Read hidden messages

We have already said that often does not notify about messages sent not from friends. On the main site, they go to the Correspondence Requests folder in messages. In Messenger they can be found in the following path: Settings People Correspondence requests.

10 Messenger features that few people know about

It’s amazing what cool things you can do in messenger.

Use the special Messenger website

The site has a predictable address. It is much faster and more convenient than the Messages tab on main. So with active correspondence from a desktop or laptop, we recommend using it.

See all the photos shared in a specific conversation

Need to find a photo from a specific chat or just want to feel nostalgic? On the conversation page, tapni by the name of the interlocutor or by the name of the group. Go to “Published photos”

Log out of your Messenger account on your smartphone

There is no way to log out of your account in the Messenger application itself. Therefore, it is necessary to act in roundabout ways. Go to the security settings on the main or mobile version of. Next: on the desktop, find the item “Where are you logged in from”, in the mobile version. “Active sessions”. Complete the Messenger session.

Pause notifications

Sometimes you just want to take a break from annoying messages, sometimes it is necessary so that nothing distracts from urgent work. In “Messenger” you can turn off notifications for all interlocutors or for some particularly annoying.

For all chats, notification is disabled in the Notifications Settings Disable Select the time to disable

To mute a specific interlocutor, go to the chat with him, tap on the name at the top of the Notifications screen Select a time

Functions and features of the GetContact application

Protecting yourself from annoying unwanted calls and identifying the caller from an unknown number are the key functions of GetContact and the main reasons to download the application to your device. Now there will be no secret numbers for the user. no one will be able to “get” to you without your knowledge and desire. After installing Get Contact you will be able to:

  • Detect calls from numbers that are not in your contact list.
  • Receive alerts about unwanted calls from scammers, bots, pesky sellers.
  • Use automatic spam protection. filters that are created together by community members.
  • Search for acquaintances in the service databases and find childhood friends, distant relatives and close people with whom you have not seen for a long time.

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Download Get Contact to your computer

Many users are interested in how to install Get Contact on a computer. The developers did not create a special version for PCs and laptops running Windows. Nevertheless, those who wish can easily install the official application on their computer using an Android emulator. The program is called Bluestacks. The stable version is available for free download on the official website. After going to the page, you will find a direct download link and a training video on installing the application on a computer using Bluestax.

Download Get Contact from App store for iPhone and iPad

The official iOS client can be downloaded for iPhone, iPad and iPod with iOS 9.3 or later. Immediately after its appearance, the application topped the top free software in iTunes. You can download the free full version of Get Contact on your tablet or mobile in the Apple Store.

Full version of Get Contact

A detailed description of the application, version history and current discussions are available on the forum. After clicking on the link, the topic Get Contact on the forum will open. In addition to download links, the site provides useful information about the application. There you will find answers to common questions. To download files to, you need to register an account or log into your current account.

GetContact app won’t install. what to do?

So, the APK has been downloaded successfully, and the installation of the application has been successfully completed. Now it’s up to the installation. At this stage, users can also expect difficulties. Here are the most common solutions to potential technical problems:

  • Re-flashing. In some firmware, Google services may simply not be installed. Perhaps the system settings are interfering with the normal operation of Gapps. In this case, it is recommended to reflash the device.
  • Manually adding a shortcut. When installing the APK, the shortcut may not be generated automatically. Go to the general application section and drag the application icon to the desktop.
  • Clearing the cache in the market. If earlier applications were downloaded normally and problems arose only now, then try clearing the cache in Google Play. Enter the market and go to “Settings”. “Applications”. “Application management”. “All”. Now you should click on the icon of the desired program and in the window that opens, click “erase data.”

Can’t download Get Contact

Situation: You want to download a new version from Google Play, but the download fails. Lack of space on the gadget is just one of the possible reasons. In this case, uninstalling rarely used programs can help to free up disk space. If there is enough space, then try other possible solutions:

  • Reboot. Repeat the download again by simply restarting the device. Maybe now everything will work out.
  • Date and time setting. Downloading problems may occur if the device is set to a time that does not match the actual time. Check this setting.
  • Android and Play Store update. The user may need to update key system apps and OS.


Unlocking iPhone passcode with iCloud won’t take a lot of time and effort. You must first enable the Find My Phone feature on your smartphone in order for it to work.

  • Go to iCloud on your computer.
  • Now sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  • You will need to click on “All Devices” and then select any gadget that you want to erase.
  • Then click “Erase”. This will delete the device and its password.
  • Now you need to restore the device with the most recent backup.

With this trick you can bypass iPhone 6 lockscreen passcode.

How to jailbreak “iPhone 6”: procedure, step-by-step instructions and possible consequences

Setting a password on iPhone. This is the first line of defense to help prevent other people from accessing your personal data.

However, it is quite easy to hack your phone for those who have access to your smartphone. Bypassing password protection (it doesn’t matter if you’ve set up Touch ID or not) and getting access to your personal photos and messages is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

Another interesting way

After you have received your phone number, you can jailbreak “iPhone 6” to read private messages and access photos on iPhone:

  • Since you now have a phone number. call him. Launching a FaceTime call will do this too.
  • A message icon will appear on the screen, click on it and then go to “Custom Messages” to go to a screen where you can enter a reply.
  • Next, you need to activate Siri by long pressing the “Home” button and say: “Turn on voice-over”, and Siri, upon hearing this, will turn it on.
  • Go back to the message screen and double-tap on the bar where you will have to enter the caller’s name, then hold and immediately press on the keyboard. This may not work the first time, so repeat this step until you see a slide effect on the iPhone screen above the keyboard.
  • Now ask Siri to turn off VoiceOver, go back to Messages and enter the first letter of the caller’s name in the top bar, click the ⓘ icon next to it, and then create a new contact.
  • Next, you can add a photo or select a photo. Yes, now you are on the phone and can view the photo gallery even if the iPhone is still in a locked state.
  • You can select any contact on iPhone and see all previous conversations and history.

Spyzie. best iPhone jailbreak tool

If you’ve ever tried to spy on an iPhone device before, then you must have heard about this amazing program. This app is “all in one place”. Hearing the name Spyzie, one would think that it is just a spy program, but this is far from the case. Spyzie has many features. Undoubtedly, the app will help you track down the machine you want, but remember that it is also the best hacking tool you can find on the open market right now. It can be used not only for iPhones, but also for various Android devices considered to be the safest smartphones from popular brands such as Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Google Nexus, Sony, LG, Lenovo and many more.

Spyzie also gives you the ability to view your phone’s contact list or even download them, view media files, and check messages, including messages about third-party applications such as WhatsApp. The program also has the function of tracking the location of the device to know where the device is or to track a stolen phone. Numerous functions and user-friendly interface made the utility the most popular among analogs.

Recovery mode

Unlocking iPhone via recovery mode is quite simple if you follow the algorithm described below:

  • Press and hold the sleep / wake button and then tap on the power off option.
  • Now connect your iPhone to your computer and then press and hold the Home button. your device will be automatically turned on.
  • Don’t let go of the Home button until the “Connect to iTunes” option appears.
  • When iTunes prompts you to find your device, click OK.
  • Now restore your device following the recommendations described in the previous section.

You can use the same method if you need to jailbreak “Icloud” on “iPhone 6” or later models.

How to jailbreak iPhone 6

Not only is the Spyzie program. A mind blowing hack solution, it’s also very easy to use. Here’s how to jailbreak “iPhone 6″ using this utility:

  • First, register and purchase a premium subscription. Make sure you sign up with a valid email address to make it easier to receive alerts.
  • After registration, you must agree to know how to jailbreak iPhone 6 using the setup wizard on Spyzie.
  • Enter the name and age of the iPhone 6 user to be jailbroken and select the OS running on the device, i.e. iOS.
  • A new page will be displayed, enter your iCloud ID and password and click “Verify”.
  • Make sure the iCloud backup and sync service is active on your device.
  • After completing the verification process, you should have access to the program control panel.
  • Wait a few seconds or minutes for the sync process to complete.

Using the above algorithm, you can jailbreak “iPhone 6″

You now have access to your phone. It can be used to check call log, target phone, dialed numbers including FaceTime, and can even record live calls and ambient sound.

You can recognize messages on iPhone 6 that has been jailbroken, both read and unread. The utility will also help you easily access data from social applications such as WhatsApp. Viber and so on. Spyzie allows you to view and display your device’s location on Google using GPS. There is also free access to browser history and bookmarks. You can easily view photos on a jailbroken device and even take live screenshots.

Jailbreak iPhone: Truth or Myth?

A critical security flaw found in iOS allows anyone to bypass the iPhone passcode and access personal information using the benevolent nature of Apple’s Siri personal assistant. It is easy to find a sufficient number of ways on the Internet to crack the password on “iPhone 6”.

A security failure was discovered by EverythingApplePro and iDeviceHelps, and now that they have become public, and even with a video demonstration, it is worth knowing all the ways to jailbreak iPhone 6 to avoid identity theft.

An attacker only needs to find out the phone number of the iPhone, and he will gain access to the device within a few minutes.

But what if you don’t have a phone number? Do not worry. You need to hold down the iPhone Home button in order to activate Siri, and then ask: “Who am I?” Siri will answer you the user’s name and phone number. Here’s how easy it is to jailbreak “iPhone 6s” and later.

Here are a few tricks to easily bypass the iPhone 6 lockscreen that has a passcode. There are 3 methods you can use to unlock your iPhone 6. Just follow the steps below and you should be good to go! I wonder how to jailbreak “iPhone 6”?


How to Unlock iPhone with iTunes?

  • Connect iPhone to the computer that is usually used to access iTunes.
  • The program will automatically sync with your iPhone and then back up all your data.
  • Now you need to “restore” your iPhone.
  • After that, it will show you various backups of your device. We choose the most recent.
  • Now You Can Use iPhone 6 Without Passcode.

Disconnect in the App Store

The screen will display a list in which you can both cancel the trial subscription in the AppStore, and vice versa, switch it to permanent. To do this, click on the service whose parameters you want to change.

Information will open with the current status, renewal options and a cancel button.

After the cancellation, the funds for the service should no longer be withdrawn from your account.

How to unsubscribe from the AppStore for applications

Apple does not hesitate to make money on subscriptions. a very convenient service that automatically debits the required amount from the client’s account. But users sometimes forget about it and get upset that the money from the card “disappears”. In order not to be offended by the cancellation, it is better to know in advance how to cancel the subscription in the AppStore for the iPhone, iPad, Mac application and disable the options that have become unnecessary.

Keep in mind that in order to “improve the service”, the renewal may be triggered one day before the end, so as not to “accidentally” leave you without Apple Music or games. So do not postpone checking and deleting on the back burner, and certainly not until the last day.

Canceling a subscription in the AppStore on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

On mobile devices, there are two places at once where you can unsubscribe:

  • in the settings section;
  • in the App Store.

Through settings

First, let’s look at how to cancel a subscription without entering the AppStore, right in the settings. there you can refuse to charge for music, etc. The method is convenient in that it works everywhere, without the need to turn on the computer and even more so to install additional programs.

Go to the personal subsection in the settings, and in it select the subsection with the App Store and iTunes options. Click on the heading indicating your ID, then select the view function from the menu that appears.

Before allowing you to cancel a paid subscription issued in the AppStore, the system as a protective measure will offer to authorize (sometimes it does not ask).

A page with account details will open. scroll through it until you see the desired subsection.

Go to it. The device will display a list of subscriptions including paid and trial subscriptions. If you want to cancel a subscription to Apple Music. and click on it (as for others, however). After that, a detailed view window will open.

There is a cancel button under the list of possible renewal options. For paid services, the disconnection is not performed instantly, but after the expiration of the paid period.

Note: For some countries (South Africa, for example, or Israel, Turkey), refusal leads to immediate cancellation of the corresponding service. For the rest of the paid period, the funds are returned.

Please note that this method of canceling a paid subscription in the AppStore works for those services that accept payment through Apple. If you need to disable something third-party, such as an online cinema, you may need to log into your personal account on the official website of the service.

Canceling your AppleStor subscription on Mac or PC

If you prefer a computer, you can also control AppleStor’s parameters from it. Whether you are using a PC or Mac, everything is done in iTunes.

If iTunes is not present on the system, install it. Then log in by specifying the ID for which you want to manage the connected services. In the account menu, select the view mode.

On the page that opens, find the settings. They will contain a nickname, information about notifications, recommendation options, and most importantly, what you are subscribed to. To the right of this item there is a link to manage them.

The application will show a list of services and games paid for or used in trial mode. Click on the one you want to unsubscribe from.

The cancel button is located below the list of renewal options. Next to it, it will also be indicated until when the service can be used.

Cancel Apple TV subscriptions

With the release of the 4th generation Apple TV, it became possible to manage almost complete content from the device itself, without using a computer or smartphone / tablet. To do this, go to accounts in the settings program. Then click on “Manage Subscriptions”.

Open the view of the desired item and refuse or change the selection.

Keep in mind that only TVOS programs can be removed.

How to use Get Contact

Would you like to know what name you are recorded in the mobile phones of your relatives, friends and acquaintances? After all, the way people close to you call you helps to understand what they think of you, how they perceive and evaluate your personality. The opportunity to obtain such confidential information is provided by the use of the Get Contact mobile application, the popularity of which has been growing at a rather rapid pace in recent days. But is this program so harmless, and is it worth using the Get Contact program? Let’s figure it out.

Setting up the application and removing the number from the Get Contact database

The application settings button on the left (three horizontal stripes) allows you to customize the application for yourself. Various program settings are available here, including adding a number to the list of spam numbers, viewing notifications, user support and other relevant parameters.

  • If you want to remove a number from the Get Contact database, then you need to go to the corresponding web page
  • Select your country, enter the full number.
  • Check the box next to “I’m not a robot”, and click on “Unlist”.

Is it worth installing the application?

The application, created by the English company Getcontact LLP, quickly gained immense popularity, and at the moment it boasts statistics of more than 2 million downloads from the Play Store and iTunes. However, after a thorough investigation, “Get Contact” was banned in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan, and the other day, the domestic “Roskomnadzor” took over the application.

What caused this? The privacy agreement on the application website states that the company can provide access to its database to third parties, including by selling such data. That is, the application collects data from its users, and transfers (or sells) it to interested parties.

Thus, people interested in this (including special services) can get quite confidential information from your gadget, including your contact information, phone number, phone book, audio, photo, video, and more. Whether you need to use the Get Contact application, and whether it is worth satisfying your curiosity about your name in the phone books of other users is up to you personally.

How to find out how you are registered in Get Contact?

At the same time, remember that the program does not provide information from whose specific number one or another of your names is taken. It remains only to guess which person came up with to name you one way or another.

What is “Get Contact”?

Get Contact is a mobile application designed to show the name of the person who is calling you, even if that person is not in your phone book. That is, if someone calls you from an unknown phone number, the application must recognize this number and show you the name of the caller. Next, I will tell you how to work with Get Contact.

This is achieved by downloading the user’s phone book (and other private data) to the Get Contact cloud service. When installing the application on your phone, you allow it to access the private data available on your smartphone (phone book, photos, etc.). This data is uploaded by the application to a special database in the cloud, and from them the program gets information about the people calling this or that subscriber.

It would seem that there is nothing new, and there are already analogues of such an application (for example, the Swedish TrueCaller). But in addition to this, the functionality of the application allows you to find out how you are recorded in the phone books of other users. To do this, just enter the desired number in the search bar of this application, and it will show you how the specified number is recorded in the phone books of users who have already downloaded and installed the specified application on their gadgets.

The functionality of the Get Contact application is used to quickly identify subscribers calling your phone from unknown numbers. Given the unsafe operation of the application with the user’s private data, I recommend that you avoid installing this program on your gadgets. Well, if you decide, then you can observe how people call you in their phone books. Sometimes it can be interesting.

Dangers of use

By analogy with instant messengers, aggregators and other mobile services without increased security requirements, accounts do not have password protection and are tied to a phone number and a device. Accordingly, if an attacker manages to unblock the device (or if protection is not installed), he will be able to open Getcontact. If the number to which the account is linked is used on the same device (this is usually the case), the attacker will have full access to the account.

How to cancel an app subscription on iPhone to avoid automatic billing

After creating an account, the user’s contact information is loaded into it, and other users will have this number under the name entered during registration. This method of operation provides effective call filtering, but creates risk factors such as:

  • Tags posted by other users may contain personal information of interest to fraudsters.
  • By displaying a pair of name and phone number, an attacker may be able to “punch” a user in social networks, even if he did not publish his number in them.

Thus, using Getcontact carries security risks that can be considered the flip side of its “open” approach to anti-spam.

App reviews

Many users note that Getcontact does a good job of filtering phone spam, but it has some worthy competitors. in particular, Google’s call filter used in recent versions of Android.

Some criticize Getkontakt for its privacy policy. The terms of use allow for the transfer of data collected by Getcontact to third party service providers and Partners. And due to the fact that any user can send a complaint to a particular number, Getcontact can be used for boycotts and other unwanted blocking.

How it works

Technically, Getcontact is a “dialer” that uses a centralized database to identify numbers and filters spam. Unlike many other similar filters, already existing databases were not used to create it. the blacklist is formed through crowdsourcing (from the English crowdsourcing, “getting from the crowd”). Based on the results of a study of the flow of user complaints about calls, numbers used for spam are allocated.

Since a relatively small proportion of subscribers use call filtering tools, in many cases spammers can use the same numbers for a long time.

Web interface

Getcontact provides a web interface for browser validation. Similar to WhatsApp Web, you log into it using a QR code scanned by your phone. After logging in, you can enter the phone number and see how it is listed in the program:

App overview

At the first launch, a brief presentation of the functionality is presented:

After viewing it, the user will first be asked to make Getcontact the default application for calls. this is necessary for the spam filter to work, since “dialers” usually do not provide for integration with third-party filters. Then you need to confirm your phone. this can be done either through WhatsApp or Telegram messengers (which require a similar procedure to work), or using a code from an SMS message. After that, it remains to enter the name by which the user will be identified, and the email address. If desired, these fields can be filled in from your account:

After registration, the main screen will appear. The functionality of the application is divided into four tabs:

  • search. the call feed, call history and search history are located here;
  • spam. spam filter settings are located here;
  • call. here is a list of contacts and a keypad for dialing a number;
  • other. settings are located here.

Getcontact has a rather unusual concept of tags. they mean information added to a contact by third-party users, you cannot add tags to yourself. With the help of tags, you can make comments on contacts, for example: “this is a work phone number” or “this phone was offered a loan.” The rest of the interface is intuitive and similar to regular call managers:

What is Getcontact app and how to use it

Many smartphone users are faced with unwanted calls that are difficult to get rid of. Unlike spam messages, which can usually be easily recognized and deleted, spam calls are difficult at first glance to distinguish from important calls from unknown numbers.

Getcontact Premium

The app does not require any settings to work besides installing it as the default calling app, but the free version is limited in functionality and contains ads. The program uses a subscription model. the user chooses the plan that suits him and pays monthly. In this case, all new users are given the opportunity to start a 30-day trial subscription. All paid subscriptions include ad disabling, extended request limit and statistics of number requests and views:

What is Getcontact?

Getcontact is a call manager aimed at filtering phone spam. Unlike spam filters for e-mail, it does not have the ability to evaluate calls heuristically. a simple blacklist is used for filtering. But in practice, this is enough to filter out a significant part of spam.

Implemented as a mobile application for Android and iOS, there is also a web interface for simple verification of numbers.