How to get permission to unlock the bootloader

If the text “This device is locked” appears, you should contact Xiaomi. To do this:

    Go to en.miui.Click on “Unlock Now” to unlock the phone.

How to quickly unlock your Xiaomi phone without a password in 2022

Nowadays, an absolute majority of developers make sure that their products have a reliable protection system. Dactyloscopic sensors, retinal biometric authentication, multi-digit password codes. there are many options and they’re all effective in their own way. Another thing is that sometimes some security features become a serious obstacle not only for attackers, but also for the users themselves, who may forget the previously entered authentication data.

What you need to know before resetting your Xiaomi Redmi 4 password? You should read this point before resetting any cell phone. How to install third-party MIUI 8 themes? “Step-by-step instructions”

The most important things to know Before a hard reset:

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1) Charge the battery above 70%

If the mobile battery charge is low, the phone may be disconnected during the hard reset process. So charge the battery above 70%. Lenovo unveiled the world’s first flexible smartphone.

2) Remove the SD card and SIM card

The hard reset method will delete all the data on your memory card, in some cases this means the SD card and SIM card. So you need to remove the SD card and SIM card before hard resetting or formatting your cell phone. Motorola unveiled the budget smartphone Moto E4 and Moto E4 Plus.

3) Back up all your cell phone data if possible

Back up all your mobile data, if possible. Since a hard reset deletes all your data on the mobile device. Huawei Mate 10 will be the most powerful device in the world.

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Then press and hold the volume up button power button
  • Then select your language.
  • Then select the option: “erase and reset” using the volume down function and the power button to confirm the operation.
  • After that, select the “Wipe All Data” option and select “Yes”.
  • Success, the format made on your cell phone.

Resetting forgotten PIN using third-party apps

Forgotten Pattern or Pin unlocked help Recovery TWRP. The program is downloaded from the official page of the developers. The software helps you reset your phone to factory settings and edit partitions:

  • Install the app on your PC.
  • Connect your smartphone to your PC with the cable. The autoloader does not always work, so we recommend manually running the program.
  • In the software window choose the “Pin-code Reset” menu.
  • The device is rebooted.
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Inteis software is in English, but intuitive. If the knowledge is not enough, in the second window you open Google Translator. In order not to lose data from the memory card and SIM card during the experiment, we advise you to remove the drive from the device. Similar working principle is used by the Dr.The device goes into reboot mode:

  • The software can be downloaded from developer’s site.
  • Install the software on your computer.
  • Launch the program.
  • Smartphone is connected to PC with USB cable.
  • The text “Unlock” appears on the screen, activate the inscription.
  • The device goes into the recovery mode.
  • After data recovery is completed the device reboots without asking for a password.

How to unlock Xiaomi phone if you forgot the pattern key

All Xiaomi phones have several ways of protection: unlocking by fingerprint, pin-code or graphic key. And often a situation arises when users forget their smartphone password, and entering the combination incorrectly multiple times only makes the situation worse, locking the device for hours or even days. From the article the reader will learn how to unlock Xiaomi phone if he forgot the graphical password.

The options below can be divided into 2 types:

There are 2 ways to regain access to your device without deleting information from internal memory. The problem is that they only work on devices with outdated firmware and are not suitable for Redmi 4/4X, 5, 6, Note 7, 8/8 Pro or 9.

Incoming call

This method of resetting the password works on older versions of MIUI firmware in conjunction with the flagship Mi smartphones.

  • After locking your Xiaomi phone, call the device from another smartphone and answer the call.
  • Minimize the call window and go to “Settings” of the device.
  • Find the menu item “Security/Data Protection”. the name is different from the software revision.
  • Go to “Lock Screen”, select “Disable Lock”.
  • In the notification that appears at the bottom, click on “OK”.

Redmi 8 Pattern Unlock & FRP Bypass

Of the disadvantages of this method: it does not work on devices with MIUI 10/11/12, you may need to enter the security code when disabling the password.

When there is no access to another phone, users suggest making an emergency call to special service numbers. consider this recommendation last.

Low battery notification

Alternative to the previous method. Unlocking works like this:

  • Wait until the battery runs out of power;
  • You will see a notification on the screen that the battery is low. Tap on the window that pops up;
  • Go to “Security/Lock” to run a digital password or a graphic key, using the “Disable Lock” tab.
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By analogy. the approach does not work on MIUI 10/11/12 versions.


TWRP is a custom recovery that increases the number of active functions in the device’s recovery menu. It is available for pre-installation by the owner of the smartphone, replacing the official Recovery from Xiaomi. This allows you to get rid of the files responsible for locking the screen. It goes like this:

  • hold down the power key and select “Power off”;
  • Press volume up and lock key simultaneously. Hold them down until you get to the TWRP menu. When the method doesn’t work, hold down the buttons until the manufacturer’s logo appears on the screen;
  • when prompted for a graphical password, tap “Cancel”;
  • Select “Advanced” from the main menu, from there go to “File Manager”;
  • go to “data”. “system”;
  • alternately find and delete 5 files: locksettings.db-shm,locksettings.db-wal,locksettings.db-wal,gesture.key andpassword.key;
  • go back to the TVRP main menu and choose “Reboot” to reboot your device.

It is possible to install the custom recovers when the smartphone is locked, but this requires enabled USB debugging and formatting the internal storage of the device.

Via Dr.Fone Toolkit

Dr.Fone Toolkit is specially designed to remove screen locks. Before using it:

  • launch the program. Select “Unlock screen lock”;
  • Switch your smartphone to the Recovery mode, as described in the previous paragraph;
  • Wait for the software to access the memory of the device and remove the locked screen files;
  • Reboot your phone.
  • A PC is required;
  • Loads unknown files into the device memory;
  • Requires you to purchase the full version to access all the functionality.

Reset via phone finder service

If the previous methods do not help, you can use the reset through the service google. In the settings of the phone must be authorized your account google mail. You must remember your login and password for it.

You need to enter your google account on any Android device, then go to google play and install the official program for remote device management. In the dialog box, choose your device to install. The app should be remotely installed on the locked phone.

Now go to the device manager. There may be required to enter your password from your google account. Select your locked device and activate the clearing function. After this will reset to factory settings, all data and passwords will be removed, all information from the SIM card and memory card will also disappear, unless you remove them beforehand.

Bitmap key. is a variant of the usual digital password to unlock your smartphone. It represents a specific sequence of points, which the user needs to connect with straight lines.

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The three main advantages of the graphical password:

  • No need to remember a complex combination of numbers or letters;
  • input speed. It takes 2-3 seconds to draw several straight lines on the screen with your finger;
  • customizable degree of security. The user can create a combination of dots from three to ten at his discretion.

Full reset of graphic key with personal information on the phone cannot be done. However, there are several methods that allow you to regain access to a locked smartphone, while minimizing the loss of information.

It sounds banal, but the easiest and most effective way is to distract yourself.

If your brain is busy processing other information (while watching a movie or playing a computer game), muscle memory will help it.

The fingers will automatically draw the correct combination, entered by them hundreds of times already.

The method works only with a long-established password, which for some reason has slipped your mind. It is not possible to reproduce a newly created key in this way.

Turn on and off on-screen notifications

All actions take place in “Notifications” section of settings. After going to this menu item, choose “App notifications” and “Lock screen” to configure the notifications on it. You can also configure a general display from certain applications that are installed on your Xiaomi smartphone.

Going to this settings section, you can see 2 additional items:

  • Format. in it, you can choose how to show notifications: in full, to hide their contents, or not to show them at all;
  • Access from the lock screen (not all apps). When this feature is enabled, tapping on the notification will take you straight to the app from which it pops up.

Below in this section is a list of applications. You can set notifications to show for any of them, as well as quickly disable them by moving the slider to the left next to the program. Tapping on any of the apps brings up the following list of settings:

  • Show notifications. you can turn them on or off;
  • Label on the application icon. more about the desktop MIUI (near the shortcut will display the number of unviewed notifications);
  • Pop-up notifications. display them on top of the running application;
  • Lock screen. Here you can enable or disable the display of notifications.

Other settings depend on the program itself.