Installation and first launch

To use iTunes on your computer, you first need to download and install it:

  • Find the official Apple website in your browser. over, it is not recommended to use suspicious sites, they may contain infected data.
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  • Then you will be prompted to go through the registration and data loading procedure at startup. In the first menu, confirm the readiness for installation.
  • Next, the user will be given a choice to specify the installation path. After confirmation, a shortcut will appear on the desktop to facilitate launching the utility, which will also act as a player for music and video.
  • When specifying the path, it is recommended to copy all data to a location other than the system drive. Thanks to this action, it will be possible to avoid crashes when the system disk hangs.

This completes the download process, then you need to launch iTunes on your computer and configure it for personal requirements.

Movies for rent

IPhone users can watch movies without waiting for their release on central television. You can rent films in the program:

  • launch iTunesStore, and then activate the Movies option;
  • the user needs to click on Rent;
  • to confirm the transfer of money for the film, you must enter your personal data;
  • almost all films are in HD quality, if there is no need for this, it is recommended to click on the SD, and the download will take place in standard quality.

iTunes. what is this program and why is it used

The iTunes program is an assistant for users of Apple gadgets from Apple, with which it is possible to install applications, download music, movies, books and videos, and also manage the device.

The software is designed to simplify the monitoring and management of devices that operate on iOC operating systems (OS). In this case, the OS of the computer itself (PC) can be both Windows and Mac OS. over, the user must take into account that system recovery and updating is possible only with the help of iTunes.

It is recommended to download the installation file from the official website, in this case, you can prevent infection of the PC with viruses.

Music Library

To quickly download music using the iTunes Store, the user is advised to:

  • in the settings menu, move the lever for iCloud Music Library to the right;
  • we connect gadgets to a PC using a cable;
  • click on the phone button in the upper left corner;
  • in the Browse option, select the Process music and video manually line, mark it with a flag;
  • drag the selected files to iTunes;
  • the procedure for copying music to the device will begin.

How to use

When downloading any media file from a computer to an iPhone or iPad, the user may experience problems. To carry out this procedure, iTunes must be installed on the computer.

iTunes Match

To connect an iTunes Match subscription, you must:

  • run the program;
  • go to the Store;
  • at the bottom, click on Functions and iTunesMatch;
  • subscribe and confirm the entrance by entering your username and password;
  • we accept the proposed conditions for storing and using the application.

Configuring data

In order for the user to be comfortable working with the application, some manipulations should be made in the iTunes settings menu:

  • To manipulate authorization, you must enter the Account, and then the Account.
  • To remove unnecessary items in the internal menu, activate the Edit menu option.
  • Then a list will open in which the user is advised to mark the required functions.
  • If you refuse to use the Apple Music service, you must exclude it from the functions in the iTunes settings. Enter Edit. Settings, and then Basic, in it we uncheck the line Show functions AppleMusic.
  • It is often convenient for users to use this program when searching and downloading some applications. In order to remove constant requests for a password, go to Edit, then Settings and select Store in the menu list. In the listed options, select Purchases. Free downloads, when using free downloads, put the Do not request box. If the application is used by all family members, put a check in the line Always request or Request in 15 minutes.
  • To prevent the application from connecting to the equipment on its own, go to Edit, Settings, Devices, in the Prohibit automatic synchronization line, check the box.

Synchronization from a device over Wi-Fi

Go to the settings of your device;

Select “Sync. with iTunes via Wi-Fi “, then click the” Sync “button.

Appearance is very important

So, you have downloaded and installed the program. Launch it and let’s get down to customizing its appearance. The appearance needs to be configured first of all in order to make it more convenient for you to use it, so that all the buttons and menus you need to work are always “at hand”.

The very first thing we will do before moving on to the topic “How to use iTunes” is to make the main menu bar visible. This is necessary so that all the necessary tools and functions are before our eyes, and not hidden in the bowels of the program. In order to make the menu bar visible, you need to press the CTRLB key combination. If you have completed this simple operation, then you can proceed to the next stage of customizing the appearance.
Now, by analogy with the menu bar, we will make the side menu bar visible. This is necessary so that we can see all the “insides” of the program. Also, using this menu, we will download various files to the device. To make the side menu visible, press the CTRLC keyboard shortcut.

Uploading files to the device

Let’s move on to more complex and interesting things in the topic “How to use iTunes”. to download files (video, audio, books) to your device. To do this, you need to sequentially perform the following steps:

  • Launch iTunes and connect your Apple device to your personal computer (which has iTunes installed). You can connect the gadget using the USB cable that came with your device;
  • In the side menu (with which we worked in the previous section), find the “Media Library” field and select the required folder corresponding to the files that you are going to download to the device. For example: if you want to download music files to your device, then select the “Music” folder, if you download books, then select the “Books” folder, etc.;
  • After selecting the required folder, a workspace should appear to the right of the side menu. You need to transfer the files to this area that you want to add to the device (by analogy with how you transfer files from folder to folder on a computer);

After you have transferred all the files to your iTunes library, they will not appear on the device immediately, for this you must sync iTunes with your mobile device. If there are two synchronization options that you will learn about in the next section of the article.

Synchronization options

There are two ways to synchronize your device and iTunes, as mentioned above. Below you can familiarize yourself with each of the methods separately.

With a cable

Perform all the above steps correctly, in the order in which they are described:

Connect your Apple device to your computer;

Select your device in the side menu of the program;

In the work pane (located to the right of the side menu), find the “Synchronize” button and click it.

After the above steps, all files added to the library will be transferred to your gadget.

Program setting

Connect your device to your computer and launch iTunes;

Select your device in the sidebar;

To the right of the side menu, in the workspace, go to the “Overview” tab;

In the “Options” box, check the box next to “Sync this iPad over Wi-Fi”.

Where to download the program

In order to fully answer the question “How to use iTunes”, you need to say about the site where you can download it. You can download the iTunes program, completely free and for free, from the official resource of the Apple company. To download, just follow this link. then, following the simple instructions on the site, download the program to your personal computer.

Important: under no circumstances download the program from third-party sites other than Otherwise, you risk not only infecting your personal computer with a Trojan or virus, but also damage the device itself.

After you download the file with the program, you need to run it, after starting the installation of iTunes will begin, follow the instructions that will appear on your screen.

Great iTunes instruction

Greetings to you, dear lovers of gadgets from a wonderful company. Apple. Once you have come to read this small but useful instruction, then most likely you are becoming a more advanced user of your device and you are interested in the question “How to use iTunes”, and use the program correctly.

In this manual (instructions) I will try to describe the principles of working with iTunes in the most detailed and understandable way, I will tell you where you can download it for free, how to install, customize the appearance so that it is convenient to use it, and also tell you how you can easily upload it to your Apple device various files: books, videos, movies, music and games.

So, choose the section you need below and start studying it.

ITunes is primarily used to control your tablet or other Apple device on a personal computer. The operating system of the personal computer itself used for work, in fact, is not important, it can be both Windows and Mac OS. Flashing (changing the version of the operating system) is also carried out using the tool. iTunes.

If you want to learn the iTunes program from the basics, then, for a start, it would be useful for you to know: on which resource you can download this useful, necessary tool.

Wi-Fi connection

You can also connect your iPhone to your computer via iTunes using a wireless network. Before that, it is desirable that both devices be connected to the same Wi-Fi router.

  • We launch the program and connect the phone to the PC via USB using a cable. Don’t worry, you only need to do this once to sync.
  • Click on the icon of your device on the left, then go to the “Summary” and select the checkbox for Wi-Fi synchronization.
  • After that, you can disconnect the device from the computer. If the computer and the phone are on the same WI-FI network, then the iTunes application will see your iPhone.

USB connection

To connect iPhone to iTunes to computer you need:

  • Connect your smartphone to an available USB port of a computer or MAC using the cable that you use for charging.
  • Launch the iTunes application on PC, and at the top you need to click on the phone icon.

NOTE! If there is no such icon, then skip to the chapter on solving connection problems.

  • On the left, you can select the category of content with which you want to work, then be sure to select the “Synchronization” checkbox in the main area.

How to Connect iPhone to iTunes on Computer via USB and Wi-Fi

Hello everyone! Today I will briefly analyze the question. how to connect iPhone to iTunes. It seems that there is nothing complicated, but very often problems arise when the smartphone is not visible in the application. I analyzed all possible variants of problems in the article, if you have any additional difficulties, then write about them in the comments.

Troubleshoot connection problems

  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. hold down the sleep button and the volume down button.
  • iPhone 6s, 6 Plus or SE (without Face ID). hold down the sleep button and “Home”.
  • Similarly, you need to update iTunes itself. for this, in the top menu, select the “Help” item and then click on the “Update” or “Check for an update” item. If an update is found, then click on the desired button. After the update, it is advisable to restart the program.

If you are using a PC with a Windows operating system, then you need to go to the “Device Manager”. open the search box through the “Start” menu and enter the name of the system component.

Open the section portable or portable devices, right-click on your device and then select “Update driver”.

If this does not help, then try “Remove device”, and then click on the update button for all drivers. we find at the very top of the window.

Also go to Windows Update, check and download the latest updates for your OS.

If the manipulations did not help, and you downloaded iTunes from the official Apple website, then you can try to restart the USB driver for iPhone.

  • Disconnect your smartphone from your PC.
  • Reconnect your phone to your PC.
  • If iTunes starts automatically, close it.
  • Open Explorer or Computer and follow the path:

C: \ ProgramFiles \ Common Files \ Apple \ Mobile Device Support \ Drivers

  • Disconnect the smartphone, restart the PC and try to connect again.

If none of the above helped, then try to connect to the program on another PC. if the problem persists, then most likely the connection error occurs precisely because of the iPhone itself or due to a cable malfunction.

How to Use iTunes on Computer for iPhone

The world famous company Apple periodically pleases users of its products with new versions of iOS (operating system). There are situations when your smartphone displays a system message about the appearance of a new operating system, the message says about the need to install this modification, however, you cannot connect to Wi-Fi at the moment. The question arises about an alternative way to install the system, namely: How to update iPhone via iTunes on computer? We will give a detailed answer and a description of the process below in the presented article.

The hard drive of the computer, of course, if you do not take into account iCloud, is the ideal place to store information from the iPhone, namely its backup. If data is stored on the HDD, even if the Internet is disconnected, access to the data will remain open. Another advantage of this storage location is the ability to retrieve the necessary information that is contained in the backup. All of the above indicates the need to create such a copy before updating your favorite iPhone. To create it, you need to perform the following chain of actions:

  • Using a native USB cable, you must connect iPhone;
  • Making sure the version is up to date iTunes, run it on your computer;
  • select the “File” menu item in the updated version of iTunes window, in the upper left corner;
  • click on the “Devices” section;
  • select the required item. “Create a backup”.

However, this is not the only way to back up your iOS device to your computer. To perform this action, you must select the sync settings in the iTunes menu.

Next, select the section “Automatic creation of copies” in the item “Backups”. After that, select “This computer” and click on the “Create a copy now” tab.

There are at least two ways to update your Apple smartphone using iTunes. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

If you need to download and install an iOS update, but you cannot connect to Wi-Fi, update your iPhone using your computer. Use USB connection and connect iPhone to PC.

Launch iTunes. For a positive update result, we advise you to install the latest version of iTunes (Download link) or make sure that you have exactly this version.

Click on the icon that shows the phone and click on “Software Update”.

Updating the iPhone via iTunes has its positive and negative sides. The installation files are loaded directly into the smartphone, which means that you do not need to look for space on the always clogged system disk, delete multimedia files and programs. However, this method also has pitfalls. If either the computer or the iPhone turns off during the installation, the data from the smartphone will be lost.

Important: Be careful, check the charge level of both devices if you are using a laptop instead of a stationary PC.

Now you know how to update iPhone via iTunes on a computer, but there is another method with which you can do this operation.

This method eliminates any loss of information in the event of a sudden shutdown of any of the devices. For this, we will perform several elementary actions: On the Internet, download the file from iOS of the version you need to update the iPhone. Turn off Find My iPhone on your mobile device.

Launch iTunes. Check if the installed version of this program is up to date. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your computer. Click on the icon with the phone in the synchronization settings in the upper area of ​​the program window.

Click Refresh while holding down the Shift key on your keyboard. Find in the list of files on the computer the file of the required firmware with the typical ipsw extension for it. Click on the “Open” button, then on “Update”. Next, the process of installing the latest version of iOS on the smartphone should automatically begin. If there is any failure during the installation process, restart it. All your information will remain on your smartphone.

Actually, that’s all, and now you know how to update iPhone via iTunes on a computer, which is especially convenient when your mobile device does not have Wi-Fi or high-speed mobile Internet. This is an easy enough process, however, do not forget to be careful to avoid losing important information.

How to use iTunes

This article is a guide to the basic principles of using the iTunes program, having studied which, you can fully start using this media combine.

How to Transfer Files from iOS to PC (and iTunes File Share)

How to Backup iPhone to iTunes

ITunes is used by users to create and store backups. In case of problems with the device or when switching to a new gadget, you can easily restore all information from a previously created backup.

How to update iPhone via iTunes

Apple is renowned for providing the longest-running support for its devices. So, using the iTunes program, you can easily install the most current firmware for each of your gadgets.

How to cancel your iTunes subscription

Apple is expanding its subscription services every year, as this is the most affordable way to access, for example, the vast music library or the large amount of available iCloud storage space. However, if it is not so difficult to connect a subscription to services, then you need to tinker with disconnecting.

How to Add Music from Computer to iTunes

Before your music ends up on your Apple devices, it needs to be added from your computer to iTunes.

How to update iTunes on computer

Any program installed on a computer requires timely updates. By installing new updates for iTunes, you can avoid many problems in the program.

File managers

A third-party file manager can replace Tunes with a full set of similar functions. For example, iTools or iFunBox. Connection and synchronization in these programs is quick and does not even require entering a password.

In several of our articles, we have examined in detail how to work in file managers for iOS. We advise you to read.

Connecting iPhone to PC via USB

Despite the booming wireless technology, USB cables are still used in all iPhones today. They allow you to charge the device from adapters with different power, as well as synchronize with a computer. The wire can even be used to transfer internet connection.

Cancellation of trust

Sometimes a user needs to revoke trust in a particular computer in order to prevent him from managing files on his smartphone. To do this, you do not need to reconnect iPhone to PC, just go to settings.

The trust function is reset immediately for all computers that were previously synchronized with the device.

Scroll to the end of the list and find the item “Reset”.

We enter the password code to confirm our actions. After that, click on “Reset settings” in the menu that appears. There is no need to reboot the device. Don’t worry, all data will remain on your device. After this procedure, you only need to re-allow applications to access geodata, since these settings are also reset.

Connecting iPhone to Computer via USB

You can charge your iPhone and manage all your files using your computer, and you don’t need to install iTunes. To connect, you need a USB cable suitable for your phone model.

Connect without iTunes

You can manage files on your iPhone using a computer without using the standard iTunes program. Windows Explorer will help us with this.

Using this method, you can only view photos and videos on your iPhone through Explorer, as well as copy the data to your PC. You cannot delete and edit files.

After that, the iPhone will appear in the “Devices and Disks” section in File Explorer.

To view the necessary files, the user needs to go to a specific folder. Click “Internal Storage”.

Click on “100Apple”. In this folder, you can sort files by creation or modification date for more comfortable work.

Modem mode

The USB cable is used for more than just charging and syncing with a computer. With it, you can organize Internet access for your PC. This feature is called “Modem Mode”. It works on both Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cable.

    Connect your smartphone to your computer and go to “Settings”.

In the next tab, activate the function by sliding the switch to the right. If the PC is automatically connected to the network, a special panel will appear at the top of the screen that shows the number of connections.

  • If the PC does not automatically connect to an available network, go to the “List of Network Services” in Settings and find your iPhone.
  • Selecting a USB cable

    Unlike most Android devices, different iPhone models use different USB cables. Older versions up to iPhone 4S were connected to the PC with a 30-pin cable.

    2012 saw the introduction of an innovative and more compact USB cable, the Lightning. To this day, it is the standard in the newest models, including the corresponding jack used to connect headphones. Therefore, if you have an iPhone 5 and later, connect the device only using Lightning.

    First connection

    The first time, connecting a smartphone with a new computer, the user will be asked whether to trust this PC. If you tap Don’t Trust, you won’t be able to view or edit the data on iPhone. In this case, the phone will only be charged. Let’s take a look at how to properly connect via USB.

    Please note that to synchronize the device with a PC, you need iTunes, which can be downloaded from the link below.

      Download and open iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer. In the window that appears, click “Continue”.

    Click on the device icon in the top menu to go to setting the connection parameters.

    Go to the “Overview” section and set up an important function: creating backups. Here we are interested in creating copies of iCloud, which occurs automatically once a day when the smartphone is actively connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, and the iPhone must be on charge. If you wish, you can create a backup copy manually, for this click “Create a copy now”.

    To store backups on your PC and update them regularly when connected, you must enable the corresponding functions. Go down a little lower and put a checkmark in front of such items as: “Synchronize automatically if the iPhone is connected” and “Synchronize this iPhone via Wi-Fi”. Click “Finish” to complete the setup.

    Playlists. an important component of a media player

    Creation of thematic playlists. no less interesting function “iTunes”. How do I use the media player to categorize songs? Simple and interesting enough. You can create lists based on various criteria. Consider the options for available playlists in iTunes.

    • Go to the “File” tab. “New”. Select “Playlist”. Name it whatever you like. Further, from the library, you can add the desired compositions to this sheet by dragging them onto it. Or use the right mouse button and click “Add to playlist” (if there are several of them, you will be prompted to select which one).
    • In addition, playlists can be created automatically using the Smart Playlist feature. Here you can make lists of different compositions based on the specified parameters. you exhibit them yourself. For example, you can only include songs released before 1980 and in the Instrumental category in the playlist. Or choose songs with a tempo of no more than 120 BPM.
    • You can also create playlists based on exclusion parameters. That is, songs that meet certain criteria (year, duration, genre) will not be added to the list.

    Other possibilities. limiting the number of songs to be included in the playlist and the ability to automatically update the Smart-list when new songs are added to the library (select the “Live update” function).

    There is another very useful feature. Genius. It can analyze your library and suggest songs in the iTunes Store based on your preferences. Select a song in your library and click Create Genius Playlist. it will be automatically formed on the left next to the corresponding icon.

    ITunes: How to Use?

    The step-by-step instructions below will help you easily deal with all the nuances of working in this application. We will consider the following questions about using iTunes:

    • adding files (music, video);
    • buying music, movies and apps;
    • creation of playlists based on a media library;
    • burning files to CD;
    • sync iPhone, ipod and ipad.

    Adding Files to iTunes

    Let’s start with the simplest. adding files.

    • If you are working on a Windows platform, then go to the “File” menu and select one of the commands. Add folder to library or Add file to library. On the MAC platform, click the Add to Library button. Next, select those folders or files on your computer that you want to add to “iTunes”. Wait for them to be added (it will take a while).
    • You can take a quicker route and simply drag files from anywhere on your PC / laptop directly to the iTunes window. they will be added to your library.
    • If you want to load files from a CD, then insert the appropriate disc. In the pre-opened iTunes window, a window will appear asking you to add music to your library. Click “Yes” if you want to copy the entire CD, and “No” if you want to download only individual songs. In this case, mark the necessary tracks with a checkmark and click “Import CD”.

    All files (according to default settings) are imported in AAC format. However, if you wish, you can change it by going to the “Import Settings” (the “General” tab). iTunes supports the following formats:

    Burning a CD collection of songs from iTunes

    In addition to the fact that you can add songs from a CD to your library, you can also burn a playlist generated in iTunes to a disc. To do this, insert a blank CD into your drive, open the “File” tab in “iTunes” and select “Burn playlist to disc” (Audio CD format). At the top of the window, you can watch the download process.

    It is also worth remembering that you can record a maximum of 80 minutes of music on a CD. If your playlist exceeds this threshold, then the part remaining after the disk is full will simply not be recorded.

    How to use iTunes software? Instructions for working with the media player

    Are you finally the proud owner of Apple products? Well, soon you will appreciate all the possibilities that these branded devices offer (and believe me, there is something to evaluate). For a start, it’s a good idea to figure out how to work with the basic functions of your brand new iPad or iPhone. All owners of Apple-developments will certainly have to deal with one of its most famous programs. “iTunes”. How to use it for processing video and audio files, as well as for other purposes, you will learn by reading this useful article.

    What is iTunes and why you need it?

    There are two options for iTunes. application for computer and ipad. The first is used by most owners of Apple devices, the second is used only by those who have an iPad. Let’s sort them out in order.

    iTunes on iPad: a quick tour

    Using iTunes on iPad is also very easy and convenient. To do this, you need to pre-register in iTunes, after which you will have access to the following sections:

    • Podcasts. video and audio files on various topics. Free to download.
    • iTunes U. various educational materials (most in English, but also in Russian).
    • Downloads. section showing downloads.

    After synchronization, the data downloaded to the iPad will be available in iTunes for the computer.

    How to update iTunes

    With the new version of iTunes available, Apple recommends that you update the software and always use the latest version. We tried to update iTunes in two ways, in the first method we just downloaded the new version of the program from the official website and installed it on top of the old one, you can update via the built-in updater, read more in the instructions for updating iTunes.

    I hope after reading everything written above, it will become a little clearer for you what iTunes is and what it is for.

    What is iTunes for Computer

    It is very difficult to say in one word what iTunes is, because it is not just a media player, it is a whole multimedia complex. This program is intended for all owners of iPhones, iPads, iPods and Apple TVs.

    The need to install iTunes on your computer appears from the moment you purchase one of the devices listed above. As soon as you purchased, for example, an Apple iPhone, you will immediately start looking for this very iTunes, you will need it in order to launch your new phone for the first time, authorize it and perform the first setup. For an example of the initial activation procedure, see the article. First launch and setup of Apple iPod touch.

    ITunes versions for computers

    The first version of iTunes was developed by Apple in 2001 and is being updated to this day, at the time of this writing, version 11.0.5 is available.

    ITunes can be installed on computers and laptops with Windows or Mac OS installed. There are no problems with Mac OS, but for Windows there are 64 and 32-bit versions, read more about the bit depth. Choosing iTunes. 32 or 64 bit.

    The subsection says “for computers”, but there is also iTunes for iOS, it is a standard application and is supplied in the operating system of any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, it is not installed separately in iOS, but is updated itself, along with the iOS firmware update.

    What is iTunes for. Synchronization process

    After iTunes is installed, let’s figure out what it is for, we have already figured out the activation and the first setting above. The main purpose of the iTunes program is to fill the iPhone (or other Apple gadget) with content, that is, to record music, movies, pictures, books, games and programs into it using a computer.

    To download everything you need, the synchronization procedure is used. As an example, here are some instructions for syncing iPhone:

    iTunes and instructions will help you complete all of the above steps, although no, not all, you need to install QuickTime Player to fully work with video.

    The fact is that simply taking a file and uploading it directly from a computer, for example, to an iPhone or iPad, just won’t work, for this you need the iTunes program. Everything is done through this Tuna. Many users, of course, do not like this idea with the “intermediary Aytyuns”, but apparently Apple has not yet come up with another way to combat piracy.

    ITunes on its own for computers will probably die out over time as deeper integration into the Web takes place. We already see some steps today. the iCloude web service is an example of this. But while iTunes is still up to date.

    Where to download iTunes for free

    In search of free Tuna, an unknowing user often tries to download iTunes from torrents or from some sites of incomprehensible content. Some are even offered to send SMS to get an iTunes activation code. all this is complete nonsense.

    To download a normal iTunes in Russian, you need to visit the official Apple website. We described detailed instructions on how to download and install iTunes on your computer or laptop earlier:

    Before installing, check out what versions of Tuna are.

    What is iTunes and what is it for

    If you do not know what iTunes is and why an ordinary user needs it at all, then you have come to the right place. Because today we are going to deal with iTunes for desktops and laptops. In Russian, the name of the program sounds like. “iTunes”, but in the everyday slang of the Apple community it is called. “Tuna”.

    The possibilities of iTunes are very wide, so this material will be considered only for novice users of iPhone, iPad and iPod.

    ITunes alternative or unworthy replacement

    Some iPhone (or iPad) users, looking for an alternative, find other programs instead of iTunes with which they try to download files to their iPhones and other Apple devices, here is a list of some third-party programs:

    • iTools
    • i-FunBox
    • iPhone PC Suite
    • iPhone Tunnel Suite
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