The mobile payment is temporarily unavailable on the iPhone in the AppStore what to do?

In mid.May 2022, many iPhone owners faced the inability to pay for ICLOD, Apple Music and others from their mobile phones accounts. In the absence of the possibility of payment from Visa and MasterCard cards, the QIWI payment system, payment from the mobile account remained the only way to pay for subscriptions to the AppStore. However, in May, when trying to pay the desired subscription to the AppStore, from its mobile account, the system began to massage the message “Mobile payment is temporarily unavailable”. Why is this happening and what to do to solve the problem we will tell in our material.

As you know, after the start of the military conflict in Ukraine, Apple, in early March 2022, announced the restriction of its work in many applications were removed from the AppStore, and the import of Apple devices was suspended. In connection with the departure from Visa and MasterCard applications, it became impossible to pay payments at the AppStore. For some time, payment worked through the QIWI payment system, but later “Apple” covered this loophole.

The only working way that allows you to pay for digital products in the “AppStore” is left through the mobile numbers of operators. Around May 6, 2022, payment was supported from the accounts of the MTS, Beeline, Megafon or Yota operators. From about 12 May, some operators cannot make payments in Apple, since the latter rejects these payments.

What is “mobile payment is temporarily unavailable”?

Since May 11, 2022, users who want to pay for Apple digital products from their mobile accounts with mobile operators (Megafon, Tele2, Yota) collided with the message “Mobile payment is temporarily unavailable. Repeat the attempt later “. Alternative message “Your payment method has been rejected could also appear. Click “Continue” and update payment information “.

An attempt to tie up to your Apple account new mobile number often ended in failure. The system notified that only mobile numbers of MTS, Beeline and Tele2 are supported.

The following factors may be the reason for the message “Mobile payment” temporarily unavailable “:

  • The company “Apple” disabled the possibility of paying for mobile payments of some mobile digital operators in “AppStore”. Since May 11, 2022, “Apple” rejects payments from mobile operators “Megafon”, “Yota” (daughter “Megafon”), and “Tele2”. The operators themselves say that on their part payments are made. The company “Apple” rejects payments;
  • There are not enough funds on the mobile account to pay for the desired digital service;
  • There are problems with payments by the mobile operator himself (rarely).

Let’s look at the methods to avoid the appearance of the “Mobile payment is temporarily unavailable” on your iPhone when making payments in the AppStore.

Payment does not work through a mobile phone

The first complaints about the impossibility of paying for Apple’s subscription by phone number appeared in early May. Every day in our telegram chat there were new messages that payment from the account of a mobile phone in the App Store does not work. It is clear that many of these messages were written in panic by those who did not really figure out how to throw money on Apple ID, but there were also more than enough adequate messages.

Recently, replenishing Apple ID through a megaphone and Yota is no longer.

We are in the editorial office we test the Apple ID replenish from the phone almost every day. And until recently, everything went without problems. Well, how no problems. Payment of Apple subscriptions through tele2 has not worked for me from the very beginning, although Apple says that this operator has such an opportunity.

Plus, not so long ago the author of Ivan Kuznetsov already said that Megafon and Yota have already been disconnected. Neither replenish your account, nor buy an application, nor send a gift card. everything fell off. De facto, now the payment of Apple ID worked only for two operators. Beeline and MTS. But today, our readers began to complain that she stopped working.

For many of our readers, the Apple ID replenishment does not work either through MTS or through Beeline.

We again conducted our own investigation and found out that payment through MTS and Beeline also does not pass. It is not known for certain, this is due to temporary restrictions or any payments in the App Store and really turned off. Owners of SIM cards MTS and Beeline-be sure to unsubscribe in a comment under fast or our telegram chat and tell us how the situation is taking shape.

Payment Apple ID by phone number

Be that as it may, at the moment there is one complex, but proven way to replenish Apple ID. translation from one Apple ID to another. If you have relatives or acquaintances who have funds on the account, you can ask them to send money to you. This is how it works:

  • Open the App Store on your Apple device.
  • Then click on the icon of your profile in the upper right corner.
  • Click “Send a gift card by e-mail”.
  • Enter the recipient’s email address and select the amount.
  • Then indicate the date of sending and click “Send”.

So you can send the right amount to any Apple ID without any problems.

Of course, we cannot say accurately that MTS and Beeline no longer work. It is possible that this is only bugs for some users. But now it seems obvious that very soon Apple will cover this shop.

Well, of course, I warn you. Think ten times before putting a large amount of money on your mobile account. After all, it is absolutely possible that tomorrow Apple will completely turn off both Apple ID replenishment and the possibility of buying paid applications, and all your money will simply burn. If anyone did not know, Google has already turned off the update of paid applications. Further more.

In general, I would have planned the transition to domestic services in advance in advance and certainly transfer all the data from the iCloud cloud. I know that many have a subscription to the additional space icloud. She would be abandoned in a good way now, especially since cloud storages at least a dime a dozen.

What is a gift card App Store

Another way to put money in the App Store is to buy a gift card. You can give it to someone or leave it to yourself. This is how it is done.

Buy an Apple gift card to replenish Apple ID

  • Go to the App Store.
  • Click on the profile icon.
  • Select “Send a gift card by e-mail”.
  • Enter the address of the recipient’s mail (or your), enter “from whom”, message (if desired) and at the bottom click on the desired face value. Enter your amount, it should be at least 100. Then select the date of sending if you need it.
  • Click “Next” and select the design of the certificate, then press again “Next”.
  • Check the order and click “Buy”.

Ready! Now you can give the App Store certificate or use it yourself, if it is necessary.

How to pay App Store without a card

If the payment on the card does not pass or it is not at hand, then you can always put the money on the App Store from the phone. To do it is very simple.

Payment from mobile is the most reliable way. Do not forget to replenish the balance in time

  • Go to the settings and click at the top on your profile.
  • Select “Payment and Delivery”.
  • Click “Add a payment method”.
  • Select “Mobile phone”.
  • After that, choose from which number to write off the funds: from the current or other.

Follow the instructions on the screen. Now you can pay for purchases on the App Store using your mobile phone balance.

How to add a new payment method for Apple ID

When creating an account, a person needs to add a new payment method for Apple id for himself. This procedure is standard, and it has to go through all new users. For those people who have iPhone, the easiest way will be binding the card. However, she must definitely support the Internet, so that she can be used.

  • First you need to make sure that there is an affordable payment method. As already mentioned, it is best to use a bank card, for this the best option.
  • A person will need to indicate the details of the plastic from which you want to pay when creating an account. In particular, the security code, as well as the date of the validity period. Naturally, the card number also needs to be entered.
  • It remains only to save changes, after which it will be possible to immediately make a purchase.

If you can’t add a new payment method on your own, then you should contact Support. They will tell you why it is not possible to tie a card, because, as always, there is a good reason. If possible, it will be possible to eliminate it so that you can buy applications and other products in the App Store.

How to configure the payment method in the App Store

Not in all cases, a person immediately indicates exactly the option of calculation that is best for him. Therefore, over time, it is required to configure information, and this is necessary regardless of the ISO version. In particular, such a need arises when a person has problems with the purchase of goods. In this case, it may be necessary to choose another payment method to correct the situation.

Data updating can be carried out from your electronic device, first indicating your identifier. In the case of the phone, you will need to go to Apple ID and make changes there already. You can both tie another card to the account, and completely remove the available option for the calculation. The second is required if a person does not want to make purchases.

For computers, you need to go to iTunes and already enter the profile there. You should choose “see my account”, and then “edit”. There will be a section “Payment”, where all available payments are given. Further, a person can decide for himself exactly what to do. As already mentioned, you can replace the card or completely abandon it. In the second case, you need to choose “no” from all ways.

Thus, a person will be able to configure payment as he needs. Naturally, if he prefers the option “no”, then he will not be able to make purchases. However, there will always be an opportunity to activate a new calculation method if there is a desire to purchase something.

How to update payment information on iPhone

How to update payment information on the iPhone and get rid of irrelevant information:

  • Enter the main menu and move to the subsection “Wallet and Apple Pay”.
  • Choose a label of the right carrier and elements that require update.
  • Confirm the request of the system to rewrite information.

note! To conduct the replacement in the email address, cell numbers and delivery addresses from the settings block go to the “Wallet and Apple Pay” subsection. It is looking for elements that need to be changed.

How to pay a phone instead of a card

For the normal operation of the service, the following conditions are required:

  • Payment of goods without direct contact is available for mobile devices in which the NFC microchip is originally built. All working versions were indicated in the table above;
  • The smartphone should have an original firmware and the latest version of the software. Before starting the binding procedure, you must update all the software;
  • a financial organization, which needs to be loaded with information about a credit card, should be included in the list of partnership companies of the manufacturer. Now in the list you can find almost all domestic banks. On the official page “Apple” you can find reliable information about compatibility.

Otherwise, the user will be refused if the plastic carrier does not meet the above requirements.

Payment for services and goods can be carried out in two main ways. Which of them is better, the user himself must choose:

  • through Face ID. To use the default credit card, click on the side key and authentication using the utility (the smartphone camera must fix the face). When calculating, the upper part of the gadget should be at a minimum distance (2-3 cm) from the terminal to the appearance of the inscription “Ready” on the screen;
  • through Touch ID. The user must attach a finger to the device sensor and bring the device to the terminal. After a few seconds, the phrase “Ready” will appear on the display, and a checkbox will burn near it.

Separate stores can request the introduction of a PIN code, sometimes this is necessary when conducting a large transaction. In addition to code, a signature on the check may be required (which remains with the cashier).

How to pay with a phone instead of a Sberbank card (iPhone)? The medium connection is required. It is conducted through Sberbank online (on the official page of the organization) or Vallet. In the first case, you need to download an additional utility (it is located on the bank’s resource). For the calculation for goods, you need:

Note! The Troika card on the iPhone phone allows you to pay for travel tickets in public transport, to the zoo, planetarium or skating rink. It can be used as a key in a parking lot or firms engaged in bicycle rental. A feature of this carrier is that through it it is possible to calculate for traveling at any station.

The advantages of using the gadget instead of a bank card include safety and convenience. Correct connection will relieve the need to carry a whole wallet filled with plastic carriers with you.

How to remove “update payment information” on iPhone and iPad

Categorical hello! A terrible situation happened to me today. on the map (which is tied to the Apple ID account), the money ended. precisely, they ended a few days ago (self.isolation, so that it!), but my iPhone reminded me of this only now. you, you see, needed to write off funds for another subscription!

And well, I would just remind and sent a letter to the mail.

No, he acted much tougher-in the iOS settings there was an annoying “red number of one” (I don’t know how you, but for some reason I really do not like this indication of notifications) and a little annoying inscription “Update payment information”.

After thinking that some data got lost, I climbed to update payment information. This can be done on:

  • Apple website.
  • iPhone or iPad (in Apple ID settings).
  • Computer in the iTunes program (you must log in under your account).

I remembered the balance, went to the ATM and threw a little money on the card. The subscription instantly paid. I relaxed.

In the iPhone settings, the uncomfortable inscription “Update payment information” was still hung and, apparently, she was not even going to disappear.

I, in surprise, decided to act decisively. IPhone reloaded rigidly.

And very in time I remembered one universal way that allows you to get rid of many failures and “glitches” with the Apple ID account.

Your Payment Method Was Declined Error In App Store IOS 15

We are talking about the famous method. “go and go out”.

Updated or very important. I was rightly corrected in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев (Ivan, thanks!) that with this method, all previously loaded music (Apple Music) is removed from the phone. The list of added songs will not suffer. Unfortunately, I missed this moment, since I never download music (I listen to Apple Music via the Internet). Therefore, if you have a lot of loaded music on your phone, get ready for the fact that you will have to download it again (not to add to the media. it will be there, namely, download it to the device).

So, in order to remove the inscription “Update payment information” on your iPhone or iPad, you must perform these actions:

One-two-three annoying notification finally disappeared-the iPhone settings again became “clean”.

Here is a story that tells us that iOS is not an ideal system. nothing “human” (malfunctions and “glitches”) is not alien to it. Fortunately, in most cases it is easy to get rid of them. And this is good!:)

P.S. Instructions “worked”? Write a couple of lines in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. the author will be pleasant. There were some questions? Destroy boldly! I will definitely try to help.

P.S.S. The keyboard has broken, fingers hurt and generally too lazy to write something? Then just put “likes” and press on the buttons of social networks! Because why not?

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How to untie the bank card in the App Store forever

In order to untie the bank card in the App Store forever, you must first untie it from Apple ID, since these two systems are in a continuous relationship. If the user wants to untie only one of the cards in one of the systems, then it simply will not work for him, because the App Store directly depends on Apple ID.

That is why it is impossible to unleash one of the systems. Removal in one with 100% probability will lead to elimination in another system. Thus, you need to conduct the following algorithm if the user wants to untie his bank card forever:

  • First you need to go to the settings, which are located on the main screen and resemble a gear on a gray background;
  • Going into them, we are looking for the section “Itunes Store and Apple Store”. We go to this section;
  • An indicator of the iz user will appear. Click on “View” and enter the password requested by the system;
  • Next, you need to select a section on payment information. Going into it, a person automatically falls into the settings of his own cards. In the list we select the item “No”.

In many versions of the iPhone, this section is designed in the English version. In it, this item looks like “none”.

After such manipulations, it will be impossible to make payments. If the user does not have such a negative button, then he has problems that we will talk about later.

How to delete data from the App Store

If the user in the algorithm has untied the card, then all the data on payments, about the user, about its manipulations with it are automatically deleted. This is done by the company for security purposes so that the attackers subsequently could not find out the data.

In fact, there will be nothing to find out. Since the card is deleted, all past actions and manipulations with it are removed.

The App Store is built on such an algorithm that when the user adds a card, the system stores all his data until he wants to delete it forever. Since removal occurs forever, it makes no sense to store unnecessary information to the user and the system.

How to replenish Apple ID via QIWI

First you need to replenish the Apple ID account through QIWI. This is the most universal way, because the App Store does not accept payment with the phone number of a single MVNO operator, and for example, I use only such.

Buy a gift code via QIWI and it will come to SMS

After a few seconds, SMS will receive an APPLE ID account for replenishment of your account. He is introduced here:

Insert the code from SMS to the input field

How to subscribe to icloud

Now your Apple ID account is replenished, and it is from it that payment will be debited for all your subscriptions and applications that you will buy in the App Store. But with iCloud everything is not so simple. After all, the standard method of designing subscription for the first time (and I actually draw it up from scratch, and not extend it, because I previously completely canceled) no longer works. At least I have. Here’s what I did:

At this stage, you still do not see a catch

But there is no corny button for subscription payment. And the repeated replenishment of the Apple ID account does not lead to anything

We have a cozy chat in telegram, where we answer readers’ questions

Surely someone will advise you to press the Apple ID icon with the amount lying on the balance sheet, but not only you guessed to do it. The fact is that this is a separate tab to replenish the account, which can either be replenished with either a card (not our case), or from the account of the phone number, or the entry of the code that we entered at the first stage.

Error solution “Payment confirmation” in the App Store is required

Gather everyone categorically! “Payment confirmation is required” is perhaps one of the most unpleasant mistakes that can be encountered when using the App Store. In fact, its appearance on the iPhone or iPad causes to block absolutely any actions with the application store. it comes to the fact that you can not download or update even free programs and games.

That, in my opinion, is not at all fair.

After all, if you do not have to pay for the application, then where does any information about payment? I want to download a free program. Guys from Apple, you’re like there, you haven’t shown anything? However, what to ask them. there will still be no answer. Therefore, let’s understand all this disgrace on your own. Let’s go!

Confirmation is required. To view payment information, click “Continue” and enter the system.

Based on this, only one conclusion can be drawn-they want us to confirm that method of payment (bank card, SIM card) for our Apple ID account, with which we will make purchases. Speaking briefly. they want money. But why is this required even when downloading free applications?

The thing is that if you are faced with an error “you need to confirm payment. To view the information “, then your account has a debt. It can be unpaid:

And thus, until the debt repayment, all operations with the App Store will not be available to your Apple ID. And now what to do with all this?

Firstly, to prevent further debiting of money, it is necessary:

By the way, here, in the information about the account, you should look into the section “Shopping History” and see if you have owed something (the line “Total for payment”)?

Everyone checked, canceled, owed nothing to anyone? You can begin to fully use the App Store! However, if there is still a debt and Apple continues to persistently demand the confirmation of the payment method, then we have two ways:

  • Replenish the balance of the payment fund and yet do what they ask us-pay.
  • Forget about Apple ID account and start a new. A card tied to an old account cannot be replenished. the money will be written off automatically.

If your choice is to pay, then subsequently the money can be returned (do not delay with the solution of this issue!).

True, for this you will have to contact the Apple technical support operator and talk a little with him. But, in my opinion, the saved Apple ID account and the absence of any debts on it is worth spending for some time on the proceedings.

P.S. Put a “like”, get 23% of luck during a conversation with Apple Operator! You think a joke? Nothing of the kind. it really works. Check!:)

P.S.S. And of course, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев of history, questions and results of the fight against the error “confirmation of payment of payment is required”. your experience can be useful to many people!

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Good time of the day, the trial period ended and asked for payment I canceled it, but still asked when updating the free applications, I paid now everything was renewed, but for some reason it hangs in subscriptions and writes that it expects payment I don’t know what to do over time and there will be no need to pay for Her in the future what to do ?

Good. If canceled, then after the paid period the subscription should be the gap. But just in case, I would spend 10 minutes of time and contacted the technical support of Apple. they will look at the story of your Apple ID purchases and report the most accurate information.

The same problem, paid twice, unsubscribed before payment and still hangs on what to do? How to call Support Apple?

Almost at the end of the article there is a link to all possible methods of communication with the technical support of Apple.

I don’t have such a section at all ^subscription ^.

This can be if the subscription was not designed through Apple, but directly through the application developer.

Hello, somehow 2 programs were in my subscriptions. 1 invalid, t.e trial period is probably over. the other is valid, since there is a month of free subscription. And they want money to snatch there and there for 400r. The history indicates “Subscription” totaling 800r, what the hell :(. Even if I have to pay, then why is 800 if one is no longer valid

Hello. Perhaps not only the trial period has ended, but also the first paid after the trial. That’s it and counted the debt.

How to Change Payment Method on App Store iPhone iPad 2022

Hello. I can’t download or update apps with App Store. When loading, they write “that there is a problem with paying for a previous purchase” all your options have tried. But they still write the same thing. Help solve this problem. So I can download and update the programs?

Hello. No unpaid subscriptions when viewing the Apple ID account is observed? SMS from the bank do not come? Then contact technical support. they will tell you with which application the problem arose.

Good afternoon, Mikhail) The situation is the same as many. Downloaded the application, deleted on the same day. But the free period passed and I am in debt) But the most interesting thing is that there is money on the card, but the bank itself does not agree with such types of operations. I contacted support, told everything, a certain Mark advised me to find a way to pay for the debt, I directly assured me that then the money would return.And so I want to clarify with you. Is it worth it to believe?Subscription costs 29 per week

Good time, Sergey) 1. “The bank does not agree with such types of operations”. apparently a ban on paying for purchases on the Internet has been established. 2. In my opinion, Mark cannot lie!:) but seriously, then they really do not make sense to deceive you. if such things happened, then the whole Internet would have already “tributarized” them. P.S. Just in case, save the appeal number (as far as I remember, he should come to e.mail). And if, with a subsequent conversation about the return of the money, “something goes wrong,” you can always safely say: “I called then, such and such an appeal, the operator asked to pay and said the money will be returned 100%”.

I also can’t update such a situation not to download it, I downloaded some kind of program, it turns out a paid one owes 100 I don’t know how to open a new account now help me please

Options two: 1. Contact Apple’s technical support (most likely you will be offered to pay off the debt first, and then they will make a return). 2. Forget about Apple ID and card (since if you replenish it, the debt will be written off automatically) tied to the account.