Using a keyboard shortcut

Most laptops have a special key combination to enable / disable the touchpad. Only for different brands it will be slightly different.

When using this method, you need to simultaneously press two keys on the laptop keyboard: the “Fn” key and one of the function keys in the top row (F1-F12).

This combination is slightly different for different brands and models of laptop computers. For example, for Asus laptops, you need to use the following combination: Fn F9.

Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts for enabling the touchpad for common laptop brands:

  • Asus. Fn F9 or Fn F7
  • Acer. Fn F7
  • Lenovo. Fn F8 and Fn F5
  • Dell. Fn F5
  • Sony. Fn F1
  • Toshiba. Fn F5
  • Samsung. Fn F5

There is no HP brand in this list, because on Hewlett-Packard notebooks, the touchpad is activated using a separate key dedicated to this function. If there is no such key, then, most likely, to complete this task you need to double-click (or long-press) in the upper left corner of the touch panel (see the video below).

TouchPad by Synaptics

Nowadays, modern laptops are very often used with touchpads from Synaptics. Your laptop may also have a touchpad from this manufacturer. In this case (if the drivers are installed), the touchpad can be disabled using the control panel.

To do this, go to the Windows control panel and select “Mouse”.

Touchpad Not Working in Laptop? [Laptop Touch Pad Problem SOLVED]

touchpad, laptop

On the “Device Settings” tab, using the corresponding buttons, you can enable or disable the touch panel.

Also, for some driver versions, this tab may contain a setting that allows you to disable the touchpad when a USB mouse is connected to a laptop.

How to enable TouchPad (touchpad) on laptop

The TouchPad (touchpad) can sometimes be disabled on laptops for some reason. In some cases, users turn off the touchpad themselves. it can interfere with active work with the keyboard of a laptop.

There are several options for enabling the touchpad. But when using them, you need to consider what brand of laptop you have. The fact is that for different models, different methods of activating the touchpad are used.

Let’s take a look at how you can turn on the touchpad on a laptop using several methods.

Installing / reinstalling drivers

Also, the reason for the inoperability of the touchpad may be the absence or incorrect operation of device drivers. This situation may well be if Windows was reinstalled or some kind of failure occurred.

In this case, you need to try to install the touchpad drivers from the disk (if available) or download from the manufacturer’s official website.

Reboot the laptop

Regardless of the model and brand of your laptop, the first tip to solve the problem is to reboot. It doesn’t matter what kind of system you have: Windows 7, Windows 8, Ubuntu or another, perhaps just a one-time error occurred and after the reboot everything will fall into place.

Enabling touchpad in BIOS

If the touchpad does not work for you and the previous tips do not help, it may just be disabled in the BIOS settings.

touchpad, laptop

Go to BIOS and find the “Internal Pointing Device” item. The value of this parameter must be “Enable”, i.e. included.

TouchPad defective

If all of the above recommendations did not help you, it is possible that the reason is a physical breakdown of the touch panel or simply disconnected contacts. In this case, there is only one way out. to disassemble the laptop and check all connections. As a last resort, you may even need to replace the touchpad. If you are an inexperienced user, then it is better to entrust this work to professionals.

Thank you very much your article helped me

Thanks a lot! the reboot helped. Although before that two times they simply turned off the computer forcibly, it did not help.

Thanks. Happened. I thought I’d break him completely :-). But—- IT WORKED thanks to your help.

I tried…. didn’t work, I bought a mouse…. everything worked out.

Good evening. Nootbook DELL can not enable touch control with FN F5 keys

Hello. Try another combination of FnF3 or just F6. details can be read here:

Thanks for the help. FnF3 and my touch on Dell has earned !!

Scrolling of pages with the touchpad does not work after reinstalling Windows. 8.1 (there was Linux. everything worked). What to do?

Most likely a problem with the touchpad driver (not installed, not the correct version, corrupted) or the scrolling function is disabled in the device settings.

Lenovo laptop new included wireless mouse. removed. for tomorrow the sensor is mute. Does not work. at least do not include the parameters

In the device manager in the section “Mice and other pointing devices” what is contained?

Thank you very much. The article helped a lot. HP Notebook

Hi, my laptop, too, HP for some reason did not help.: Admin: how to enable the Pointing Device touch panel I am waiting for your answer

Lenovo, after reinstalling the touchpad and keyboard worked, stopped rebooting. What to do?

“After reinstalling” Windows, I suppose? Which version?

Thank you very much your article helped me !

I sincerely thank the kind people who have posted such necessary information here. Following the algorithm of actions, I managed to solve the problem.!

I can’t turn off the touchpad (interferes with working on the keyboard). Tried FnF9 and FnF7. I have an Asus K95V laptop. The system is now Windows 7.

For your laptop, there is an ATK Package, which includes a set of tools, among which there is a utility for working with keyboard shortcuts (ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities) You can download it from the official Asus website. Try this option.

Thank you very much! I didn’t know how to turn on the touch panel, I thought I broke it.

On a Lenovo G50-30 laptop, when replacing Windows8 with Windows7, the mouse and TouchPad stopped working. There is nothing to continue reinstalling or repairing Windows. Please tell me how to be?

Those. Windows 7 installed and only the keyboard works? Legacy USB Support enabled in BIOS?

It was not possible to install Windows7. there was nothing to select Windows from the list and give the command to install. there is no cursor. Tried switching back to windows8 but BIOS settings were reset to factory defaults. I tried to restore Windows8 through the Novo button, but due to the lack of a cursor, there is nothing to give a command. It does not react to Enter. Perhaps you need to install the mouse and touchpad driver, but how to do it without a cursor?

I think there is a problem with the BIOS settings (possibly firmware). I read the forums, it turns out that this is a fairly common problem for this laptop model. I found the following advice: if you have a non-original assembly of Windows 7, then before installing the system in the BIOS, you need to put the optimized settings for Windows 8, and after the first reboot, return the settings to Win7. Try this option.

Heartfelt thanks! All the Light to you!

Good evening. HP Notebook Can’t Enable Touch FN F9 Keys

Hello. I have a Compaq laptop. The touchpad stopped working, in my opinion, after wiping the keyboard. Rebooted drivers, didn’t help. What do you advise?

Hello. Check the settings on the following path: “Start. Control Panel. Mouse”. Compaq laptops are available in several models. What is yours?

I installed Windows 10 and stopped working with the touch mouse, tried to turn on the touch pad, it did not help with combinations, it also does not help. I have an Acer, what else can I do?

First of all, check the touchpad settings in the control panel (“Mouse” item). You can experiment with the settings yourself, or restore the default values ​​using the appropriate button. If that doesn’t work, then try reinstalling (updating) the touchpad driver.

a child while watching a movie accidentally turned off the touch screen on the Toshiba. I do not know what to do. I did not find it in the internet. the touchpad also stopped working, it does not respond to the keyboard shortcut. Factory reset didn’t help.

Greetings. Asus laptop, 7th Windows. The touchpad does not work on the middle part of the screen, that is, the arrow moves, but when you want to press something, the “hand” does not appear and nothing is pressed.

Help, please, please. ASER E5-511-C8ZD laptop. After a forced update on Windows 10, it was 7, the touchpad disappeared. There were many options to connect, but all without result. thanks.

The ACER Extensa 4230 laptop model was handed over to me from my niece. How to turn it on in my apartment. We try. The text in English is displayed on the screen. There is no cursor. We pressed the button that was turned on. To turn it off. A short intermittent sound appeared at regular intervals. How to turn it on connect and disconnect this laptop. We have wifi.

Lenovo G50-45. The shortcut keys are Fn. F6. Thanks for the tip.

If I understand you correctly, do you have problems finding the cursor in the center of the screen regardless of the position of your finger on the touchpad? Right?

Quite right. As if on active shortcuts and links there is an invisible 1015 cm window.

Have you tried connecting a mouse? Have you checked the touchpad in Safe Mode? Updated (reinstalled) the driver?

With the mouse unchanged. I don’t know how to be safe. I have not updated the driver, I can not.

To enter Safe Mode when the computer boots, press the F8 key several times until the menu appears, and then select the appropriate item. If nothing changes when using the mouse, then most likely the problem is in the system itself.

I wrote in the settings that the drivers do not need to be updated.

Hello, the touchped laptop Acer AspireES1-511 does not work, the sister was poking around after it stopped working and the speakers stopped perceiving, maybe it’s the driver. please advise what to do / CGFCB, J!

Hello. If the tips given in the article do not help, then you need to try reinstalling the driver.

Thanks for the help, otherwise I thought the touchpad was broken!

Hello. After installing wine7 on the Asus p540c, the touchpad and mouse do not work completely, I insert the USB flash drive with the drivers. The indicator on the flash drive lit up and immediately went out, the USB flash drive did not see. I followed all the instructions in the BIOS. But I just bought it. The touchpad was working on Linux.

Hello. My Acer computer also does not work with the touchpad ((I connect the mouse, it works, but my own one does not. I tried everything, nothing helps. You wrote the letter E through Synaptik. I put it, but it doesn’t go all the same.

Hello. I also have an Acer V3-571G computer. After pressing the combination again, the Fn F7 key, the touchpad worked. thanks.

I turned off mine myself by accident when I was looking for the brightness change key in the dark. fnf8 helped. Thanks)))

the touchpad scrolling on Windows 10, Asus laptop stopped working. in the mouse parameters, there is no “elan” section, what to do?

Help me please. Mouse and touchpad do not work on the Asus K50lJ laptop

Thanks) the article also helped) accidentally disabled the touchpad))) Asus Fn F9

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Hello, HP 255 g3 laptop, Windows 8. The problem is this: in the BIOS, I disabled the parameter that is responsible for the constant activation of the FN key, so that by default, when you press the f1-f12 keys, there would be standard Windows functions, and not the function keys of the laptop (I did everything like written on the official HP forum). After that, the synaptic driver stopped working, it disappeared from the “control panel”, disappeared from the “mouse properties”, from the “task manager” I can not find it anywhere. I downloaded the driver from the official website, at first I could not install it, then I turned off the driver signature verification and I managed to install the drivers, but they never appeared anywhere. I tried to turn the parameter back on in BIOS. it does not help. Can you please tell me what can be done? thanks.

Hello. Try to remove all touchpad drivers and enable fn in BIOS. After that, an unknown device should appear in the device manager. Reinstall the driver.

Thank you very much xx I was already scared that something was wrong with the laptop, your advice helped.

Hello, after reinstalling Windows 8.1, the touchpad does not respond at all. Standard advice doesn’t help. I noticed that the drivers are not installed either. As if everything is installed but you look not where there is no. Acer laptop (without pontovy).

Hello. On the forums, it is advised to install it in UEFI mode. Look at here.

Thanks! I could not turn it on on HP, everything worked)

My God, I finally learned. Thank you very much, every time I dragged the laptop to the techies. I just had to click a couple of times.

Laptop Lenovo G580 touch works, but there are no buttons on the touch ((how to turn them on

Good afternoon. HP 255 G5, how to disable the touchpad? Buttons combined with fn. no. In the upper left corner of the button for double-clicking is no. In the mouse settings. there is no option to disable it. How to disable it, help!

Hello. For your laptop model, the official website has a Synaptics touchpad driver, so the ability to disable / enable the touchpad in the mouse parameters should be present. You have it installed?

Dear Admin, tell me what keyboard shortcuts on a Dell Inspiron 3543 laptop you can turn on and off the Dell touchpad. Fn F5 does not help me constantly in games I touch it and it hinders it very much I look forward to your help

I don’t know how it would be possible to send you a photo of my laptop, or rather a top view of the keyboard

Found a photo of your laptop keyboard. It seems that this model does not provide a key combination for disabling / enabling the touchpad at all. Therefore, I recommend trying to disable the touchpad through the BIOS or in the properties of the “mouse” in the control panel (in this case, the pointing device driver must be installed).

the problem is this, before reinstalling Windows on the laptop, HP could lower the page down without running to clamping the key, that is, on the right at the edge of the wheelbarrow, but now I can not configure it back, can you tell me something sensible

Thank you so much! After your recommendations, the TouchPad is working! I have already tried to reinstall the drivers and what I just did not do! And then I fixed everything in a minute!

THANKS! Worked after pressing keys!

Hello. The mouse does not work (the batteries were changed, it did not help), and the touchpad is turned off. FnF7 does not help, Acer computer. What to do?

Off or not working? If you are sure that it is turned off, and the problem is that the FnF7 combination does not work, connect a wired USB mouse and reinstall the driver for the function keys from the laptop manufacturer’s website.

If the touchpad itself does not work, open Device Manager, expand the Mice and Other Pointing Devices list, remove the touchpad, and reboot. If it does not help, reinstall the driver on the motherboard chipset and then on the touch panel. These drivers should also be taken from the laptop manufacturer’s website.

To enable keyboard cursor control, press the following combination: Left Alt Left Shift Num Lock.

If this method does not work or you do not have a numeric block, press the Windows R keys, then in the “Open” field, rewrite the command between the lines _ control.exe / name microsoft.easeofaccesscenter / page pageeasiertoclick _ click OK.

In the window that will open after that, check the box “Enable pointer control from the keyboard.” Use the arrow keys to move through the items. To put a daw, press (plus), to remove a daw. minus.

Then go to the Pointer Control Settings and set the parameters convenient for you.

This is enough to open the browser, find the site you want and download the driver for the function keys.

What to do if the touchpad does not work and the computer is in a locked state?!

What exactly is locked? BIOS? Login to Windows?

Instead of a touchpad, you can connect a mouse for a while.

Helped, thanks for your articles, my thanks!

hello, I have an Asus t100. after downloading the update of the drivers through the booster driver, my touch screen stopped working, all control is only through the mouse, what should I do? thanks

Open the device manager and look in the “Mice and other pointing devices” section to see if the driver is installed on the touchscreen at all. If not, download it from the laptop manufacturer’s website and install it. If yes, try removing the device itself from the hardware list (right-click. uninstall) and restart the laptop.

If after that it does not work, roll back the system to the restore point created before updating the drivers. Or manually remove the drivers for the chipset, video and touchscreen from the system, download them again from the manufacturer’s website and install them sequentially: first on the chipset, then on the embedded video, then on the discrete one, and finally on the touch screen. After rebooting, the screen will most likely work.

Hello. I bought a laptop asusX540S with 10windy decided to reinstall it to 7 climbed into the BIOS tampering with the boot from the flash drive installed. After installation, the touchpad and USB output do not work. Reset the BIOS does not work optimally. BIOS touchpad enabled. What to do please help

Put 10 back USB inputs to work. I put 7k USB again does not work. Help

For USB and touchpad to work, you need an appropriate driver. On the Asus website for this model there are only drivers for Windows 10 x64, on the Intel website there is nothing suitable either. Try to install what is on Windows 7 x64. If it doesn’t fit, then it remains to either use a ten, or do without USB and a touchpad. The first option, I think, is still more convenient.

If you desperately need Windows 7, you can install it in a virtual machine, and use Windows 10 as the host OS.

thank you very much, I could not turn on this touchpad for 3 months and today I downloaded the driver and pressed the combination claish ATP large

Hello, I bought a used laptop, the touchpad was already on when I bought it. Laptop Asus k53sm, the same as I had, only now on the new 10th Windows. I always use a mouse, so I usually turn off the touchpad as unnecessary, and besides, it just bothers me. As an asi user (this is what I call Asus), I know the fnf9 key combination, so I immediately pressed the combination of these buttons, but nothing happened. On an old laptop, I had files, when installed, I could easily turn on / off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, change the screen brightness, sound, including off / on the touchpad. Now, on the new one, I can do everything the same, except toggle the touchpad on / off. I read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев here and saw that I was advised to download the ATK Package, but I thought if I should do it, because in fact all the functions work correctly for me, only with the touchpad it’s a problem. I don’t fumble about all this and assumed that after installing the ATK Package, the drivers might get up crookedly, but maybe I’m wrong and I’m worried in vain. Hope someone can help me or give me some advice.

If you do not need tapchad at all, the easiest way is to disable it in the BIOS: in Aptio Setup, the option is called internal pointing device and is located in the advanced section. just assign it the value disabled and save the setting.

Updating drivers via ATK Package shouldn’t give you any problems, but just in case, create a restore point before installing.

Thank you, helped on Toshiba: FN F5. God bless you! 🙂

Thank you included. I once turned it off, but today, with your help, I turned it on again. HALF DAY looking like.

It helped a lot! Thank you very much for the article.!

Hello! A few days ago I bought an Asus 541 series laptop and I can’t turn on the touchpad, I tried all the combinations and it is worth it in bioc, what to do?

How to Disable Or Enable Laptop Touchpad Laptop Mouse

Download the touchpad driver from the manufacturers website and install.

Hello Asus U41SV There is a problem from time to time. The touch does not start working correctly, i.e. the cursor moves poorly, as if it slips, it is also difficult to position the cursor in some place with the help of a sharp touch (for some reason, it turns out clearest of all, for some reason, only in the lower right corner). Something similar happened if water got on the touchpad and the touchpad did not see the fingers well because of the water, but this was understandable. Earlier, it seemed that this happens when the laptop was very hot, but now this problem does not disappear for the second day! I tried to change something in the settings. there is no sense!

Plug in your mouse, open Device Manager, go to Mice and Other Pointing Devices, right-click on the touchpad and select Uninstall Device. Reboot your computer. After restarting, the system will recognize and reinstall the touchpad. If it does not recognize it, reinstall its driver manually.

If the problem persists after reinstalling the driver, check if it occurs in Safe Mode. If it does not, then the reason for the failure is in applications or services that are not loaded in safe mode. The culprit can be found by disabling and re-enabling services and startup items in msconfig and task manager.

How to do it: 1) Boot Windows in normal mode, press the WinR keys, run msconfig, open the “Services” tab. 2) Check the box next to “Do not display Microsoft services”. In the list of remaining services, disable half. 3) Open the task manager on the “Startup” tab and disable everything there. 4) Save the setting in msconfig and reboot the system. If the problem persists, disable the second half of the services and enable the first. Reboot again and check. This is how you will find the faulty component.

If the problem occurs in Safe Mode and when booting the computer from a different media, the cause is a hardware failure. With this it is better to service.

Acer / Windows 8. BIOS / Main / Touchpad / Advanced change to Basic / F10 / Yes. And how much they suffered until they found how to turn on the mouse sensor!)

How to reset Precision touchpad settings

At the end of the Precision TouchPad Settings page, there is also a small “Reset TouchPad Settings” section. It only has one button called Reset that you can click or press if you no longer like the way you customized the touchpad and want to reset its settings and gestures to the defaults provided by Windows 10.

touchpad, laptop

This is what you get when you have a precision touchpad on your Windows 10 device. As you can see, there are a lot of settings to choose from.

How to customize three and four finger settings on Precision Touchpad

On precision touchpads, you can also use three- and four-finger gestures. The Settings app gives you separate sections for them, and the options are the same. However, the default actions in Windows 10 are different for the three- and four-finger gestures, so make sure you set them as you see fit. Let’s see what they can.

First of all, there are Swipes: when you swipe three or four fingers across the touchpad, Windows 10 can be set to Switch Apps and Show Desktop, Switch Desktops and Show Desktop, Change Sound and Volume, or Nothing “. Depending on what you chose to install Windows 10, when you swipe three or four fingers across the touchpad, swiping is illustrated with arrow charts below the swipe lists.

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touchpad, laptop

Touch lists let you choose what happens when you tap the touchpad with three fingers. You can configure Windows 10 to start Windows Search, open Action Center, play / pause playing media, middle mouse button function, or do nothing.

touchpad, laptop

ADVICE. Typically, middle clicking on a link in a web browser opens it in a new tab. With a precision touchpad, you can do the same by clicking this link with three or four fingers.

How to customize normal touchpad (change touchpad sensitivity) in Windows 10

If your portable device doesn’t have an accurate touchpad, then Windows 10 only lets you set the delay for the touches you make on the touchpad. This is useful for when you start typing on your laptop and accidentally touch the touchpad with your hands. In such cases, you may find that the cursor is moving and you are typing in the wrong places.

touchpad, laptop

To avoid this, Windows 10 lets you set the touchpad to low sensitivity, medium sensitivity, high sensitivity, or maximum sensitivity. This means that the taps you make on the touchpad may have a long lag, medium lag, short lag, or no lag at all. If you do not want to use this feature, you must select the “Sensitive” option, which means there is no delay between touching the touchpad and its response.

touchpad, laptop

By default in Windows 10, the touchpad has a medium sensitivity. If your Windows 10 device has a traditional touchpad, that’s pretty much all you can customize for it.

How to fine tune touchpad scrolling and enlargement

In the Scrolling and Zoom section of the Precision Touchpad settings, you can choose how you use the touchpad to scroll and zoom: if you want to scroll horizontally or vertically by placing two fingers on the touchpad and then moving them across it, turn on Drag Two finger to scroll “.

Tap or tap Scroll Direction and choose if you want the touchpad to scroll down or scroll down.

Finally, enable the Pinch to Zoom setting if you want to be able to place two fingers on the touchpad and then pinch to zoom in or stretch to zoom out.

How to enable or disable precision touchpad in Windows 10

If your Windows 10 laptop or tablet has a precision touchpad, you can turn it on or off by toggling the touchpad switch on or off.

Windows 10 also lets you choose whether you want your touchpad to be enabled or to automatically disable it when you connect your mouse to your laptop or tablet. To select the behavior of the touchpad that you prefer, check or uncheck the “Leave touchpad on when the mouse is connected” checkbox.

How to adjust the speed of the touchpad cursor in Windows 10

Unfortunately, many touchpads have their default cursor speed set to very high or very low, which is not very good if you are not used to touchpads. However, if you have a precise touchpad, you can easily change its cursor speed by adjusting the “Change cursor speed” slider in the touchpad settings.

How to customize the touchpad in Windows 10

touchpad, laptop

If you are using a laptop, 2-in-1 device, or any other mobile computer, you may also be using a touchpad. Therefore, you should customize the touchpad the way you want it. Windows 10 provides many options for managing simple settings, such as adjusting the sensitivity of the touchpad, as well as advanced settings for customizing touchpad gestures that trigger various actions. Of course, it all depends on your specific hardware and drivers. Let’s see how to customize your touchpad in Windows 10.

NOTE. This guide is for Windows 10 May 2019 Update. Previous versions of Windows 10 may not have all the features we present in this guide. If you don’t know what version of Windows 10 you have, read: How to check Windows 10 version, OS build, revision or type.

How to change the touch sensitivity of your touchpad when you have a precision touchpad

If you have a precise touchpad, the Settings app in Windows 10 also lets you adjust pressure sensitivity. This is very useful for when you start typing on your laptop and accidentally touch the touchpad with your hands. In such cases, you may find that the cursor moves and you type in random places, or that you double-clicked on objects and you didn’t even notice what you did. To avoid this, in the Touch area, click or tap the touchpad sensitivity and choose whether you want the touchpad to be low sensitivity, medium sensitivity, high sensitivity, or maximum sensitivity.

touchpad, laptop

Note that selecting Sensitive is the same as not using this feature, as there is no lag between touches or touches and the touchpad response.

TIP: Most of the time Ctrl-Z should get you back to where you should be.

How to customize what the taps do on the precise touchpad Even if the touchpad has buttons for left and right click, you can press it to perform a click. If you have a precision touchpad, you can verify this by enabling the One Finger One Click option. If you don’t, please uncheck this box.

touchpad, laptop

You can also right-click on the touchpad each time you touch it with two fingers. To do this, check the “Right-click with two fingers” setting. On Windows 10 and most apps, this action displays a context menu similar to a right-click.

touchpad, laptop

You can also press and then quickly press again and slide your finger across the touchpad to select multiple items, such as files, folders, or text. However, this only works if you have enabled the “Double tap and drag for multiple selections” touchpad setting.

touchpad, laptop

If you have a precise touchpad, you can also right-click Windows 10 each time you click in the lower right corner of the touchpad. If you want to enable this option, make sure the option “Press the lower right corner of the touchpad to right click” is enabled.

touchpad, laptop

Using third-party software tools

The most famous among them is Touchpad Blocker. Unfortunately, it has no Russian or Ukrainian localization. Its interface is very simple, so a minimum knowledge of English is enough to deal with its functionality without any problems.

On the Internet, you can find many utilities to help disable the touchpad on a laptop. They have a simple interface and allow you to quickly activate / deactivate the sensor if necessary. Each user can choose the option that suits him exactly.

The following methods do not work for all laptop models, but we cannot fail to consider them.

The touchpad is a specialized compact device that reads information about the movement of a person’s fingers and transfers it to the screen. Installed on netbooks, laptops, some types of keyboards.

Ways to disable the touchpad

All ways to deactivate the touchpad. and for convenience, can be divided into three main groups:

  • Through HotKeys (from English. hot buttons). There is simply no single standard for laptop manufacturers. Therefore, the combination of buttons that allows you to disable the mouse on an HP laptop may easily not work for a model from another brand.
  • By means of the OS. This always works, because the system controls the connected devices. For different versions of Windows operating systems, the settings will differ slightly.
  • Using third-party programs and utilities. Most computer manufacturing companies develop utilities that allow you to quickly and conveniently manage the functionality of a laptop. In addition, there are third-party unified software tools.

Let’s take a closer look at these methods. For clarity, here are some examples of how to disable the touchpad for the most widely used brands.


First you need to enter the BIOS settings menu. This can be done by pressing a special key before loading the operating system. For different manufacturers (or even models) of laptops, these keys (or their combinations) are different. Most common: F2, Del, F1, F8, F12.

Further in the section “ADVANCED” we find “Internal Pointing Device” and set the value “Disabled” for it. After that, you can confirm the saving of the settings and exit the BIOS (Save and exit).

It should be noted that this method does not work with all laptop models, and, moreover, after using it, it is impossible to enable the touchpad using the OS and drivers.

How to disable the touchpad on a laptop

The touchpad (touchpad) is an invariable attribute of any laptop that replaces the mouse. It is indispensable when traveling and is convenient if there is no possibility to use additional devices. But sometimes he even gets in the way. So, how to disable the touchpad on a laptop?

Via Windows Mobility Center

This option is available to Windows 10 users. Practically all users have such a need to disable the sensor on a laptop. Through the mobility center, you can do this in 1 click, as well as customize the touchpad within the capabilities provided by the installed drivers.

How to disable touchpad on Windows 10

Any OS assumes the ability to fully control the operation of each element of the laptop where it is installed. People who do not know how to disable the touch pad on Windows 10 will find the advice that is most convenient for them here.

With Synaptics Touchpad Driver.

You can open the driver settings window in this way:

  • By clicking “Start” → “Control Panel” → “Mouse”.
  • Using the Synaptics icon.

In the window that opens, go to the “Device parameters” tab. Here the user can produce:

  • Disable (or enable) the touchpad completely.
  • Enable “Smart” sensor control (checkbox “Disable internal pointing device when connected”).
  • Configuring the display of the program icon on the taskbar.

Attention! Synaptics software is not part of Windows. When reinstalling the OS, you need to install it separately.

Using device manager.

Since it is possible to disable the touchpad on a Windows 10 laptop through Device Manager, here are several ways to access it:

  • By clicking RMB on the tab “My Computer” or in the “Start” menu. In the new menu, click on “Computer Management” (or “Properties”), and there. “Device Manager”.
  • In the “Start” menu write “Device Manager” (the search for the component will be performed automatically).
  • The devmgmt.msc command launched through the Run component (activated through Windows R).

In the list of connected devices, the sensor panel may have different names depending on the component manufacturer, laptop model or driver version. By pressing RMB, a submenu pops up, in which you can turn off the device.

Through the “touch panel”.

Windows 10 users using original touchpad drivers can disable it through the menu: Devices → Touchpad.

  • Enable / disable touchpad on laptop.
  • Set the pace of movement of the cursor.
  • Determine the ability to automatically disable the touchpad (at the time of USB mouse initialization).

How to disable the touchpad on different brands of laptops

Before you go into the registry and understand the intricacies of system settings, you should try to solve the problem with touch input using the simplest methods. Next, we will look at the most common (and working!) Ways to disable the touchpad for cars from the most popular brands.

Most often, you can disable the touchpad in Asus by using the Fn and F7 (or F9) keys. Settings change indication is displayed on the screen.

HP is trying to make the life of its customers easier, therefore, in many modern notebook models from this company, the sensor is disabled by a special double touch of the upper left corner of the sensor.

Determining whether it is possible to disable the touchpad on an HP laptop in this way is very simple: if there is no special icon with a touchpad on the F1-F12 keys, then double-tap deactivation works. If it is present, then you should use this button in combination with Fn.

Another method available to owners of HP models is to press and hold your finger on the upper left corner of the touchpad for at least 5 seconds. This option is available only in laptops with a preinstalled OS, since such add-ons are not included in the standard Windows package.

Here’s a quick guide for those who want to know how to disable the touchpad in Dell laptops with Windows 8.1 or later:

  • Open the touchpad settings (in the search bar of the “Start” menu, enter “Touchpad”).
  • Disable the sensor using a special switch (if available).
  • If there is no such switch, enter the menu “Additional mouse parameters”.
  • Activate the Dell Touchpad tab and click on the sensor image.
  • Find the touchpad activity switch there.
  • Save changes.

For Windows systems whose version is lower than 8.1, you should:

  • Press Windows R.
  • Main.cpl.
  • Go to the Dell Touchpad tab and click on the touchpad picture.
  • Enable or disable the touchpad using the slider.
  • Save entered settings.
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Using function keys

On almost all modern laptops, it is possible to disable / enable the touchpad using a special combination of function keys. For different models of laptops, their options are different. It should be noted that this method works in the presence of native drivers.

In many laptops, this is a combination of simultaneously pressed FnF9 buttons. But based on which model. options may vary.

If your laptop is not among the above, pay attention to the function keys for the presence of a picture with a crossed out touchpad on them.

If you do not find the picture, it remains to try brute force (make sure not to disable other necessary functions). Probably, in this case, you do not have special drivers installed, you can update them or resort to other methods described below.

Third-party programs to disable the touchpad

An easy way to disable the touchpad on a laptop is to download and install the Touchpad Blocker utility, which has several useful options for configuring the touch input device, and also implies the ability to completely deactivate it. You can download the Touchpad Blocker application from the official website of the developers. After installation, it runs in the “background”, performing the tasks that the user requires from it.

We propose to sort out the features of the application, which does not have Russian localization, point by point.

  • This option is responsible for the automatic loading of the Touchpad Blocker application when the computer is turned on;
  • A setting that enables or disables program notifications that appear in the tray when it is running;
  • The most important setting in which the user can specify how long after clicking on the keyboard button the laptop’s touchpad is disabled. If it is necessary to completely block the touch input device, this can be selected from the drop-down menu;
  • If the touchpad has a separate button for scrolling the page content, when this option is activated, it is blocked;
  • Sound notification when the touchpad is disabled;
  • Configuring Hot Keys for Activating and Deactivating Touchpad Blocker.

Disabling the touchpad using this program compares favorably with the options described above. With it, you can configure the touchpad to be locked only during typing so that there are no accidental movements and clicks, while the rest of the time the touchpad can work.

Disable using synaptics

Many laptops use a touchpad from the manufacturer Synaptics. If this is your case, the TouchPad can be easily disabled in the Control Panel. which you will find in the Start button.

There we select Hardware and Sound.

Next, select Mouse and its properties, where we go to the Pointer Options tab.

You can turn off the TouchPad completely here. but you can make it turn itself off when you connect a mouse to a laptop.

Disabling the touchpad on a laptop through the “Device Manager

If the Synaptics driver is not installed on your laptop, you can try disabling the touchpad through the All Computer Control Center. To do this, do the following:

  • Press the WindowsR key combination on your keyboard to launch the Run window. Next, write the devmgmt.msc command and click “OK”;
  • This will launch the “Device Manager”. Here you need to find the touchpad connected to the laptop. It may be located under Mice and Other Pointing Devices or HID Devices. At the same time, depending on the computer model and touchpad, it may have different names. USB mouse, Synaptics PS / 2 Touchpad, USB input device, and others;
  • When the touchpad is found, right-click on it and select “Disable”.

Please note: If you see multiple USB input devices connected and cannot determine which one is the touchpad, you can disconnect them one at a time. After each disconnected device, try to interact with the touchpad, and if it works, then turn the device back on and go to the next.

Using the button on the touchpad itself

On some laptops and netbooks, the shutdown button is present on the touchpad itself.

Then you just need to click on this button in the upper left corner.

Disable device in device manager.

Open Device Manager. The easiest way to do this is:

In the pointing devices section, you should see a touchpad and an external mouse. Disable your touchpad device:

touchpad, laptop

After that, you will see the standard message:

Update date: 2017-02-18 Applies to categories: Windows 8, 8.1

Disabling the touchpad on a laptop using “hot keys

Each laptop has an FN function key on its keyboard. It allows you to perform actions pre-programmed into the computer, if pressed simultaneously with another key. Among such quick commands, almost all laptops have the ability to disable the touchpad. At the same time, each manufacturer sets its own keyboard shortcut to disable the touchpad, and below we will consider the most popular commands for deactivating the touchpad on laptops from various companies.

To disable the touchpad on an Asus laptop, you must press the key combination FNF7 or FNF9, depending on your computer model. Look in the lower left corner of the voiced keys for the icon that looks like a crossed out touchpad.

You can turn off the touchpad on HP laptops by double-clicking on the upper left area of ​​the touchpad of the device. Most often, the area that you need to double-click is highlighted with a depression.

On most notebook models from Acer, the FNF7 key combination allows you to disable the touchpad. This will work if a hand is drawn in the lower left corner of the F7 button pressing the touchpad.

The combination for disabling the touchpad on Sony laptops is FNF1. At the same time, the Vaio Control Center application is installed by default on Sony portable computers, where you can, among other things, turn off the touch panel.

touchpad, laptop

On laptops from the Chinese company Lenovo, the touchpad is disabled using the FNF5 or FNF8 keyboard shortcut, depending on which of the buttons has a strikethrough panel.

The standardized command for disabling the touchpad on Samsung laptops is FNF5.

If you have a laptop from another manufacturer, study the manual for it, which should indicate all the “quick commands” that can be performed using the FN button and other keys.

TouchPad is a touchpad that is used in mobile computers as an alternative to the traditional mouse.

Touchpad not working: how to enable the touchpad (touchpad) on a laptop

Hey! Recently I have received several questions about the fact that the touchpad does not work and people are asking for help with this problem. I have already written an article about this, I will give a link below. The touchpad is a useful thing, but as I understand it, not for everyone. For example, many people ask to turn off the touchpad, they say it interferes when working with a laptop, and especially when typing.

There are two ways to disable the touchpad on a laptop. It is possible through the BIOS, this is so that it can be disabled by iron, or you can also use a special keyboard shortcut. Every laptop (probably every one) has a key that disables and enables the touchpad. And if you accidentally press these two keys, or during other actions, the touchpad stops working. And here questions like “the touchpad does not work” are pouring in. “How to turn on the touchpad”, etc.

Everything is actually very simple, let’s look at the ways in which you can enable or disable the touchpad on a laptop.

Touchpad not working? We solve the problem

First, let’s look at the function keys for enabling and disabling the touchpad, which I wrote about above. Different laptop manufacturers have their own, and maybe models. For example, on a Toshiba Satellite L300-11G laptop. these are FNF9 keys. The FN key is always used in this combination, plus the key with the touchpad icon.

Clamps these keys once, the touchpad turns on, press again. turns off, or vice versa. This method is worth trying right from the start.

The second option is to check if the touchpad is enabled in the BIOS. I had a case where the touchpad did not work even during a Windows installation. It turns out that it just needed to be enabled in the BIOS. I wrote about this case and how to do it all in the article The touchpad (touchpad) does not work on an Asus laptop when installing Windows.

If the two methods described above did not help, then it is worth checking if the drivers are installed on the touch panel. I have not really met such a problem, but they say that it can be. You can see if there is a touchpad in the device manager. It is usually displayed there like this:

If you don’t see it there. It is possible that the driver for it has not been installed. But, the driver for the touchpad must be on the disk that comes with the laptop, or on the manufacturer’s website. And if it is displayed there, then look at its properties, perhaps it is disabled there.

Well, the fourth way, which has the right to life, is a simple breakdown of the touchpad. This device is just like other components and it may just break.

It seems that he wrote everything he wanted. In these ways, you can both enable the touchpad (if it does not work) and disable it if you do not need it. Good luck friends and trouble-free touchpads :)!

What is a touchpad on a laptop

A laptop belongs to mobile computers, therefore, all laptop control must be mobile. One of the control devices is a computer mouse. But the laptop uses a touchpad, what is this we will consider further.

Control commands are entered by touching the touch surface. Different types of touch are transmitted and different commands are similar to mouse control.

The touchpad looks like a rectangle with rounded edges. Can be built-in or connect separately.

How to use the touchpad

We transfer control through the touchpad using touches, or by swiping our fingers over the surface of the touchpad. Each such touch or movement has the meaning of a specific command.

The capabilities of the built-in touchpad depend on both the driver and the hardware implementation. It affects the set of control gestures, multi-touch, control.

How to use the touchpad on a laptop will be presented through a list of the standard set of commands:

  • One finger short tap. left mouse button
  • Double-click with one finger. double-click the left mouse button
  • Incomplete double-tap and one-finger slide. drag and drop
  • Two Finger Press (Short). Right Mouse Button
  • Short press with three fingers. middle mouse button
  • Two-finger slide. rotate the mouse wheel
  • Sliding your finger along the edge of the touchpad to the left or right. vertical scrolling
  • Sliding your finger along the edge of the touchpad from the top or bottom. horizontal scrolling
  • Sliding two fingers either towards each other or away from each other. increase or decrease
  • A tap with one finger and a circular motion around the first with the second finger. flip
  • Light touch with three fingers and movement from right to left or vice versa. flip

How does the touchpad work? The touchpad of a laptop is made up of capacitive sensors so that they form a grid on the surface. The controller measures all capacities on the panel and writes to memory. Then it periodically compares them with the current values, this period of reading information from the surface is one of the characteristics of the touchpad. The touch of a finger changes the capacitance between the two sensors, this capacitance is measured and thus the position of the finger on the surface is precisely determined. The degree of change in capacitance indicates the pressure of the finger.

Due to the low resolution of the sensor grid, using the touchpad of a laptop, it is impossible to perform precise work, for example, in graphic editors or in serious games. But for normal work on a laptop, the capabilities of the touchpad to control the mouse pointer are quite enough.

Photo touchpad

The English word touchpad consists of two words touch. touch and pad. surface (panel). By touching the sensor, the user can control the cursor. At the bottom of the touch surface there can be buttons to simulate three mouse buttons (left, right and wheel).

To clearly understand what a touchpad is on a laptop, we will present a few photos.