

Application Tweakbox and WhatsApp

In order to use TWEAKBOX services:

  • Pre-download the application store itself, it is done through the link on the official website;
  • After downloading and installing, the user will need to log in in the tweakbox;
  • In the search for the store, enter the name of the messenger and download it, agreeing with the terms of distribution by informal representative and loss of warranty.

Cydia Impactor

Cydia Impactor is not an application store, this is a installer. the software installer program for the IOS operating system (supported by all Apple mobile devices).

All installation manipulations occur through a computer, in connection with this, the iPad must first be “jailbreak”, in a different way to install the messenger will not work.

Installing the Watspa via Cydia Impactor takes a few steps:

  • Preload the WhatsApp installation file to the computer (IPA format);
  • Download, install and run Cydia Impactor.
  • Connect iPad to a computer, make sure that the installer detected the device;
  • Transfer the program previously downloaded.IPA Whatsapp.
  • Press on start.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password.
  • Wait for completion of the installation (you can learn about this on the application icon that appears).
  • Open on the iPad settings, go to “Main” → “Profiles and control. Device “.
  • Go to “by developer”.
  • Find your appleid and tap on it.
  • Two times click on “Trust”.
  • Reload the tablet.

When you start the messenger, you will need to enter your phone number and create a profile. All contacts in the phone book will be imported into the app, so the rest of the users will be able to learn about the installation.

Web version

The browser version opens at https: // Web.Whatsapp.COM and requires binding to the messenger installed on the smartphone.

  • Open WhatsApp on iPhone.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Click “WhatsApp Web”, and after the “Binding of the device”.
  • We bring the camera to the iPad screen to scan the QR code.

The web version is the most simple in the installation, but audio and video calls are not available in it.


This program is a full-fledged Cydia Impactor analog. The key difference is that i-FUNBOX also works through MacOS. Apple fixed operational system. Another equally important difference is functional, in contrast to Side, he is a bit already.

i-FunBox is a file manager noticeably different from the standard IOS device manager. It is usually used on the devices having a jailbreak, but in this case it is an optional condition.

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Installation via i-FUNBOX is similar to installation through Cydia Impactor:

  • Preload a messenger installation file to a computer with i-FunBox (IPA format);
  • Connect iPad to a computer, make sure the manager has detected the device;
  • After detection, you need to send the installation file to the folder. Further, the program will no longer need, the further installation will be held on the device itself;
  • The user will be asked to implement the installation, following the instructions within the device itself. It will be necessary to start the installation and wait for its completion;

Be sure to note in the settings item to install applications not from a trusted source.

With i-Funbox you can install WhatsApp on the iPad


Jailbreak is a breaking device using UNC0VER, Checkra1N or other tools.

After hacking IPA format installation files (Analog APK for Android) are displayed in the standard file manager, and the user can install them, even if they are not from proven sources.

Application for using WhatsApp Web on iOS

Recently, new features have been added to WhatsApp, so many are expected to have a solution and, therefore, an update that will allow you to correctly use this network on the iPad. Perhaps the main reason why Mark Zuckerberg did not do this is its own message delivery strategy.

While another simple and convenient way to do this application. Chat for Whatsapp. This application is free and works in the same way as a native version for mobile devices. With it, you can send and receive messages on all devices, iPad mini, iPad Air or iPad Pro.

Steps are the same as on the Internet:

  • Open Padchat on your iPad.
  • Select the application “WhatsApp”.
  • Enter the “Menu” network from your mobile phone, then in the “WhatsApp Web” and, finally, in the “Scan QR code”.
  • Scan QR code and voila.

As we know, whenever we do this, we must keep the device on which the social network is installed, nearby. so that there were no problems when using the tool in the desktop version. This is due to the fact that if the mobile phone is too far, the signal may be lost and, therefore, disabled. The same thing happens if the device turns off or reboots.

Until they update the version that can be explicitly downloaded for Android or iOS iPad tablet, we can use it. And if it works, why not use it? Therefore, it is time to use all these steps that we leave you so that you are also one of users who can access this method.

Features Whatsapp on tablet

Compared with a version for smartphones, WhatsApp on tablets offers several advantages:

  • With big screen inteeis applications expands. Group settings are not displayed in a new window, but is displayed on the right;
  • With the large screen item to print, search for the necessary files and stickers, quickly finding chats becomes easier;
  • If you already have whatsapp on another smartphone, you will not need a SIM card for the application.

You want to use whatsapp on iPad? These are the best applications.

It is extremely easy to use the application because it simulates an inteeis that we can easily have in the desktop version of whatsapp for MacOS. When you run it for the first time, we will see the QR code on the screen. We just have to take our iPhone and when entering whatsapp we will see the “Settings” tab at the bottom. Once here, we will choose the S ‘WhatsApp Web / Desktop’ to open the camera and scan the QR code that appears.

Proven methods

Each of the options described below will not require the Jailbreak installation and will not make a clock in the settings, the main thing is to repeat a small algorithm of actions:

Developers from. which belongs to whatsapp, have long ceased to pay due attention to the audience, and therefore independent studios from all over the world. So, for example, Alejandro Perea Navarrete offers to try out a bold novelty. Whatspad Web. The version is sharpened exclusively under the tablets and offers standard inteeis, complete contact synchronization and already familiar settings, emoticons and voice calls.

Of the shortcomings. technical errors, but notifications are available, the optimization is excellent, and problems with the fulfillment of the following actions will not even have newbies.

WatchApp installation methods on iPad

Consider the main ways to install WhatsApp on the iPad tablet, from legal up to the conflict with Apple policies.

Web version

It is the easiest, legal, but definitely not the most comfortable in terms of using the messenger method. In principle, many desktop users use such a way, but it is impossible to call it the most successful.

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Run the WhatsApp really simply using a system browser, but on comparison with an independent product, it has many shortcomings that will make it difficult to use the communicator. So, in the web version, double touch leads to the triggering of the zoom, and there are quite a few such trifles. But but you will not have to use the jailbreak. True, just to turn on the messenger will not work, even this method requires a smartphone with a registered account.

So, how to start the Whatsapp web version:

  • We go to the messenger on the iPhone;
  • Open the last tab (it is at the bottom right);
  • Tada on the button in the form of a QR code, located at the top of the right;
  • A QR codes scanner will appear on the screen;
  • On the tablet in the browser, we open the Website WhatsApp and click on the button input to the account;
  • QR codes scanner will open;
  • Use a smartphone to read the QR code issued, after which synchronize both devices.

This will allow you to enter the account and legally use the messenger on the iPad. The functionality will be almost the same as on a full-fledged application, and still trimmed. It is necessary to immediately include notifications, because without this, new messages will remain unnoticed.

ATTENTION. Some options regarding the account settings will be unavailable in the WhatsApp browser version. You will also not be able to control the messenger gestures, will be inoperable for some of the programs of the program, including you cannot call with iPad by WhatsApp. In short, the existing restrictions will not allow you to use this option as a full-fledged application.


Many apple technicians have repeatedly used this informal store to download games / applications inaccessible in the official. He will help you and this time, allowing you to install WhatsApp on the iPad without a phone and access to the tablet file system.

  • After downloading TweakBox from the official site, click the “Install” button;
  • We enter the password, click the “Finish” button;
  • Open on the tablet “Settings”, go to the item “Main” and looking for a string “Shenzhen Span Logistiks Limited IEAP”;
  • Tada on it, click the “Trust” button;
  • We run TWEAKBOX, agree with the terms of the User Agreement;
  • We select the “Apps” tab at the top of the screen, in the submenu taping at the TWEAKED Apps paragraph;
  • A list appears in which we are looking for a string “Watusi for WhatsApp”, install this application in Russian;
  • It remains only to go to launch the messenger and go through the registration procedure. iPhone for this is not needed, but get a separate SIM card for the tablet will have to.

Cydia Impactor

Assigning this utility is similar. the ability to install applications on devices running under iOS, in case of the impossibility of installing them through the AppStore.

Although the smartphone can not be needed here, but without a computer, install WhatsApp on the iPad will not work. Another mandatory condition is the presence of iTunes installed on PC, and be sure to the latest version of the program. You can download it directly from the developer’s website. Now you need to find and download the WhatsApp installer on the tablet (the file with the IPA extension), as well as the Cydia Impactor installer. The last program immediately install.

  • Go to Apple.COM, we enter the account. We go into the settings, go to the “Security” tab, select the “Application Passwords” section and taping on the “Create Password” button;
  • We enter the name for the password, and after clicking on the “Create” button, it will be automatically generated by the program;
  • Run Cydia Impactor, after which you connect the tablet to PC. The Cydia application will appear a small menu, select the “Just Connected Device” item;
  • Open the directory with the WhatsApp installer, transfer it to Cydia Impactor, click the “Start” button;
  • In the window that opens, enter your Apple ID and password generated by the site.

Before you start using the application, you need to activate the confidence feature on the tablet. This is done as follows:

  • We go to the “Settings”, choose subparagraph “main”;
  • Go to the “Profiles, Device Management” tab;
  • We are looking for a subsection “by developer”, in which your Apple ID will be displayed, tadam on it;
  • Click on the “Trust” button twice.