General scheme

To download new firmware and browser updates to your TV, find the Support section in the menu. Here you need to go this way: “Software update” → “Update now” (or “Over the network”). The technician will search for new software and, if found, will offer to install it. After the user confirms the execution of this procedure, the installation will begin, at the end of which the TV panel will reboot.

Update via flash drive

To install new software via USB, you need to open the manufacturer’s website on your computer and download the firmware version for your TV receiver model from there. Next, you need to copy it to a USB drive and extract it from the archive. Then the flash drive must be inserted into a free slot on the TV panel. Then you should start the technique, find it in the “Support” menu, then. “Software update”, and then. “Update now”. The service will start looking for new software versions on the connected drive and, if found, will offer to install them. Upon completion of the operation, the device will be rebooted.

During the update, do not turn off the TV or remove the flash drive. This threatens with incorrect installation of software and subsequent breakdown of equipment.

What the browser gives

Today, almost every user of a computer or mobile device with access to the Web knows what a browser is. It is an Internet access program for browsing the content of web pages, downloading files, viewing or listening to multimedia content, etc. The web browser built into the TV has the same functionality, but slightly less capabilities.

Installing and configuring a third-party browser

  • find Yandex through the search bar in the Samsung Apps content showcase;
  • click on the application icon;
  • open the page and click “Download” or “Download”;
  • wait for the installation to complete, after which the program shortcut will appear in Smart Hub.

App TV. features and capabilities

On Samsung TVs, the browser is not installed by default on all models. He appeared on vehicles 5, 6 series (for example, UE40 ES6307U, UE40H6400AK, UE32D6100SW), as well as 7,8 and 9.

App TV is a built-in browser built specifically for the Tizen TV platform of Samsung TVs. It has many advantages over other web browsers because:

  • supports HTML5 protocol;
  • allows you to interact with the WebKit engine;
  • has step-by-page switching.

The first two points provide high browser performance, stable work with many tabs, multitasking and online video playback. And thanks to the last point, navigating through the pages will be convenient even when using the buttons of a conventional remote control.

How to update the browser on a Samsung TV

As with any Smart device, one of the most important components of Samsung Smart TV receivers is the built-in web browser. It allows you to surf the Internet, download websites, check the news, watch the weather, chat on social networks, and so on. For the program to work stably and without crashes, you need to know how to update the browser on your Samsung Smart TV. This procedure should be carried out regularly, as new software versions appear on the developer’s website. How to do it. in the material below.

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Browser Refresh

As mentioned above, the stock Samsung SmartTV web browser is part of the system and is updated along with the firmware. You can download and install the new version of the software using a USB stick or the built-in capabilities of the device. If you do not follow this procedure in time, the browser will behave incorrectly. Problems include symptoms such as unexpected termination of web browsing without saving the last session, slow operation, freezes, and other crashes.

Updating via the web

Before updating via the Internet, advanced users recommend connecting the equipment to the Network via a cable, and not WI-FI. The first method is more stable and also allows you to transfer data at a higher speed. Whereas with a wireless connection, the risk of a disconnection with a subsequent failure to download and install software is much higher.

Update via USB stick

Sometimes it is more convenient to install the update using a USB flash drive. This method is suitable if there is no network connection or its instability.

  • open the website of the TV manufacturer on the computer;
  • find the required firmware and download to disk;
  • copy to media and unzip;
  • remove the USB flash drive from the computer and insert it into a free port on the TV;
  • from the TV go to the “Software update” section in the “Support” tab;
  • click the “Update now” button.

The TV will find the update on the removable media and prompt you to install it. During installation, the device will be rebooted.

The firmware is best downloaded from the official website of the TV manufacturer.

During the update, the TV should not turn off, and the flash drive should be pulled out. This will make it easy to install the patch on the system and the web browser in particular.

How to get the most out of your TV Web Browser

Google chrome

Google Chrome is a very user-friendly browser that features an advanced synchronization system between devices. When using this browser, all bookmarks and browsing history will be available on any device with a linked Google account. It also syncs mail, cloud storage and much more.

The functionality of this browser is constantly being updated, but already now we can say that the program surpasses most of its competitors in its capabilities. In Smart Hub, the browser can usually be found quite simply directly from the list or using the search bar. The program takes up a lot of disk space, so you need to foresee this in advance.

How to download and install a third-party browser on a Samsung Smart TV

The ability to change the standard browser on the TV should be provided by the developers. However, this is not available on all Smart TVs. To be sure of the reality of your plans, you need to carefully study the instructions for the device. It is there that the possibility of installing a third-party browser should be indicated, as well as instructions on how to carry out this operation are provided.

If possible, do the following:

  • press the bright hexagonal button on the TV remote control, which will open the special “Smart Hub” application;
  • in the window that opens, you can see the entire list of programs available for installation;
  • you can find the browser you need in the list through the search bar;
  • open the found application, and then click the “Install” button.
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The download and installation usually takes a matter of seconds. Immediately after completing the operation, the application icon will appear in the menu. Clicking on this icon will open a new browser and allow you to fully enjoy it.

Updating via the web

To update the firmware, you need to do the following:

  • go to the main menu of the TV;
  • select the “Support” section;
  • go to the “Software update” tab;

Smart Hub. How-To-Video. Web Browser

  • if there are available system updates, then you can click on the “Ok” button.

All innovations and fixes will be downloaded and installed on the TV. This will update the browser for Samsung Smart TV.

How to Update Software on Samsung Smart TV (Also How to Fix if Update is Greyed Out)

Such a connection is more stable than a connection using wireless interfaces. Significantly reduce the risk of network interruption and system update failure.


You can also find Yandex browser in Smart Hub. This program uses the platform from Google Chrome as a basis.

Therefore, the functionality and general management principles of these programs are very similar to each other. The difference lies in the mail system used and the basic search. Yandex also offers excellent sync, cloud storage, a built-in player and a powerful web tool for browsing sites.

How to update browser on Samsung Smart TV?

Modern TVs are no longer limited to a simple display of channels. Now these devices can be used to watch movies online, play games, or even search the Internet. To search in devices, special programs are provided. browsers. Browsers help you easily find the information you need on the Internet, use social networks or sites. However, like any software, browsers need to be updated periodically. This article will guide you to properly update your browser on your Samsung Smart TV.

What does it give, what is the difference from the built-in App TV

The browser on the TV always performs the same functions as similar programs on a computer or smartphone. First of all, it is searching on the Internet, communicating on social networks, watching movies, downloading files. Stable operation of the program is impossible without periodic updates or fixes.

The App TV browser, which is built by default, is in some cases trying to replace it with more familiar interfaces. The most common are Opera, Yandex browser and Google Chrome.

They have the same design on all devices, which allows users not to rebuild every time they use one or another device. If a person uses one of these browsers on a computer, it is more logical to install it on other devices as well.

This will prove to be very useful for keeping general history and bookmarks. At the same time, updating third-party browsers is much easier, and patches for them are released more regularly.

How to update browser on Samsung

The vast majority of Samsung smart TVs have a browser built into the firmware by default. And manufacturers do not provide a separate browser update, offering only periodic updates to all software. But often they simply forget about the need to update the browser too. This can create a number of annoying browser freezes or even the inability to support modern sites.

But for some models, firmware update is the only way to update browser on Samsung Smart TV.

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Smart TV

When the device is manufactured at the factory, a control program-electronic unit is installed in it for the functioning of internal elements and communication with the outside world. However, modern technologies are developing very quickly and may someday surpass the capabilities of the factory control program, as a result of which it will not be able to correctly display information from the Internet. The YouTube portal, for example, will start to twitch or stop opening altogether. This means that you need to update your browser (wired control program).

In case of such problems, you should first try to run the “update” procedure, which can even install a program from another manufacturer, if it is compatible with this model of a television device.

Browser upgrade on Sumsung TV

In the main menu of the device, select the items “Support. Software update“. It is recommended to update the entire firmware using the media. Only the browser can be updated over the Internet. When working with a flash drive, select “Update now”, otherwise click “Over the network”. In both cases, the television device will report the version number of the current software and the availability of new software. As a result of confirmation on the “Yes” button, the new distribution will be downloaded and installed.

How to update the browser on your TV

Gone are the days when television receivers could only be used to show TV programs. Modern TV more and more resembles a computer connected to the worldwide network. At the same time, the screen of considerable size allows detailed viewing of video and graphic images. A television set that has access to the global network is called Smart TV (“smart” TV). This article discusses the questions of how you can independently update the browser on a “smart” TV.

LG update via USB stick

First of all, we find it on the Internet and download the installation files. In the menu “Setting. Support. Product Information” we define the current version of the browser. After that, we download the update from the manufacturer’s portal, remember it on a USB flash drive and insert it into the TV. Adequate messages about further action will be printed on the display.

How to update your browser

  • read the instructions that came with the TV, or find it on the Internet (usually on the manufacturer’s portal there is a search system for the device model);
  • update a separate element (control program, codecs), or carry out a full firmware of the device with the installation of many technical characteristics of the device to the required values;
  • the source of updates can be a publicly available company resource or a pre-recorded flash drive;
  • connection to the source can be both wired (LAN, cable) and wireless (Wi-Fi);

The procedure requires uninterrupted access to power supply and reliable access to the network. An emergency termination of the process threatens to cause serious damage to the device, for repair of which you will need to contact a service center.

LG update via internet

Everything is simple here. Even a computer with a USB flash drive is not required. We go to the menu of the manufacturer’s website “Setting. Support. Update”. If a new version is available, a message will appear indicating its number. The opposite option will post a notice that there is no need for an update. After the download and subsequent installation of the software is complete, the TV will restart.