Unlock by phone number

Number-based unlocking will work if you’ve forgotten the password from your Xiaomi account, and you need to log in to it. To restore access, you can use the phone number to which the account is tied.

How to unlock Mi account on Xiaomi by phone number:

unlock, xiaomi, password

After that you will only have to think up a new password. The access to your account will be restored. Start the phone and in the password window, type the combination you just created. Smartphone will unlock.

How to unlock Xiaomi if you forgot your password

Google will help

Cell phones based on the operating system “Android”, including Xiaomi, it is recommended to link to an account on Google. It can also be useful if you forget your password, and your smartphone is locked.

  • If all attempts to enter a password have been made, click on “Sign in” that appears on the screen. The phone will offer to enter the login and password from your Google account.
  • Enter the new code and remember it.

The advantage of this method is that all the data and settings are saved on your phone. But this method can only be used if the smartphone is connected to the internet.

If there is no connection to the network, you can do this:

  • Insert another SIM card where the internet works.
  • Turn your phone off and then on. While it reboots, there will be a couple of seconds to move the top curtain and press the button to turn on the Internet.

Unlock Any Xiaomi/Redmi/Mi/POCO Mobiles Pattern Lock Without Data Loss | Unlock Mobile Password

incoming call

This method does not work on all Xiaomi smartphones. It has to be tested. Here’s the plan:

Once again, it doesn’t work with every cell phone. But the method is worth trying. If it works, good. If not, you have to use other methods.

remote control

The function must be pre-activated on the smartphone. Also, you have to have internet on the cell phone. If it’s all there:

The disadvantage of this option is that no data will be saved on the cell phone. But it can be used again by setting a different password.

Xiaomi implemented this feature to ensure that the phone owner’s personal information cannot be taken advantage of by intruders. That is, if the smartphone is stolen, you can go to the remote control and erase all your data. But for password recovery, the option is also great.

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Hard Reset

The foreign phrase can be loosely translated as: “a serious reset”. That is, the phone, as a result of the procedure, will be returned to the factory settings. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Go to Recovery mode. Press power and volume up button on the turned off phone. When the screen lights up, you can release the keys.
  • Select Wipe Data from the menu. “wipe memory”.
  • Confirm your intention by pressing the power button.

There is also a fifth option. reflashing. But we will not consider it, it is a radical measure, which can lead to negative consequences.

Contact Xiaomi support

This information will allow you to get help from Xiaomi support staff as quickly as possible. It is best to contact the representative office of the corporation in your area: in this case, knowledge of English is not required.

Country Email Phone
Russia service.ru@Xiaomi.com 8-800-775-66-15
Belarus info@xistore.by 8-820-0071-3000
Kazakhstan sales@Mi.com.kz 8-727-225-42-89
Ukraine info@Xiaomi.ua 0-800-60-44-71, 044-503-35-84, 044-501-91-30

Sometimes the regional support team will reply that they cannot help in this matter. In that case you should write to global support at service.global@Xiaomi.com.

In a letter in English, you need to concisely describe your problem and provide the data mentioned above.

If Smomi support doesn’t answer right away, there’s nothing wrong with it. The service processes several thousand requests per minute. It may take several days to review yours.

There is no need to bother the workers. As soon as they read your message, they will respond right away. If you bombard them with repeated letters, there is a chance that they will not do anything just out of spite.

How to bypass Mi Account Xiaomi or “half-brick” =)

Stuff happens. But here you forgot the password from your Chinese and did a Hard reset. As a result. got a brick.

Let’s imagine that you have burned through all the passwords and there is nowhere to recover. What to do?

P.S. In pawn shops nowadays sell a lot of these devices for pennies. I got myself a Redmi 5 in complete set in perfect condition for only 1000.

Mi Account Xiaomi. Similar to AppleID. You get a brick by breaking his passwords, but some versions of iOS I still learned how to bypass with teeth crunching.

No firmware from 4pd can help you bypass the mi account. One way or another you get the same brick.

So we take our brick and start with Hard Reset (the phone must be perfectly clean).

Add a new network and in the field to enter the name of the network, highlight the typed characters and press the “magnifying glass”.

In the Google catch line enter “Settings”. (the settings menu should pop up for you to choose).

There are two ways around this at the moment, it’s “Second Space”. it consumes a lot of resources and is useless for me and FRP. That is exactly the FRP we are looking at, because we get a fully working device, BUT without the possibility of future updates and with “CUT” from the system Mi Account.

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About the phone. MIUI version (click 6-7 times to become a developer). Unknown sources tick

Advanced. For Developers Factory Unlock OS Debug via USB.

7.1 Connect to PC and download ADB (put all the drivers offered by ADB).

7.2 My computer. С. ADB Right click on a folder. open the command window.

At this point we go into the system itself. Even more brick you can not brick, but having assholes. you can do all.

(adb shell). Wait for port detection and Succesfull inscription. Press Enter

(pm uninstall.k.-user 0 com.Xiaomi.finddevice). all spaces and punctuation marks are respected hit Enter.

Go back to the beginning of activation.

At this point we have wiped the Mi Account from the system, we can already set it up as a new device, BUT we need to finish the brick))) Moving on. (At this point, it may sometimes ask for an account again when rebooting, so we continue).

Download the application “FindMyDevice” and put it.

Do not install any system updates, because you will have to go through everything all over again.

You will not link your Mi Account, as we have cut this feature out of the system.

How to unlock the phone Xiaomi, if you forgot your password

With modern smartphones the user keeps a lot of personal information and if necessary removes it from prying eyes. The system offers unlock by face, pattern key, pin code.

On modern smartphones, the user stores a huge amount of personal information and, if necessary, keeps it from prying eyes. The system offers unlocking by face, graphic key, pin-code. But what to do when the protection on the contrary prevents the use of the device? How to unlock Xiaomi phone if you forgot your password?

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro MIUI 10. A very simple method of bypassing the screen lock or Google Account

I’ve been wanting to shoot a video about how you can bypass Mi-account locking on Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro phone by unofficial unlocking bootloader and installing custom Lineage OS firmware which lacks Mi-services respectively :))))

But today in the process of preparing a video I found an interesting MIUI 10 bug, that allows you to bypass screen lock or google account (frp) very easily, after factory reset.

And so, the essence of the method. after resetting, remove the SIM-card from the phone and do not connect the phone to wi-fi, go to the initial settings menu: select the language, etc. At one point the phone itself will offer to set the screen LOCK :)))

Accordingly we set a new lock screen key, connect the phone to Wi-Fi (or simpy insert), enter a new key and the lock is successfully removed.

Through the service of remote management of the Android phone

This method helps unlock the device if one has forgotten the password and has no experience in restoring Xiaomi. In this case, all data is deleted, so you need to be prepared to clear the memory. You will need an Internet connection (mobile, Wi-Fi) and another computer or phone. Here is the algorithm:

  • Go to the Find My Device service page from Google.
  • Log in to the Google account linked to the smartphone.
  • Wait until all devices linked to your account are found.
  • Select Erase Records and confirm the action.
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Following these steps allows you to quickly unlock your Xiaomi smartphone if you forget your password. But note that the phone will return to its factory settings. Once the reset is complete, you’ll have to enter your Google profile password like you did when you first turned it on.

How to create a graphical password on your Xiaomi phone to lock your device

Of the available methods to protect Xiaomi from unauthorized people, the graphic password is the most reliable method. Fingerprints are not always handy, especially in cold weather when your hands are wearing gloves. Identification by face suffers from the same problems: long, depends on lighting, and if you wear glasses or a hat the phone will not recognize you.

To create a graphical pin code, go to “Settings”, then find the “Lock & Protect” option. Among the options, select the menu “Device Protection”. Now click on “Security Method”, choose “Pattern Lock” and follow the instructions on the screen. If everything was successful, when unlocking your phone you will see a special window for entering the graphic key, which looks like this. If you forget your passcode and try to remember it by going through similar options, after a few tries your Xiaomi phone will warn you that it suspects you are an intruder and will block the ability to enter your passcode for a few minutes.

Each next erroneous attempt will increase the lockout time. So if you have already made 7 attempts, but you still do not remember the key, do not continue, you can achieve that the phone will be locked for a day or even longer.

What to do if you forgot the password code to unlock Xiaomi (Redmi)

Use the Xiaomi (Redmi) smartphone lock with a password or PIN code is my strong recommendation. The phone has become the main digital assistant, it stores a huge amount of personal information, which should remain personal, not public, and certainly it should not fall into the hands of an intruder.

A simple way to protect access to Xiaomi data is a password.

But what to do if you forget your password and can’t get into your smartphone yourself?

There are several ways to solve this problem, but they all work only if you remember the data from your Google or Mi accounts.