How to download and install the EMUI 10 update on any Huawei and Honor phone

Based on Android 10 EMUI 10 finally, officially at the Huawei 2019 developer conference in China last month. As a major EMUI update, it includes several user interface changes, new features, security improvements, and performance enhancements. Huawei also announced that users will soon be able to experience the EMUI 10 update via a beta ROM. According to a promise, the company has already started recruiting EMUI 10 beta testers for its first batch of devices. Here we lead you to download and install the EMUI 10 (beta) update on any Huawei and Honor smartphone,

Currently, the Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro are the only devices eligible for the EMUI 10 Beta program. The Huawei Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20 X and Mate 20 RS Porsche Design are expected to join the party later this month. Honor 20, Honor 20 Pro and Honor View 20 have also confirmed to receive EMUI 10 Beta in the fourth quarter of 2019. Once the company completes the beta testing phase, a stable rollout will happen soon.

Get Official Software Update on any Huawei Phones

If you have a suitable EMUI 10 device and don’t know how to register for the beta program? Then no need to worry. Here are the detailed instructions.

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HiSuite on PC

HiSuite is a computer program (Windows or Mac) that allows you to manage contacts, messages, videos and images on your Huawei or Honor device using EMUI.

A bit like iTunes, allows us to make backups, restore the system and, importantly, in this case, force an update of Android. You can download the HiSuite installer from the official site:

  • The first we install HiSuite as a normal program, in Windows is basically to go to the “Next” button, while in Mac we put the file in the programs folder:
  • Now we have access to the HiSuite home screen, we should click on “System update” to check if the new Honor or Huawei software is available, and force the update:

It is the most basic system that makes us release new versions of EMUI and Android, because we use the official program from the manufacturer.

In case we do not get the expected result, we know two more advanced alternatives.

Which Honor and Huawei models will update to Android 10?

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Despite the difficulties in cooperation with Google Corporation, one of the major mobile gadget companies continues to produce Google-enabled shells. Some features of the interface:

  • a new magazine style layout;
  • Structured blocks in settings;
  • larger headers;
  • new notification bar;
  • a more modern curtain. semi-transparent with round icons;
  • updated camera design. flat elements, larger shutter button, larger font (functionality has not changed);
  • Morandi color palette. minimalistic colors, varied gamut;
  • dark mode;
  • new interface themes;
  • Stylish visual animations when working with desktop items;
  • the number of animation frames has been increased, so scrolling looks smoother and more natural.

Here’s the full list of Honor smartphones that got Android 10.


As of 2022, the “10” is already on the Honor 20, 20 Pro, Honor V20, Honor Magic 2, Nova 4e and Nova 5 Pro.


In October 2022 the developers have already released improved firmware for all modern models. The list of Huawei smartphones that got Android 10: Huawei P30, Pro P30, P20, P20 Pro, Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20X, Mate 20 RS, Mate 10.

Other smartphones will install another build of the system in the near future. Among tablets, the tech has hardly been updated yet. But there are plans to update 10 and 8.MediaPad M6 4-inch models.

How to install Android 11 on Honor and Huawei smartphones?

There are several options for updating, over the air, it is via Wi-Fi, which is much more convenient and faster. The second method is manual, where you will have to use a downloaded file, which will take more time. Given the same performance, choose the instruction that is more suitable. If you’ve never reflashed or installed the latest shell version before, don’t be intimidated. If you rely on the instructions, everything will be done quickly and successfully.

Update by air

This method of updating the new version is installed by Fota technology. Understandable, very convenient, takes minimum time and effort. What you have to do:

All subsequent actions are fully automated, you do not need to click anything, just control the charge, as the update takes a lot of energy.

Note that before installing it is important to fully charge the smartphone or tablet, and synchronize all content with the cloud storage (or dump to a flash drive).

Manual update (download file with firmware)

This option will take a little more time and effort. But do not worry, you will succeed if you follow the instructions. Suitable for people who find it difficult to work with automation. There is also the advantage of being able to reflash the device, doing it forcibly. Forced reboot is needed for those who had a failure or breakdown and now the gadget does not respond to the owner’s commands.

Only it is worth keeping in mind some points, and perform them in the specified sequence:

If you still have questions or complaints. let us know

  • Read the instructions and follow them;
  • keep the device on a full charge;
  • it is best to sync all the content to the cloud or an external drive;
  • download the installation file from the official website (search by model);
  • place the downloaded file in the memory card. in the root storage
  • go to Settings;
  • press “Local.”
  • specify the folder number where the file is and confirm the update;
  • restart the smartphone after completion.

Just open “Settings” to clarify these data. Here is an example for Huawei P20 Pro phone. For the other phones, the settings are not much different, so choose headings that are as similar as possible to those offered. Use the instructions:

  • open the settings;
  • flip through the displayed menu to the end;
  • select “System”/”About phone”;
  • Open “EMUI version” or “Android version”.

The system automatically provides the requested information. All you need to do is to familiarize yourself with the data displayed. Here specify which shell the mobile gadget is running on. The developers in new models are ready to surprise, presenting the Magic UI shell.

Where to download the official firmware for Huawei and Honor

Everyone who owns an Honor or Huawei smartphone can download the current version of Android and EMUI firmware on their device. This file will be used to install the updates.

But from where you need to download the update? A search engine gives a lot of links for a corresponding query. Some of them lead to pirate resources, where the firmware can be filled with viruses. Therefore it is recommended to download the new Android and EMUI on the official resource of the manufacturer at the link.

The same page is located on Honor website. The user needs to go to the page, choose his model and refer to the list of available firmware versions.

Update file must be downloaded on your phone. Installation of the latest firmware version will be carried out through it. But including the update is allowed with the help of a computer. On the smartphone itself the update takes place through the settings section of the same name. There you will find the “System update” item, where the user can select the previously downloaded file and start installing.

Ways to update Android on the Huawei Honor 10 phone

The Android operating system can be updated in different ways. There are both classic and alternative options. It is recommended to consider the methods of updating in the order in which they are presented in this material.

By air

This is the easiest and most common way to update your phone. The main condition in addition to performing preparatory procedures is the presence of an Internet connection.

To install the new Android, you will need:

Next, the phone will automatically start looking for updates. If it will be available for this model, you will be prompted to download the firmware file and click “Install”. After that the device will reboot and will be ready for further use.

Manually through the settings

This option is suitable for those cases when the smartphone can not find the update by air. To install the latest firmware version, you will first need to download the installation file from the official web-site of the developer. After placing the zip file in the device memory you will need to perform the following steps:

  • Open the phone settings.
  • Go to system update section.
  • Press the button with three dots and then click on “Select firmware file”.
  • Specify the folder where the zip file was saved.
  • Confirm firmware update installation.

The further process will not differ from the one that was previously described in the updates by air. That is the smartphone will reboot, and after installing the firmware is ready to use.

Manually through Recovery Mode

This way is similar to previous one, because flash file has to be preloaded on the phone. But the rest of the process will be totally different, because in order to perform the update you will need to enter the Recovery Mode.

To move to the recovery mode you need to turn off the device and press the power button and the upper volume knob for a few seconds. If nothing happens, you should change the combination to the power button and the bottom rocker.

Provided that you have done everything correctly, the recovery menu will pop up on the screen. To move there use the volume buttons, and to confirm the action press the power button.

Select “Reboot system now” if you want to perform the update by air. The option “Apply update from ADB” is responsible for installing the firmware from internal storage, and “Apply update from SD card”. from a memory card. After selecting the appropriate item, you only need to confirm the operation and wait for the end of the process.

Despite the fact that each new version brings a lot of new features, after the update some smartphones work unstable. This happens when the user ignores the preparatory step.

Before installing updates on Huawei Honor 8, there are 2 basic requirements that must be met:

And if with the first point everything is clear, then the second for some people raises a lot of questions. A factory reset leads to a complete deletion of files from the memory of the smartphone. This avoids errors when installing updates.

Of course, no one wants to lose personal data, so you should create a backup before resetting:

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to “Memory and backups”.
  • Click on the “Google Drive” heading.
  • Activate backup saving.

Following the above steps will cause the backup file to be uploaded to the cloud storage. After the Android update it can be restored.

In case there is not enough space on Google Drive to save all your data, it is recommended to back it up through “Copy and restore”. During reflashing you need to move the obtained file to another device (for example to your computer), and after the process is completed to return it back to the phone memory.

If the backup is successfully created, you can safely move on to reset your phone to factory settings:

  • Run device settings.
  • Go to “Restore and reset”.
  • Choose “Factory reset” option.
  • Press “Reset phone settings” button.
  • Confirm the operation.

Now you need to reboot your phone and move to the installation process.

Despite the fact that each new firmware version brings a lot of new features, after the update some smartphones are unstable. This happens if you ignore the preparatory step.

Before installing updates on the Huawei Honor 8X, there are 2 basic requirements to follow:

And while the first point is clear, the second one raises a lot of questions for some people. Reset to factory settings leads to the complete deletion of files from the smartphone memory. This will avoid errors during installation of updates.

Of course, no one wants to lose personal data, so you should back it up before resetting:

  • Open settings.
  • Go to “Memory and Backup”.
  • Click on the title “Google Drive”.
  • Activate backup saving.

Following these steps will cause the backup file to be uploaded to the cloud storage. After the Android update, it can be restored.

In case there is not enough space on Google Drive to save all the data, it is recommended to create a backup copy through the item “Copy and restore”. Copy the converted file to another device (e.g. PC) for the flashing process, and after the process finishes, copy it back to the phone memory.

If the backup is successfully created you can roll back the phone to the factory settings:

  • Start the device settings.
  • Go to “Restore and reset”.
  • Choose the item “Reset settings”.
  • Press “Reset phone settings” button.
  • Confirm the operation.

Now it is necessary to reboot your smartphone and then go straight to the installation process of the new firmware.