Updating Huawei phones

If your phone Huawei has ceased to be updated, with a high probability it means that the manufacturer has ceased to support its automatic update. But, usually, after that, craftsmen from different countries create alternative firmware, allowing to update the version of android to a newer or more stable, or add some functions.

To find the instructions for updating Huawei, use the search form below:

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Hello, you need firmware with Android 8, for Phone Huawei Nova 2 (Ros Test) for the Russian Market

Need the firmware Android 8 for Huawei Nova 2 L29

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The update is not downloaded

Cash problem

This is one of the most common reasons, since the update installer may also be damaged due to the accumulation of temporary files. In this case, if we cannot download the update package or load does not exceed 0%, we will need to go to “Settings / applications” and select “Software Update” once inside, click on cleaning data and clean the cache. When we finished, we must refresh the device again from the setup, system and software update.

Check the battery

This is one of the things that Huawei clarifies and which can cause this problem. We always have to make sure that the phone is fairly charged. The system prevents and blocks updates if the battery charge level is below 20%. It is also recommended to fully charge the phone before continuing the update.

Problem with memory card

If we recently inserted a memory card into our mobile phone, it may be the cause of the problem. We must try to extract the memory card and try again. It is likely how the update may not work if the phone and memory card are incompatible. The brands of supported memory cards may vary depending on the device.

Enough storage space?

Storage space should be enough to download the update. In many cases, we live at the memory limit without taking into account that some updates require enough free space to be loaded and installed. Before upgrading, it is important to delete data on the phone or on the memory card. To do this, we can use Phone Manager, which has a cleaner of unnecessary files, which will undoubtedly give us an additional space required to update.

update, android, phone, huawei

Doubts when downloading Huawei phones

Update Emui later

Although we make this download process EMUI version in Huawei We will not have problems later to update it, you may need a few hours to skip OTA, but for this we recommend that you insert your SIM card, and you will see how it is almost instant comes to us. If we want to install Google services, it is important not to do this until they are received, otherwise we will again have the same problem.

Android 10 problems on Huawei and Honor smartphones

Huawei directly says that after installing Android 10, the definition of bank applications or messengers will function incorrectly, or not at all. And all this due to the fact that it did not work out to deal with optimization. Developers for the consequences of responsibility updates do not bear. And offer users to independently be responsible for test results.

Updated Android is not so much improved gadget, how much experiment. It will help to evaluate the results of technological development, but does not make discoveries for the user with ordinary needs.

update, android, phone, huawei

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Android OS update using recovery mode

If standard methods do not bring the result or you use a pretty old device model, you can resort to the use of the recovery mode.

  • Download the zip archive with the desired firmware from the manufacturer’s official web resource and transfer it to the Android-smartphone memory;
  • Turn off the gadget;
  • After complete shutdown, turn on the machine again and simultaneously clamp a certain combination of buttons;

The key combination may differ depending on the model and manufacturer. Below are the most common options:

Volume up the power button; Volume down key switch; Volume up / down “Home” Enable button; Volume Up Volume Down Activation Key.

Moving on the recovery panel is carried out by pressing the volume buttons. To select a specific option, click the on or unlock key.

  • Next you need to select Apply Update;
  • Click Choose from Internal Storage (if the zip archive is loaded into the built-in memory) or the choose from sdcard (object is on the SD card);
  • In the opened conductor, go to the folder where the installation package with the system is stored and choose it;
  • The process of flashing starts, it is necessary to wait for its ending;
  • Return to the main menu and click Reboot System Now;
  • The device will restart and start with the updated firmware.

If there is no official update for your smartphone, but you found a custom firmware with a fresh version of the profile forum, transfer it to a memory card and follow the instructions above, without forgetting to pre-establish custom recovery.

Android-devices owners with root can use the ROM Manager program.

The utility is designed to quickly access the functions of the recovery. Allows you to reflash or update Android OS, unzip the ROM files, create a backup of the data, roll back to the previous version, make a reset to factory settings and much more. By the way, the application is on Google Play. In addition to the Market, Rom Manager is posted on our website.

How to find out the current version of the EMUI firmware

Find out the current version of the firmware on Honor and Huawei through the settings. Screenshots are made on the Huawei P20 Pro, in other models, the position of the menu items may differ slightly.

In order to find out what version of Emotion UI and Android stands on the device, you will need:

  • Run Settings.
  • Scroll through the menu at the bottom.
  • Click on the “System”.
  • Choose “About Phone”.
  • In the strings “EMUI” and “Android version” will be the necessary information.

On the same page of the settings, you can find out the view of the shell installed on the smartphone. In almost all smartphones from the most budget to premium standings, Emotion UI, however, on the new Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro there is a Magic UI shell.

Update Honor and Huawei to EMUI 10

Let’s talk a little about the system that allows you to install a new version of the firmware on the gadget. As of 2022, EMUI 10.0 For Huawei and Honor. this is the last update. Most supportive gadgets have already received a version through OTA. Often such updates are put on their own. The user only have to connect to Wi Fay and click “Yes,” when you are offered to download a new shell. If the automatic proposal was not received, you will have to download manually.

Update by air

Update “By air”. this is setting a new version with FOTA. This is done according to this algorithm:

Next, everything will be automatically executed. Do not turn off the device until the reset process is completed. It is recommended to use Wi-Fi access point, as it takes a lot of traffic. If during reinstallation of the mobile Internet will end, the device will hang. In addition, mobile modules at the time of reboot are disconnected and re-included.

Manual update (download file with firmware)

Manual option. longer and complicated. Do not be afraid if you have not come across such with that, because compliance with the instructions will help do everything effectively and correctly. To do this, use the manual that we are specifically for you.

  • The first stage is the preliminary preparation of the device. To do this, you need a microSD format flash drive from 8 gigabytes and above. We will install the stock ROM.
  • Preload the device. Make sure that it is not less than 90%, because only this indicator is suitable for starting the update process. If you have problems with the battery, and the phone does not turn off the phone without your intervention, you should eliminate this problem before rebooting. If you do not do this, the overall emergency will be interrupted, and for the “renovation” of the device will have to refer to the specialists.
  • Archive or synchronize content from internal and external storage. Such operations often erase all custom content, so you pre-copy everything on third-party external carrier or cloud.
  • Unzip the SD Update_Package file.Tar.GZ File.
  • Upload update.App.
  • Make sure the latest drivers are installed.
  • Make backup phone.

Next, we will consider two options for passing. through a special Hisuite proprietary application or opening the installation file from a flash drive.

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Using Hisuite

Install the Hisuite branded utility on the PC and the phone. It is necessary in order to establish between the device contact. Next, log in, confirm the pairing and select the version for your model. Wait for the procedure to complete and restart the gadget.

Local update

For this option, you will need a flash drive and the file that we spoke earlier. The process of the local installation also does not take much time, and almost always turns out to be successful if you carefully follow this manual:

  • Find the manufacturer on the official website of the manufacturer;
  • Download the one that matches your model;
  • Create a folder dload on the flash drive;
  • Downloaded by distributive Move to this folder;
  • Go to the settings;
  • Select the system update– Local;
  • Confirm;
  • Wait for the complete completion of the process.

Forced update

If you have broken a phone (in the system plan), you will need to perform an emergency update. This is done in difficult conditions. you do not have the opportunity to use all management tools.

  • Download the installation component.
  • Format a memory card.
  • Unpack Update.zip.
  • Place the DLOAD folder with Update.App in the root Card Catalog.
  • Take the Mobile Device, open the dialing field, and enter the combination # # #
  • Open ProjectMenu.
  • Select the Software Update section.
  • Click on the SDCard update.
  • Confirm the action.
  • You choose Update as source.app from root catalog.

Firmware update

Installing new versions of the shells on Honor occurs automatically when the device is on the network, and the user has not turned off this feature. If the next firmware has already been released, and the update notification has not appeared, EMUI can be updated independently.

How to update honor manually

Manual update. the process is risky, and in case of failure, it may be necessary to reset the system to factory settings. After that, you will have to re-enter your Google or Huawei account and configure everything “from scratch”. To not lose personal information before upgrading Honor 8 (and any other model), it is recommended to create a backup date in the cloud or on a flash drive.

How to update Honor to Android 10 forcibly:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Open section “System”.
  • Select “Update software”. the program will check the relevance of the current version.
  • If a message appeared on the screen about the presence of a new firmware, install it by clicking on the appropriate line.
  • After the end of the Honor 9A process will reboot and will be ready for further use.

So that the installation has passed without failures, it is necessary:

  • Have enough space in the device’s memory.
  • Make sure the wireless connection stability. It is better to use Wi-Fi. the data will be transmitted faster than through the mobile Internet, and the likelihood of communication breakage in this case is minimal. In addition, updates spend a lot of traffic.
  • Charge the phone at least up to 60%. turning off the device during installation can cause a failure.

Important! You can not press the smartphone buttons or perform other operations until the process is completed.

And if it is not available?

At the moment we can only make two things. First. Wait until the brand will release the final version of the software for our mobile phones. Second. Install the beta version of EMUI 10 when our mobile phone is part of the program.

Beta program

To install the beta version of EMUI 10 to your mobile phone while it is available, you need to install an application that gives access to the Beta versions of the Huawei operating system. You can download it from this link immediately access your Huawei ID (if you do not have it, you can create it).

To find all EMUI 10 beta available in this application, you must log in and access the “Personal” menu “Join the project” “Project Available”. Here you will find mobile phones of this brand, which you can already establish this precious version of the software.