Glass replacement on the phone Honor 10x lite, P Smart (2021), Y7a (2020)

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Good afternoon, today in the repair rare guest Honor 10x lite, rare because there are few sales apparently =) the glass is shattered. Sealed with tape that the shards would not fly in different directions and on the separator could be fixed with a vacuum

The glass is removed at 70#xB0; brush off the glue residue with your fingers, check if you have already broken it when removing it

No, everything is fine. Roll the universal wasp film, this display has a nuance with the camera, in fact there is not a hole, and the glass is transparent, polarizing film on the display, it creates a drop. And in this place often gets part of the film sediment, respectively the camera will be cloudy. In order to avoid this, drops the local glue, and after that roll up the film.

Turning all the unnecessary.Prepare the glass. I only had a 2in1 glass. Already with the siege film, you have to take it off.

Throwing in a pressure chamber. After 3 minutes we take out

How to unlock HUAWEI Honor 8S?

Before you know if your HUAWEI Honor 8S is locked. you need to check if you can’t unlock your device using popular screen locking methods. As a rule, for added security, your phone can have standard screen locking methods such as:

You can also use biometric methods. Such as:

  • Fingerprint. Use fingerprint scanning to unlock HUAWEI Honor 8S
  • Face recognition. Try using Face ID unlock with the front camera
  • Iris or smart scan. you can try the advanced security methods available on selected devices.

So before proceeding to unlock methods for your HUAWEI Honor 8S, check the standard passwords, patterns and biometric methods to unlock your phone.

If your HUAWEI Honor 8S is locked, the first thing you need to find out is the reason for the lock. We would like to introduce the types of locks that your HUAWEI Honor 8S may have.

  • screen lock. Locked by password, picture or face lock. To successfully remove such a lock, you need to use Android Recovery Mode. Where you can successfully perform a full reset operation. Click here to perform a full reset using Android Recovery Mode to delete everything stored on your HUAWEI device.
  • Google Verification / Factory Reset Protection. in a situation where you have forgotten your Google account login details. You need to know how to activate your HUAWEI Honor 8S with a new Google account. Click here to learn how to bypass Google verification on the HUAWEI Honor 8S, or click here to view HardReset on our YT tutorial on how to smoothly activate your HUAWEI device without linking Google account to your HUAWEI Honor 8S.
  • SIMLOCK lock. If you want to check the SIMLOCK status of a certain device, we strongly recommend using the tool offered by Visit this website and check all the necessary details.

Here you can watch videos on how to bypass Google verification. Try to find an unlock method for HUAWEI Honor 8S:

How to Unlock ?

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How to unlock Honor and Huawei phone if you forgot your password

Honor and Huawei are some of the most popular Android smartphones, and they are the most often used by users who forget their password.

What to do if I forgot the password from my Honor or Huawei phone you can find in this material. We will consider all the ways with pictures in detail and solve this issue once and for all.

Previous article was dedicated to unlocking phones with forgotten passwords, there we learnt how to do it for the most popular phone models. Today we will focus on resetting the password of Honor and Huawei devices.

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Important! Unlock your smartphone or tablet without factory reset, it is impossible on new models with EMUI versions above 9. This is a feature of all new Android firmware.

How to reset Google account on Huawei/Honor phone: a new way to bypass FRP

How to reset the Google account on Huawei. wizards have invented a lot of ways to bypass the lock. It is impossible to know in advance which of the proposed approaches will be effective and help you to bypass the restrictions. Therefore, users will have to act by trial and error, consistently testing various methods of resetting the account tied to the smartphone. One of them will allow you to achieve the desired result.

Bypass GOOGLE FRP on HUAWEI and HONOR smartphones

Not so long ago I faced with the problem of this FRP (Factory Reset Protection), of which before a word or two. What is it? The system of protection against device theft, which was developed by GOOGLE.

What is meant by this system? In a nutshell. Tying the hardware of your smartphone to a specific GOOGLE account. That way if your phone gets stolen, an intruder won’t be able to use it, even if you do a factory reset. The phone will ask you to enter the username and password for the account that was tethered to the phone. Creating or trying to log into a new account will cause the phone to show the message “Log in to one of the accounts of the owners of this device”. And it will be like this until the details of the account tied to the phone are entered.

Any attempts to clear the phone, flash it or downgrade the phone software also will not lead to anything.

It took me all day to find a way to bypass this protection. There are a lot of YouTube videos, which explain step by step what you need to do, but none of them helped me, because GOOGLE is constantly improving FRP, and with each update eliminates the possibility of circumventing security.

Only by combining several methods, I finally managed to bypass FRP and unlock my phone, the data to log in to the account of which I had safely once forgot.

Beforehand download and throw the program Nova Launcher on the flash drive of the phone (download the file Nova_launcher.APK). It is very important, because through this program we will get to the settings section of the phone. It is also important that the phone has a SIM card with active Internet access (or you can select a language and connect to an active Wi-Fi network, then return to the language selection screen and start the action).

During the language selection procedure, tap on the smartphone screen with two fingers and hold them there for 10 seconds;

The TalkBack voice assistant opens;

For ease of operation, I recommend that you reduce or mute the sound altogether;

Draw the letter “L” on your smartphone screen. This will bring up the helper settings menu;

By default, TalkBack is controlled with two fingers and a double tap on the screen, which is extremely inconvenient. To disable this feature and enable one-touch control, press sound keys “” and “-” at the same time. The system will say in English that the function is disabled. Now you can control the smartphone with a single touch on the screen.

In the settings menu that appears, select “TalkBack Settings”, then “Help Feedbaask”;

Hard Reset Honor 8s (KSA-LX9) Unlock Remove Password/Pettern/Pin

7.Select “About Switch Access for Android”. A page with a video explaining the functions of the program will open. Click on the play button for the clip, and then on the title of the clip. You’ll be taken to the YouTube app;

The app will ask you to update it. Do not do this under any circumstances. Click “Not Now.”.

Underneath the video, click on the “Share” button, and select the “Notepad” method;

A notepad will open with a link to the clip. Here you need to add some. or photo. Attach a photo to the note, then in the upper right corner click on the checkbox. The app will ask you how to save the note. Select “As Image.”

Now share this recording via Google Maps;

The “Google Maps” application will launch. Select a point on the maps (I, for example, chose the nearest store) and create a route to it, and then start following it by clicking on the “Start” button;

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At the top of the application window will appear with the title of the object and its address. A microphone icon will appear next to. Tap on it and say “Google Now/Google science”. The head assistant will start. Say the command “Open Google”, and then we will launch the Google Assistant;

Enter the word “Files” in the search box. Note that as you type the word, the assistant will give you options. Select among them our file manager (Files app);

Now, through the file manager, find the pre-made Nova_Launcher on your flash drive and install it.APK, at the end of the installation press “Open”. You’ll be taken to the desktop launched via Nova Launcher.

Go to your phone’s Settings, scroll to the bottom, and select “About phone”.

Here we are interested in the line “Build”. Tap on it 7 times. You have become a developer!

Return to the “Settings” of the phone and go to “Advanced settings” section. Scroll to the bottom and select “Backup Recovery”. Here you need to click on the “Factory Reset” button and agree to start the reset and restore operation, confirming all the actions.

Phone will reboot. A progress bar will appear on the screen in the form of a circle with a progress bar gradually filling in, with the caption “Low level formating” at the bottom. Your phone performs a factory reset, so to speak “out of the box”. After the reboot you will be able to setup your phone as if you have just bought it.

Unlocking Huawei Smartphone without Password or Pattern Lock

You will need an active Google account linked to the smartphone and Internet access for it:

  • Enter your wrong Pattern or Password five times.
  • You’ll see “Forgot Pattern/Password?”Press on it.
  • In the window that opens enter the email address that is attached to the phone.
  • Now enter your account login details.
  • Follow the instructions to reset your password.

You can remove the lock in this way only on smartphones with EMUI 8 and below.

On newer models of smartphones, an incorrect password simply locks the device for an hour. this is done in order to ensure the privacy of the user’s personal data.

How to log out of your Google account after a hard reset

The methods described above are not perfect. First, they do not apply to all phones, and secondly, it is not safe to give your, even former smartphone, in the wrong hands, if it has any data. It’s more reliable to erase all unnecessary information and return your device to its original state. However, it’s not all that easy.

Recently, all Android smartphones use a new security option called FRP. Factory Reset Protection. Only experienced users who often update the firmware of their phones know about it, and, of course, specialists from service centers, where they bring blocked devices after a hard reboot.

FRP does not make life difficult for the average user. This option is needed to protect the important data (passwords, banking information, photos, etc.).п.). In any attempt of an intruder to get access to the data, which can be reflashing to reset the lock passwords and using specialized software, will be requested obligatory entry of username and password for Google account.

But what to do if the phone needs to be returned to the state “just out of the box”, and the protection in the form of FRP does not allow to do it?

Remove FRP lock on Huawei

FRP Lock (Factory Reset Protection). is an anti-theft protection system in Android phones that is triggered after a hardware reset. After rebooting and connecting to the Internet you will be prompted for a username and password. Google Account Confirmation window. If this data is forgotten/lost, the device can not be used.

Huawei FRP Key. Is Google account removal by official unlock code. How to remove Google account from your Huawei phone? The answer to this question you will find below.

For this service, you will be provided with a factory authentic key to reset the Google account lock for any Huawei model whose software is not corrupted using your IMEI or serial code. It is a reusable key to reset google locks just for this phone.

Consider two ways to get your data: serial number (S/N) or first IMEI, if you do not have the phone’s box or sticker.

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Before you start all the actions you need to:1. Disable driver signature verification in Windows 8 /8.1 /102. Download and install the drivers

Set the device to Fastboot mode (with the device turned off press the volume down and connect the cable to the PC. It is better to use original cable.).

In the program press the Read phone info button.

On the right side of the window, copy the S/N and send it to us.

Put the device in Fastboot mode (with the device turned off, hold the volume down and connect the cable to the PC)

In the program press the “Fill in” button.

On the right side of the window copy the serial number and send it to us.

After receiving the code, you need to send it to the phone using one of the two methods:

Download Fastboot Erase Tool and run it. (Preferably as an Administrator)

With the phone turned off, press and hold the volume down and connect the USB cable, boot to Fastboot mode.

Enter received code into the window number 1 and press the FRP Unlock button.

Phone will ask you to confirm unlocking by pressing “Sound” button.

After the automatic reboot, wait a few minutes, and then the process of unlocking your Google account will end.

Run the command line. (Best as Administrator)

With the phone turned off press and hold the volume and connect the cable, it will start in Fastboot mode.

Execute the command fastboot oem frp-unlock

fastboot oem frp-unlock 9PF10YKE4P47PPMX. instead of this code enter the code we will send you.

After the reboot wait a few minutes and the unlock process will be completed.

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