How to update the web browser through the LG Smart TV menu

Updating the browser on your LG Smart TV is another important step in home TV administration.

The automatic method via the Internet

If you care about your comfort and technology, use this guide:

LG Smart TV: How to Update System/Firmware Software Version

  • point the remote control at the TV, and click Settings;
  • There, select “Support.”
  • After that, go to the “Software Update” section;
  • It will show if there is a newer version of the software or system on your interface;
  • If yes, then check your internet connection, and install them.

Update file is about 500 MB. After all the updates, restart the hardware and continue using it in the standard mode.

Manual update using a removable medium

The manual way is more complicated. you need to take a flash drive, insert it into your PC, copy the program image there, and insert the media into the TV. The corresponding ports are on the back panel. Then open the contents, and perform the installation.

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How to update LG Smart TV software via USB stick and Internet

“How to update your LG Smart TV?”is a question that interests the owners of the gadget. Manufacturers are constantly improving technology and provide users with new software. Firmware for LG models helps to eliminate bugs and provide comfortable usage of the device. It is possible to install the new version at home. You don’t need to call a master at home and pay for the services provided. However, if you are not confident in your own abilities, use the following step-by-step instructions. Our guide is adapted for both experienced users and beginners. Follow the detailed recommendations and download the firmware to your TV. The main task is to choose the right software. Otherwise it will not work correctly.

Using internet to update LG Smart TV

Easy way to update LG Smart TV. You can update the software without unnecessary hassle and quickly enough. The only criterion is that the TV must be connected to the Internet, and to a high quality network. If you pay by traffic then take into account that firmware will weigh about 500 megabytes (and may be more).

update, your, smart

The TV can be connected to the Internet in two basic ways: via Wi-Fi network, or with a network cable. It doesn’t play a big role here. But as has already been said, the connection must be reliable. When everything is connected, you can proceed with the update.

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Open the settings by pressing the “SETTINGS” button on the remote control to the TV, then go to support and click on Software Update. A window will appear with the current version and a button to check for updates. Click on it.

If there is a newer version of the software, you will see the following window and you need to click on the “Update” button.

After this, the TV will download the new firmware from the network. At this point, you can still use the TV, e.g. watch movies. But after everything is downloaded, the installation will start. From now on, it’s better not to touch anything unnecessarily and not to load the TV. During the update process it will turn off and then turn on again. After that, the update installation process will be over. Then you can go to the settings and look at the software version, making sure that now there is a newer version.

By the way, if the automatic update check function is activated, then if there is a newer version of the firmware, the TV will immediately inform you about it and offer to install it.

Installing Software from a USB Flash Drive: Sequence of Actions

To update the firmware of LG Smart TV manually, you need to do the following steps:

  • Download the required file in the archive to your computer from the official source. You need to unzip it to get a file with an extension.epk, its name cannot be changed.
  • When unzipping, it is possible to get several files, not just one. This will tell you that. That several firmware updates have already been released, and now you have to install them one by one from an earlier version to a later one. It must be done consistently, otherwise the firmware can start working incorrectly.
  • Format the flash drive to prepare it for writing the firmware. It must be free of any extraneous information.
  • Create a folder named LG_DTV on the USB flash drive. Copy the file.Place it in this folder.
  • Insert the flash drive into the TV tuner. If it has its own USB port, plug the flash drive into it at once.
  • After that the program will automatically read the file and install it in the TV memory. You don’t need to interfere with this process and don’t need to perform any manual actions. Wait until update is complete and remove the flash drive.

You may monitor the update process on the screen. As soon as it is finished, the system will display a message. Updating LG firmware is not difficult, you just need to find the right firmware version and download it from a trusted source. Do not risk using software from unknown developers from dubious sites.

Update from USB flash drive

If there is no permanent connection to the Internet, improve the device by downloading a new version from the manufacturer’s website. Check the code of your LG and the installed firmware version. How to do it see at the beginning of the article. You will need a PC or laptop for further action.

  • Use your web browser to go to in the search box, enter the code to locate the device and the suggested updates.
  • Find and download it.
  • Create a folder named LG_DTV on USB flash drive. Unpack downloaded archive.
  • Plug a USB memory stick into one of the USB ports of LG Smart TV.
  • Turn on your TV, go to Support, Update Software, click Update Now.
  • Some models recognize the WebOS update on the flash drive by themselves. On the screen you will see an inscription inviting you to install the update.
  • Confirm your actions by pressing the Start button and wait for the updates to fully install.
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The system will display a confirmation message about the successful installation. In order for the changes to take effect, you need to restart the TV system.

How to update, or change the firmware on LG Smart TV?

On modern TVs, as well as on PC, the operating system is installed, for example, webos, under which the programmers create the software. In view of this, the owners of such equipment have to install updates at regular intervals. You need to do this to improve the stability of the work, speed up the speed and response of the TV, adding new functionality and solve problems that arise with Smart TV.

Using the instructions, everyone can change or update the firmware LG TV without outside help, saving money on paying for professional services.

The need to update the software

There are many Smart-TV owners, who don’t seem to need to update Opera or software, and some users even don’t know about it. There are a number of signs that it’s time to update your LG Smart TV:

  • Some websites don’t open;
  • There are errors when launching applications, or they do not activate at all;
  • There are problems with online video playback, it is not loaded to the end, the sound is ahead of the picture;
  • photos and videos do not open in the browser due to a failure or an outdated version of Flash Player.

And the most obvious sign that it’s time to update your LG Smart TV is that the Smart receiver has the following suggestion. In new versions of the software developers eliminate the bugs of previous versions, if any (including complaints from users), as well as improve and upgrade the technology, which expands the potential of “smart” technology. For example, new formats for reading files from external media are being added.

Before we look at ways to install a fresh version of WebOS, it should be noted in advance that the options below are relevant for the native software “embedded” by the manufacturer.

LG Smart-TV firmware update

Many manufacturers have been using Smart-TV technology to expand the functionality of modern television receivers for several years. The main advantage of Smart-TV is the independent access to the Internet that allows you to watch online video content, download games and take advantage of other opportunities that gives access to the global network, without the involvement of a computer. All Smart-Functionality is provided by Smart-TV platform, which is a set of programs that adapt software from Internet to user needs. As you know, any software loses its relevance over time, so for the stable operation of the Smart-equipment it is necessary to regularly update its platform. In this article we’ll tell you how to flash LG Smart TV.

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Possible problems and solutions

If you don’t change your browser version in time, the following unpleasant things can happen:

  • Constant hangs while opening pages;
  • errors in the system operation;
  • frequent situations when YouTube and other applications do not work;
  • Broken images and other problems.

However, problems occurring during or immediately after installing software updates cannot be ruled out. Problems may occur in different ways. Let’s consider ways of solving most frequent malfunctions.

Updating doesn’t start

If when trying to perform a browser update the system reports “file download is unsupported”, you may be using an invalid installation file. To perform the process you can try to copy the installation to a flash drive from the official source of the developer. If it does not help, it is recommended to contact the specialists of the service center.

If after updating the browser does not start and the system reports “Critical Programming Error”, the reason may be related to the recognition of the new program version. You can solve the problem by initializing the version manually via the corresponding mode in the Smart-TV menu.

Lost Internet connection

This problem occurs when the system is unable to import user settings into the new version of the browser from an older version. In order to fix it you need to reset to “default” settings. Manipulation should be performed in the menu of general settings of the browser. item “Reset settings”. Next, you need to restart the browser. In this case you have to restore the individual settings manually.

Not enough internal memory

If the browser fails to play Internet videos when trying to load a page with media items and gets “Not enough memory to load” error, then the problem may be caused by insufficient internal memory. Troubleshooting through the operation “clear the cache” in the settings of the Smart system in the “Smart Functions” menu.

Tip! It is recommended to perform a cache clearing operation before any software update.