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Before switching to the question, how to enable or disable the touchpad on the laptop, you should specify what it is. touchpad. Laptops, netbooks and other similar portable devices (for example, tablet computer) usually have an embedded computer mouse in their composition. This built-in mouse is not at all similar to the familiar computer mouse that can be moved on the table and click on the buttons.

Built into portable portable computers mouse has a completely different device. If the usual mouse moves on the table, the built-in portable computers mouse costs what is called, tightly. But you can move on it with your fingers, that by the response is completely similar to the movement of a regular computer mouse on the table.

Pluses of the touchpad or what is needed touchpad?

Such a fixed device of the built-in mouse is convenient for portable computers, where you need to have as little moving parts as possible. It is because of the fact that the computer itself is portable, it is not desirable to have something moving.
touchpad, laptop, asus, configure

On this built-in mouse, you can not only move your finger, but also to perform many other actions. For example, you can tap on the built-in mouse, which will be similar to pressing the left button of the usual computer mouse. In more developed computers, especially in Mac manufactured by Apple, on the built-in mouse, you can turn the image from several fingers, to increase or decrease its scale and perform many other convenient actions.

Also embedded mouse portable computers have left and right buttons, fully similar to the left and right buttons of a regular computer mouse.

Actions on the built-in computer mouse portable portable devices are most often touched by touch finger on the rectangular platform on the computer case. Therefore, such a mouse got the name “Touchpad” from the English words “Touch”. to touch and “pad”. playground. In simple language

“Touchpad” means “touching the fingers of a special platform”.

Cons of the touchpad or how the touchpad prevents the user

Any convenience can always be a reverse side. inconvenience. This “the law of harm” did not go around the touchpad (touch panel, built-in mouse of portable computers).

The fact is that usually this touch panel is constructively located just below the computer keyboard (laptop, netbook, tablet computer, etc.P.). When working with the keyboard, you can imperceptibly for yourself to accidentally touch the touchpad, the panel (platform) below the keyboard.

Touchpad any touch not only with your finger, but also, for example, a shirt cuff can perceive as a signal to action. On this false signal to the touchpad computer, for example, to move the mouse cursor up, down, left or right.

And now imagine, for example, that you are typing text. And suddenly at some point the mouse cursor “moves” completely into another place of the text where you continue, I’m not suspected, printing the text on. Not everyone owns the blind printing method, so when printing all attention, usually, it is directed not to the screen, but on the keyboard. And you just do not notice that the cursor has long been “leaving”, and the text is printed completely not where it should be.

Unpleasant? Still would. And then it is necessary to edit everything, to seek where “left” the text. Remove it from there, move there, where this text place. Long and sometimes it has to fix everything.

Therefore, the developers of portable portable computers have long been concerned about the problem of temporary shutdown of the touchpad, touch panel, built-in mouse. Unless, of course, it is necessary to the user. This function of shutdown (and, of course, inclusion, if the touchpad is in demand) is very convenient. Therefore, it is useful to know and be able to use this feature.

At home, where the laptop can be put on the table, many prefer to use the usual computer mouse. Only in this case, the touchpad included can greatly disturb, so the question arises: how to disconnect / turn on the touchpad?

Manufacturers worked out about touchpad shutdown. To do this, in laptops there is a special key or key combination. No special technical or software to resort to any special technical or software.

How to turn on touchpad

There are several ways to turn on the touch panel:

  • On many modern laptops there are a slight recess directly near the touchpad. use it to turn on or off the touchpad. If you do not have such an in-depth button, use the following method.
  • On each laptop there is a Fn function key, which serves to perform different tasks when you press it with the row buttons from F1 to F12, one of them is specifically assigned to start the work of the touchpad and most often on it there is an appropriate mark. Therefore, try pressing Fn with one of the keys of this series, or take advantage of each of them.
  • It is possible that the touchpad is turned off in the system itself, and it must be activated via the BIOS. go to the menu when launching a laptop or restart it, find the section Pointing Device where the device will be indicated. To enable it, you need to select Enable, turn off. disable. Do not forget to save changes by choosing a combination of F10 or another, opposite which is the Save and Exit option.

If all of the above actions did not give results, it is worth checking whether everything is in order with the drivers. maybe they are outdated. To do this, do the following:

  • Log in the Control Panel menu and select Device Manager.
  • Find the section Mouse, the row of the touchpad and view the properties of the equipment. if the drivers are outdated or do not work (it happens after replacing the operating system), it will be said in the window that appears.
  • If something is wrong with the drivers, you need to upgrade or reinstall, the computer will do it yourself, or you can the necessary files on the Internet and specify the path to them in the equipment properties.

If you cannot turn on the touchpad through the operating system, the key combinations, the BIOS, most likely, the case in malfunction of the equipment. in such a situation you will have to carry a laptop to repair.

Touchpad driver update or rollback

Try updating or roll back the touchpad driver. Go to the same device manager, as described above. Find the touchpad device, usually it is called like a laptop brand (Dell Touchpad, Lenovo Touchpad, Synaptics, HP Touchpad, Acer Touchpad, ASUS Touchpad.) Right-click on your driver and select Properties. Next click Refresh to make sure there are any useful updates for your touchpad.

Many people reported on Microsoft forums that the touchpad stopped working precisely after updating Windows 10, for this you need to choose to roll back the driver. If you do not burn a dedicated button to roll back, then you do not have the previous version of the driver.


Almost all modern laptops. Apple, Dell, Xiaomi, Acer, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony there are key combinations that allow you to disconnect and turn on the touch panel. Basically, this combination of the “Fn” key and one of the function keys (F1-F12). Them should be pressed at the same time.

It should be noted, for various brands of laptops, combinations will be different. Consider using the example of the most popular laptop brands which of them should be used when the touchpad does not work:

  • Acer uses a combination FN F7.
  • In ASUS, there may be two options Fn F9 or FN F7.
  • Lenovo is possible two types of combinations FN F8 or FN F5.
  • In Samsung, Toshiba, Dell must simultaneously press the FN and F5 keys.
  • If the Sony laptop, you need to click FN F1.
  • In MSI. FNF3.

In this list there is no common HP brand, since in the devices of this brand for these purposes there is a special button, which is located under the keyboard or on the touch panel itself (it is worth looking for a point or hollow).

How to turn on the touchpad on a laptop via BIOS

  • Run the reboot and when the launch of the laptop is returned to press the F2 or DEL key. So we can get into the BIOS. You should be very careful and not to skip the moment (the tip is displayed at the bottom of the screen). Otherwise you have to make a reboot again.
  • In the menu that appears, open the Advanced tab and find the “Internal Pointing Device” parameter. So that the touchpad worked, its value should be “Enabled”. Note, in different versions of the BIOS tabs and parameter names may be different. Therefore, it is desirable first to study the instruction manual for your model.
  • Save the selected configuration by pressing F10 and “Y”.

Remember, any error when working in the BIOS can cause irreparable consequences. Therefore, it should be very careful.

Turning on the touchpad through the toolbar

  • In the control panel, we find the “Equipment and Sound” tab and choose the “Mouse” subsection.
  • Check, whether the touchpad is connected. If necessary, turn it on.

Another point. in some portable computers there is a shutdown of the touch panel when connecting the usual mouse. Check if you have such an option.

If you have already tried all the above options, however, as the touchpad does not work before, then we can talk about physical breakdown. In this case, it is better to turn to professionals.

How to set up a touchpad on a laptop ASUS Windows 7?

The following key combinations can solve the problem, depending on the manufacturer of the device:

How to highlight the text on the touchpad without buttons?

Today we decided to help you with such a problem as the selection of text on the touchpad. I myself personally encountered this problem when buying a laptop ASUS Vivobook. It has one touchpad, which does not distinguish the right and left buttons. On the fact of a touchpad. one big touch screen and all actions you can do without pressing. Actually, we tell you how to highlight the text without clicks)

Let’s start with the general solution: as well as the mouse, we put the cursor to the beginning, click the LKM and not releasing the crossing the cursor by the end of the allocated area.

In these photos you can find the main multi-movements for your touchpad. As a rule, they work almost on all laptop models.

How to highlight text on the keyboard?

Thus, the combination of Ctrl Shift “Arrow to the right” will highlight the words to the right of the cursor, and Ctrl Shift “Arrow Left”. on the left.CTRL SHIFT-Up Arrow and Ctrl Shift “Down Arrow” and CTRL SHIFT SHIFTs are released above and below the cursor, respectively.

If we consider the specific case of ASUS VIVOBook, then to highlight the text you need to touch the touchpad on the left side of the touchpad and delay your finger on the second touch, after that you can move them and the text will stand out!

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How to use a wheel on the touchpad

The laptop is, first of all, mobility, so it combines all the input and output devices that are connected to the computer separately. It follows from this that there is no need to connect the mouse separately, for this purpose there is a touchpad that can be individually configured under each user. How to flip down on a laptop without a mouse or how to flip up on a laptop without a mouse, on all these questions the reader will receive an answer in this article. The issue of using the mouse emulator will also be considered.

How to flip on a laptop without a mouse using the keyboard

There is no doubt that the mouse or touchpad is thoughtful and most convenient devices in use. But with a lot of work with the text, scroll through the wheel of the mouse with a finger, and it makes no sense about the touchpad, so there are several ways to use the keyboard for this purpose.

  • To flip down on a laptop without a mouse, you must click on the keyboard down the down arrow.
  • To flip up on a laptop without a mouse, you must click on the keyboard “up” arrow.
  • To instantly move down the page, the user should press the End key.
  • To instantly move up the page, the user should press the HOME key.
  • To quickly go down the page, you need to press the PGDN key.
  • To quickly climb the page, you need to press the PGUP key.

How to use mouse emulator

How to flip down on a laptop without a mouse or up? To do this, you can use the mouse emulator. To start the emulator, you must execute the following instructions:

  • Click the AltshiftNumLock key combination. It is important to press these keys on the left side of the keyboard!
  • In the query window that appears, click “Yes”.
  • In the lower right corner, the mouse emulator start will appear (the emulator does not work if the numlock key icon does not burn).

Now the user can perform the same mouse over the arrow on the laptop. Next presents the key values ​​table.

Key Action
one Movement diagonally down to the left
2 Move down
3 Movement diagonally down to the right
4 Left movement
5 Single Click
6 Movement to the right
7 Movement diagonally up to the left
eight Upward movement
nine Movement diagonally up to the right
/ Turning on the left mouse mode
Enable the right mouse button
Switching the mouse button mode in both directions

Key assignment from this table is remembered easily and intuitively.

How to set up touchpad

To configure a touchpad to scroll through the page, you need to go to the control panel, select small badges, find the mouse icon and open it. In the touchpad settings that appears, open the “scrolling” property and choose the “scrolling one finger” function or “scrolling with two fingers”. But there are situations when the user has been using an external device (mouse) and the touchpad no longer works. Then to solve this situation should be used by the following instruction:

  • Open the device manager (if the user does not know where the device manager is located, then in the “start” there is a search string, insert “Device Manager” and press the “Search” icon).
  • In the device manager, we find the mouse point and other pointing devices, open it and click right-click on the desired configuration.
  • In the window that appears, click Update Driver.
  • The user will be offered two ways to choose from: in one case, the system itself finds and installs the driver, in the other. the user does it manually.
  • If the system writes that the driver does not require updates, then find a laptop model on the official website on the official website to update the driver.
  • Download the desired driver manually.
  • Run it install.
  • After the installation occurs, reboot the device.

As it turned out, answers to the question, how to flip down on a laptop without a mouse or how to flip up, a lot. And they all suit for any individual case.

Touchpad is a laptop touch panel that allows you to control the cursor on the screen without mouse. Usually there are two buttons on it, like on the mouse, and the side of the right is set aside where you can spend the scrolling of the page on the screen.

Touchpad can be turned on and off as needed. There is either a special button on the housing, or the key combination. Scrolling the page usually in the following ways:

  • Spend one finger in the right part (perhaps it is even drawn there).
  • Spend in the vertical direction for the vertical scroll, in the horizontal. for moving the width of the page.
  • Another scroll version of two fingers: Keep one fixed, and the other move up or down.

There may be several reasons why the touchpad does not scroll the page:

To correct the problems, first do the correct setting of the touchpad.

Setting up a touchpad laptop

If the touchpad does not scroll the page, you may not configure the scrolling functions. First of all, make sure that it is in general, you have included. Because when reinstalling or updating any program or system, it can be turned off the program itself. Sometimes sometimes happens when connecting to a mouse laptop.

  • Go to the control panel to the “Mouse” section.
  • Find a tab called your device.
  • In the main window, you can configure the display of the icon in the taskbar.
  • Press the “Options” button for advanced settings.

touchpad, laptop, asus, configure

The “Overview” tab offers a brief instructions for using the properties window.

The next item offers advanced scrolling on the touchpad. Consider the example of the device of the company SYNAPTICS. Here are two sections: scrolling with one and two fingers. In the first case, this move on the edge of the panel. In the second case, this is simultaneous movement with two fingers anywhere in the panel. In the first section, put a check mark in those scrolling types that you want to use:

What is a touchpad

Move the pointer in the form of an arrow on the stationary computers screen only by mouse. Portable PC (laptop) is equipped, however, another control device is a non-removable touch panel. Its other name. touchpad from the English word TouchPad.

The touchpad has a rectangular shape, often with rounded edges, and located under the keyboard on the laptop. Below the touch panel there are always two buttons by analogy with the keys of the usual computer mouse.

The touchpad on the laptop is located under the keyboard and has a rectangle look

Arrow control occurs due to different types of touch, tapping and movements with fingers. As a result, the PC user performs actions on a computer that would seem to have been impossible to perform without a mouse: launch utilities, folders, menus and services; work in the programs themselves; them closing and off PC.

How can you turn on or disable the touchpad on the laptop.

Method 1. using the touchpad button

Many laptops have additional buttons over the keyboard that allow you to turn on or disconnect the touchpad. Just click on it and get the desired result

If there are no such buttons on your laptop, then carefully look at the touchpad itself. Perhaps in the upper corner there is a deepening or point to which you need to click twice, to enable or disable it.

Method 2. Fn keys (F1. F12)

You must simultaneously press the FN key, which is in the lower left corner of the keyboard. Usually designated in blue. And one of the keys F (the top number of the keyboard). Why one out. Because, each manufacturer of the laptop sets its settings. Typically, such a key is indicated by the touchpad icon, which crossed the cross.

On my laptop, this is the F9 key. You can have another. How to determine? Just go through all the keys, and after each power on, try the operation of the touchpad.

Accordingly, repeatedly pressing these keys. turn off the Touchpad action.

Method 3. using the Windows Control Panel

touchpad, laptop, asus, configure

Open the Control Panel / Equipment Sound / Device Printers / Mouse

Select in the “Properties: Mouse” tab “The” ELAN “tab and check the box checkbox” Disconnection when joining an external USB. mouse “.

By installing the checkbox, the touchpad will be disconnected. If the checkbox is removed. the touchpad will be enabled. Do not forget to save changes.

Now you can watch the video about the work of the touchpad manipulator.

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