How to unlock the iPhone if I forgot ICloud password

What to do if I forgot the password from the iPhone is a question that can focus on any owner of Apple products. Solutions of the problem. in the material of RIA Novosti. RIA Novosti, 24.12.2020

Moscow, 24 Dec. RIA Novosti. What to do if I forgot the password from the iPhone is a question that can focus on any owner of Apple products. Solutions of the problem. in the material of RIA Novosti.How to unlock the iPhone through the iTunes.special program for owners of Apple products can help with a forgotten password from the gadget. This does not need a specialist consultation or a campaign in the service center.If I forgot the password from the iPhone, it is enough: with the help of the remote ICLOUDLE service, ICLOD is installed on the phone and the data transfer is turned on, you can restore the gadget with the help of a personal account when I forgot the password on the iPhone. To do this, you need: after the end of the setup process, the question “How to restore the password on the iPhone” will disappear by itself.The reset of the incorrect meter is trying to synchronize with the computer through iTunes, you can unlock the iPhone by dumping the counter of incorrect attempts to enter. The method is suitable if the password is not forgotten, and until the next attempt to enter the screen, not minutes, but hours and days are displayed.The algorithm of actions is as follows: we note that if the iPhone has not previously synchronized with PC, then it will not work to drop the counter.IPhone recovery mode for unlocking, if you forgot the password of the phone settings, you can in the recovery mode mode. This is another answer to the question of what to do if I forgot the password from the iPhone. In Recovery Mode, the gadget will roll back to the recovery point.This will be required: it is important: if an error 3004 appears when installing a new firmware, close all the browsers and make Internet Explorer by default browser.Note that for the models of the iPhone 8 and higher the recovery mode is launched differently. The smartphone needs to be turned off and connected to the computer, then quickly clamp and release the sound addation button, and then do the same operation with the volume reduction key. At the end you need to clamp the “Power” button, and the recovery mode mode will start.Installation of a new firmware via DFU mode on the iPhone, if you forgot the password iphone, you can also using the DFU mode. True, in this case, he will return to the factory state and the information will have to be restored from scratch.It will be required: an example of how to convert the iPhone X to the recovery mode of DFUIIFON of the 10th model with a forgotten password can be restored as follows: After that, you can perform the same actions as in the recovery mode mode: install a new firmware.What to do if nothing helps?If there is no access to a computer with an authorized iTunes, then you can use applications to restore blocked iPhone, such as Imyfone Lockwiper or 4ukey. The first is recovering through the DFU mode, replacing iTunes, and the second allows you to drop the iPhone to factory settings without iTunes and install the firmware.If nothing helps, it remains to contact professionals. they know what to do in the service center if I forgot the password on the iPhone. During a visit with you, you need to have documents confirming the right to own iPhone. Only in this case, experts will be able to tell how to unlock the iPhone if you forgot the password.Why the iPhone can be blocked iPhone blocking is possible if:

How to get around the iPhone password without itunes

If you want to achieve the greatest success, Fonelab unlock for iOS your first selection. The whole process of unlocking the iPhone password is easy to operate. You can easily remove the IPhone lock screen, following the indications of the master on the screen. All you need to do is connect the iPhone to a computer.

Later, follow the screen instructions for going around the iPhone password to return the iPhone. You also need to specify your Apple ID and password. This may prove that you are a real owner of a blocked iPhone. Well, here are the main features of the iOS password removal tool.

  • Bypassing 4-digit and 6-digit iPhone access code is most likely successful.
  • Remove the forgotten password from a blocked, disconnected or used iPhone.
  • Compatible with the latest devices iPhone 13 and iOS 15.
  • Safe, clean and easy to use.

How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone (2021)

Now go to the management of how to get around the iPhone password.

Fonelab helps you unlock the iPhone screen, delete the Apple ID or its password, remove the screen time or restriction password in seconds.

  • Helps you to unlock the iPhone screen.
  • Removes Apple ID or its password.
  • Remove screen time or password in seconds.

Step 1 Presentation Fonelab unlocked iOS after installing. Choose wipe the password for password with iPhone.

Step 2 Press the start in wipe the password screen screen. Connect the iPhone to the computer using the Lightning USB-cable.

Step 3 Check information about the iPhone discovered. Press the start to confirm and move on. The program will immediately start loading the firmware package.

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Step 4 click to unlock the iPhone forgotten by password.

Step 5 in confirmation of the unlock screen, enter 0000 in the right place. Finally, click to go around the iPhone password without iTunes or fingerprint.

Recommendations and tips

The tips are simple and banal: fix all the passwords and monitor your data safety.

  • Write passwords in a notebook, in a phone note, in a hidden folder on a computer. anywhere. Memory can fail.
  • Do not wash files with passwords. they occupy a minimum of space, but very important in critical situations.
  • Do not change passwords through distance services, if possible-it is because of this function that they often forget the data for the entrance or try to use the old ones, forgetting that they have already used.
  • Make a copy of the tablet data at least once every six months. it does not take much time, does not require effort, but it will save the time when you have to restore data.

Once again: all these tips are boring and obvious, but in reality few people use them. Imagine how much nerves, time and money you will save. That if the year of warranty has already passed and you will have to go to an unofficial service? Apple repair will always be more expensive.

Contact the previous owner to remove the iCloud lock on your iPhone.

If you have purchased a used device on Craigslist, Ebay, Kijiji or Gumtree and find that the device is blocked by iCloud, it is best to contact the previous owner to remove iCloud blocking with your iPhone.

After entering the Apple ID and access code, the access code will be possible to remove the device from the iCloud account. Thus, iCloud activation lock will be disconnected.

Fonelab helps you unlock the iPhone screen, delete the Apple ID or its password, remove the screen time or restriction password in seconds.

  • Helps you to unlock the iPhone screen.
  • Removes Apple ID or its password.
  • Remove screen time or password in seconds.

What do you know about ICloud Lock?

ICLOUD LOCK. It is also an activation lock designed to protect your device and data in case of loss or theft of your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Apple Watch. When you turn on “Find the iPhone”, activation blocking automatically turns on. With a blocked iCloud iPhone, you are unlikely to be able to do anything, you cannot activate it using another account, you cannot erase the data from the device without entering the correct Apple ID and password, you will not be able to access the iPhone until you get access to the iPhone Unlock the locked iCloud iPhone.

Why can’t you unlock the locked iCloud iPhone?

You purchased a used iPhone or iPad, but the previous owner forgot to leave his account Apple ID and Icoud. You have not used iPhone or iPad for a long time, and you forgot the Apple ID password, which you initially installed. You accidentally raised the iPhone with blocked iCloud, you need to unlock the blocked iCloud iPhone to find the owner.

As soon as you turn on your iOS device and see one of the following screens, you must immediately check if the iPhone is blocked by blocking the activation.

How to break iCloud lock?

ICloud lock means your iPhone is not activated. This function protects your data in case of the theft of iPhone. In this article, we will discuss various methods of removing iCloud to unlock the blocked iCloud iPhone 11/11 Pro / 11 Pro Max / XS / XS MAX / XR / 8/8/6S / 6.

Appeal in support

The question of how to delete the iCloud application without a password has a clear answer. no way. IOS 7 devices.0-7.6 allowed to get around the ban by replacing the Apple ID password, but such a loophole is now absent. Therefore, if you forgot all the data, you need to call or write to Support. Contact information is on this site http: // www.Apple.COM/RU/Contact.

Before making an appeal at Support, you should prepare a photo of the box, where the serial number, serial number of the gadget itself and a check for the purchase will be visible. In the case, if you manage to prove that you are the legal owner of the iPhone, then after activation the lock will be removed, and then you can install a new password.

Hello! I wanted to clean the phone and dropped all the data and settings. The phone was bought a used but there is no connection with the old owner of neither a box nor a check and now, after reset, it requests iCloud there is an opportunity to delete it ?

At the moment, there is no way to remove the iCloud of another user without a password for this Polchmer at the moment. Only with a check and a box can you contact those windows of Apple


For a long time I created the mail icloud. Now I wanted to enter. The mail is blocked for security purposes, there is no access to the mail to reset and I don’t remember the control questions. Is there a way to restore?

Good afternoon. through Apple support service


Iphone failed. All data were screened out on it. Information all that is lost naturally, I don’t remember the password when trying to restore, I indicate the mail to it does not go by the code, I tried through the card I write the security code, although the card is in my hands and payment for it passed. How to be? Writes blocked for 13 days

Please clarify. The password from what have you forgotten. from the screen or from Apple ID? and how Iphone failed. What is your iPhone malfunction

How to Reset and Forgot password iCloud on iPhone and iPad success rate 100%


Good afternoon. resetting the account through the Apple support service is only possible.

Good afternoon! I stole the phone, I deleted the iCloud, after the phone was returned, and I can’t go under the old aiklud, since I deleted it and it does not exist, my mail is, respectively, mine is. To whom I just did not write in technical support, and in the USA there was in Etroplstor, they need a check, I didn’t buy it in Ukraine, there is a box, a check of the UKR store, I don’t know what to do

The steaming without a check will not work to do anything

Dobriy Den. Ya Kupil Ayfon. Prodives Propal. Kak Razblokirovat Ayfon 11. Kakie Sayti Doverreniye Chtobi Zaprosit

Good afternoon. IMEI needs to request. 500 r is the request itself


Hello, the daughter forgot the digital password on the iPhone 6, through Itunes she threw off and restored the phone, but now he asks ICLOUD to enter. She only remembers the password from the mail, does not remember the mail itself. Do not enter the phone and not see

After recovery through iTunes. iPhone asks to enter a password for the latest iCloud that was on the phone


Hello, half a year ago I bought a new iPhone 11. installed iCloud and everything else, the bodies worked, after a couple of months I can not enter T.I don’t remember the password, mail and.t.d box, there is everything.Tell me how to be?

Good afternoon. try to restore through


Hello. Mom bought an iPhone 7 phone in the store about 3 years ago and I created it ICloud there. He does not know the password. Now she bought a new phone, and we cannot transfer the data. He does not know either the password or answers to the counter questions. There is no access to the email, because Emile and ICLOUD are the same. What to do?

Good afternoon, try to restore via Cfqn


Hello, I bought 6 with iPhone 5 years ago. Was my ICLOUD, registered in another old issue. The phone is now stolen. Blocked my iCloud. Now can I restore my icloud? If yes, tell me what ways

cano you can if you remember the password from iCloud. can be restored by mail or phone number

I have iPhone 11, I forgot the password from Aylaud, I have access to the mail, I was told to restore it through the mail, I did everything, but how to change the password then. On many sites, they also do it through the same site, only there is completely different, there you can immediately change the password, but I do not have the same as being??Please help, I can’t fight it, they stitched me the phone gave 2,000 thousand, but in the end nothing

Good afternoon. Try to call Support Apple


Good afternoon. The question is. On the phone several times, they didn’t drive the password correctly and now writes that the Apple ID is disabled for security reasons. Through the website IFORGOT.Apple.COM does not judge such ID writes. I do not know what to do. Tell me please.

How to unlock the iPhone by installing a new firmware

This method is reliable and works for the vast majority of users, but requires the selection and loading of the firmware that weighs 1-2 gigabytes.

Attention! Carefully choose source for downloading the firmware. If there is a virus inside it, it can completely break your iPhone. How to unlock it finds it out for you. Do not ignore the warnings of the antivirus program and do not download files with extension.EXE

Using a computer, find and download the firmware for your iPhone model with expansion.IPSW. This expansion is the same for all models. For example, almost all official firmware can be found here. 2. Enter the conductor and move the firmware file to the folder at C: \ Documents and Settings \ User name that you use \ Application Data \ Apple Computer \ iPhone Software Updates.

Now connect your device to a computer via a USB cable and enter ites. Go to your phone section (if you have several devices). Each model will have a full technical name and you will easily find your.

Click Ctrl and “Restore iPhone”. You will have the opportunity to choose a firmware file that you downloaded. Click on it and click “Open”.

Frequently asked questions about blocked iCloud

Is it possible to buy iPhone with iCloud locking?

Not. You can buy a used iPhone at a budget price. However, the iPhone with iCloud is useless. You cannot access the Apple iCloud functions. If the seller cannot provide information about the related ICloud account. So this iPhone is stolen and resold. Therefore, before buying, make sure your used iPhone is disabled.

Is it possible to make a jailbreak iPhone with a blocked iCloud?

Jailbreak cannot remove iCloud locking from iPhone. But you can unlock the locked iCloud iPhone using Fonelab iOS Unlocker before hacking.

Is it possible to restore the IPhone factory settings blocked by iCloud?

Yes. Before the reset of the settings, you can remove the iPhone iCloud lock using Fonelab iOS Unlocker and other tools. After that, you can reset iPhone settings without blocking iCloud activation.

Whether the blocked email iCloud is true?

Not. If you have received an email that says your Apple ID or ICLOD is blocked, this is not legal. Someone is trying to deceive you to steal your Apple ID and password. Be careful and store your personal information in security.

This is all to get into the blocked iCloud iPhone and iPad. From this article you will learn that iCloud is blocked and how to independently bypass the activation of iCloud activation at home. Regardless of whether you want to re.use or sell the iOS blocked device with iCloud, you can get a satisfactory result here.

Fonelab helps you unlock the iPhone screen, delete the Apple ID or its password, remove the screen time or restriction password in seconds.