Automatic update

  • Open the Play Store from your phone.
  • At the top right, next to the search bar, click on the three horizontal stripes.
  • Your profile will open, under its name, click “My applications and games”.
  • In the list of applications, select “Viber” and activate the “Auto update” function.

Now the messenger will be automatically updated as soon as the new version appears in the Play Market. After the update, you do not need to re-configure Viber or go through authorization. If you want automatic updates to apply to all your installed applications, then this function can be activated in the phone settings or through the profile in Google.

Why update Viber

Over the years of existence of the Viber application, the developer has released a large number of versions of the messenger, each of which differs in functionality and new features. In addition, by releasing a new version of the mobile application, the company is trying to eliminate the shortcomings of the previous release and improve the program. By regularly updating Viber to the latest version, you get the following benefits:

  • get new opportunities: an updated set of smiles, stickers, stickers;
  • new functions are added to the menu;
  • increased application performance;
  • enhanced protection and security;
  • updated interface.

Most importantly, refusal to regularly update the application will lead to device vulnerability and reduced security in front of fraudsters.

The Viber developers strongly recommend updating the messenger to the latest version, based on the type of your operating system. We are not talking about new features and functions here. It is important that if you do not update the program for a long time, then over time you may encounter its unstable work, errors and freezes. In addition, an outdated application can pose a threat to system files.

How to update Viber to the latest version on Android

Viber is a popular mobile application that is included in the TOP-10 of the most downloaded free programs on the phone. By installing a messenger application for yourself, you can communicate with your friends absolutely free of charge and at the same time not pay, even if the interlocutor is in another country. This is very convenient and allows you to save on the costs of your mobile operator. To communicate, you only need to connect to the Internet. In addition to free calls and messages in Viber, a number of other useful functions are available, which depend on the version of the installed application.


Updating Viber manually is easy. The process is similar to downloading an application and is suitable for those users who update programs on their phone selectively. To update Viber, follow these steps:

  • Log in from your smartphone to Google Play.
  • Write “Viber” through the search bar and click “Find”.
  • In the results presented, you will see the Viber messenger, only instead of the “Download” button, there will be another one. “Update”.
  • Click on it and wait for the update to finish.

To update Viber with the latest versions, you must comply with the system requirements. For Android operating systems, the platform type must be at least 4.1.

The latest generation of the messenger applies to all versions with the number 11 at the beginning. If you do not know what version of Viber you have on your phone, to understand how long you have not updated the application, just go to Viber, go to the “” section, through the bottom toolbar and select “Description and support” at the bottom. The screen will display the installed version number.

How To Update Your Samsung Apps

How to update the app on Android

To date, the latest version of Viber is It was introduced by the company in October 2019. If your Android smartphone has a lower version of the application, then update it without fail. You can do this yourself manually or configure the auto-update function.

Is it possible to go back to the previous version

Updating the application on Android is not difficult and these measures are recommended by the developers, however, if you are the owner of an outdated phone model, then the new version of the messenger may not work correctly. hang, not display notifications when the application is inactive, and force it to close. This is often due to the small amount of RAM and the old version of the phone platform. In this case, a return to the old version of Viber will allow to establish stable operation.

  • when the installation file in.APK format is downloaded, you unpack it;
  • if a system error appears on the screen, indicating the impossibility of installing the program from unknown sources, then go to the phone settings and allow this action in the “Security”, “Unsafe sources” section;
  • open the downloaded file again and wait for the application to install;
  • open it and confirm the necessary permissions required for the full operation of the application;
  • go through authorization and you can get to work.

Before downloading the previous version of Viber from an unknown Internet source, be sure to first delete the current one. It is also necessary to deactivate the function of downloading programs from unknown sources, in the same way as you turned it on. After installing the application, you will need to go to your profile using the previously registered mobile phone number and confirm it with an SMS code. Call option not available for older versions.

Update Viber on Android phone

You can update Viber to the latest version on Android for free. Usually, a new assembly is checked and downloaded automatically, if this does not happen, you can download a new Viber in a few minutes.

Attention. Use a Wi-Fi connection to save internet traffic.

Configuring Automatic Updates

You can customize the search and download of a new version of applications. Play Store allows you to choose several auto-update options:

  • any network;
  • Wi-Fi only;
  • never.

Let’s figure out how to set up the search and download of the new version on Android:

  • Enter the Play Store, tap on the menu key.
  • In the list that opens, select settings.
  • Go to “Auto-update apps”.
  • Select the appropriate option to search and download new versions of installed applications.

Advice. Set the option “Only via Wi-Fi” to save internet packages. Smartphone will automatically check and download new version of Viber when connected to Wi-Fi.

via Play Market

How to update Viber on an Android phone:

through the Play Market search

You can also update Viber on Android through the built-in search in the Play Store. To do this, you will have to find the application, if there is a new assembly, the “Update” button will appear on the screen.

  • Open Play Store on your phone or tablet.
  • In the search box, type “Viber”.
  • If a new build is available, tap on the “Update” button.

It usually doesn’t take long to download. If you have problems downloading or an error appears, restart your smartphone, connect to the WI-FI network.

Note. The new version of Viber is available for free. After downloading the new assembly, the settings do not go astray and the correspondence remains unchanged. If important additions appear, the instruction will appear automatically when you enter the messenger.

via phone settings

You can check the new version using the settings of your mobile device. To do this, go to the list of installed applications and click on the tab with updates.

Important. This option is not available on all devices. If there is no function, you can update Viber through the Play Store.

  • Enter the settings, scroll through the menu and click on the section with applications.
  • Open “All Apps”.
  • Click on the button with updates, the smartphone will automatically check the installed applications and offer a new version.

How to update Viber on a smartphone

The Viber app first appeared in 2010 and was developed only for iPhones. Over time, the company not only made the messenger adaptive for all operating systems and smartphones, but is also constantly improving each version released. Now Viber, in addition to standard messages and calls, can offer its users a number of useful functions, as well as a high degree of data security. Therefore, if you are still using the old version of Viber, be sure to update it.

From Android

If you use Viber on Android, then you can update the application through the Play Market, in the same way as you installed it:

  • Log in from your phone to the Play Market under your account.
  • At the top in the search bar, write Viber.
  • In the presented results, select the previously downloaded messenger, and instead of the “Download” button, there will be “Update”.
  • Click on it and wait for the update to finish.

Is it possible to revert to a previous version

You set up auto-update for yourself or manually updated Viber, but the program stopped working properly. Users of the application often encounter similar problems and note that after installing the new version, the messenger began to freeze, notifications do not come regularly, calls are not received on the phone until you enter the application itself. Despite the fact that the developers strongly advise using only the latest versions of Viber on the phone, such an action sometimes has a bad effect on the operation of the device.

What is the reason for this? Firstly, the updated version of the application always weighs more than the previous one, which means that it takes up not only more space in the smartphone’s memory, but also in the operating room, which affects the speed of the device and programs. Secondly, new versions of Viber are released taking into account the requirements of new progressive phones, so installing them on outdated models leads to difficult work. Therefore, if you are faced with a similar problem, then there is only one way out. to return to the old version of Viber.

In such a situation, you will have to download and install Viber from third-party sources, after removing the existing version. In order not to waste your time looking for the installation file, you can download the previous version of Viber on our website for any of the mobile operating systems. To do this, download the installation file from the link below, run it from your phone, wait until the installation is complete and go through authorization using the phone number to which your account is assigned. Remember that after removing the program from the phone, all your correspondence will also disappear, so create a backup copy in advance: “Settings”, “Account”, “Backup”.

With iOS

If you have an iPhone, you can download and update the application for free only through the App Store. Follow these steps:

  • Go to the App Store from your phone.
  • At the bottom of the toolbar there will be an icon called “Updates”, an icon with a download arrow.
  • Click on it, and a list of all applications on your phone for which an update is available will appear on the screen.
  • Choose Viber and click on the “Update” button.
  • An indicator will appear in place of the button, reflecting the download speed.
  • Then you can go to the application and view the changes in the new version.

How to update the app on your phone

How do I update Viber myself? In fact, the procedure is very simple and any user can handle it. Below, select your type of operating system on the phone and read the detailed instructions.

How to update Viber

To update Viber, you need to choose which way to do it preferable. The fact is that there are several options for solving this problem.

How to update Viber for device owners on a phone that runs Android and iPhones (iOS):

Now you need to enter “My Applications”. for Androids; you need to go to the “Installed” tab (there is information about all programs and applications installed using GooglePlay). for iPhones.

5.Click “Update” (if the version of Viber installed on your device is fresh, then this button will not be active).

Now you can go into the updated messenger and use it as usual: the updated version usually contains fixes and user-friendly additions.

If the phone does not update Viber.

In the event that the above update method does not work and the smartphone, for some unknown reason, “does not want” to download updates, or the messenger does not perform its functions after downloading, you need to try to completely reinstall the program. For this:

1.First you need to delete the old version (remember that this will also remove the contact list, messages, history.):

  • go to the “Application Manager” of the smartphone,
  • find Viber,
  • tap on it,
  • click the “Remove Application” button.

3.Click the “Install” button to re-download the latest version of the messenger to your smartphone.

New Viber for computer

Owners of computers and laptops on which the Viber client is installed should do the following to update the messenger:

First you need to find out which version of Viber you already have installed. To do this, open the program and enter the help section (that’s what it is called. “Help”), then select the tab called “About the application”. a small window will open with information about the version of the program.

Find out which version of Viber is the latest at the moment. To do this, go to the Viber website, section “Support” ( and write in the search bar: “last update. “. After the search is over, you will see a series of news on this topic.

3.If the installed version is older, uninstall the program from the computer (go to “Start” in the “Control Panel” and find “Uninstall Programs”, double-click on the name of Viber, then press the “Enter” key on the keyboard or the “Ok “).

Go to the official Viber website in the “Computer” section at and download the latest version (if your OS is Mac or Linux, follow the link of the same name and click “Download “).

Double-click on the freshly downloaded program. it will begin to install. Thus, your outdated version of the messenger will be updated.

The specified method of updating Viber for a computer to the latest version is called reinstalling.

So, in order to update Viber on your smartphone (it doesn’t matter if you have a Nokia or an iPhone) or on a computer, just follow one of the instructions described above.

How to update Viber on Samsung

The presented instruction works on both Samsung Galaxy and other lines of the company. Since all Samsung smartphones are based on the Android operating system, the principle of their operation is similar. This instruction is also suitable for smartphones from other companies if they run on Android.

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

update, vibe, samsung, phone
  • Go to Google Play.
  • Open the application menu in the upper corner of the screen by pressing the three-bar key.
  • Go to “My Apps”.
  • Open installed programs. If an update has been released for Viber, a download button will be available next to it. Click on this button to download the new version of the application.
  • Wait for the update to download. If there is no new version, try to visit the Play Market later.

How to remove Viber updates

Sometimes after updating the application, the latter stops working or loses certain functions. In such a situation, uninstalling updates will help. This can be done in the settings:

  • Go to Application Settings. If they are not there. in memory.
  • Find Viber among your installed apps.
  • Stop the program forcibly.
  • Remove updates by pressing the corresponding key.

If the button for uninstalling updates is not available, uninstall the application. Check first which version worked stably. Download this version of the program from the Internet and install it manually. To do this, you need to allow the installation of programs from unknown sources in the security settings.

How to update Viber on Android to the latest version and for free

How to update Viber on your phone is a question that interests messenger users. Of course, if you have Wi-Fi, installing the new version will not be difficult. But what if there is no wireless network?

How to update Viber on Android phone: step by step instructions

Updating the application is the same regardless of the phone model.

How to update Viber to the latest version

To download a new version of the application, you must:

In most cases, the update takes 2-4 minutes. But the process can be delayed due to the low speed of the Internet. On older devices, with a stable network connection, the download will complete quickly and the installation will take a long time.

How to update Viber on a Microsoft phone

Wait for the new version of the application to download. You can configure automatic download of updates. To do this, go to the appropriate item in the Play Market.

Official site

It is easier and more reliable to download applications from the official website of the developers. For this:

In the Google search box, enter the name Viber.

Follow the first link (the url line contains only the name of the application without additional words).

Select the type of program that suits your device (Android, Microsoft Windows, Apple, Linux).

Confirm the command “Install” / “Download”.

How to update Viber on your phone

When trying to install a new application format, pay attention to the operating system of the device. This is needed for further step-by-step instructions.

You can check it in “Settings”. “About phone“. For example, Samsung (Galaxy lineup), Lenovo, Meizu, Prestigio, Xiaomi produce phones and tablets only based on Android. Sony and Nokia (Lumiya lineup). Android and Windows. Apple. iOS only. Wilfox. Android, combined with Cyanogen OS.

Install messenger on a tablet in the same way as on a smartphone.

How to update Viber

The very process of installing a new Viber assembly is different for different mobile operating systems. Below are two options for actions that, after completing their execution, will receive the current version of the messenger on phones: for owners of Android devices and iPhone users.

Windows Store

Updates here are only available to registered users.

Open the Windows Store application.

If there is a Viber in the section, we confirm the download process.


Users who want to know how to update Viber on Android, in most cases, do not have to resort to any “tricks” or complex manipulations to get the most current version of the messenger on their smartphone or tablet. Updating an already installed client is performed in the same ways as for other software tools developed for this mobile OS.

The Viber program for Android is available on Google Play, and to update it, you need to perform the following, generally standard actions:

You can immediately start the process of updating the Viber client for Android by clicking the “Update” button located next to the name of the messenger, or approach the issue more carefully and find out in advance what innovations the developer has introduced into the new assembly. tap the Viber icon in the list.

Click “UPDATE” and wait for the completion of downloading the components, and then installing them.

After the “OPEN” button appears on the messenger page in the Play Store, the Viber for Android update procedure is considered complete. We launch the tool by clicking on the indicated button or using the icon on the Android desktop, and we can use the latest version of the popular tool for exchanging information!

    The first thing that needs to be done is to find and download the latest version of the Viber APK file on the Internet, and then place the resulting package in the memory of the Android device.

Do not forget about the need to contact only known and trusted resources to download files in order to avoid infection of the device with viruses!

When a warning appears about the presence of a blocking device for installing applications not received from the Play Store, tap “Settings” and then allow the installation of packages from unknown sources by activating the switch or setting a checkbox next to the corresponding item.

  • After granting permission, go back to the APK file and reopen it.
  • Since we are updating the messenger already present in the system, the APK file can be installed on top of it with the preservation of all application data, which will be said in the notification that appears. Click “INSTALL” and wait for the installation process to complete.
  • After the notification “Application installed” appears, you can open the messenger and make sure that its version is up to date. To get information about the installed Viber assembly, you need to go to the application along the path: “Menu”. “Description and support”.

    In case of any problems when working with the Viber apk file, we will turn to the articles on our website, which describe the general principles and suggest various ways to open such packages and install them on Android devices.

    How to check the current version of Viber

    You can update Viber on your phone or computer for free. However, before doing this, you need to understand whether it is necessary.

    Often, the program itself reminds you of the availability of updates, however, due to a poor Internet connection, an accidental reset of the settings, notifications may not come.

    Open the section “Information, questions, answers”.

    To understand whether you need to install updates or not, go to the Market (Android, iPhone). “My applications, games”. If Viber requires updates, it will appear in the corresponding section.

    When connecting the automatic installation of programs (if you have access to Wi-Fi), the smartphone will perform the operation on its own.

    Windows Store

    Updates here are only available to registered users.

    • Open the Windows Store application.
    • Go to “Downloads and Updates”.
    • If there is a Viber in the section, we confirm the download process.

    How to check the current version of Viber

    You can update Viber on your phone or computer for free. However, before doing this, you need to understand whether it is necessary.

    Often, the program itself reminds of the availability of updates, however, due to poor Internet connection, accidental reset of the settings, notifications may not come.

    Open the section “Information, questions, answers”.

    To understand whether you need to install updates or not, go to the Market (Android, iPhone). “My applications, games”. If Viber requires updates, it will appear in the corresponding section.

    When connecting the automatic installation of programs (if you have access to Wi-Fi), the smartphone will perform the operation on its own.


    Installation of programs can take place in the background. For this:

    • Open your operating system settings.
    • Select: “System Configuration”. Startup “.
    • In the search bar, find the messenger and add it, confirming the command of the same name.

    With Windows operating system

    Windows is the most common operating system that has many emulators, programs, drivers, and more. Therefore, it is easier to download updates here.

    How To Update Galaxy S4 On Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Resurrection Remix ROM

    As mentioned, Windows laptops provide automatic updates. For example, for ASUS computers, it is enough to open Viber for the application to start automatically downloading a new code.

    If there is no automatic installation of new code then:

    • Visit the manufacturer’s official website.
    • Choose another version of the application, download.
    • Open the resulting file, install, following the instructions in the pop-up window.
    • Confirm login using SMS or scanning QR code.

    Updating with an APK file

    Less common are installations using ARC. special file permission for working on Android.

    The advantage of these documents is that they allow you to get new items even before the official release. Also useful for people who do not have access to the Google Play Store (for example, accidentally deleted).

    Viber.ARK is hosted on the official and pirate sites, so you need to be careful. Otherwise, you can get viruses along with the program.

    In the settings of your smartphone, tablet, go to the “Security” section.

    Confirm Unsafe Sources Function.

    update, vibe, samsung, phone

    Grant the permissions the program asks for.

    In a few minutes, the application will appear in the menu of the phone, tablet.

    After completing the installation, the function of step 3 should be disabled.

    In this case, registration is carried out only using messages (there is no call function to confirm the entrance).

    With MACos

    The download is very specific, since you need to find a file of a certain resolution. It is published on the official website, other portals.

    After downloading, open the document, run the installation, confirming the permissions that will appear in pop-up windows.

    You cannot cancel the download. This may cause the device to malfunction.

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