Forgot your password and can’t unlock your Huawei? Problem solved

Smartphones have become an integral part of modern life. Their memory stores not only memorable photos and dates, but also a lot of other necessary information. To keep it out of the public domain, the developers have invented and created a considerable set of ways to protect. One of the strongest ways to protect yourself is an unlock key. It will help you protect your information even if your gadget was stolen by cybercriminals. The developers of Huawei phones have created a serious protection system, so your personal information remains in any situation.

But sometimes in life unexpected situations happen, when even the owner of a smartphone, for one reason or another, cannot unlock his gadget. What to do in that case? Is it possible to disable password keeping all important information stored on your smartphone. How to unlock your Huawei phone if you forgot the password or the pattern lock?

How to turn off the Honor screen lock (7, 8, 9, 10, 20)

Screen lock is a basic element of device protection against unauthorized access to the personal information of the phone owner. It is very simple, effective and used in most smartphones and tablets. However, some users are wondering how to remove the screen lock. After all, the need to constantly unlock can cause some inconvenience. Especially on the models of devices that support unlocking the screen solely with the help of a graphic key, while other ways: by fingerprint or face reading, are not available.

In this article, we will consider how to disable the screen lock for Honor (Huawei) models 7, 8, 9, 10, 20. Given that the devices of this manufacturer are based on the Android operating system, you can use these instructions for other brands: Samsung, Meizu, Xiaomi, ZTE, VIVO, and others.

Some tips to avoid problems in the future

To avoid wondering how to unlock your phone if you forget your password in the future, set memorable codes first: your date of birth, phone number, and other things. things you can remember and won’t forget.

In addition to the intuitive memorized combinations of letters and numbers, it is recommended:

  • Make a backup of the data you need for your smartphone, this will also help in case of loss of the device. You’ll be able to transfer all your saved information to your new phone in full.
  • Set up a smart unlock, t.е. Unlock by face, fingerprint, or by connecting another device to the phone via Bluetooth.
  • Write down the pin code in a notebook so you will always have it handy.
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There are no specific ways to unlock smartphones without losing data, so it’s better to be concerned about the safety of personal information in advance.

Many users after purchasing a new gadget set a password to protect personal information from unauthorized. Setting a pin code makes it much easier to use the gadget when you have to carry it in your from pressing unnecessary buttons, etc. But the problems begin when you forget the password. You can restore access only after a complete factory reset of the phone. And this means that saving data on the gadget will not work. But older models are an exception to this rule. These smartphones have a special button that allows you to restore access.

Ways to unlock your Huawei and Honor phone if you forget the pattern key are little similar on any Android.

The first option functions after pressing the “Forgot access code” button?”. But on newer gadgets, this option is simply not displayed. The second option involves complete deletion of data.

Another way to unlock is with the ADB program, which offers to configure Android using a PC. But this way works only with “USB debugging”.

  • Download Android Studio.
  • Open the TEMP folder.
  • Double click on android-sdk.7z.
  • Extract platform-tools to any other location, and then drag it to the root of your C drive.
  • Change the folder name in ADB to make it easier to use later on.
  • Connect the device and the new drivers to it.

If the automatic drivers were not taken into account during manufacturing, install the universal version by downloading Google USB Driver using the Device Manager.

Open ADB folder to reset digital password, type cd c:/adb at the command line.

Write the code as shown on the picture. Reboot your device. The gadget may ask for ROOT rights before entering the codes. To get it you need to unlock the Bootloader.

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  • Download Android SDK.
  • Unzip the file;
  • In the open window choose Android SDK Platform-tools.
  • Choose Install Packages, “Accept license/Android SDK Manager.
  • Open “Settings”, select “About phone.
  • Click on “build number” until you become a developer.
  • Click on “USB debugging.”.

Go to the emui To display the code:

Login to Android SDK and hold Shift and type the command.

Restore access via Google Account

After entering the password incorrectly, Honor and Huawei is blocked for 60 seconds. Subsequent attempts will lock the device for half an hour, followed by a longer time. You can only activate emergency calls during these periods.

But the user needs to click “Forgot password?”. And after:

To implement this method you need a stable internet connection. You can also use Wi-Fi or mobile internet.

Smart Look

There are additional ways to unlock the screen, without using a password. Smart Look. Applied on devices, which as a security code accept face reading, fingerprint. With this function, you will not have to think about what to do, if you can not remember your password. The smartphone always accepts the owner’s personal ID.

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To set up a smart unlock, the user has to follow the instructions:

Full reset through Recovery

Hard Reset. unambiguous by its effect, but it will not save anything that was on the phone memory. The smartphone will look exactly the same inside as it did in the store. To reset the password follow the following algorithm

  • Turn on the phone;
  • Press volume and reset buttons simultaneously;
  • On display of the manufacturer’s logo, release the buttons;
  • Wait till your smartphone reboots
  • Go to Wipe data/factory reset”/Wipe data/factory reset

Confirm the operation. On older models you need to press buttons which are placed on the side. On newer models, the buttons with these functions are on the sensor itself.

How to unlock Honor phone if you forgot your password?

Almost every owner of a Huawei or Honor phone has faced a situation when you forget your pin code or password and need to access your gadget. The developers have taken care of such a problem as unlocking your Honor phone if you forget your password.

Smart Look app

If you’re wondering how to unlock your Honor phone without a password, you can use the modern Smart Look software. It provides access to the device through various “smart” tools, including fingerprint scanner and face photo. The program is suitable for Honor Lite, Pro, 10i smartphones and other models equipped with the appropriate scanners.

The device will do all manipulations for you. You can set up a “smart” unlock in the general privacy settings (section “Fingerprint”). Operation requires entering a backup PIN code, to protect against malfunctions and access to the gadget by third parties. On the phone you need to specify the key after reloading the device, regardless of the available lock options.

What to do if you forgot your Private Space password? In this case, you need to answer the questions that were set during the Android setup. Private Space will not save the situation if there were no questions for the account. The only way is to reset to the factory settings.

Reset using Hard Reset

If the described approach didn’t help, the user should figure out how to unlock the Honor phone if you forgot your password. This will require:

unlock, your, honor, phone
  • Turn off your device.
  • Simultaneously press the power and volume up button.
  • After the screen lights up, release the power key, leaving the volume button pressed.
  • After opening a new window, you will need to select “wipe data”.
  • Confirm the actions performed.

Then you will have to wait until the system resets to the factory default settings, and then reboot the device. If everything is done correctly, the next step is to create a new profile and re-install the desired programs and apps.

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If you still have questions or complaints. let us know

unlock, your, honor, phone

It is important to emphasize that the described approach does not require you to connect to the computer, use special commands (adb) and switch to other modes (bootloader). The desired result is also achieved without additional complex operations.

How to unlock Huawei phone

Every phone should have a password set on it. A password is necessary to protect your device from hacking. On any modern gadget there are several variants of how to unlock the screen. As a rule, the user can choose the option he or she wants. A password helps keep your privacy, protect your data, and generally protect what you have on your phone.

But there are cases when even the user himself does not remember what password he set. This is not an uncommon case, so on Honor and Huawei devices, developers have added a function to recover the password.

Sometimes it can be the case that the password is set correctly, the user enters the correct option, but the phone can’t skip it. If this happens, it’s worth trying another option. restoring the password. If after restoring the password the user could not gain access, then it is worth contacting a repair service.

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Honor 7a pro forgot password what to do

If you have forgotten your phone’s password, there are several ways to proceed. Although there are many solutions on the Internet on how to unlock the Honor password, only some of them really work. Some of the suggested solutions require you to download apps and install them on your Android phone. Other ways require you to log in to your playmarket account, and finally, the most radical way resets and erases all your data from your Android phone, returning it to factory settings.

We will tell you how to unlock your Honor password if you forget it. Depending on your specific situation, you can choose a specific way to bypass the password. If you’ve just bought an Android phone and haven’t had time to save any information on it, deleting all your data certainly won’t be a problem.

But if you’ve had an Android phone for a long time and have lots of contacts and personal information, you might try other ways. Especially if you haven’t saved your information anywhere.Here are three simple solutions to unlock Android phones that will work for most brands such as Samsung, HTC, LG as well as Chinese brands such as ZTE, Lenovo, Huawei, ThL and others: