How to install or update Google Play on Android

Consider simple ways to update the Google Play application Market on smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system. This store contains tens of thousands of games and programs for mobile devices, and also regularly provides current updates for software.

Nowadays, there are practically no owners of Android devices who do not use the Google Play online store. If you have malfunctions when updating the Play Market, the instructions below will help to quickly correct the problem.

  • How to update Play Market through settings?
  • Data cleaning in the configurations of the gadget
  • Manual installation of Play Market APK file
  • How to update Google Play?

Clean Play Market data

If you are sure that there is a more fresh version of Google Play on Android, but an outdated assembly is installed on the phone, then you can update through the cleaning of the store data. To roll up the update, you need to act according to the instructions:

How To Install Google Play Store On Galaxy On 7 Sm-G6000 | 100% Tasted Method | 2019 |Without Root

Important. After clicking the “Clean Data” button, you will have to re.take authorization when repeated input to the store.

In the process of cleaning the data, the Google Play application drops its settings and automatically sets update. If this time the version of the store is outdated, try to use the alternative option for installing the update.

Third method. data purification

In the absence of an automatic update, you can start it forcibly. Go to the device settings and find the menu with installed applications. Find Play Market here, slip it on it and sequentially press two buttons. “Wipe the data” and “Clean the cache”. The next stage is a reboot, after which an automatic software update should start.

In new versions of Android, cleaning is performed in the submenu “Memory”. You can also use the “Delete update” button, after which the auto updating will start automatically.

Why Google Play is not updated

  • one. An unstable Internet connection
  • 2. You manually disconnected in the settings the function of auto concretion
  • 3. You have installed an unofficial Google Play through the agricultural file downloaded from an unreliable source
  • 4. Google servers
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First of all, we perform the following actions:

If the application does not want to automatically be updated, we do the following:

If you installed a modified Google Play, then remove it from the system and download the official version. which, after installation, will also be updated independently.

In rare cases, Google Play is not updated due to problems with Google servers. Here we cannot do anything. you just need to wait a while.

Google Play update

Google Play should always be maintained in the current condition

Google sends fresh updates to users or applies the necessary changes in their servers. However, the company does not provide opportunities to update or not update Google Play, believing that only it can make such important decisions.

As a rule, Google Play updates weigh very little. This is mainly 5-30 MB. Therefore, Google allows themselves not to ask users permission to update. Another thing is that Google prefers to distribute updates gradually.

Because of this, the same update can reach different users with an interval of a week or two, and sometimes even three. This is due to the fact that Google leaves a place for a maneuver in order to be able to withdraw an update if something suddenly goes wrong.

However, you can download the most relevant Google Play update right now on your own in the form of an APK file. This is the installation file that you upload to your device, and then forcibly install. As a result, the new version replaces the old one, and you get access to all innovations and changes that are contained in the update.

How to update the Play Market manually

Yes, we wrote above that the timeliness of ensuring downloading and installing fresh software for this service is due to the developer settings and the user cannot intervene here. However, if you have reasons to think that the Play Market is not updated precisely because of the non-work of this algorithm, then you can start it forcibly. There are two ways in total

From the settings of Play Market

This is the simplest. How to update the Play Market on the phone, instructions:

  • We launch an application store.
  • Call the menu. with a swipe to the right or by pressing the button in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Choosing “Settings”.

Please note: there is a chance that instead of downloading the necessary files on the screen, there will be a notification of “Updates for the Play Market”. This means that the latest version of the application store is installed on the smartphone. If you have reason to believe that this system report is erroneous, proceed to the next instruction.

By “rollback” to the original version

If the first method did not help, you can do it differently. remove existing updates. So we can “reach” to the system. it will receive a signal that everything is very bad, the version of the application store is terribly outdated and you need to urgently correct it. Below we give two.stage instructions on how to do it.

How to update the Play Market on Android manually, the first stage:

  • There is a “more” button in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on it, and in the window that appears, select “Delete updates”. Or immediately click on “Delete updates” (depending on the device);

Further, the device will need some time to delete the program and data related to it. Then the installation of the original version of the application will begin. Probably, in the process, the system will request permission to access various smartphone services. we must provide them.

The second stage of the instruction “How to update the Play Market on Android” is the loading of the latest version of the software and installing it to the source, to which we just “rolled” the application store. Everything will happen automatically here, additionally do nothing unnecessary. Just waiting for the completion of the process.

We update Google Play in a simple way

You can check the changes for the latest version of Google Play services on this site, as well as view the availability and validity of earlier versions. Most updates are small “minor” changes regarding optimization, which makes the general work of the Google ecosystem more efficient and stable.

In general, if you read us from a smartphone, then the easiest way to update is to check the presence of updates by this link. You will only need to click on the “Install” key if you have not installed the latest version of the services.

Bad Internet connection

Often the reason for the occurrence of a huge number of problems is a weak Internet connection. Many users ignore this issue. in vain! we advise to carefully check how good the signal received by the device.

If Google Play does not update applications, we advise you to check the operability of the Internet connection:

Certain difficulties are observed? You need to take measures!

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Google Play Store Not Working. Samsung Phone

  • Contact the provider or Internet operator by phone of the support service;
  • Reboot the device or enter it into aircraft mode;
  • Make sure that there are enough funds on the account, and all Internet points are connected;
  • Change the location. the signal can weaken if you are in the area with dense development or remote corner.

Answered why Play Market does not update the applications? Of course, there are other reasons. we will talk about them below!

Google Play gives an error

The reasons why Google’s Applications store can give out a lot of error. However, there are some chips that allow you to get rid of most Google Play errors in two touches.

How to clean the cache in Google Play

Yes, it is likely that the solution lies in the banal cache of the application store itself. To clean Google Play, follow the instructions:

  • Unlock the smartphone.
  • Open the settings application, applications.
  • Next, open Google Play here.
  • Press the data.
  • Reload the smartphone and try to update the application.

Then do the same procedure with the program Google Play Services. If this does not help, try the following way:

How to delete Google Play updates

Another method that will help install applications updates in the event of any errors. With it, you can roll back Google Play to the original view.

Delete Google Play application update in settings.

Of course, errors in the application store can be a huge number. It is possible that you will have to roll back to factory settings. However, you should definitely not be upset. Often with the help of the instructions that we brought above, we manage to cope with most difficulties.

If this did not help, feel free to contact our telegram-chat. Together with the team of our readers, we will definitely help you.

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