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Google Chrome browser update on a computer with Windows 7, 10 or phone with Android

The main reasons to update Google Chrome to the latest version. acceleration of work and increased security PC, laptop or smartphone. Periodic UPDATE web browser on a computer with Windows 7, 10, Linux, Mac must be performed. For modern smartphones with Android or iOS operating system, the requirements are similar.

You can update the browser in two ways. Most often, new patches are installed automatically as they exit. In addition, they are easy to activate manually by downloading from the official site for free or installing the Chrome through the menu.

How to update Google Chrome?

In fact, everything is very simple. Most likely, you update your Google Chrome, without even noticing it.

Automatic update

This is done by turning off the computer. For example, if at night or at another time you turn off your computer, when it turns on it again, then Google Chrome will be updated.

Google chrome update manually

Sometimes it makes sense to check the Google Chrome update manually, for your own calm. Especially it is recommended to check manually update to users who are not turned off for several days in a row.

It is necessary to pay your attention to the “Setup and Management of Google Chrome” icon, which has the appearance of three vertical points and is in the upper right corner of the browser (on fig. 1 Arrives in the Red Frame).

1) Open Google Chrome, click on three points (that is, on the “Setup and Google Chrome” icon). 2) then “Help”, then. “On Google Chrome‘s browser” (rice. 1 below). 3) Select “Update Google Chrome“. If there is no “Update Google Chrome” item, then you already have the latest browser version. 4) Click “Restart”

Need to click menu (1 in rice. ), then. “Help” (2 in rice. 1) Finally, open “Google Chrome browser” (3 in rice. one).

upgrade, google, chrome, laptop

On the phone

To upgrade Google Chrome on Android or iOS, the easiest way to use games and applications. Play Market and AppStore, respectively.

  • Open the store and go to the “My Applications and Games” tab, and here. in the “Updates” section
  • Find the browser and touch the “Set” button next to the title
  • The package with the new version of the program will begin to be installed
  • In the same section, you can configure the automatic installation as the new version is released

After installing a new version of the program, you can notice changes in the intees, design, or add new features. No doubt, all innovations are made, first of all, for your convenience. You are unlikely to face difficulties. browser developers have always done Accent on ease of use and quick access to functionality.

Is it possible to roll back the new version of Chrome to the previous

In some cases, the user may not only have a desire, but also the need to return to the previous version of the browser. The reason for rollback can be:

Such problems may occur due to the failure of the update itself, as well as for technical reasons: the new version of the browser has higher system requirements, and the computer does not correspond to them.

To return to the old version of Google Chrome, the user will have to delete the browser and download the installer of the previous version of the program. All previously released versions are on the Internet in free access, download and install them on PC you can at any time.

Update on Mac and Windows

Regardless of whether you are a user of Mac or Windows, first select an icon “Settings and Management” (vertical dryer for trimmer from circles) in the upper right corner Chrome.

If updates are available for the browser, then in a color mug next to the inscription “Update Google Chrome” Arrow will appear. If the icon is green, the new version is expected within 48 hours. Orange means that the latest version of the program is available for four days, and red. What passed for at least a week since its appearance.

To set the new version of the utility, click on the button “Update Google Chrome”, And then restart the browser. If the button with updates is inactive, you already use the latest version of the application.

Soft regularly checks the availability of updates and reports to users when they appear. But you can manually check for new versions. Click on the icon “Additionally”, Mouse over to “Help”, Then click “About Google Chrome browser”. Scan will start automatically after downloading the web page. In this tab, you can find out which version of the application is used on your computer.

What to do if you are not updated by Google Chrome

Difficulties with updates periodically may occur in mobile versions on Android devices. This is usually due to updates in Play Market. To correct the problem, you need to perform the following actions;

  • Open the settings;
  • We go to the application section, find Play Market;
  • At the top of the right we find a button with three dots, click on it;
  • Delete updates.

After that, the chrome on the mobile device will be updated to the latest version.

If the chrome is not updated on the PC, first you need to perform the easiest action. close everything and restart the computer. Many keep the computer to the included days and even weeks in a row, and to install the chrome updates need a reboot of the device.
upgrade, google, chrome, laptop

If it does not help, update the browser manually.

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How to find out if I need to update the browser

In Google Chrome there is a very convenient solution. All you have to do is look at the “Menu” icon (three points) in the upper right corner of the browser. It is a kind of indicator:

  • If you see “three points”, it means that you have the most new version of the browser, or updated less than two days ago;
  • If the indicator acquired a green color, it means that the update was not installed 2-4 days;
  • Orange. 4-7 days;
  • Red. more than a week.

If you have the indicator accepted one of three of these colors (green, orange or red), then you need to click on it and select the “Update Google Chrome” item and follow the instructions of the program.

What to do if you have problems with updating Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular browser on the planet, they enjoy billions of people. And when they are at the same time trying to upgrade, then Google may not have enough resources to immediately serve everyone. Therefore, sometimes delays in renewal availability are possible.

Most often it happens just when the vulnerability is found truly dangerous and updating is really important: a lot of users are trying to install it at the same time. In this case, you need to wait a bit, periodically repeating steps from the instruction above.

If there has been a lot of time, and you can’t update Google Chrome anyway, try to follow browser developers.