unlock, laptop, forgot, password

Ways to unlock the laptop

When visiting some unprotected resources, the user may encounter a laptop blocking. A similar scenario is also observed in cases where the owner of the gadget simply forgot the password. Many users believe that to solve the situation, it is necessary to completely reinstall the system and drop all the data. But everything turns out to be much easier. There are more loyal ways to unlock the laptop at home that any user can perform.

Independent ways of unlocking the laptop involve the option of deleting the user password in the administrator account account. This is one of the safest and most simple methods that help solve the problem of blocking.

  • Press the CtrLaltDelete key combination (2 times).
  • When opening an auxiliary window, you will need to find the fields “user” and “password”.
  • In the first line you need to enter the word “administrator”, the column with the password will need to be left empty.
  • Click on Enter.
  • Go to the control panel.
  • Select the user account.
  • Go to profile and delete the existing password. To steam the laptop, you can also put a new combination of numbers.
unlock, laptop, forgot, password

How to put and use a new password. a question of many users. After changing the settings, it is necessary to restart the device.

Reference! When the window is displayed, the user will need to enter a new combination of numbers.

How to remove the password when turned on through safe mode

A safe laptop mode is a special mode of operation, which allows you to eliminate some problems and solve current problems. It is activated when the laptop is turned on by pressing the F8 key.

  • After starting a safe mode in the field, the “Administrator” entry is selected, click on it.
  • After loading the desktop, they respond with consent (“Yes” button) to work in safe mode.
  • After this action, the user menu is selected on the toolbar.
  • New values ​​are introduced into the menu, the old.

Information! After manipulations associated with work in safe mode, the laptop is rebooted. The next session begins with entering a new value.

Option 1

The most optimal and simple way to solve the current issue is to use the LiveCD from Sergei Sagittarius. Firstly, in its loading image there is already all the necessary tools, and, secondly, it is completely in Russian and compatible with most PC/laptops.

About how to prepare a flash drive from this image of ISO is described in my last article (link below). Of course, you need another worker PC (where you can get to the desktop).

To help!

LiveCD for emergency windows recovery. selection

What programs are there on the disk “Sagittarius. “

After that, you need to connect the created flash drive to a USB port on a problematic PC/laptop and load from it (how to do it).

Next, the most ordinary desktop will appear in front of you You will need to go to the Start menu and among the programs to find and run Windows Login Unlocker (see. screenshot below).

Windows Login Unlocker. Sagittarius loading flash drive

After, in the upper menu you will need to choose your Windows OS (I have 2 of them. therefore 2 lines are reflected, see. Screen below. Strelka-1).

Then specify the user (in which you do not remember the password; in my case, this is “alex-accomp”) and click on the “Reset/Unlock” button.

If everything went successfully. you will see the corresponding notification

Now you can reboot the computer and use Windows normally.

Password reset via BIOS

Sometimes, due to loss of access to a laptop or a personal computer, a password reset methods may be required without entering the operating system. Here BIOS comes to the rescue. the basic equipment of any motherboard, which allows manipulating almost all the main parameters of your device.

BIOS reset recommendations are universal and suitable for you regardless of the OS.

How to Fix Forgotten Windows 7 Password. Bypass Login Screen & Reset Password

unlock, laptop, forgot, password

To begin with, you will need to launch the main BIOS menu, which is extremely simple, guided by instructions in a special section on our website and having no difficulties with protecting the BIOS itself.

After a successful entrance to the BIOS main menu, you can enter two different methods:

In the case of restrictions on the entrance to the BIOS, you can reset all its main parameters.

Regardless of the selected method, the entrance to the OS will be fully resumed. However, do not forget that in case of mass reset of parameters, the best option would be to configure everything as it was before the recommended actions performed.

How To Reset Windows 10 From The Login Screen

OPHCRACK utility

This software is designed to hack lost passwords. With it, you can easily unlock access to the system. You can run OPHCRACK both on a variety of platforms and in the form of LiveCd. It can be useful if you have only one account, the entrance to which is now impossible.

You can download the utility by clicking on the link http: // ophcrack.SourceForge.Net/. This is the official website of the program developer. Select a regular version or liveCd.

The LiveCD image must be installed on a loading flash drive (for example, using the Ultraiso utility). After that, you need to reboot the computer, go to the BIOS settings and select the loading from the flash drive.

On the main screen, users will be able to choose between graphic (Graphic Mode) and text mode (Text Mode) mode.

The text mode works faster and more stable graphic, so it is better to work with its help. Go to it, wait a bit until the program selects the lost password. After that, you can enter Windows and remove it in the settings.

How to restore password through safe mode

If there were no tips or it did not help to recall the key to access, you should use the proven entry method using a safe mode. To do this, just perform the following manipulations:

  • You need to turn on the laptop or activate its reboot.
  • After a certain time from the start of the re.launch, you will hear a sound signal that indicates the activation of the BIOS system. To enter the main setting window, press the DEL, ESC, F10 key (depending on the model for activation, other assigned keys can be used). To get at the right time, it is recommended to press this button several times in a row.
  • With the correct performance of all actions, a dialog box with various parameters should be opened. If this does not happen, do everything again.
  • Among the proposed list of opportunities using arrows on the keyboard, select “safe mode”. Enter key activate the selected system launching method.
  • After that, wait for the laptop loading. The program will invite you to go under the administrator’s account, in which you do not need to enter a password.

Attention! Do not change the system settings and administration rights, otherwise this method will not help restore access.

Go around protection using the Google account

Some devices on Android 4.4 and older versions of the OS allow you to remove the screen lock using the Google account. Provided that the device is connected to the Internet.

To check if your smartphone supports this method, enter any password, pin code or graphic key five times. After five incorrect attempts to unlock on the screen, the inscription “forgot the password should appear?”Or a similar hint. Click on it and enter the login and password from the Google account with which your device is synchronized.

After a successful entrance, the screen is unlocked. If you also forgot the password from the Google account, try to restore access to it using the special service of the company.

How to restore password using Windows loading disk

If you do not use Microsoft account, but use the local Windows account and found that you are completely blocked by Windows, do not despair. Hope is still. You can still reset Windows password using the command line, but in order to even open the command line, you will need a boot Windows on a USB drive. Fortunately, you can download the ISO-File MS Windows from the official Microsoft website for free. Do this and write it on a USB drive.

  • Insert Windows loading disk into your computer.
  • Reload the computer when the option appears and press the download key.
  • In the download menu, select the device that you connected.
  • Select “Next” on the emerging Windows installation screen.
  • Select “Restore the Computer”.
  • Select “Elimination of problems”.
  • Select “additional parameters”.
  • Select the “command line”.
  • Enter the next command in CMD to change the utility manager.

“CD C: \ Windows \ System32” Ren Utilman.EXE UTILMAN_BAK.exe “” Copy cmd.Exe Utilman.exe “” Exit “

  • Reload the computer when the entrance screen appears into Windows, click “Simplicity of Access”. While in the System32 catalog, enter Control Userpasswords2 and press the input key.
  • Press the password reset, and then enter a new password or leave the new password field empty to remove the password to enter Windows.