Iriun Webcam software

You can connect the camera of a mobile device via USB or a local network to a computer using various software, including Iriun Webcam. It is free and cross-platform software that connects iOS and Android cameras to Windows, Mac and Linux Ubuntu computers.

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Desktop programs are completely free, as well as free mobile applications in the basic version. If desired, mobile apps can be upgraded to the Pro version, which works with 4K cameras, while the basic version only works with HD cameras.

To connect the camera of a mobile device to be possible, the latter must be connected via a USB cable in USB debugging mode. If a computer and a mobile device are connected to a single local network, it is easier to use a network connection, in which case we do not need anything other than installing software. It does not matter how the computer is connected to the local network. via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Iriun Webcam: how to use your phone camera as a computer webcam

How to use the camera of an Android or iOS mobile device instead of a computer webcam? To stream, make video calls using Internet messengers and perform other tasks that require a video camera connected to a PC. To a PC or a laptop, because laptops usually have a built-in camera with terrible image quality, while even front-facing selfie cameras on today’s mobile gadgets are many times better. There is absolutely no need to buy a webcam, not only in cases when it is needed on a computer occasionally, but even with its constant use. To fix a phone or tablet in the desired position for a comfortable camera angle, you can use various stands, mounts, suction cups, of which there are a lot of gadget accessories on the market today. Well, we will now deal with the issue of connecting a computer and a camera of a mobile device. And the free Iriun Webcam software will help us with this.

Connecting a mobile device camera

Let’s consider connecting the camera of a mobile device to a computer using the Iriun Webcam software on the example of a Windows computer and an Android phone. The peculiarity of this software is its simplicity: the program installed on a Windows computer does nothing more, as soon as it realizes the connection of the camera. The program hangs in the tray, waiting for the connection. It has only one option. the ability to add to autorun along with Windows.

When establishing a connection with the camera, the program will inform us about this notification.

To establish a connection, we need to install the Iriun Webcam mobile application (for Android or for iOS) and launch it. There are not many control capabilities of the camera in the application. turning on the flashlight and mirroring.

In the application settings, you can change the orientation of the camera, choose which camera we want to use. rear or front, enable autofocus and dim the screen in order to save battery power.

Iriun Webcam allows you to connect only the camera of a mobile device to your computer, its microphone is not provided.

After the connection is established, a small window of the connected camera will appear on the computer, where we can adjust its resolution.

To use the camera in programs for streaming, video chatting, etc., you need to go to their video settings and select Iriun Webcam as a video source.

How to use a mobile phone camera as a webcam

How to use a cell phone camera as a webcam. ¡Aquí vamos de nuevo! Ahora mismo que necesitarías hacer una videoconferencia con tus compañeros de clase o con tu familia. Pero tu hermano te ha robado la camara del pc…… qué haces?

¿Se pregunta si hay una manera de remediar la situación? Por supuesto que sí: compre una nueva cámara. ¡Vamos, estaba bromeando! En realidad, existe un “recurso” tecnológico para resolver su problema y tiene que ver con la cámara integrada en su teléfono inteligente. Sí, lo entendiste bien: puedes use your mobile phone camera as a webcam for your PC.

¿Te preguntas cómo es posible hacer tal cosa? Si pasas unos minutos de tu tiempo libre, puedo explicártelo. Anticipo que simplemente tendrás que descargar las aplicaciones correctas, úsalas siguiendo las instrucciones que te daré y el juego estará listo en unos seconds. En resumen, nada tan difícil o costoso como podría haber imaginado.

Te intrigé y ahora te gustaría saber más en detalle cómo proceder. Bueno, entonces no perdamos más tiempo hablando y vamos directamente al corazón de este tutorial. Póngase cómodo, tómese el tiempo para concentrarse en leer los siguientes párrafos y, lo que es más importante, implemente los tip que le daré. No me queda más que desearles una buena lectura y, sobre todo, ¡divertirse!

Enter the IP address of your PC

Now double click on the DroidCam client icon that is present on the desktop (to launch the latter), click on the Wi-Fi icon Located in the upper left corner of the window you just opened, enter the IP address you see on your smartphone ( e.g. 192.168.xx) in the device IP text box. Mark items video y audio and click on start button. If you choose to connect your smartphone to PC using a USB cable (you can do this by clicking USB connection), you do not need to enter the IP address of the phone.

If all went well, your smartphone will connect to your computer and you can use the camera as a webcam. To do this, launch Skype or another program that you use for video calls, and this should easily recognize the DroidCam as your main webcam.

Si esto no sucede, le recomiendo reiniciar la Pc y usar la versión de Skype que se puede descargar directamente del sitio web del programa (si no sabe cómo hacerlo, lea la guía donde le explico cómo descargar Skype). No siempre el cliente DroidCam funciona como debería con la versión de Skype descargable desde la Tienda Microsoft.

How to use a mobile phone camera as a webcam: various applications for operating systems.

DroidCam (Android / Windows / Linux)

One of the first applications that I suggest you try using your mobile phone camera as a PC webcam is DroidCam. A semi-free solution available for Android devices that integrates with various services including Skype. DroidCam allows you to connect your device’s camera to your computer via a USB cable or wirelessly. Once downloaded, the official client is available for Windows and Linux.

I define DroidCam as a semi-free solution for a very simple reason: in order to remove ads present in the free version of the application and to access some additional features such as the function that allows you to record HD video, you need to purchase the full version of the software, which costs 4. 29 euros. With that out of the way, let’s get down to business.!

After installing DroidCam on your Android device, press the button after. Please refer to the instructions for connecting your smartphone camera to your PC and click the I understand button (Below). At the moment, associated with this page, click the Download Windows Client button and on the page that opens, click on the vx.x Client button to download the DroidCam client to your computer.

Once the download is complete, extract the content from the zip file as soon as it downloads, run the executable DroidCam.Client.xxFullOffline.exe and click yes, then click the Siguiente, Agree, Install buttons. Continue installing the necessary drivers for the client to work correctly (by clicking on the install button) and complete the setup by clicking on finished.

iVCam (iOS / Windows)

One of the best apps for converting iPhone camera to webcam for PC is iVCam. Semi-free solution, easy to use and easy to integrate with Skype, Hanghout, WeChat and other services. The free version of iVCam has banner ads that can be removed by purchasing in-app € 4.49.

After downloading and launching iVCam on your iPhone, also install the official client of the service, which is available only for Windows. Then connect to this site and click the blue download button posted immediately below the wording Download the latest iVCam Windows client software (Win7 / 8/10 only).

After the download is complete, open the.exe file you just downloaded, click yes and follow the instructions to complete the installation of the iVCam client: select the language you want, click the accept button, click the Siguiente button three times in a row and finish the setup by clicking install, finished and yes again.

Now take your iPhone and if it’s connected to the same Wi-Fi network that your PC is connected to, Windows will automatically recognize the phone. Therefore, grant the necessary permissions to allow access to the iPhone camera and microphone by pressing accept, you touch (X) close the screen with the instructions required to connect the phone to the PC and that’s it.

If you want, you can take photos and record videos using the smartphone camera by clicking respectively on the buttons that represent the camera and the video camera located in the main window of the iVCam client.

As I mentioned earlier, iVCam integrates seamlessly with various VoIP services including Skype. For example, to use your iPhone as a webcam during a Skype video call, simply launch the latter. And after checking that the iPhone is synchronized with the PC through the iVCam client, click the Change video camera button (camera icon with two round arrows).

Alternatively, you can go to Skype settings before video call and set your iVCam as your default webcam.

EpocCam (iOS / Windows / macOS)

Are you looking for an app that allows you to turn your iPhone into a webcam for use on Windows and macOS? In this case, EpocCam This might be the solution for you. This is an application that can be downloaded for free, but with some advanced features such as an application that allows you to transfer high definition images, which are only available in their full version (at the price of 6.99 €).

After downloading EpocCam to your iPhone, you need to download the necessary PC drivers to recognize your phone as a webcam. Then connect to the Kinoni (software company) website. Click on one of the links located under the EpocCam section and follow the onscreen instructions to complete downloading the required drivers. You can help yourself by reading the procedures I have described below.


One of the best software for smartphones that runs on Android. With its help, the gadget will perform metamorphoses in a matter of minutes and become an excellent portable webcam.

Step-by-step installation instructions:

In order for the phone to turn into a camera, you need to install Android utilities.

While it is being installed, start installing the program on your desktop computer. Unpack the archive. To do this, click the “Extract.” button on the archive file and select the location where you plan to extract the contents of the archive, then click the “Ok” button.

After the unpacking process is complete, go to the folder you chose to unpack and run the installation file and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Now you need to connect your phone to a PC using a USB cable or Bluetooth.

After successfully connecting one of your gadgets to another, run the program on both devices.

In the active window, you need to enter the IP address of the mobile gadget, which allows you to distinguish the device from all others.

You can find this path in the DroidCam application running on your phone. In addition to the IP address, DroidCam also shows the port number.

A notification will be sent to the computer desktop that the phone has been detected. You need to choose a video quality to get started.

To continue working and start streaming, you just need to press the “Start” button. The application will send the image from the gadget’s camera to the PC. If a mobile device with two cameras, go to the application settings on the phone and check if the corresponding checkbox is selected, which is responsible for the active camera.

Using in Skype

The camera of the gadget can be used to communicate in video chats, Skype or applications that use video.

Selecting a smartphone camera in Skype is quite simple, for this you need to go to the video settings and select the camera of your smartphone from the list. If there are several of them, just select the one that will provide the best picture when viewed.

For convenience, the mobile device can be fixed to a horizontal or vertical surface, for example, a car holder or a stable phone stand.

How to connect a WEB-camera via a phone? Several easy ways

In this article, you will learn about the new features of the phone, namely, using it instead of a webcam.

How to use a smartphone instead of a webcam

A smartphone is a multifunctional device that can be used to solve various tasks.

However, not many people know about the possibility of using a mobile gadget as a webcam, as well as how useful this function is.

In fact, there are situations in life: you need to urgently answer a video call, and the webcam, as luck would have it, is faulty.

In this case, the camera of your gadget will come to the rescue. By following step-by-step instructions, you can use your gadget to transfer videos in Skype and other video chats.

  • Make a video call via Skype, and the standard camera is missing or faulty;
  • Use multiple cameras to broadcast on the Internet;
  • Create remote video surveillance.

Even if the screen is broken on your gadget, but it is still working, you can easily replace the webcam, the main thing is that the front or main camera module remains working.

  • USB cable;
  • Special utilities for pairing a gadget with a PC or laptop;
  • Wi-Fi hotspot.

USB Webcam

The program allows you to use your phone as a webcam via a USB cable. First you need to install the application on your phone and PC.

If the program is installed correctly, then the image in all programs that use the camera will be broadcast from the phone camera. True, the frame rate will be low.

You can reduce the resolution of the video stream in the application settings using the hardware key.

After starting the program on a smartphone, you need to enable USB debugging to activate the webcam through a personal computer.

You can find this option in the “Options” menu, where you need to go to the “System” submenu, and then to “Developer options”.

After enabling USB debugging, connect the phone to the PC via the data cable. Run the program on your computer, to get started, you need to press any key.

The USB Webcam application must be running on the phone as well. Now log into your Skype account, go to the “Tools” section, then the subsection “Settings”.

In the settings, open the “Video settings” section, in the window that opens, select “GWebcamVideo”. If everything works correctly, a picture from the smartphone camera will appear on the monitor screen.

If you see a green screen, your device is not supported by USB Webcam.

Making a webcam from an iPhone

There are many more options in applications that allow you to turn an iPhone or iPad into a video camera, in accordance with conventional cameras.

over, they allow you to get a picture with a very good resolution. You can use both cameras: both the main one and the front one.

You can use one of the following programs to connect your iPhone to your computer: Cam, Broadcaster, Mini WebCam 1.0.2, Wi-FiCam, Mobiola Webcamera, or EpocCam 1.9.1.

These utilities work practically on the same principle and imply the following actions:

  • Installation of computer software on a PC;
  • Installing the application on the phone;
  • Connecting phone and PC via wi-fi or USB cable;
  • Entering all the necessary settings;
  • Connecting to the selected messenger and using an iPhone instead of a webcam.

Webcam from phone using IP Camera Adapter

The IP Camera Adapter is a utility that is installed on the user’s computer. It is compatible with the “IP Webcam” application described above for smartphones.

  • Ability to use a webcam using mobile internet and Wi-Fi.
  • You can customize the sound, quality and orientation of the camera.
  • It is possible to record video and audio in various formats.
  • Date and battery status can be displayed.
  • You can use your smartphone as an IP camera.
  • You cannot connect using a USB cable, only a wireless connection is available.
  • If you use the free version of the app, the video will be watermarked.

How to make a WEB-camera out of your phone using the iVCam program

The iVCam application is installed on both user devices, and then, thanks to a USB cable or Wi-Fi connection, the smartphone starts to function as a webcam. If desired, you can reduce or increase the quality of the video, adjust the sound and the number of frames per second.

  • High quality and low ping.
  • Intuitive user interface available in Russian.
  • You can connect several necessary devices to your computer at once.
  • Supports all the most popular formats, up to 4K.
  • You can use any camera installed in the smartphone (main, front, wide-angle module, etc.).
  • Almost all functions of the camera of a mobile device are available: flash, focus, effects, etc.
  • A watermark that overlaps part of the image.
  • Stable operation of the application is guaranteed only if the user device is running on the iOS platform.
  • Availability of advertising.
  • FPS issues often occur with Wi-Fi connection, and everything works much more stably when connected via USB.
  • Too many restrictions in the free version of the application.

In addition to the image, this application perfectly transmits sound, so the smartphone can also be used as a microphone. In addition, you can take pictures and record videos while chatting.

How to connect your phone as a WEB-camera?

Phone instead of WEB-camera using EpocCam software

The main feature of this program is that it is supported on both Windows and macOS. Using this software, you can interact with a webcam in Zoom, broadcast on Twitch and many other platforms.

  • The connection is established automatically.
  • You can use both the main and front camera of the mobile device.
  • User devices can connect up to 6 meters away.
  • You can use your smartphone as a wireless microphone.
  • There are problems with establishing a connection.
  • Ping moments are very high.
  • Often does not work on Samsung Galaxy and Honor smartphones.
  • Availability of advertising.

How to use your smartphone as a webcam. an overview of available solutions

The easiest option in the absence of a high-quality webcam is to install specialized software. It is worth noting that it will need to be installed both on a PC or laptop, and on a smartphone. Here is a list of apps that will help you turn your modern smartphone into a webcam:

  • iVCam.
  • EpocCam.
  • IP Webcam.
  • IP Camera Adapter.
  • DroidCam.

How to make a WEB-camera from a smartphone using the DroidCam program

This application will help you quickly turn your mobile device into a webcam. You will be able to video conferencing and broadcast on various platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. In addition, using this application, you can use your smartphone as an IP camera.

  • Both Wi-Fi and USB connection can be used.
  • The app can run in the background.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Video recording with sound.
  • Advertising in the free version of the application.
  • 720p quality is only available in the paid version of the application.
  • In the free version of the application, you cannot use the flash, focus, zoom and other functions of the camera of the mobile device.

Phone as a WEB-camera. why is it needed?

There are situations in which there is an urgent need to turn on the webcam, but it either produces a video of poor quality, is damaged or is completely missing. In the light of recent events, this problem has become especially urgent. A webcam may be needed for distance learning or remote work.

If the built-in webcam installed on the laptop is broken, but there is simply no external camera, a modern smartphone will help solve this problem. For this, there are many third-party applications and utilities, which will be discussed below.

How to use similar solutions?

All such applications work according to the same principle. The software is installed on both user devices (the mobile version is downloaded from the Play Store or App Store, and the desktop version from the official website) and then launched. Next, you need to make sure that both the computer and the smartphone are connected to the same network. If so, the devices will automatically recognize each other and offer to connect.

If automatic recognition did not occur, an ip-address will be displayed on one of the connected devices, which will need to be manually entered on the other device to establish a connection. After that, it will be possible to make the necessary settings and start work.

Turning Android into a Webcam with DroidCam

DroidCam Wireless Webcam is one of the most popular and simplest applications for this purpose. It allows you to easily turn your Android phone into an IP camera with access over a local network or (after some manipulation). over the Internet or into a webcam for use on a computer via Wi-Fi or USB cable.

  • Download the free DroidCam app for your Android phone from the Play Store. You can immediately launch it, after the screen with basic information, the camera is automatically activated and in the application window you will see the address of the webcam in the local network. Attention: both the computer and the phone must be connected to the same network. If this cannot be implemented, an additional USB connection method will be described below.
  • Download and install the DroidCam Client program on your computer from the official website
  • Launch DroidCam on your computer and enter the IP displayed on your phone. If desired, check the “Audio” item to transfer not only video, but also audio. Click the Start button.
  • As a result, after connecting, you will see the image from the phone camera in the DroidCam window. You can minimize this window (or press CtrlH to minimize the program to the notification area), and then open any program in which you need a webcam, if necessary, select the desired DroidCam camera in the program settings.
  • If you need to select the front or main camera of the phone, you can go to the DroidCam settings on the phone and open the “Camera” item.

In most video conferencing applications, the DroidCam webcam works successfully, but I was unable to get it to work in the built-in Camera application in Windows 10. Unfortunately, in my case, the camera turned out to be upside down (although, in general, you can change the position of the phone), and the options for rotating and mirroring the camera are not available in the free version of Droidcam.

If you cannot connect your computer and phone to the same network, you can use the phone’s USB connection, for this:

How to Use Phone as Webcam (Android/PC)

  • Enable USB debugging on your Android phone, connect the phone with a cable to the computer and enable debugging on the phone screen. Launch the DroidCam app on Android.
  • In DroidCam on your computer, select the USB connection, select your device in the list and click Start.
  • The rest of the steps will be the same as in the previous case.

IP Webcam

IP Webcam is another good app with the same capabilities. To use your Android phone as a webcam using this app, follow these steps:

  • Install IP Webcam on your phone and launch the application, the application page in the Play Store.
  • In the application, after launching, the settings screen will immediately open. Scroll down and click “Run”.
  • At the bottom of the phone screen, the address where you can access the camera will be displayed. Enter it in the address bar of your browser on a computer connected to the same network as your phone. A page should open like the image below.
  • In the menu of this page, select “Drivers for chats”. “IP Camera Adapter” and download the driver to your computer from the link on the next page. Install it on your computer. Also you can just download the webcam driver from
  • After installation, launch the IP Camera Adapter configuration utility and enter the IP address indicated on the phone screen, with the addition of / video at the end, for example and click Ok.
  • Done. Now, as in the case with the previous application, you can launch any messenger or other program where you need a webcam, for example, Skype, select MJPEG Camera in the camera settings and use your phone as a webcam.

Again, this works fine in most, but not all, applications. Also remember about the privacy settings in Windows 10, where you can turn on the prohibition of access to the camera, for more details: What to do if the webcam does not work in Windows 10.

How to make a webcam from an Android phone

If you urgently need a webcam to communicate in Skype, Zoom or another chat or instant messenger, but there is nothing at hand besides your Android phone, you can easily turn it into a webcam for your computer or laptop.

This tutorial details two easy ways to use your Android phone as a webcam for Windows 10, 8.1 or Windows 7. May also be interesting: Unusual ways to use your Android phone and tablet.

Android as a webcam. video tutorial

And, in conclusion, if you can suggest your own solutions for the problem in question, it would be interesting about Honor about them in the comments.

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Thank you very much. You simply have the best site. I have already successfully used your advice many times. So clearly, competently and clearly you explain. And it’s just even pleasant to listen to your competent, collected speech and pleasant voice.
I keep fighting with DroidCam. it worked for me a couple of times every other time, but now it stopped, the client writes Connect failed. Check IP and Port. Check network connection. At the same time, there is only one Wi-Fi network, there is a connection, the numbers are correct, and in fact it worked several times under the same conditions. I rebooted everything, translated the IP and port, rechecked. it does not help. I’m afraid to get into developer mode via USB. Do you know a possible reason? Thank you so much

Dmitry, thanks for the quick response.
I did not install new anti-viruses, Kaspersky is the same, there is a VPN for remote access, but when I try to connect DroidCam, it is always disabled. Interestingly, when I just installed DroidCam, it worked, after 10 minutes it worked again, and an hour later it did not work under exactly the same conditions. And then after two hours I tried it. it works. The next day does not work at all. Why. I do not understand. I noticed that when it successfully connects and works, the IP address is displayed on the screen with another last digit. I already hammered this figure into the client. it does not help. It’s very strange that sometimes it worked. There is hope, what do you think?

There is always hope, but according to the description, I cannot understand what is happening and why with you, and therefore I don’t know what else to offer.

How to make a webcam out of a phone

You may need to turn your Android smartphone into a webcam for several reasons:

    Urgent need to make a video call via Skype in the absence of a standard camera.

  • Installation of an additional camera for video broadcasting.
  • Creating a surveillance camera using an unnecessary phone.
  • How To Use Your Smartphone As A Webcam for FREE!

    Almost any smartphone running on Android will be able to cope with the task. In this case, his screen may be broken, only the integrity of the lens is important. There are several ways to turn a mobile device into a webcam:

      Connecting to a computer via a USB cable.

  • Pairing PC and smartphone via Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Transferring data from phone to PC via the Internet. In other words, an IP surveillance camera will be implemented, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and not only within the range of the home network.
  • Each method requires detailed consideration so that there are no problems during the setup process.

    Phone as webcam via USB cable

    The simplest connection can be made using the USB cable that comes with any smartphone. This also requires installing the appropriate software on both devices. The tested and working application is DroidCam Wireless Webcam. You can find it in the Play Market and then install it on your phone. The program of this developer will need to be added to the Windows OS:

  • wait for the download and run the installation file;
  • follow the instructions of the installer.
  • The application on the phone receives information from the camera and transmits it to the PC, while the program on the computer processes the data to be recognized by the rest of the Windows software. Before you start, you should activate the “USB debugging” option, which is located in the “For Developers” section of the main Android settings menu.

    With everything set up, let’s take a look at how to use your phone as a webcam:

      Launch the DroidCam Wireless Webcam app on your smartphone. On the welcome screen, click Next. Read the instructions for use and tap “Got it”.

  • Connect phone to PC via USB.
  • Run the program. In the window that appears, select the USB icon, it is located in the upper left corner.
  • Mark the items “Video” and “Audio”, click “Start”.
  • An image appears on the computer monitor.
  • If you click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the application and select the “Settings” line, you will be able to make the following settings:

      Activate keep the device awake to prevent screen lock due to inactivity.

  • Choose the front camera instead of the main one if you want to record from it.
  • Assign the microphone from which the sound is transmitted.
  • Limit frames per second to save battery power.
  • If for some reason it was not possible to connect via the cable, you can use alternative applications that work on a similar principle. It is enough to type the phrase “Web camera” in the Play Market search line and view the results that received the most positive user ratings. In addition, the connection can be made wirelessly, which will be discussed later.

    Phone as IP webcam

    In this case, the signal will not be transmitted through the home network, but through the developers’ servers of the application being used. Thanks to this, you will be able to view the image from the webcam at any distance from it. Typically, such a solution is used to install video surveillance of the house or the surrounding area.

    Before proceeding with the configuration, Honor needs some disadvantages of this method of creating video surveillance:

    • The signal transmitted through the application servers may not always be stable. It depends on the current load, and given the free use, in most cases the user will receive a lack of speed and various bugs with a loss of connection.
    • The phone used as a camera may freeze, causing the signal to be cut off.
    • You will need to provide constant power to the smartphone battery, otherwise, after a while, a complete discharge will occur.

    If such disadvantages do not stop, consider an application that can help in solving the problem.

    We turn a smartphone into a WEB-camera

    When you need to arrange a video meeting on your computer, and the camera stopped working, a reasonable question arises whether it is possible to use the phone as a webcam. It will definitely work out what was conceived, and in several ways: through a wired or wireless connection. The article will allow you to understand in detail the implementation of the task. The step-by-step actions will be presented, the required programs and their settings will be named.

    WEB-camera from Android smartphone via WI-FI

    A wireless connection is made with the same set of tools. Only in the program window is the Wi-Fi icon selected, and not USB, as in the previous version of the instruction. Further it is necessary:

      Look at the application screen in the smartphone and find the line “WI-FI IP” there. The colon is followed by an address of the type:

    Write the displayed address in the program window on the PC. This is done in the line “Device IP”.

    Press the “Start” button. An image from the smartphone camera will appear on the screen.

    The video is broadcast in 480p format, in order to increase the resolution you need to:

    • click on the “HD” icon at the top of the application;
    • agree to view ads to unlock the function within the current connection session.

    The paid version of the application costs about 4 and provides the following features:

    • zoom in and out of the image;
    • flash activation on a smartphone;
    • adjustment of contrast, brightness, sharpness;
    • image rotation and mirroring;
    • video quality enhancement and experimental mode with double frame rate.


    This is a program for using your phone as an IP webcam on Android devices. It will transform an old smartphone into a remote video surveillance camera at no cost. To create such a system, you will need two smartphones, one of which acts as a monitor for viewing the image and one Google account.

    Often, such a solution is used to create additional security at home and on a suburban area. Also, video surveillance may not always be required, but only at certain moments, for example, when a nanny looks after the children in the house. In this case, there is no point in spending money on expensive equipment and it is highly justified to use an old smartphone that connects as a CCTV camera in just a few minutes.

    The Alfred app provides the following features:

    • taking snapshots and saving them in the device’s memory;
    • remote activation of the flash on the phone, if it is provided by the design;
    • flipping the image;
    • choice of camera for shooting;
    • night vision. switches the shooting mode from color to black and white;
    • viewing data on frame rate, bit rate, etc.

    To use your phone as a webcam, you must:

      Install the application on two smartphones: one is used as a camera, the other as a monitor.

    Run the application on each and specify the role of the mobile device: monitor or camera.

    Enter data from your Google account to unite all smartphones in one place. Shooting can be performed from several phones, so it will be very convenient to switch between them to get a complete picture of events.

  • Activate surveillance and place the phone in the desired location.
  • Now you can connect to the camera from another smartphone and track activity in the surveillance area at any time. The application is capable of making video recording when the detector detects movement.

    Using the information provided, even a user who does not have special skills in setting up equipment will be able to turn the phone into a webcam. The connection can be made in three convenient ways, which allows you to vary the location of the camera and access to it. All these programs work for free, and only additional functions will require the purchase of extended access.

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