Mi Band 4 FAQ

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There are three main versions of Mi Band 4: Chinese with NFC, Chinese without NFC and global. There is also a specialized Chinese version without NFC Avengers Edition in the style of Marvel comics.

The NFC version has a contactless payment module and a microphone for communicating with the voice assistant, and has a reduced-capacity 125 mAh battery versus 135 mAh for the regular version. It is true that NFC only works in China, and you can communicate with the voice assistant only in Chinese. So there is no point in overpaying for the NFC version, we have covered this issue in detail in a separate article.

The Chinese version without NFC differs from the global version only in support for AliPay. At the same time Russian interface is supported in both versions. In the global Multilanguage is available out of the box, and the Chinese version of the Russian menu appears after you connect to the Mi Fit and update the firmware. So you can save about 5 dollars (350 400) by buying a Chinese Mi Band 4.

What sensors are installed in the Mi Band 4?

Mi Band 4 has significantly improved the accuracy of activity tracking with a three-axis accelerometer and a three-axis gyroscope. The fourth-generation Mi Band also features an all-new heart rate sensor, which the manufacturer claims is more accurate.

We have listed the entire set of installed sensors. Mi Band 4 has no GPS, but it can use your smartphone’s GPS data to track outdoor activity. The bracelet does not have a light sensor, so we will have to adjust the brightness of the AMOLED screen manually. The fitness tracker also does not support the tracking of blood oxygen saturation and does not know how to do ECG.

Does Mi Band 4 support Always on Display mode??

Despite the fact that the Mi Band 4 has an AMOLED matrix, which is characterized by lower consumption than other screen technologies, Always on Display mode is not supported. Apparently, such a mode would have a serious load on the battery 125 mAh and reduce the autonomy of the device.

Is it possible to increase the lifetime of the display?

Unfortunately, there is no such feature. This option may be added in future firmware. If you think the display is on too long, you can put a phalanx to the screen to forcibly turn it off.

Whether the Mi Band 4’s display is well readable in the sun?

Yes, compared to Mi Band 2 and Mi Band 3, Mi Band 4 is much better. The AMOLED screen supports 5 levels of brightness, and at the highest level, the information on the displays is legible even in very bright daylight.

I have a phone with Bluetooth 4.0 / Bluetooth 4.X. Whether it connects to Mi band 4?

Mi Band 4 uses the latest version of Bluetooth 5.0 BLE, which guarantees a more stable performance, greater radius for connectivity and optimized power consumption. However, if your smartphone does not support Bluetooth 5.0 then communication will be via Bluetooth 4.2 or lower. Bluetooth 5.0 backwards compatible with Bluetooth 4.X, so there shouldn’t be any problems.

What workout modes are supported?

A total of 6 workout modes are available: Running outdoors, Treadmill, Biking, Walking, Exercise, Pool.

Is the bracelet able to detect a workout in automatic mode?

No, this feature is not supported. You need to activate your workout every time on the bracelet screen, otherwise only the pedometer will work.

Can you use other functions of the bracelet during exercise?

Unfortunately, no. That is, you can’t even control your music during your workout. This is a very serious limitation, because it is really inconvenient.

How long does the bracelet last on one charge??

Approximately 2-3 weeks in notification, music management and step and sleep tracking mode. If you often track workouts, the battery life can be reduced to 7-10 days, and if you use the device as a pedometer and a sleep tracker, you can forget about recharging for a month.

Can I answer messages on Mi Band 4??

No. Although it is quite possible to add some standard answers, such as I am busy. Call back later, Yes, No, etc. However, the developers did not do this.

Is there a smart alarm clock in Mi Band 4?

In the official Mi Fit this option is not supported. However, no one forbids you to use third-party solutions, such as the Mi Band Smart Alarm.

What features are present when not connected to the phone

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is able to track the main activity without the help of a mobile device. For example, the user can measure heart rate, distance traveled, steps and calories burned, as well as start and stop workout mode. These are the main parameters you need to pay attention to when exercising.

Of the additional features that work independently:

  • turning on the stopwatch and timer;
  • Viewing notifications that were received during synchronization;
  • Silent mode;
  • dial replacement;
  • settings: brightness adjustment, lock screen, reboot, automatic display shutdown, reset and information.

Mi band 4: helpful tips for use

How to take full advantage of the fitness tracker? If you are a novice Mi Band 4 user, this article will be doubly useful for you.

Despite its very democratic price tag, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is pretty well stuffed with various features. As a result, it can compete quite well with more expensive devices from Fitbit, Samsung, and Garmin.

To help you use your fitness bracelet more effectively, we’ve prepared some helpful tips on how to make the most of the available features.

How to change the watch face

Thanks to a new color and contrast AMOLED display, the Mi Band 4 is easier to check the time on. The device supports custom watch faces, so you’re no longer limited to a few preset watch faces like the Mi Band 3.

Xiaomi offers a nice collection of watch faces right in the Mi Fit. To see the available watch faces, launch Mi Fit and go to Profile Mi Smart Band 4 Fitness Bracelet Watch Face Settings. Click on your favorite watch face to sync with the tracker.

Xiaomi has allowed users to use their own watch faces stored on the device. To do this, on the screen with a list of watch faces, switch to the Custom tab. You will access the downloaded dials. Remember that before you do this, you must first move the dial format file.bin on the path: Android Data com.Xiaomi.hm.The watch_skin_local files using the file manager.

View advanced weather forecast

The Mi Band 4 has a separate weather menu that lets you see the weather forecast for the current day. However, if you swipe on this screen, you can check the weather for the next three days and plan some activities.

Changing the display brightness

Xiaomi managed to equip the Mi Band 4 with one of the best and brightest displays. If you want to decrease or on the contrary increase the brightness, you can do it directly from the bracelet. Go to Advanced and select the Settings option. The first available setting called Brightness just allows you to adjust the brightness by tapping the buttons and. on the screen.

Reminder Setting

Mi Band 4 has a very interesting feature: users can set reminders. At the appointed time, the bracelet will vibrate to remind you of an important event.

To set reminders, open Mi Fit and go to the Profile of the fitness bracelet Mi Smart Band 4 On the page that opens there will be a lot of different reminders available, among which are Events. You will be left to choose a date and set the event description. In addition, you can set the Vibration pattern so that the vibration is different from the standard vibrations of the bracelet, and you do not even have to look away from the tracker screen.

How to get advanced sleep quality information

In terms of measurement accuracy, the Mi Band 4’s sleep tracking has become much more efficient. In addition, more useful sleep quality information is now available to the user.

To get personalized tips based on sleep quality data, make sure you have the Sleep Quality Analysis option enabled. It is available in Mi Fit Profile Smart Analysis.

Disabling heart rate monitoring and saving battery life

Mi Band 4 has really good battery life. Xiaomi promises 20 days of use, but this figure is only achieved under certain conditions. To avoid taking out your charger for as long as possible, you can optimize power consumption by turning off unnecessary functions.

One of the rather power-hungry features is heart rate monitoring during daytime activity and sleep. To disable this feature, go to the Mi Fit Profile app Mi Smart Band 4 Fitness Wristband. Select the heart rate measurement option and set it to Off.

If you decide to keep the function active, you can change the heart rate detection frequencies. The less often the bracelet takes measurements, the longer the device will last offline.

Lift your wrist to view

Many wearable devices offer similar features, the Mi Band 4 differs in the ability to customize the response speed and timing of the function. This is very useful if you want to eliminate false alarms at night.

To set the screen activation function when you raise your arm, go to Mi Fit Profile Mi Smart Band Fitness Wristband 4 Raise your wrist to view the information. On the page that opens, you’ll be able to adjust the response speed and time window of the feature.

Full Xiaomi Mi Band 4 II Setup What are the features? 5 necessary programs

Enabling and disabling night mode

Your screen stays bright and juicy throughout the day, but in the evening you want to dim it down a bit? Night Mode is ideal for this purpose. You only need to set the time interval when the brightness will be automatically reduced.

Go to Mi Fit Fit Fitness Bracelet Mi Smart Band 4 Profile and scroll down to Night Mode. Here you’ll be able to set the on and off times, after which this data will sync with the Mi Band. It’s very simple.

Reset Mi Band settings

If the Mi Band is often malfunctioning and causing errors, a factory reset will solve the problem in most cases.

Resetting is done from the bracelet itself. Go to Advanced Settings Settings Reset Settings.

Keep in mind that unsynced data might be lost. If you don‘t want to risk your data, you can try just resetting the device first. This option is also available in Advanced Settings.


Xiaomi Mi Band 4 supports wrist lift gesture to activate the display and view information.

Display incoming messages and mobile app alerts of your smartphone.

Display of caller’s number or name. Reject call by long press of a button.

Daily pedometer, heart rhythm monitoring.

Inactivity reminder. When you are too engrossed in working in a stationary position, the bracelet will lightly vibrate and remind you to be physically active to improve your well-being.

Supports heart rate monitoring in continuous mode, at intervals (1 min, 10 min, 30 min). Heart rate sensor can accurately read heart rate changes over a 24-hour period and can also detect current heart rate at any time.

Unlocked smartphone. Bring Android phone to the linked bracelet, the phone will automatically unlock.

Xiaomi Band 4 supports OTA (Over The Air) firmware update.

Automatically set the date and time when you pair the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with your phone. Time and date will sync with your phone.

You can switch the temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit (in the app).

Normal incoming call notification delay. 3 с. You can set the notification delay (3. 30 sec) in the app.

Vibration time cannot be adjusted. The bracelet will vibrate until you answer or reject the call, or you can press a button to stop the vibration.

Displaying weather information for today, tomorrow, and the day after. You can select a city or automatically get the location in the app and then automatically sync the weather information.

Check the battery level in the app. You can also enter step counter mode to check the battery level on the wristband screen.

Mi Band 4 charger is compatible with Mi band 2 bracelet.

The global version of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 does not support languages: Korean, Turkish and Hebrew

Due to the different monitors in each module, images and objects may be slightly different (in color).

Mi Band 4 Specifications

Name: Mi Band 4 Model: XMSH05HM Weight: 8.5g Size: 17.9 x 46.9 x 12mm Bracelet material: thermoplastic elastomer Lock material: aluminum alloy Available length: 155-216mm System support: Android 4.4 and iOS 9.0 and later CMIIT ID: 2018DP1565 Battery capacity: 110 mAh Battery type: lithium-ion battery Input voltage: DC 5V Input current: 250 mA (MAX) Waterproof: 5 ATM Operating temperature:.10 ° C. 50 ° C Wireless connection: Bluetooth 4.2.

Toxic and harmful substances or elements

The device contains copper alloy parts and cables with a small m aluminum.

This product complies with European RoHS standards and the environment.

Under normal operating conditions, no harmful substances or components may leak from the product.

In the third version, the contacts of the device were installed on the side, so to recharge the capsule had to be removed from the strap. In the new model the situation has changed slightly, although the contacts have been moved down. Before you charge the Mi Band 4, the capsule must also be removed. To do this, unscrew the edge of the strap from the capsule to the side, with the other hand press it from below.

Pull the capsule out of the strap and place it on the strap to recharge. Check whether the contacts are firmly in place. Insert the USB connector of the cable into the appropriate power supply on the computer, AC adapter. Optimal current strength is 1A. If you exceed this value, the battery will charge faster, but it will also fail sooner. It takes up to 2 hours to fully charge.


Remove the capsule from the strap to recharge. To do this, pull back the strap and pry the tracker open with a pushing motion. Place it in the charger. The contacts must fit tightly together.

Now plug the charging accessory cable into the USB port of your computer or laptop, or plug it into a power outlet. If you find this procedure difficult, use a clothespin charger. The accessory allows you to charge the gadget without removing it from the strap

Mi Band will charge for 1.5-2 hours at current up to 1A. One cycle lasts for 20-25 days of moderate use. In intensive mode, the bracelet discharges in a week.

To charge the watch, you must firmly fix the Xiaomi Mi Band in the charger that came with the bracelet. Then connect it to the USB port of your computer or normal power adapter from your phone. The fitness tracker will start charging automatically.

Immediately after that will start updating the software of the Xiaomi Mi Band fitness tracker, or in Russian, the firmware. On the bracelet display, you will see an icon for downloading the file.

At this point, never turn off the Bluetooth on your phone or otherwise disconnect the connection between your phone and the tracker.

After downloading the software will start downloading Cyrillic fonts

After which the resources update. I do not know what is meant here, but the text on the bracelet screen in this case is already displayed in Russian

After completing the process, we will see the main screen of Xiaomi Mi Band with the menu text in Russian

Now you can go to the process of setting up the bracelet and even change its dial to a more interesting.

Mi Fit

The official app from Xiaomi. Is basic and mandatory, because without it the fitness bracelet will not be able to authorize in other utilities. Personalization of the profile is available:

Mi Fit collects data about the health of the owner. Namely: duration and quality of sleep, calories burned, distance covered, weight graph (when synchronization with smart scales is enabled), heart rate monitoring. These are mandatory parameters to monitor when doing sports.

In addition to physical activity, through the Mi Fit are set up:

Master for Mi band

Great third-party program with advanced functionality. You can download on Google Play. Features are almost the same as in proprietary software.

  • Set up notifications, calls and SMS coming from your smartphone. A separate melody is set for each contact.
  • Monitor your sleep and heart rate.
  • Measure distance traveled, calories burned and steps.
  • Set an alarm and control music through the Mi Smart Band 4.

Notify Fitness

Similar softwares with nice interface and wide possibilities. It performs a complete workout analysis and saves steps, heart rate, calories burned, route (using GPS navigator).

customizable notification triggering, select a melody and icons. Unwanted notifications are added to the “black list”, so annoying messages do not appear on the bracelet. For experienced users, there is an opportunity to experiment with installing custom firmware.


This utility is mainly used to reflash the gadget. It lacks standard features such as activity monitoring. Also Gadgetbridge allows you to block notifications on your smartphone. Suitable for advanced users and developers.

✓When measuring your heart rate with the bracelet, do not move your wrist.

✓ The Mi Smart Band 4 fitness bracelet has a water resistance level of 5 ATM. Do not remove it in the shower, in the pool, or when swimming near the shore. However, it cannot be used in the sauna or scuba diving.

✓ Touch button and touch screen do not work under water. Before using the bracelet after contact with water, wipe off excess moisture from its surface with a soft cloth.

✓ When using the bracelet, do not tighten it too tightly and keep the contact area dry. Regularly rinse the bracelet with water. Immediately stop using the product and seek medical attention if the contact area on your skin becomes red or swollen.