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Codes and passwords. a sign of the modern world. People want to save personal information, and manufacturers of equipment, especially the mobile, go to meet them. In addition, protective codes and passwords are designed to protect this very technique from the intervention of non.professionals, sometimes unsafe for the functioning of the apparatus. The more difficult the device, the more different options it has, the incorrect change of which can lead to a breakdown or complete failure. But what to do if the settings or connecting other devices are required, for example, the SIM card of another operator, and the access code is lost? Phone manufacturers lay the ability to reset codes for access to functionality at the program level of different orders. Of course, such information is not widely known to support service centers and protect personal information and operation of the device when it is lost from unauthorized persons. However, not everyone has the opportunity to turn to specialists, and simple forgetfulness often leads to a loss of passwords and access codes. Here’s how to remove the protective code from “Nokia”, find out or change it on various phones and smartphones of this company, and it will be discussed.

Program for resetting protective code

There are special utilities that can also help find a solution to the problem. Among them. and the Mynokiatool program. The main thing is to remember that we carry out all the work with the mobile device using this at our own fear and risk.

Experts do not recommend at all “amateur performances”, but instead contact the service center. This is especially true if our phone is still under warranty.

If we still decide to use a special utility, we should familiarize yourself with the detailed instructions for resetting a forgotten password. Consider this with the example of Mynokiatool.

  • We connect our phone to a PC or laptop and open the installed program.
  • To read the forgotten protection code, activate the “connect” button in the upper left corner.
  • After that, a corresponding notice should appear in the LOG window (“The phone is connected!”).
  • Choose the item “Read the code”.
  • Next step: resetting a matter of a few protective code. Click “Stuft”, after which we select “Reset of settings”.
  • We confirm our actions by pressing “OK”.

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Using NSS

If our phone works on the BB5 platform, you can try to use the NSS utility. We will also need a desktop computer and a USB cable.

  • We start installing the program.
  • During the installation, we mark the item “Virtual USB Device” (“Virtual USB device”) and click “Next” (“Next”).
  • Upon completion of the installation, open the program and click “Scan for New Device” (“Scanning for the new device”) to the right.
  • We wait for the inscription “Ready” (“Ready”) and click the “Phone Info” button (“Information about the phone”) with the image of the combination of 6600.
  • We wait again when the inscription “Ready” begins to flash, and click “Scan” (“Scan”).
  • In the left window, information about the version of the mobile device and IMEI identifier should appear.
  • Choose “Permanent Memory” (“Constant Memory”) and enter a combination of 308 in the “Start” (“beginning”) and “end” fields (“end”).
  • Celebrate the “To File” item and click “Read” (“Count”).
  • The directory should appear on top where the file will be saved. We move along the indicated path and open it using the “Notepad” program.
  • In the file that opens, we find a line that starts with “5 =”. It is in it that after each 3 will be our password. For example, if we see approximately the following: 3232333335000, this means that we have a password 22335.
  • Enter the received password in the lock menu.

Real mobile expert! Writes in simple and understandable language useful articles and instructions of mobile topics, gives the right and left the smallest advice to the right and left. Following the section “Articles and Lifehaki”.

Information about Nokia secret codes: protective code, settings reset and IMEI verification

This article presents everything regarding secret and not only codes for Nokia mobile devices, such as smartphones and button phones. We hope that the information will be useful for users, as the article contains the most popular and most frequently used codes that are required in everyday life when working with mobile devices.

For those users who are not yet in the know, we report the numbers of the Nokia factory protective code:

Security code unlock nokia mobile || nokia 105 unlock �� || unlock any nokia mobile ||

Then the most necessary codes for business are presented.

Using the code # on the device display, you can display the IMEI code of the device.

Using the entered code #, you can get information about the device model, the version of its firmware, about the release date, and other no less useful information will be displayed, it all depends on the modification.

Using the # code, you can fully discharge to the factory settings, after which everything will be erased, this applies to installed applications, files, personal content. That is, the device will become “clean”, as it was during the purchase, based on which, before this procedure, it is desirable to preserve everything that is represented by at least some value. It is possible that before rolling up to factory settings, the device will ask the protective code to enter. Recall, this is 12345.

There is another option of how to complete the full reset of the Nokia mobile device to the factory settings, which is essentially a replacement of code #7370 #. After turning off the device, pressing and simultaneously holding three keys-call buttons, “stars” and the “three” buttons, as well as the power buttons. If there were enough fingers and you did everything right, after you wait a few seconds, you will drop your “caller” to factory settings. It should be remembered that in this case with a return to the pristine state, you lose everything that you purchased over the years of close acquaintance with the phone.

Using the code # will be reset to installations from the factory. At the same time, despite the fact that all the settings will roll back to the factory, everything that the user installed, along with files, contacts, and other settings will not be removed. After entering this code, all settings, topics and so on, which were on it by default, are returned to the device. But everything that was downloaded and installed, all user settings during the ownership of the device will not be completely removed. As in the previous case, before reset, the device may request a protective code. 12345.

Through the code # on the screen, you can view information regarding the full operation of the device. In addition, again, some modifications may be highlighted by the IMEI code, as well as data on the date of release of the device and the date of its purchase-in this field you can once make changes, in addition, this applies to the repair date if it was a service center.

By means of # on the display, you can view information with the address of the Bluetooth device.

Nokia mobile ka security code kaise tode | unlock nokia keypad security code | by TrickerAmit

After entering # Wlan MAC address will appear on the screen.

How to unlock your cell phone Nokia

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If you buy a cell phone directly from a mobile operator, the smartphone will most likely be blocked so that you use the services of only this operator. This may become a problem when you need to go abroad and connect to the local operator. Depending on the model of the Nokia smartphone, it can be unlocked by performing only a few actions.

Contact the mobile operator. As a rule, if you have been using the services of this operator for a long time, he will provide you with the unlock code for free. This is certainly the best way to unlock the phone. When you contact the operator, follow his instructions to unlock the device.

Turn on the phone without a SIM card. If you do not know how to extract a SIM card, read the instructions for the smartphone. Enter the PIN code if it is offered. If you have a new model of the device, just insert a new SIM card and enter the unlocks code. This code can be found using a specific software. When you unlock the device, the message “SIM Restrication Off” will be displayed on the screen (the SIM card restriction is shot). If you have an outdated smartphone model, go to the next step.

Enter the following code: # PW Unlock Code 7 #. To introduce p. Click three times to enter W W. Click four times. To introduce. Press twice if this code does not work, try to replace “7” with “1”. [1] X Source of Information

Unlock the Nokia device. When you unlock the device, the message “SIM Restrication Off” will be displayed on the screen (the SIM card restriction is shot). [2] X Source of Information

Now let’s start the procedure itself

    The simplest method of removing locking. Using Unlock Code (this is a master code). It consists of ten digits generated by the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI).

  • To do this, you need a special Nokia Unlocker application. It is necessary to transfer to the phone card of the phone card E: \ System \ Recogs another folder (downloaded in advance) with thc-nokia-unlock.MDL.
  • Next, install the memory card back to the phone and turn on. When it demands to enter the password, you need to enter “12345”, then turn off the default “default” function in the phone settings.
  • We delete the previously uploaded Thc-Nokia-Unlock file.MDL from the phone, format our mobile device.
  • First you need to transfer the phone to Dead Mode mode, start the firmware and wait for the device to transition to the Local Mode mode, the value of Programming should be 100%. Then interrupt the firmware and start the NSS application.
  • Choose the Scan for New Devices B option, go to the Phone Info tab. Choose the Permanent Memory item, enter 35 in the Start, 308 field in the End field.
  • Put the flag in the To File field, press the Read button. Determine the path to the Password Manager file, start the Nokia Unlocker application.
  • Click “determine”. Remember the password in the “Protective Code” line, return to the NSS program. In the FBUS Info tab, indicate the Normal option. Click Change and wait for a complete reboot of the mobile phone. Turn it on, enter the code.

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How to remove protective code on Nokia

Cellular blocking is used to protect the personal data contained on the phone. This can be useful if the mobile was lost or stolen. But if you forgot the protective code of the Nokia phone, you can use one of the ways described below.

First of all, it will require the settings discharge code or the firmware reset code. You can get them by contacting the Nokia service center. You can contact it using the contact details located on the site You will need IMEI. The number located behind the back cover under the battery. You can also use the search engine to find codes that are in the public domain. Keep in mind that the use of some codes can lead to a loss of data stored on a cell phone, so use only those that came from proven sources.

If your attempt has failed, check the phone. To do this, you need to synchronize the phone with a computer. Download drivers and software from the site, By choosing your phone model from the list. If the date-cable necessary for flashing is not included in the delivery kit, buy it in a cellular store. Connect the phone and make sure that the software “sees” the phone.

To reflash the phone, you will need a factory micro.program responsible for the functioning of the phone, as well as the software for this operation. Use such fan sites of Nokia as With their help, you can find not only the necessary software, but also detailed instructions for your phone model. The best option will be the use of a factory micro.program that does not contain traces of extraneous intervention. Make sure the phone battery is completely charged, otherwise your mobile mobile may turn off in the middle of the operation. Copy personal files from the phone to the computer, and then update the phone’s software. Upon completion of the operation, copy the data back to the mobile.

How to remove locking code from Nokia phone

Nokia phones, like any other phones, have three types of locks: for operator, phone and SIM cards. In each case, there is a sequence of actions that should be performed to successfully remove the blocking code.

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SIM card blocking is carried out using a pin code. This is a combination of numbers that must be entered from the keyboard when turning on the phone. This security measure is designed to preserve the personal data of the owner in case of loss or theft of a SIM card. If you have incorrectly introduced a PIN code three times, you can restore it using a package code. It is located on a package from a SIM card. If there is no packaging, contact the Subscriber Service Center by providing your passport data. You will be replaced by a SIM card.

The telephone blocking saves security data from the owner of the apparatus in case of theft or loss of mobile. In order to unlock the phone, you will need to enter the settings discharge code or reflash the phone. In order to get the settings discharge code, you must contact the authorized Nokia service center or contact the company’s representative office. You can recognize them by coming to the address

Reflagging the phone. Update the mobile microprogram. To perform this action, synchronization of the device with a computer is required. Install the drivers and software, then connect the phone to the computer. If there is no disk C and Data Cabble in the kit, download the software from the site, And buy a date-cable in a cellular store. Download from Allnokia.COM software, and then renew the micro.opram.

The telephone lock for the operator is used to prevent the use of the phone with the SIM card of another operator. You can either reflash the phone using the previous step, or use the unlock code. To receive it, you need to contact the Subscriber Service Center for the operator, under which your phone is blocked. Provide the IMEI phone number located behind the back cover under the battery. Use this code every time you use the SIM card of another operator.