Disable keyboard

In some situations, the keyboard built into the laptop stops working. For example, after a liquid spill, some keys fail. You can just connect an external keyboard, but then it will be inconvenient to work. Therefore, let’s see how to disable the on-board input device if a USB keyboard is already connected.

  • Start Device Manager.
  • Open the properties of the built-in keyboard and go to the “Driver” tab.
  • Select the property “Equipment ID” and copy the first line.

Now you need to establish a ban on the use of equipment. Let’s look at the example of Windows 7:

  • Click WinR and run “gpedit.msc”.
  • Go to the path “Computer Configuration”. “Administrative Templates”. “System”. “Install devices”. “Restrictions on the installation of devices”.
  • Double click on the item “Prohibit installation of the device with the specified codes”.
  • Enable the option and click Show.
  • Paste the copied equipment code and click “OK”.

For maximum effect, remove the keyboard in Device Manager. After a system restart, the built-in input device will no longer work. Connect an external keyboard and use it peacefully. If it becomes necessary to enable the “native” laptop keyboard, then reopen the Group Policy Editor and disable the above option.

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Additional functions

In addition to a complete shutdown, laptops have a backlight shutdown function. It is useful for saving battery while traveling or watching a movie in the dark to reduce glare. Most often, combinations of Fn and function buttons are intended to control the option. the one you need will display a light bulb, flashlight or similar symbol.

How to turn on and off the keyboard backlight on an Asus laptop: usually these are the combinations FnF3. decreases the brightness, including until it is completely turned off, and FnF4. increases the brightness of the glow. Some manufacturers use a separate button to turn on the LEDs located on the side of the main unit with letters: MSI has it on the top left.

Fix Lenovo Keyboard Not Working Windows 10/8/7. [3 Solutions 2021]

To activate the keyboard backlight on a Lenovo laptop, hold down the Fnspace bar. At HP on the latest models, the backlight is turned on by clicking on F5. If multimedia key priority is configured, use FnF5. On older models, F12 was set to control the backlight. On MacBook, you can adjust the brightness of the glow: increase at F6 and decrease before shutdown at F5.

Depending on the laptop model

Each laptop model has several combinations of buttons that can be used to unlock the device.

If Lenovo, Acer, HP or Asus laptops are locked, you can use the following combinations:

  • “Fn” “F12”.
  • “Fn” “NumLock”.
  • “Fn” “Pause”.
  • “Fn” “F7”.
  • “Win” “Fx” (where “x” is one of the 12 function buttons).

As a rule, the instructions tell you exactly which combination to press.

A great way to solve the unlocking issue forever is to download an application. For example, AllUnlock v2.0 RC 3. On the network you can download this application for free, which is available after subscribing to the site. Although the developers point out that you do not need to pay for the utility, you still need to beware of scammers, so before you download and install something on your laptop, you must turn on the antivirus.

Ways to unlock the keyboard

Typically, the keyboard may become locked as a result of pressing a certain key combination.

In this case, the so-called basic keyboard lock is triggered. You can unlock the keyboard using the instructions that came with your computer. It should indicate the key combination to unlock. If you do not find such instructions, then you can use the standard method:

  • Press the numlockFn key. First, the so-called numeric keypad will have to be unlocked, after which the entire keyboard will be unlocked.
  • Also, the keyboard may be locked as a result of holding down a key from the F1-F12 line. Take a look at this ruler and notice the emblems below the numbering. Among the emblems, you can find a lock icon. If you have such a key, then try to hold it down and hold it for a few seconds. By the way, it is quite possible that your manufacturer depicted the lock key a little differently. It can be, for example, not a lock, but a key or other symbolism, which in meaning is similar to a lock.
  • You can unlock the touchpad by pressing the F7Fn button.
  • Finally, the last option, which can result in the keyboard being blocked, is a virus attack. In this case, you will most likely have to contact a specialist.
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For more information about other ways to unlock your laptop, as well as the reasons for blocking, read the articles.

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Eliminating the consequences of viral infection

If all the described methods of restoring the functionality of the laptop keyboard did not work for you, you are probably experiencing the consequences of a laptop virus infection. This can clearly be evidenced by the presence of a banner describing the methods of transferring money to unblock it to the attacker’s account. You do not need to make any payments, because there are simple ways to deal with this unpleasant phenomenon.

For example, Kaspersky Lab’s free Windows Unlocker utility, which is available at support.kaspersky.com/viruses/SMS, can help. Here you can download an image of this utility, which you then need to burn to an optical disk or USB flash drive. Further:

  • Insert the drive with the recorded WindowsUnlocker into the laptop drive and restart the device;
  • Press F8 to enter the boot menu and tell the system to boot from your drive;
  • The utility will be launched after pressing any key, then you must specify the interface language, and also select the graphical mode for further work;
  • The main menu of the program can be opened where the “Start” button is located in the OS;
  • Select “Terminal”;
  • A command window will open, where you need to enter the line WindowsUnlocker, then press Enter;
  • To run a system scan, enter the number “1”.

This will start the system cleanup process, upon completion of which, to exit the command line, enter the number “0”. You can reboot the OS with the command “reboot”.

After completing these steps, the keyboard lock on your laptop will be removed. Similarly, to eliminate virus activity on a computer with a locked keyboard, you can use Live CDs burned using Kaspersky Rescue Disk, Dr.Web LiveDisk and similar applications.

And it also happens

Now let’s look at the second option for solving the problem. You should pay attention to whether the drivers are present for the keyboard. In some cases, system files can be damaged by the antivirus, installed incorrectly, or unintentionally deleted by your own hands. Do not worry, as it will not be difficult to solve this problem. Before installing new software packages, you need to download them. Or you can mount them from disk. If you are looking for drivers for the keyboard on the Internet, then we recommend that you immediately visit the official website of the manufacturer of your device, since only there you can find the really necessary kit for it, while it will be updated to the latest version.

How to troubleshoot

No matter how serious the problem is, the best way out of it is to call a master or a friend who will help you figure it out. If you do not want to spend money and there is no such assistant at hand, it remains to do everything yourself, being careful.

Driver Verification

The built-in keyboard does not require the installation of special software, but if the input device does not respond, you should see how it is defined in the device manager:

Go to the Hardware tab. Make sure the “Status” line says that the device is working properly.

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Click on “Properties” and make sure that the hardware is also detected correctly in the device manager.

You can try to install a hotkey utility on your laptop (downloaded from the laptop manufacturer’s website). Perhaps the absence of such a utility prevents you from unlocking the buttons using a combination with the Fn key.

Disable Key Lock on Samsung Laptop

You can unlock the keyboard in the same way as to lock it. Basically, locking and unlocking the keyboard is done by pressing a key combination. One of the most popular keyboard shortcuts on many laptop models is the Fn and NumLock keyboard shortcut. Press the NumLock button once, if the keyboard does not work, press it simultaneously with the Fn key. This should fix the problem.

It is very common to find the ability to lock and unlock the keyboard by pressing the FnF12 or FnPause keys at the same time.

How to lock and unlock keyboard.

It is also possible that the combination of Fn and one of the function keys F1 through F12 will work. If this method is relevant for your model, then the required function key must be indicated by a special symbol that means the keypad is locked.

If the above methods did not help to activate the keyboard on your laptop, then perhaps, for some reason, it became faulty. The only solution to the problem is to repair or replace the keyboard.

Samsung Service Center official website

Turning on the keyboard using the Win key

unlock, keyboard, lenovo, laptop

If the keyboard is working properly, but does not respond to key presses, then most likely you blocked it by accident. This often happens when you press a key combination by mistake. Or perhaps your computer is configured so that the keyboard is locked under certain conditions. The worst case scenario is a keyboard breakdown. Keyboard diagnostics will be professionally performed by Samsung laptop repairmen.

On some laptop models (including np350v5c, rv520, r525 and 305e), when the keyboard is locked, a special indicator is lit or there is a special notification on the screen, but this does not always happen.

How to unlock keyboard on HP laptop

How to unlock keyboard on HP laptop

The problem of a locked keyboard occurred at least once for every user. However, when it first appears, few people know how to deal with it. You should know that such a problem is not a serious one and can be solved very easily, through simple manipulations. If you have a problem with your device, contact a service center to repair your HP laptop.

Typically, most functions on HP notebook computers are controlled by the function keys. To do this, press the “Fn” button, which is located on the bottom line of the keyboard, near the space bar. By holding this key in combination with one of the function keys, you can adjust the state of your laptop and change its parameters. For example, adjust sound, lighting and other parameters.

By using a combination of function keys, you can also solve the keyboard unlocking problem. There are several combinations that help with this situation.

Let’s consider each of them in more detail, how to unlock the keyboard on a laptop HP, HP Pavillion, HP Pavillion G6 and other models from this manufacturer:

  • Press the “Fn” and “NumLock” buttons simultaneously. Some people think that this keyboard shortcut activates the number pad. It is for this reason that the entire alphabetic part of the keyboard fails for such people.
  • You can also use other keys. Press the “Fn” and “F12” buttons simultaneously.
  • Also, the “Fn” and “Pause” buttons can help you.
  • The most effective and popular way, in our opinion, is the simultaneous pressing of the “Win” key in combination with any button on the function panel located at the top of the keyboard. That is, any button “F”.
  • If suddenly your touchpad does not work, another key combination will help you. Just press the “Fn” and “F7” buttons at the same time.

If you are constantly bothered by the keyboard lock, there is a way! You just need to be careful and watch whether the “NumLock” key is enabled.

We have described all the ways for you to unlock your keyboard. If not one of them helped you, you should contact the service center, because the problem can be much more serious than it seemed at first glance.

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We hope, of course, that our tips helped you and that your keyboard was successfully unlocked. Happy use to you!

Easiest and Fastest Ways to Unlock Keyboard on Lenovo Laptops

A laptop performs all the same functions as a stationary PC, but its advantage over a computer is that it is an extremely compact device. You can use your laptop everywhere: at work, at home, in transport, in nature. If people use a laptop outside of work, for example, at home or in some other place, it may be necessary to lock it, although such a need may arise everywhere. As practice shows, most often this device is blocked so that it cannot be used by small children who, due to their curiosity, can harm (up to deletion) some valuable files or attackers.

Often a situation arises when a person has locked the keyboard on his laptop, but cannot unlock it back. As a rule, in such cases, they turn to a professional service center for repairing the keyboard on Lenovo laptops. If you want to try to solve this problem yourself, we will share with you information that will help you quickly and effectively resolve the situation.

Most often, you can unlock the keyboard on any Lenovo laptop model using a combination of two keys, the first of which is Win, and the choice of the second depends on the specific laptop model. To know for sure which key combination will help unlock your laptop, look at this information in its instructions, but if there is no access to the instructions, then try downloading the manual to the gadget from the manufacturer’s electronic resource. To do this, you will need to register there and enter the serial number of your device.

To remove the block from the keyboard on a Lenovo laptop, you can go the other way. Simultaneously press on the keyboard of your device two keys NumLock Fn (located on the right side of the keyboard). By this action, you will trigger the inclusion of the digital panel.

If even this method failed to unlock the keyboard, then you need to go the third way. Find in the very first row on the keyboard of your device (F1. F12) the button on which the lock is depicted, which just symbolizes the block. When you find the appropriate key, press it at the same time as the Fn function button.

If even this method could not solve your problem, it is possible that your gadget has undergone a virus attack and therefore cannot cope with the task at hand. In such a case, you should seek qualified technical assistance from a specialized Lenovo technical service center.

How to unlock keyboard on Lenovo laptop

A laptop is a functional gadget that has gained popularity long ago. With its help, you can search for information on the Internet, play various games, open documents, etc. The main advantage of the device is its compactness (for example, you can take it with you on trips). The article will talk about what to do if the keyboard of a Lenovo laptop is locked.

How To Fix Lenovo Keyboard Not Working Windows 10

How to unlock the keyboard on a laptop?

There are several basic unlock methods. The first is using the FnNumLock key combination. If this method does not help, then you need to look for a button with a lock on the keyboard (usually it is located on the F1-F12 keys). When this key is found, you need to press it in combination with the Fn button. This should enable the keyboard.

If it was not possible to unlock the keyboard on the laptop using the above methods, then a virus may be present on the computer. In this case, you need to use an anti-virus program. Antivirus will scan the system and help remove malicious software.

Turning on the keyboard on a laptop is easy. If you know of other ways to unlock the keyboard. write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.