How to transfer photos from PC to iPad mini / pro / air

If you want to share some photos with your friends or family members, iPad or other tablets should be suitable devices.

How to sign up to transfer photos from PC to iPad mini / pro / air?

Since these devices operate in different operating systems, you cannot transfer files directly.

But do not consider it to be granted that the transfer of images from your computer on the iPad should be a difficult task.

The article explains the frequently used methods 5 to transmit photos in several clicks.

Import of photos manually via iTunes

The iTunes program has the possibility of setting up images synchronization on the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone device from a special program or the necessary folder on a personal computer or laptop.

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When synchronizing the gadget using iTunes, images and videos are updated on it in accordance with the data stored on the computer. But if the PC has photos or videos that are not in the Apple device, you can transfer them as follows:

  • Launch iTunes on a laptop or personal computer.
  • Using the USB native cord, connect the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
  • Click on the device icon in iTunes.

To access the resources of the mobile device, click on its icon in iTunes

In the Left Panel of the Program, select the string “Photo”

Indicate the source of synchronization. a folder on a PC or program

Turning off the exchange through the iTunes program

If the need to synchronize data from the Apple device has disappeared, then you can disable this function in the iTunes program, but after this photo and video will be deleted. Synchronization is disconnected either for all albums with images, or only for the noted:

  • Run the iTunes program and connect the Apple gadget to the laptop or PC.
  • Press the device icon.
  • Select the “Photo” tab.
  • Click the selected albums and remove the mark from those that require the shutdown of synchronization. If you need to cancel synchronization for all photos, it is necessary to remove the marker “synchronize”, and then click “Remove the photo”.
  • Press “apply”.

In order to turn off the synchronization of all photos, you need to remove the corresponding marker

Having activated the “Video synchronization” check box, you can move the videos that are stored in the folder with the photo to your mobile device.

How to upload a photo on iPhone and iPad (the easiest way)

Select the photo “Photo”.

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Click on the download button of photos located in the upper right corner.

Select the images that you want to download on iPhone or iPad.

Wait for the end of the load. Its progress can be monitored in a line of a state that will appear below.

Ready! In this simple way, you can download images, be it wallpaper of the main screen or photo, on your iPhone or iPad. We pay attention to the fact that media files will fall on the mobile device only after the opening of the “Photo” application.

How to upload photos from a computer to iPad

Photo. These are frozen moments of our lives, sad, funny, touching, which you want to constantly review, remember, share their emotions with friends. For this case, the iPad is ideal. It remains only to download your favorite photos, and they will always be with you.

The process of adding photos on iPad using iTunes

It is necessary that until this moment you prepare a folder with photos on the computer that you want to fill on the iPad. Assign it a simple and convenient name for you. If the free space on the iPad-E allows you to fill all the photos, the task is greatly simplified. Copy the necessary photos from the photo archive, and the folder is ready.

Using a USB-shnour, connect the device to the computer. iTunes notifies us of connecting. Next, go to the “Devices” section. tab “photo” (from above). Put a checkmark opposite the phrase “Synchronize photos from. “.

Next step: select a folder with images that we want to load on the device. If you need to download certain folders, then select the “selected folders” item and check the required folders. If you need to download all the photos, select the item “All folders”.

How to transfer Photos from PC to iPhone or iPad using iTunes

The final and most pleasant step: we click the “apply” button, or in the future when synchronizing photos will be added to the iPad.

Job is done. Favorite photos flooded on iPad. You can enjoy. How to upload photos from a computer to iPad. (iOS)

How to copy photos from a computer on iPhone using iTunes

One of the most affordable IPhone images is iTunes. This is the official utility of Apple to work with various files on the computer and iPhone device. She is satisfied with convenient when copying a large volume of photos from a computer. Among the shortcomings, you can distinguish low speed, frequent synchronization, the need for double copying of the necessary files (first in the program itself, then on the iPhone). Nevertheless, this program remains quite popular among Apple devices users. If this program is not installed on your computer, you can download it from the official site.

Connect your iPhone to a computer using a USB cable. Launch the iTunes program on the computer. The program can also automatically start when connecting the iPhone to a computer.

Click on the iPhone icon on the upper panel of the thawed program window. A menu with various multimedia tabs will open in the left column of the window.

Select the “synchronize photos” option. Click on the “Image” button.

After the drop.down tab, you can select a folder (or submarous/several submarines), a photo of which will need to be uploaded to your iPhone.

Select the necessary photos in the folder or a whole folder (submarp/several submarines).

Click the “apply” button and wait for the completion of the image copying process to your iPhone, after which the photos will be available for viewing and performing other operations on your iPhone.

Transfer of photos from a computer to iPhone, iPad

Icarefone can not only transfer photos and videos from its gadget to the computer, but vice versa, download data from PC to iPhone or iPad.

First, download and run the program to your computer.

Connect the iPhone to a computer via a USB cable, start this program. Select the “Management” button, click on files that you need to drop, for example, contacts.

All contacts on your device are listed on the window, select the contacts that you want to transmit and select the format of the imported data, click the “Import” button.

You can also delete contacts and edit contacts, combine contact duplicates.

Part 1. Transfer of photos from the camera to iPad using an iPad camera connection

All digital cameras are equipped with a USB cable, which is used to transfer photos from cameras to computer. Unlike a regular computer, the iPad does not have a USB port. If you want to postpone photos from the camera on the iPad, you can purchase an additional set for connecting the iPad camera for this.

The iPad Camera Connection Kit is designed specifically for iPad and allows you to import images and videos in full quality without a computer. It consists of two components: USB adapter and SD card. And you can buy it for 29 in Apple Store. The following are detailed instructions for the transfer of photos from the camera to the iPad using the IPAD camera to connect the camera:

Use one of the connectors in the kit to connect the camera to the iPad and unlock the iPad using a password.

If you use the SD card to save photos on the camera, connect it to the iPad using an SD card adapter. And if you use other memory cards, such as Sony’s proprietary card, connect it to the USB adapter using the USB attached cable.

Step 2: Setting the camera to transmit images

How to Transfer Photos/Videos from iPhone to Windows 10!!

Then turn on the digital camera and install it to transmit the image from the camera on the iPad. You can turn to the leadership of your camera if you do not know how to install.

Enter your iPad again and run the Photo application. Then you can see a list of images from a digital camera on iPad.

Finally you can choose which photos to transmit from the camera to the iPad. You can also click on the flag to streamline these photos in albums or freely delete them!

Isn’t it easy? Now you can view, edit these conveyed photos in the iPhoto application, share them with friends on or other social sites, as well as upload them to Dropbox and other cloud storages.

Export photos

Select photos you want to transfer to PC, click “Export”. Then select a place to save them.

You can install images using the “Export Settings” parameter.

Methods of mutual data exchange


It is a universal tool for managing applications and iPad files. It has a huge number of functions in its asset and does not have the restrictions that ITUNES has. You can download from the developer website: http: // www.I-FunBox.COM/EN_Download.HTML. Here are some of his capabilities:

  • Installation of iOS applications from user and not signed packages.IPA;
  • Transfer of media files: songs, videos, pictures and ringtones. Throwing photos on iPad is incredibly easy. They can be copied with ordinary drag;
  • Research of data in sandbox mode;
  • Using the iPad as a USB flash drive with the highest file transfer speed;
  • Full control of the iPad file system.

To make an exchange of photos between a computer and a tablet, follow the following actions:

  • Connect the tablet to the computer and start the IFUNBOX program;
  • Go to the tab of your device, select the “Export files” or “import files” section;
  • Click on the icon you need, for example, a photo or camera library;
  • Select the necessary files;
  • All files will be successfully copied.

Private camera application

Gallery photo with improved security. You can download the link http: // iTunes.Apple.COM/RU/App/CASTNOE-KAMERA-ZAPIRAT-VASI/ID477970594?MT = 8. Has access to camera functions. Allows you to edit albums, rename, change the cover. There is a function of group processing photos.

Thanks to iCloud, pictures will be available on all devices at the same time. The protection function will allow you to put the password in the photo or on the entire gallery.

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Cloud services

In principle, when fast Internet has become very affordable, the use of cloud storages has become very relevant. The iOS system has already built in the standard cloud iCloud. The only disadvantage is that the exchange is possible only between Windows, iOS and Mac devices. If, for example, you want to copy data on the Android device, you will have to use another service.

A large number of them are available in free access: Yandex.Disk, Google disk, Microsoft OneDrive, cloud and others. You just need to configure the automatic download of new photos into the cloud. If, for example, if you do not want to spend mobile traffic, this can be done manually. Synchronized photos will be available on all devices at the same time. You will not need to throw files between all devices separately.