GoPro HERO 7

An hour after unveiling the highly acclaimed HERO6 Black, GoPro is bringing an update to its legendary bestseller. This time, Nick Woodman’s company decided to go back to basics and presented not one camera, but a whole family.

The current 2018 GoPro camera lineup now consists of three models:

GoPro HERO7 Black

The best GoPro camera to date and that says it all! The new product has improved HyperSmooth stabilization, thanks to which you can get the same smooth. It’s like the camera is mounted on a gyro-stabilized gimbal. The new Intelligent Photo Mode automatically captures stunning images. In addition, the GoPro HERO7 Black supports live streaming in. And the companion GoPro App allows you to share any highlights in real time Not only with the subscribers of the largest social network, but also publishs on Instagram and Snapchat.

It is also important that the company has improved the proprietary QuikStories mode, which allows you to automatically transfer footage to your phone, where they can be quickly edited into high-quality clIPs.

GoPro HERO7 Silver

Introducing HERO7 Silver, the perfect camera for all your travel needs. Its rugged construction and water resistance allows you to take it with you wherever you go. Smooth 4K and vibrant high dynamic range (WDR) photos turn every moment into an incredible story. GPS allows you to track how fast, far, or high you climb. The intuitive touch screen allows you to quickly navigate and create beautiful shots. over, your photos are available for publication directly in the GoPro app. Capture the moments of your life. here’s a beach vacation with family gatherings. in a new way with HERO7 Silver!

GoPro HERO7 White

Introducing HERO7 White, the perfect camera for any adventure. It’s a compact, rugged and fully waterproof camera that you can take on any adventure. The intuitive touchscreen makes it easy to capture great shots. Just swIPe and tap the screen. Photo Timer helps you create wonderful selfies. You can also shoot vertically and then add those photos directly to Instagram Stories. Your footage is automatically transferred to the GoPro app for easy sharing. Capture fun moments. here are incredible stories in everyday events. in a whole new way with HERO7 White!

How to shoot with GoPro 7 tIPs

Action Cameras are NOT interchangeable and are used by both professional athletes and amateurs, extreme lovers, bloggers, travelers, and everyone who wants to shoot cool shots, undoubtedly GoPro action cameras have firmly entered our lives. Thanks to GoPro, you can shoot anywhere and in any conditions from extreme heat, to very low temperatures, over water and under water, and they capture cool unforgettable moments of our life, which cannot be captured with a regular camera or telephone. If you want yours to turn out insanely cool, you must follow certain rules.
In this article, we have collected for you a few recommendations and tIPs on how to shoot with GoPro so that you re-watch it again experience the unforgettable emotions, and your viewers will be shocked by what they saw beauty and recklessness.

Securing Your GoPro Camera Correctly

Here, fixing the camera depends on the integrity of the GoPro camera itself and the quality of the footage, which you get in the end.
The availability of a large assortment of accessories and mounts will help Not only fix and install the camera almost anywhere you want, but also protect it from mechanical damage and simply help NOT to lose your GoPro, for example, riding on a board.
It is important to correctly install the mount or accessory, crepe camera and check that the correct angle and all the necessary items are selected, people are in the frame. The GoPro must be securely installed and NOT wobbled, and must NOT move. We recommend that you use branded mounts for GoPro cameras, as they were designed with all the nuances of use taken into account, and they are made of higher quality materials.

In GoPro, in fact, there is no autofocus, and if you will shoot objects that are moving, think over their trajectory so that the object is in focus at the point you have chosen. It is advisable to make a shooting plan so that you understand where you need to direct the camera, so that there are no spoiled frames and angles. For photography, you will have to choose a static position so that there are no blurry frames.

Camera stabilization

Despite the fact that the latest GoPro hero 8 Black is equIPped with the improved built-in stabilization system Hypersmooth 2.0, it may NOT save you from losing a clear frame. To stabilize the image, the camera should be fixed so that it does not move and is firmly fixed to the surface.

If you have to shoot from hands additional accessories, such as an electronic stabilizer or a monopod, will help you, thanks to which you will confidently and securely hold the camera in your hands and then you will get good, clear shots.


The longer. The more difficult it will be to mount and select the desired angle. We also advise you to move the camera and shoot from different angles, the more interesting and vivid the picture in the finished will be. Effective duration for editing is 5-15 seconds, shorters are more difficult to perceive. This advice may seem difficult at first, but it will keep your battery from overheating during prolonged shooting and thus prolong its life. Of course, if necessary, long-term shooting is also possible, so there is the possibility of simultaneous recording and battery charging, (in GoPro HERO 8 Black you will have to get the battery for continuous shooting and connect an additional battery via the USB connector, since there is NO power in shooting mode)

Recording audio on GoPro

The built-in microphone, sometimes does not cope with recording high-quality sound, for this there is a special media module for GoPro hero 8 black and a special adapter for connecting a 3.5 mm microphone for GoPro 5,6,7,8 series cameras with the exception of GoPro hero 7 silver and GoPro hero 7 white.
These devices will help you place the microphone closer to the subject or as far away from the noise source as possible. Microphones can be wired or wireless, directional and omnidirectional, you choose the one that suits you best for your environment. This will provide your sound with better quality, which can be further processed using Special programs or recorded on a separate device.

As you know, in poor lighting the picture leaves much to be desired, for this there is light, which will be able to illuminate and highlight the object in the dark, and add brightness in poor lighting.
It is necessary to choose light from specific tasks, it happens cold, warm light, this changes the picture and the quality of the resulting material.

Memory card

The choice of a memory card is very important, because all the captured information will be stored on it. For GoPro cameras, we recommend SanDisk Extreme or Extreme PRO cards, which have a high continuous write speed. There are other brands that offer similar characteristics at a more affordable price, but in them the declared constant write speed does not correspond to the high-speed stream of the GoPro camera, in addition, the GoPro hero 8 has the ability to record up to 100 mb / s. If the speed of the card is less than the stream from the GoPro, then yours simply will not be recorded and you will be left without material, and this is the worst thing that can happen.

Common shooting mistakes to watch out for:
– NOT Charged battery
– lack of free space on the memory card
– the location of the camera in the viewing angle of which other objects fall
– using one mount for shooting

Camera modes: like what ProTune is for, etc.?

Rasshivayev: If you process afterwards, then use ProTune, if the finished result from the camera immediately goes to the social network, then it is better to do everything automatically. It will be brighter and more fun.

Firsov: The scary ProTune mode was originally invented for the guys from Hollywood film studios. In this mode, the camera gives you access to advanced settings and allows you to change white balance, color profile, sharpness, ISO and make exposure compensation. Shooting in ProTune mode gives you much more flexibility during editing and post-production of your.

How to shoot with a GoPro camera and NOT screw it up: professional advice

You have no idea how many possibilities GoPro cameras have. Unleash its (and your) potential with these setup and shooting tIPs.

What to shoot when traveling: people, city, landscapes, movement?

Firsov: You can shoot anything while traveling. But nevertheless, it is worth initially deciding what your will be about. for example, in the country you are traveling to, in the life of local residents, customs, etc., Then you need to shoot more inner life and beauty. Ideally, when traveling, it is good, in addition to ordinary filming, to make time-lapses, they will allow you to diversify

Rasshivayev: There are two options. The first is to shoot everything interesting, and then figure out what happened and make a. The main thing here is not to be lazy and shoot, and then NOT to be lazy and make a. The second option is to come up with what you want to tell. This is already more difficult both in concept and in implementation.

Camera setup

How to properly organize the process (selection. Sorting)?

Rasshivayev I look at the files and immediately delete the one where there is nothing useful. Then I transfer the material to the program and cut off the most unnecessary. Then I select the music and adjust the footage to match it. I change the white balance, settings, crop, stabilization, etc. This is the simplest example of editing.

Tell us about the rules for fixing the camera.

Rasshivaev: There is no prohibition on any angles. you can and should experiment. The more angles the better! When you shoot from the side, from the back, from below, you shoot in the first person and put it all in. It turns out to be dynamic. As they say: GoPro style. The quadcopter and gimbal are very helpful in the variety of shots, so it’s great that the GoPro Karma and Karma GrIP are coming soon. Remember the details of previous filming. The GoPro camera loves that objects are closer, then you can see what you wanted to show in the frame.

Are there special settings for shooting underwater?

Rasshivayev: don’t single out anything special here. Just try NOT to make sharp transitions from the sun on the surface to the depth, for example. the camera may be wrong in the white balance. True, this is easy to fix in post production.

Firsov: For underwater filming, I recommend considering the following factors:

  • At a depth of more than seven meters under water, the colors of the red spectrum disappear, and if you do not use an external filter for a camera with red glass, then your underwater footage will be dull, gray or green, but does NOT resemble the underwater world that Jacques-Yves showed us. Cousteau.
  • The red filter should be used for salt water, and yellow or purple for fresh water.
  • Try to shoot in ProTune mode and set the white balance to automatic, and the color profile to Flat. Then your photos and photos can be nicely painted.
  • Don’t shoot more than 25 frames per second underwater.

Where to get free music to ?

Bivol: You can find a lot of cool stuff on the GoPro website. even free music. GoPro rewards the best content creators every month in the GoPro Awards program, and to make it easier to pick up music, GoPro has made its own selection of positive tracks for all tastes.

How To Use GoPro Hero 7

Rasshivayev: There is free music on YouTube, there are also free songs on SoundCloud.

Firsov: Now there are many sites with free music for. There is a site that GoPro works with.

How to choose the right format for shooting ?

Firsov: You need to understand what you want to get as a result of your filming. For example, if you want to shoot 120 frames per second in slow motion, then you should definitely use Full HD. 4K, if desired, allows you to crop your picture in half and NOT lose quality in Full HD quality. Even if 4K is converted to Full HD, then its quality will be higher, since in such a higher bit rate.

Rasshivayev: You can shoot in maximum quality, but then, for example, there will be no way to slow down. This is usually always a compromise, and it all depends on whether there will be deceleration or stabilization. For slowdown, the frame rate is important, for stabilization. the size of the picture, since then it will have to be cropped during alignment. I usually shoot at 2, 7 and 50 fps.

Three new GoPro Hero 7 cameras feature touchscreens, water resistant for submersion up to 10 meters, portrait mode for Stories and unrivaled image stabilization

On September 20, GoPro unveiled three cameras of the new line at once: Hero7 White, Hero7 Silver and Hero7 Black, which satisfy the ever-growing needs of action cameras users: a touch screen, waterproof protection without an additional box and the ability to shoot in portrait mode for publishing on social networks and broadcasts. in real time. All Featured Models have retained the key advantages of GoPro cameras. compactness, ruggedness and easy operation, making them exceptional.

The new GoPro Hero7 line of action cameras combines convenience and simplicity with incredible capabilities. The most important

The GoPro Hero7 line offers the best choice among three current models for action camera shoppers. GoPro Hero7 White. ease of shooting and a touchscreen at an affordable price, GoPro Hero7 Silver. ease of use, high performance, including shooting in 4K resolution, GPS support and telemetry overlay on photos, etc. GoPro Hero7 Black is the best action camera on the market with Amazing performance, 3-axis image stabilization, 4K shooting at 60 frames per second and the ability to broadcast in real time.

GoPro Hero7 Black: Uncompromising Quality for Those Who Want to Get It All

New level of stabilization. Streaming, New SuperPhoto Mode. The new features of the GoPro Hero7 Black make it the world’s best action camera and a must-have for professionals. Latest Karma GrIP-level HyperSmooth image stabilization and new shooting modes. Timewarp, which is an accelerated Time Lapse with stabilization. Superphoto, featuring enhanced color rendering, scene recognition and the highly anticIPated live streaming capability in. GoPro Hero7 Black features a 12MP sensor, HDR, 8x Slo-mo and 3-axis stabilization

GoPro Hero7 Silver: Versatile Performance and Convenience

This action camera is “golden mean” for discerning photographers who need 4K shooting, with a focus on high performance and reliability, and value the ergonomics of GoPro cameras in their DNA. The GoPro Hero7 Silver supports wide dynamic range (WDR) for improved images in uneven lighting conditions. And the built-in GPS module allows her to record telemetry and add speed and position on any photo using the GoPro App. Take this camera.

GoPro Hero7 White: a bright, stylish and convenient camera at an affordable price

A robust and easy-to-use camera that has all the benefits of a GoPro camera: colorful picture, stabilization. Voice control. EquIPped with a 2-inch touch screen for intuitive smartphone-like operation and is waterproof for shooting at depths of up to 10 meters. GoPro Hero7 White allows you to take great 10MP shots, shoot in 1440p at up to 60fps, has 2x slo-mo, Time Lapse shooting modes, self-timer and touch zoom function. Supports work with the proprietary GoPro App for processing and publishing photos and

GoPro update via GoPro App

If your mobile device has the GoPro App updated to version 3.1 or higher, you can update the firmware of your HERO6, HERO5, HERO4, HERO3, HERO / HEROLCD and HERO Session cameras via this app via Wi-Fi. Before proceeding with the upgrade, make sure that you have met the five requirements below:

  • Only HERO6, HERO5, HERO4, HERO3, HERO, HEROLCD and HERO Session cameras can be updated through the app. To update the second models Use the links to update in manual mode: HERO 2014, HERO3, HD HERO2, HD HERO;
  • Your mobile device must support the GoPro App to update the camera;
  • Your mobile device must be able to access the Internet. The GoPro App automatically downloads camera updates using its cellular data system. The update package size is approximately 25 MB;
  • To upgrade, your camera, like your mobile device, must be at least 70% charged. If the batteries on the devices are not sufficiently charged, the application will show a notification about the need for charging;
  • The camera must have a microSD card installed.

Below is a step-by-step descrIPtion of the update process over Wi-Fi:

Make sure your mobile device has Internet access;

Turn on the Wi-Fi network on the camera and connect to it by selecting the appropriate hotspot in the list of connections on your mobile device. Also, do not forget to turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device. this is required for connection;

Launch the GoPro App;

Click Add device and select your model in the list of cameras;

If there are available updates, the application will offer to update the camera immediately after selecting your model from the list of cameras presented;

The application will display information about the latest available update version. Click to continue Refresh;

Read the legal agreement. Click Accept and continue;

The GoPro App will begin transferring update files to your GoPro. The camera will display a corresponding notification;

The camera will turn off and on several times during the software installation. As a result, the mobile device may disconnect from the Wi-Fi camera;

After the installation is complete, reconnect your mobile device to the camera’s Wi-Fi and launch the GoPro App. The application will notify you about the successful installation of the update.

What to do if the application did NOT offer to update the software?

The GoPro App developers have made sure that when you connect your camera, the application automatically prompts you to update the software if an updated one is available. If it doesn’t, just wait 24 hours and check again for updates. Alternatively, follow the instructions below:

  • Make sure you are in the hotspot of your home Wi-Fi network;
  • Turn on Wi-Fi on your camera and connect to this network from your mobile device;
  • Launch the GoPro App and select your model from the camera list;
  • Go to the list of connections again and connect to your home Wi-Fi network;
  • Force close the GoPro App and launch the app again;
  • Wait about five minutes. During this time, the GoPro App should download the update files to your mobile device in the background. This means that you will NOT see any notifications or progress bars indicating file downloads;
  • After five minutes, go to the list of connections and connect to your camera’s Wi-Fi network;
  • Once connected, go to the app and select your model from the list of cameras. A notification should appear on the screen about the possibility of updating your camera.