We use a smartphone camera as a WEB camera

Quite often, technical support asks us whether it is possible to use a smartphone camera (IPhone or Android) as a WEB camera? Yes, it is possible, and very simple. You don’t even need to connect your smartphone to your computer with a cable. Below we will give you step by step instructions.

So, here’s what you need:

  • – Smartphone (IPhone / IPad or Android) with built-in camera and active Wi-Fi network connection
  • – AlterCam program for connecting to a smartphone camera

Smartphone camera as a WEB camera. How it works? # 128241;

The AlterCam program will install a virtual WEB-camera into your system, into which you can broadcast anything you want. Whether from a real webcam (with real-time effects added!), A desktop, or even a pre-recorded file. In our case, the source for the virtual WEB-camera will be the smartphone’s camera. The AlterCam program will connect to the smartphone camera via the IP protocol and will take from it in real time and broadcast it in a virtual WEB-camera. It may sound complicated, but it’s very easy to set up. Here is a step by step instruction:

The first step is of course to download AlterCam and install it on your computer. It is not difficult and requires only a few mouse clicks. The program will start automatically after installation.

Now we need to install the IP camera application on the smartphone. For Android smartphones Install this application (it’s free). For IPhone / IPad / IPod touch Install IPCamera application. High-End Network Camera. NOT free, but inexpensive, 1 (we did NOT find a free worker).

For Android: We launch the IP Webcam application on the smartphone. There will be a list of settings, usually by default everything is configured in the optimal way, so Scrolling to the very bottom and select the fad “run”

For IPhone / IPad: Launch the IPCamera application. At the first launch, you will need to allow the application to access the camera. Twisting the settings by clicking the Configure button. Optionally (well, at your own peril and risk), by default everything works well.

Launch the AlterCam program on your computer. In the drop-down list “camera” select the item “Add IP Camera”. Take a closer look further. Responsible step.

We connect to the smartphone camera using the AlterCam program. In the dialog for adding an IP camera, enter “IP camera name”. An arbitrary string. The IP camera resolution depends on the camera settings in the smartphone app. If you do not know the exact value, instead of changing this parameter.

Now the main thing. At the bottom of the application on the smartphone, the address is indicated, exactly transfer it to the “IP camera address” parameter in AlterCam and (ATTENTION!) Add to it “/ live” in the case of an iOS device and “/” in case of Android device as shown in the picture:

Click OK. If everything was done correctly, then the picture from the smartphone camera should appear in the AlterCam program. If the picture does not appear. Check that the previous steps were performed correctly.

Now you need to select the virtual camera AlterCam where you are going to use the smartphone camera. In skype (in settings), in other chats. As you can see, with AlterCam you can use your smartphone camera as a WEB camera. Easy peasy!

By the way, you can overlay a picture from a smartphone camera as an additional one to the main one. That is, you can choose your webcam on your computer as the main source. A smartphone camera. As an overlay (thumbnail picture of the main floor). Or you can broadcast your desktop from the overlay floor from your smartphone camera. However, AlterCam will fulfill any of your fantasies 🙂 In order to add a smartphone from the camera over the main one. You need to name it on the “Add IP-camera” button on the “Overlays” tab.

I hope this article was helpful to you. Until next time!

How to set up a webcam in Skype for Xbox One

I am assuming that you already have Skype installed on your Xbox One. If you haven’t, open the store, find and install. It’s a simple process. After that, log into your Microsoft account and it will be ready for you.

The problem with the webcam on Xbox One and Skype is that It doesn’t automatically select the webcam for conferences. You will need to configure using Skype settings. After that, you can also use the microphone on the webcam.

  • Launch Skype on your Xbox One.
  • Press the menu button on your controller. To open the Skype menu.
  • Scroll down and select Settings.
  • Audio and is the first thing you should see there.
  • In the “” section, select the drop-down list that selects Default Device.
  • Select your webcam here.
  • Then Use Test. To see what the result looks like. You will also have the option to toggle options such as Automatically adjust camera zoom and Always manually reset zoom between calls.
  • To verify that the sound is working fine, you can use the Test Sound option.

Resolution control for audio and camera.

Like Windows 10, Xbox One has a dedicated section where you can allow or deny an app using system resources. In this case, you need to make sure that you have allowed Skype to use both microphone and camera. If you DO NOT see that everything is working as expected, in the settings section you have two options

  • Change camera resolutions.
  • Change microphone permissions.

Open them and you should see a list of applications that can use them. Make sure Skype is selected here. You also have a global option that you can use to disable your camera or microphone for all apps.

Note. To test the microphone, you can always use the Skype Bot from your contacts for a voice call. This allows you to record a message and then play it back for you.

How to use a webcam on Xbox One with or with a microphone

USB camera support has been one of the biggest features introduced for the Xbox One. It now allows you to use Skype with your favorite camera website as well as use Live Mixer. There are also some limitations which we will discuss in this guide.

You should know that the addition of webcam support was not unexpected. The Kinect came to a bad end, starting with the Xbox One S, where there was no dedicated port for the Kinect, and later production was completely stopped. Microsoft needs to open support for external accessories, including a webcam.

Using a USB webcam with Xbox One

Installing a webcam is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is connect your webcam and it will automatically do the setup in the background without asking anything. You don’t even get a notification about it, which is pretty annoying. I have a Logitech C930e webcam.

There are two situations where using a webcam is beneficial on Xbox One. Skype Mixer.

How to use a webcam with an Xbox One mixer

The Mixer is an online streaming platform that allows you to stream your games along with and audio. The good news is that you can use your webcam for the same. You will have to set it up for the first time when you set up a broadcast.

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the Guide menu.
  • Use the correct bumper to go to the Broadcast and Delight tab.
  • Select Broadcast. To open broadcast options.
  • Turn on the switch that says Enable Camera.
  • The microphone for me was turned on by default and cannot be turned off.
  • Alternatively, go to Advanced Settings and enable your microphone. You can also set the microphone volume level here.
How To Use The Camera As A Webcam

Posting this, you will be able to tweak the settings to change the camera position of the GoPro and zoom while streaming. Use Change Camera Settings in Broadcast.

There are two ways to check if your microphone is working on your webcam. First, after the broadcast starts, you will have a small chat window. Look for the microphone icon there. If it has a Stop symbol like a symbol, it means that it is on.

Second, open your stream on another computer and have someone sit in front of the Xbox and ask them to speak. You should be able to hear his or her voice.

Troubleshooting tIP.

In the event that your Xbox One is shared with your family, you need to make sure that you have allowed content to be shared with the Kinect or another camera in Privacy Online Safety Xbox Live Privacy Viewing and Configuring Game Content. If you don’t enable this and you have a family member Signed into the console, you will NOT be able to use it. Either you give permission or you sign them every time you use this feature.

When Microsoft originally rolled out this feature, there was no Webcam Audio support. Consumers had to rely on headphones and an external microphone to do this. Microsoft did talk about it, and they believed at the time that since webcams did NOT offer a voice-over feature like the Kinect, they did NOT support it. The microphone now works for both streaming and Skype calls. Note the switch for microphone is on.

However, the web microphone still doesn’t work anywhere on Xbox One, especially in party chat, which is very, very annoying. You will have to use an external microphone with an Elite controller to fix this problem.