How to upload photos videos on instagram from a computer 2022 (NEW UPDATE)

Convenient and simple ways to download video from a computer on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world, but its functionality is adapted precisely for mobile gadgets. Therefore, most users load their videos precisely using smartphones or tablets. Of course, the publication of the video on Instagram is theoretically possible from the computer, but the functionality of the network of this does not provide. But bypass this inconvenience and load the video through a regular computer is still possible.

Finding a response to how to download a video from a computer is necessary for the simple reason that on a computer you can qualitatively process a video before pouring. Shooting on a smartphone high.quality video row for Instagram is not such a simple thing as it might seem. It may be longer than necessary, there will be unnecessary personnel, shooting will not be released enough.

All these and other shortcomings that fell into the video before pouring on Instagram with a computer is much easier to fix than on a smartphone or tablet. Video editing programs available on PC are always much more functional platforms with endless editing opportunities. But in order to download the clip brought to perfection to the story or news feed, it first needs to be sent to the computer, edit, pour it on the smartphone back and only then share it on the social network. This is inconvenient plus takes free time.

In addition, for each video, Instagram has established restrictions on admission to publication:

  • On Stories you can not upload videos for more than 15 seconds.
  • A standard video from a news tape cannot be longer than 60 seconds.
  • The maximum content of the content is not more than 30 MB.

Given the high quality of the shooting of modern smartphones, it is easy to assume that even a 10-second video can be removed so that it will take twice as much space in memory. And good free programs compressing videos with minimal quality deterioration are usually available only on PC. Therefore, to find out how to process and upload a video on Instagram directly from a computer, it is necessary for each user a network planning to regularly release them. Consider the three most popular options how this can be done.

How to upload photos or videos on Instagram from a computer: instructions

To publish a video or photo on Instagram with PC, follow our instructions.

Open the desktop version of Instagram on your computer (site: https: // Press the button in the form of a plus in the right upper part of the screen.

The window opens in the center of the screen. Drag a photo or video into it (you can several) that you want to publish. Or click “Select from a computer” and select from your files.

After loading, a preview and pruning will be available. click “Next”.

If necessary, select a filter or set up manually and click “Next”.

If you need to mark someone in the photo, click on it and then enter the user name.

We write the text of the post and put the hashtags to the right of the photo.

Add alternative text, if necessary, “special opportunities”.

And also turn on or disable Комментарии и мнения владельцев in the “extended settings”.

In the end, we publish. click “Share”. Ready!

Publications on Instagram with PC have not yet complete functionality, and it is impossible to place Storis and Reals, but this is a significant step that expands the presence of Instagram, as well as the posting more convenient for users.

Intensively “Setting and designing community” Start May 10. Duration 5 days. Format: Text video. Feedback: closed chat final ether. Participate advertising

How to edit the quality of the video on Instagram on PC

Special programs will help to post high.quality installation of the video, as well as place:

    – the service gives the user access to a hundred effects and tools. You can also adjust the quality of the video.

  • Adobe Premiere. platform for bloggers, companies, popular brands. instruction will show how the application works.
  • Cyberlink PowerDirector 16 is a unique utility with a minimum number of editing settings.
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The utilities are presented both in paid and in the free version. Programs will help to fill and edit the record.

Problems with video on Instagram

We will analyze the most common problems that users faces.

In addition, it is worth finding out the content format. Instagram does not fully support the new expansion of FLV and Webm. It is more advisable to convert the file in MP4, WMV, ASF, M4V, 3Q2, MPG, VI, 3GP. In this case, its size should be up to 128 MB.

Another possible reason for the problem is the outdated version of Instagram. There is a chance that you just need to update software. You can check this in the App Store or Google Play app store.

If none of the above methods has helped you, it remains one thing. reset the settings of the mobile device “to the factory”, having previously created a backup copy of the entire content from external and internal memory.

How to Upload Videos on Instagram from Computer! (2022 Guide)

Deterioration of video quality

Despite frequent updates, Instagram invariably worsens the quality of the hinders.

The quality of the video during publication deteriorates for the following reasons:

  • The social network compresses the media file to the optimal size to reduce the load on the servers;
  • The format is changed to the MOV standard, which makes content available even on a device with a weak processor;
  • The user has an old version of Instagram, which more strongly reduces the quality when loading.

To avoid significant deteriorations of the source, you need to regularly update the application. Live mode avoids reformatting and, accordingly, reducing the quality of the video.

I can’t do repost video

The “Share” function is not provided for by Instagram developers. Make repost using services.

To share the video, install Regrann, Repost for Instagram or other program you like on your device. Then pass the identification on the social network, find the desired video and click “Copy the link” or “Share”.

Not added video with PC

The application was originally created specifically for mobile devices. Although now developers are actively developing Web version, it is still devoid of full functionality. So, users cannot upload photos and videos from the computer.

upload, video, instagram, computer

You can fix the situation by installing an official application on a laptop. You can do this through an “app store”, but keep in mind: this solution is suitable for the Windows 8 and above operating system.

In addition, the services of the delayed posting will help to publish a video on Instagram. When choosing a service, pay attention to supporting video publication.

We hope today’s tips will come in handy to promote the page on Instagram. Subscribe to our updates in social networks in order to receive current materials among the first!

Intensively “Setting and designing community” Start May 10. Duration 5 days. Format: Text video. Feedback: closed chat final ether. Participate advertising

Service list for Storis on Instagram from a computer

If you do not want to run a window with the source code every time to download a video or image, or constantly use a computer to enter a social network, use special services. It can be extensions for browsers or applications. Below, consider popular and convenient ways to download history on Instagram.

Expansion “Instagram web”

First, we will figure out what you are extensions on a personal computer. These are special utilities that expand the capabilities of the standard browser, adding additional functions. Using Instagram web, you can publish videos and images in history from a computer, turning the page of the social network into a mobile version with the corresponding expansion of the parties and a list of capabilities.

Installation and use is as follows:

  • Install an extension on your browser. To do this, go to the program and find the addition point in the settings tab. Select the corresponding extension in the catalog. The item is described for Yandex, on other browsers the location of the main elements may differ.
  • After a successful installation, near the search line, an icon in the form of a camera should appear. This will be the readiness of the service.
  • To go to the social network, click on this icon.
  • The mobile version of Instagram with the corresponding expansion of the parties will be displayed on the screen, as on a smartphone.
  • Pass the authorization under your account.
  • Click on the new story adds button. Select the desired video or image from the memory of your personal computer.
  • Make an entry at your discretion and publish it for overall access.
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Parasite application

If you are engaged in commercial activities, promote your product or service, then the social network Instagram will become a profitable and convenient platform for doing business for you. As a rule, the work on promoting accounts is carried out through a computer due to convenience and simplicity, but standard tools and service regulations do not allow you to download videos and images into storis. This problem is solved by the parasite application, which allows you to automate the promotion SMM as much as possible and has the following functionality:

upload, video, instagram, computer
  • Execution of postponed publications according to the established schedule.
  • Simultaneous loading of information and related content to all popular social networks, including Instagram.

To download videos or photos to storis from a computer, you will need to perform the following actions:

  • Download and install the Parasite program on PC.
  • Launch the application and log in to the system using the account data from Instagram.
  • Find the story of the story and select the desired file from the computer from the internal memory.
  • Follow edit and record. If necessary, follow the deferred publication and indicate the exact date and time.

On a note. This utility is provided free of charge only for 7 days of use. After that, you have to pay a subscription fee, the size of which depends on the chosen tariff. 349 r., 699 p., 1599 p. per month.

Chrome Ig Story

This is an extension for the browser of the same name on a personal computer, which allows you to watch the stories of your subscribers in real time and even download, but, unfortunately, using this application you can not upload videos or image to story. Consider the features of the addition of the addition:

  • Launch Chrome browser on your computer.
  • On the right panel go to the settings section and find the extension tab.
  • After that, a list of all installed additional functions will open. Sweet the page to the end and find the tab of all available applications.
  • The extension catalog will appear on the screen. Find the appropriate in the list and install it.
  • After the activation is completed near the search line, an indicator will appear.
  • By pressing the icon, the authorization window will open, write down the username and password from the social network.
  • You can see all the stories that your friends and subscribers published, if necessary, download them, but adding your video will not work.

SMM Planer

The service is a convenient and simple tool for SMM promotion on social networks. With it, you can configure the exact schedule of stories publications, as well as the simultaneous placement of records at once on several sites on the Internet. In addition, the site allows you to download videos and images on Instagram with PC. To lay out stories on Instagram from the computer:

  • Enter the address of the Simplanner posting service site in the browser’s search line.
  • Register a new account or enter the entrance using a profile from any social network.
  • On the main page find the Instagram section. After that, enter the login and password from your account, click the connection button.
  • The system will ask for confirmation and send the protection code to the specified phone number.
  • Once in the main menu, select the function of publishing a post, and after “plan an entry”.
  • A content loading window will appear on the new page. Select the desired video or photo from the device memory. Add a description, link and geolocation.
  • Install a checkmark that the content will be placed in Storis Instagram.
  • Send the publication to the tape.

Services of this kind are suitable for experienced people who conduct commercial or advertising activities on social networks. After all, such services contribute to automation of promotion.

How to upload photos/video on Instagram with PC: Alternative methods

There are alternative ways to download content on Instagram with PC: the delayed posting and Android emulator services. Let’s briefly consider these methods of publishing content.

upload, video, instagram, computer

Services of delayed posting

Postponed posting is an automatic publication of photos and videos on Instagram according to a given schedule. For example, you can prepare 5-6 pictures and put them automatically at different times: a picture number one-on Monday, a picture number two-on Tuesday.

All you need to do: choose a service, add your account and plan publication.

We recommend using Parasit. This is an automation tool SMM.

Useful functions include deflated posting on Instagram. In addition to classical posts. photos and videos. in the Parasit you can plan a history of history.

Plus there is a mass load. you can add several posts at once.

Read more about the services of the postponed posting in our article “Postponed posting on Instagram: TOP-10 Services How to do”. The article includes an overview of the best automation services, plus instructions for working with Parasit.

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Android emulator

Another way is a real archaic. But we will talk about him in order to familiarize him.

You can upload photos or videos on Instagram with PC via an Android emulator. For example, Bluestacks.

How to upload photos or videos on Instagram from a computer using Creator Studio

Last year, a special section Creator Studio appeared on the site. It allows you to publish and even plan posts on Instagram. It is impossible to create stories yet.

To work with Creator Studio, you need to switch your Instagram account to professional (author profile or business account). To do this, go to the settings of the Instagram mobile application, select “Account” → “Switch to a Professional Account” and follow the prompts. The procedure will take you a couple of minutes. If something does not like, you can return to the usual account of the account at any time.

In addition, you must definitely tie your profile to the page for this, click on the account page in the Instagram application button “IOS) or” edit the profile “(Android). Select the page “page” and connect a new page using system tips.

Now open through the Creator Studio computer browser, select the Instagram icon on top and log in using your account.

To make the publication, click on the Create A Post on the panel on the left and select Instagram Feed. Add photos or videos using the Add Content button.

Click on the arrow next to Publish and select the appropriate option: Publish Now (publish now) or Plan (plan). In the second case, you can indicate the time at which the service will publish the post automatically.

Option 1. Publishing photos on Instagram via browser

It is considered the easiest when it is necessary to replenish the profile with a new material from a computer or laptop. On which browsers this is possible:

If the desired program is not, it is easy to download from the Internet.

How to add photos on Instagram from a computer online through a browser:

  • Launch the program and open Instagram there.
  • Follow the scheme: “Settings and management of Google Chrome” (if in chrome). “additional tools”. “developer tools”. By the way, the latter can be launched directly if you click at the same time: “Ctrl” “Shift” “I” or “F12”.
  • A special toolbar from the developer will open and the site code will display there. Click on the button with the image of the mobile device. “Toggle Device Toolbar”.
  • Instagram will appear on the Instagram page as it is visible on an ordinary smartphone. At the top next to the image size, you can choose a device. Smartphone switch (visible model)/tablet. Choose the right one. Or upgrade the page. At the same time leave a window with an open developer.
  • Scroll the screen down and click “”. The conductor menu will open, through it you can upload photos on Instagram from a computer.
  • When the image is selected, the window will appear: “New publication”, where you can edit the picture: turn it, change the size. Having finished the correction, click “Next”.
  • A small field will appear above the image, you can add a signature there and click “Share”.
  • Close the window of the developer tools.

New post will instantly appear in the profile. This is the opportunity to upload photos on Instagram from a computer without programs. After all, a browser is used.

What is important is suitable for any software, it is not necessary to have Windows 10. If there is no finished profile, you can register in the same place, creating a new. The procedure will be standard, with the choice of login and password combination.

Video download in IGTV

At the end of July 2018, Instagram-TV was launched, or abbreviated as IGTV. You can watch it through a computer: either mimicing under a mobile user using BlueStacks; either downloading Player for IGTV Pro from Microsoft Store.

But you can download a video in IGTV from a computer without problems. directly from the Instagram

  • We open our page in any browser;
  • We go into profile;
  • We upload a vertical video lasting from 15 seconds to 10 minutes;
  • We fill out the necessary fields (title, description, etc.D.), click “Publish”.

Verified users and accounts with a number of subscribers from 10 thousand are available separate luxury. they can publish notes up to 1 hour.

If before publishing on Instagram you need to process your video a little (for example, cut or glue), there are several easy ways to do this.