How to update Smart TV LG via the Internet

Modern TVs are not just translators of analog and digital television, these are low.power computers that you can install applications, go on the Internet, play multimedia with USB media, etc.D. As well as on computers, the operating system (OS) is used on TVs, under this OS programmers write applications that can further be installed on the TV. We are used to what computers with Wiindows, Mac OS, updates one or several times a month and the computer asks to install them. The situation with modern televisions is absolutely similar, they, as well as computers, use their own operating system, which in turn is improved and requires updating. This is what will be discussed in this article. Why and how to update the firmware on the TVs Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony, etc.

There are several reasons for updating the TV firmware:

1 Improving the stability of the television. Some TVs come out with “raw” firmware, especially if they are new, as it was with LG TVs and with their new webos (old Netcast firmware). In the future, these errors and bugs are eliminated and an updated version of the software is released, having installed which you will get rid of all or part of the problems with the TV.

2 can speed up the reaction and speed of the TV. Some updates are used in order to ensure a higher “responsiveness” of the TV and increase the speed of its operation (turning on, turning off, switching channels, Smart TV, etc.D.).

3 Add new functionality. Part of the updates concerns the addition of new TV capabilities.

4 Solution of problems associated with Smart TV. If you cannot find the reason for the problems associated with Smart TV, one of the possible solutions can be- updating the firmware. I can give a personal example how the firmware updating helped to solve the problem with the launch of applications on the TV. A friend of me addressed me to help connect the Sony TV to the Internet and show how to launch and use Smart TV. I agreed to help, the connection of TV to the global web took about 5 minutes, but with the launch of Smart TV there were problems- they did not start, when starting the application, a black screen appeared and everything. Only after installing the latest version of the TV firmware, the applications began to start and moreover, they became noticeably larger. From this I concluded. If you do not want to have problems with the launch of SMART TV applications, update TV firmware.

In order to understand why this or that update is intended, you can go to the site of the manufacturer of your TV, find the installed version of the update there and read what it gives and what problems solves.


  • Make sure you have registered and completed the entrance to the LG account.
  • On the control panel, press the “Input” or “Settings” button (gear icon, if you have a remote magic remote control). As a result, the main menu with settings will appear on the TV screen.
  • Go to the root category of “General” and click on “Information about the TV” or “Po.update” (depending on the model, this item may have different names).
  • You will open an information block with the current version of the firmware. Click “Check updates”.
  • If the new one is available online, the “update” button will appear. Click on it.
  • Expect the end of the automatic update of software and do not turn off the TV.
  • Congratulations, browser updated!

Sometimes updates do not immediately fly to the TV, although on the official website they already have. In this case, we act manually. The method is especially relevant if the TV does not have access to the Internet.

  • Turn on the TV and switch to the main settings screen using the “Input” or “Settings” button on the remote control (gear icon, if you have Remote Magic).
  • Go to the “Information about product/service” tab and rewrite the name of the TV model and the current version of.
  • Go from a phone or PC to the official website of LG and go to section C software and drivers (LG.COM/RU/Support/Software-Firmware). In the field “Enter the model number”, indicate the cipher recorded in the last step.
  • Check the search results. Find your TV in the list and click on it.
  • Move to the “Update Po” tab. Find the SW File line, compare the firmware numbers and make sure that the site is more fresh. If so, click on the download icon.
  • Format your USB drive in the Fat32 file system. Create a folder in it with the name “lg_dtv”.
  • Unpack the downloaded archive with firmware and copy its contents into this folder.
  • Insert the USB flash drive into the LG TV USB. The connection is recognized automatically and informs about the possibility of updating to a new firmware version, and then start the process.
  • Wait for the end and do not turn off the TV.
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LG Smart TV: How to Update Apps to Latest Software Verison

To minimize the likelihood of memory overflow, I recommend that you start cleaning the cache before each planned update of your system. Regardless of whether it is carried out automatic or manually.

Installation of an official update

Now we will start considering the official update to the LG TV. In this case, we are talking about downloading from the official site. After all, you can find the necessary files from other services, but here it is important to understand that there is a chance to stumble upon malicious programs. Accordingly, it is best to use the official site so that your firmware is updated.

  • Go to the site
  • Find the window for searching in the upper part, then enter the name of your TV model and click on “Search”.
  • Having familiarized yourself with the results, we go to the “Support”. “Program” section.
  • Choosing an accessible update for downloading.
  • By clicking on the file, download it.

The process is simple, but there are several ways to perform it. Next, we will consider each option. This will allow each owner to choose the most suitable method for himself.

Via wired Internet

To update the firmware, experts advise using the connection through the router, since the TV and the provider are connected to one router. A direct connection is not considered an effective way, since it will be necessary to constantly indicate the password with the login. In order to connect TV through a router to update software, you need:

  • Insert the Wan cable into the router, and connect the TV together with the router with the LAN cable. At this stage, you need to carefully monitor the icons on the ports to avoid error.
  • On TV we go to the “menu”. “settings” section.
  • We go to the “Network”. “Network”.
  • Here you already need to choose the type of connection. “cable”.
  • We are waiting for the complete completion of the connection. On the screen should jump out the inscription “Communication is successfully established”.

Now regarding downloading the update to the LG TV:

  • On TV, select the “menu”, then “support”.
  • Click on “Update“. Then the device begins to look for if there is a new version.
  • When the new version is found, then the user must click on “yes” after the proposal has jumped out “updating now?””.
  • After that, you will need to wait until the firmware is installed.
  • The device will reboot and turn on again.

Via Wi-Fi wireless network

How to update the software in LG TV through a wireless connection? Everything is quite simple here. But it is important that there is an excellent connection and speed, otherwise the process may drag on.

So, even at the very first inclusion of TV, he offers to connect to the network through the cable or Wi-Fi. If you missed this point, then you need to:

  • Turn on TV.
  • Select “Settings” on the remote control.
  • Go to the “Network”. “network connection”.
  • Then a small instruction opens, then click on “Configure the connection”.
  • In the open list you need to select a wireless network. Keep in mind if you need to enter the parameters yourself for connecting, then click on “manual configuration”.
  • Then enter the password for connecting. And confirm the process by pressing the “ok”.
update, smart, internet

If everything is done correctly, then the message should come up on the screen that “TV is connected to Wi-Fi”. If there is a request for the introduction of IP and DNS, you need to leave everything on “automatically”. After such simple actions, you can proceed to update.

How to update Smart TV LG via the Internet

Almost all modern TVs are equipped with a Smart TV function. Using this function, you can view videos, websites directly from the TV. T.e. The TV has become a kind of computer on which you can install applications, go to sites using a browser, etc.D. In this article, I will talk in detail about the Smart TV setting on LG TVs with the new Webos operating system.

Before using Smart TV, the TV must be connected to the Internet. This can be done in two ways. Using a network cable or wireless Wi-Fi (it is necessary that your TV supports the connection to the Wi-Fi network). Here is an article describing the methods of connecting a TV to the Internet. How to connect a TV to the Internet.

Since when connecting a TV via a network cable coming from a router, it does not require special settings, I will dwell in more detail on connecting the LG TV to the Wi-Fi network.

Click on the control panel “Settings” button.

On TV, select “Network”. “Connection to the Wi-Fi network”

Next, select your wireless network and press the OK button on the control panel.

After that, it will be necessary to enter a password from the Wi-Fi network.

If you forgot the password from your Wi-Fi network, you can use WPS technology, for this, the menu where all wireless networks are shown, select. “Connection using WPS-RVS”.

update, smart, internet

After that, within a minute you need to press the WPS button on a Wi-Fi router.

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It doesn’t matter which of the ways you used. Password or WPS, as a result, you will connect to a wireless network, this can be understood from a checkmark opposite the name Wi-Fi network.

After that, you can start using the SMART TV function, for this, click the “Smart” button on the control panel.

At the bottom of the TV you will see a list of default applications. You can choose any and run it using the OK button on the control panel.

If you can add few installed applications, for this, click the “My Apps” button on the control panel.

On the TV screen, select the LG Store application.

After that, you will open all the applications that are available for your TV, select anyone and install it. Now the installed application will appear in the list of installed applications.

How to upgrade LG TV software via Internet

If for some reason you could not configure Smart TV on LG TV, I recommend reading the article. Solving the most popular problems associated with Smart TV settings.

Update on TV LG from the Internet.

This method, in my opinion, is the simplest and most convenient. It will take only LG TV with access to the Internet, while it does not matter how the Internet is connected using the LAN or Wi-Fi network cable. Next, you need to go to the TV settings, for this, click the “settings” button if you have a regular control panel.

And select the gear icon if you have a remote magic remote control.

Next in the TV menu, select “General”. “Information about the TV”.

Click on the “Check updates” button.

If updates are available, the TV will offer to download and install them. If you want to automate the process of updating the TV, you can put a box “Allow automatic updates”.

If the latest version of the software is installed on the TV, you will see the message “Updates are not found”.

Thus, by pressing several times on the control panel, you can easily update LG firmware.

How to update Smart TV LG

If you did everything correctly, the TV software does not fly off.

LG TV update directly via the Internet

Updating LG Smart TV in this method is devoid of any difficulties, since only the Internet and TV are needed to use it. It should be borne in mind that the new version of the update will occupy up to 500 mgb.

  • by Wi-Fi, as this wireless connection has high speed and provides the ability to download update on TV from a laptop or computer;
  • 4G modem-is not so practical, however, it provides a connection;
  • Also, to install the firmware, you can use the network wire to transmit the Internet.

It is important that the Internet connection is not interrupted, since in this case the firmware process is violated.

Now you can proceed to the main process:

  • At the beginning of the installation, you need to find the main menu and press the Settings button, through the control panel;
  • In the absence of this button, it is available to use the “Input” key that provides access to update 3231lta2 without extraneous tools;
  • If there is a “Remote Magic” remote control, it is available to use a hexagonal icon;
  • After choosing the option of starting work with the program, you must go to the “General” item and follow the link “General information about TV”;
  • Next, select the line “Check the update” from the list and press it;
  • if the existing software is outdated.

If you have a program available to the installation, everything you need is to click on OK. In order for applications to be updated to LG in the future, it is necessary to configure them through the point “allow automatic update”.

In the same way, you can perform firmware on smart Philips. just open the Smart TV menu and click on “install”.

USB flash drive update

This option is suitable if there is no constant connection with the Internet, in this case there is a lack of fear that the connection at the wrong time will disappear.

Before using the flash drive, you need to go to the official website of the company LG and download the corresponding version.

Important: such an update SMART TV will provide excellent operation of the TV, which previously malfunction, may even improve the Internet if there were problems.

update, smart, internet

After checking the compliance of software using the Settings settings button, you need to connect the flash drive to the TV:

  • format it on the device, it will not be found in another way;
  • Create a LG_DTV folder (only under the name);
  • Next, open the file with firmware and copy the contents to the flash drive;
  • Run the process of updating from the flash drive through the “update” button.

In order for the browser on the LG TV to work without failures, it is necessary to initialize the application in the “Initialization of the Appendix” folder in the “Support” tab.

Wait a few minutes while the TV will be updated independently.

To make sure of the quality of Smart TV, you can go to IPTV digital TV or check how headphones work.

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Where to get the necessary files

Firmware file can be downloaded on the official website of LG. This is done as follows:

  • To open the page of choosing the region in which the TV was bought.
  • Select the right country in Europe or CIS blocks. This is necessary due to the fact that firmware for devices from different regions differs.
  • Click on the new page “Support” and select in the “Drivers, Firmware and PO” menu opened menu.
  • Enter in the field “Enter the model number” TV model number.
  • Download a file whose name begins with the words of Software File and ends on.Zip. Its size is 300-500 MB.

How to flash LG

Before starting the update process, it is important to understand that this operation requires an accurate order of action. Non-compliance with some of the stages can lead to the fact that the technique will fail.

Here is a list of basic requirements for the firmware:

  • Do not turn off the device at the time of installation of the update;
  • When installing from the flash drive, do not turn it off until the end of the process;
  • use software for a specific model;
  • Do not press the buttons on the remote control.

LG TV update directly via the Internet

The easiest and most convenient way to flash the LG TV is through the Internet. Therefore, if the device is connected to a high-speed Internet via Wi-Fi or cable, it is recommended to use this method of updating software.

When downloading, it is important to comply with two conditions: a stable data transfer and high speed, since some software for electronics from LG weigh 0.5-1 GB.

The process of updating the Internet is simple, necessary:

  • Click on the remote control button “Settings”.
  • Select “Support” item.
  • Go to the “Update Software” tab.
  • Press the “Check the presence of update” button.
  • In the window opened, select a new version and click “update”.

The process of downloading a new version will begin, which can be hidden from the screen and continue watching TV channels or films. After the load is completed, it is recommended to stop any actions, as the update process will begin, which will be informed on the screen.

At the end, the LG TV will restart on its own and will have a new version of. You can check this in the settings, the tab “Information about the product or service”. The only difficulty in installing in this way can occur due to connection to the Internet. If it does not turn on, it is necessary to check the connection settings or account status.

Firmware update on LG Smart TV with USB flash drives

In the event that it is not possible to update the version via the Internet, you can use the installation from the flash drive. To do this, we need the number of the device model that we recorded earlier.

The next step is to download the firmware from the site www.LG.COM/RU/Support/Software-Firmware. On the page opened, you need to enter the model and press the search button.

The service will offer all the versions for the EPK format device. The top of them is usually the last version. It remains only to download it to the computer and start the installation process.

  • Create a LG_DTV folder on a flash drive.
  • Copy data from the archive that was downloaded from the site.
  • Connect a flash drive to the TV.
  • A window with information will appear, about a new software for a device on a USB carrier.
  • Press the “Perform” button.
  • Wait for the end of the installation.

After the update, the device will have a new version of the software and the user will be available new TV features

In the event that after installing a new one according to the device begins to freeze, it is necessary to initialize.

After that, the performance of the device will be restored and it will be possible to enjoy all the capabilities of Smart and IPTV on the LG TV.

Firmware rollback

Rollback is a return to the older version of. The previous firmware should be restored if, after the update in the work of TV, errors arise or you are generally not satisfied with the work with the new version.

Officially, the developer allows the installation of only new software: “Dawngraid” (lowering the firmware version) does not work everywhere.

  • On the models of 2014. 2016 with the latest updates of 2018, the rollback function to previous versions was blocked.
  • On models of 2017. 2020, the possibility of rollback to previous versions is blocked in factory settings.
  • Some models of 2019-2020 also cannot yet be updated through the rollback.

As for the main part of the 2012. 2021 model range, here for the rollback, just download the LGDTVUPDATER archive enough. unpack it and follow the instructions.