Home button software problems

One of the reasons why the Home button on the iPhone-5S does not work is to update the operating system to iOS 10. After installing this update, it turns out that after pressing the button when turning on the phone, it does not enter the PIN-code input mode. And it feels like the button has broken.

There are two ways to solve this problem. First, get used to the fact that in iOS 10 you need to double-click a button. This is the easiest way. Secondly, you can go to the main settings of the phone, select the “Universal access” category, and in it the “Home” category and select “Apply finger”. After this operation, the phone will return to its previous reactions to your actions. But most likely, you will have to get used to such features of the operating system. It is likely that in future versions there will be no such return.

Why activation is needed

As mentioned above, to activate means to make the very first turn on if you just took the device out of the box and removed the protective film. Or just turn it on, if the phone was flashed before or the settings were reset.

Activation is the initial setting of the gadget’s parameters, namely: language, region of residence, selection of a backup copy (if there is one: this is described below) and calibration of some additional functions and services. If you have already activated the iPhone, then some of the points should be familiar to you, otherwise. read our detailed article to the end.

Activation is also required for the device to identify your cellular operator and register it in the network database. After the owner inserts a SIM card and turns on the device, the iPhone sends information from the SIM, namely, a unique IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identifier) ​​code. In a matter of seconds, all data is analyzed, all information is confirmed, and it is also checked whether the subscriber can access the requested network in which he is located.

How to turn iPhone OFF and ON WITHOUT POWER BUTTON?

In this # video, I talked about how you can # turn off and # turn on the iPhone, #iPad and #iPod without the power button. So.

IPhone activation process

Before turning on your iPhone, check to see if you have a SIM card of the correct size (micro for older models and nano for newer). Activation will fail without a SIM. You will also need a wireless Internet connection (or cellular connection) or a computer with iTunes (as an option for restoring a backup). And only after you are convinced of all the above steps, you can safely hold down the Power button (or hold down the lower volume and lock buttons on iPhone 10 and above).

There are no legal methods to activate a device without a SIM card! In versions iOS 7 and higher / lower, such a vulnerability did exist, but since iOS 7.1.2 it has been fixed.

How the two terms “activation” and “Apple’s warranty” are related

Many users, who have picked up an Apple device for the first time, ask themselves the question, what is the meaning of the warranty when starting up for the first time or restarting from scratch? The fact is that the activation process is accompanied by an automatic start of the warranty period from Apple. The warranty period does not start on the day of purchase, but from the moment the Apple ID account was created (or re-authorized).

Important note! The initial text “Hello” (Hello and other greetings in different languages) in no way signals that the device is new. This inscription appears regardless of whether the device is new right out of the box or used with discarded content.

Causes of the malfunction

As a matter of fact, there may be several circumstances that the Home button on the iPhone-5S does not work. And they fall into three categories:

  • Mechanical.
  • Software.
  • Technological.

Let’s see what can be attributed to mechanical failures leading to the fact that the Home button on the iPhone-5S does not work. This category of malfunctions can be caused by the ingress of dust or moisture under the button itself or mechanical damage to it due to shock or excessive pressure. Most often, such issues are resolved using the service center.

IPhone. disabled Home and Power button

iPhone. disabled Home and Power button Our digital magazine:.

How to unlock touch on iPhone?

Press the Home button using Touch ID to unlock your device. To unlock your device using Touch ID without pressing the Home button, go to Settings General Accessibility Home and turn on Swipe to open. May 2, 2019.

How to Display Home Button on Samsung Screen?

How to set the application screen button

  • Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • We select “Display”. “Main screen”.
  • We find the item “Application screen button”.
  • Select “Show Application Screen Button”, and then click “Apply” at the top right.

How to unlock iPhone without pressing home button?

How to unlock iPhone or iPad with one tap without pressing the Home button (for iOS 13 and newer)

  • Open the “Settings” application;
  • Go to the section “Accessibility” → “Home button”;
  • Activate the “Swipe to open” option.

How to display the home button?

We go along the path “Settings”. “System”. “System navigation”. Open the navigation button settings. Now you need to move the toggle switch to the inactive position, after which “Home” will no longer appear on the screen of the Android device.

How to Display Shazam on Screen on iPhone?

On your iPhone or iPad, open Settings, scroll down to installed apps and tap Shazam, then turn on your microphone. If you don’t see the Microphone option, you may have privacy restrictions enabled.

How to enable iPhone home button on screen?

How to enable the virtual Home button on the iPhone or iPad screen (Assistive Touch) Open Settings → General → Accessibility → Assistive Touch (in order to quickly find it, scroll down.

How to restore iPhone if the Home button is not working?

How to restart iPhone if the Home button is pressed badly

Press “Enter recovery mode” and enter the device into recovery mode, a lace and an iTunes icon will appear on the screen. After that, click on the “Exit recovery mode” button, and the iPhone will reboot, the Home button will start working.

What causes a breakdown

In total, there are five buttons on the iPhone, of which two are volume control, one is for returning to the home screen. One more. to control the call modes and, finally, the remaining one. to perform the functions of locking the touch screen and turning on the device.

There are many reasons why the lock button does not work:

  • Power button physically damaged (broken).
  • The loop connected on the board does not work (breakage or incomplete contact).
  • The main board of the smartphone gets wet, which means that the contacts lose conductivity.
  • Causes associated with incorrect operation and errors in the operating system.
  • Often, breakage occurs due to over-pressing. You can continue to use the iPhone, but this will significantly reduce the comfort of work.

Turning on iPhone using the charger

You can turn on the smartphone if the lock button breaks down using a simple but proven method. For this, a charger from the device is used:

  • Connect the charging device, preferably the original one, to the power source.
  • Leave the device for a while: 10 to 30 minutes.
  • After reaching a certain level of charge, the system will automatically turn on the iPhone. If this does not happen after an hour, you should check the health of the charger, as well as the power source.

If the breakdown of the button is caused by errors in the software, press the key combination for a deep reboot. Simultaneously press the buttons “Home” and “Lock”, and then hold them for about 15-20 seconds. The completion of this operation is the appearance of the Apple logo on the home screen.


Without a physical button, you will have to use its virtual counterpart. To do this, you need to enable AssistiveTouch.

We follow the path Settings. General. Accessibility. AssistiveTouch and activate the main switch.

Opening the Top Level Menu section

Select any unnecessary button from the existing ones or add an additional icon to the menu.

Selecting the Screen Lock option.

Now, in the AssistiveTouch menu that appears when you click on the virtual button, you can see the screen lock button. Pressing will turn off the display, and holding it will call the iPhone mute slider we need.

Shutting down iPhone via iOS

In order to turn off the iPhone without the lock button, the developers have provided the Assistive Touch application built into iOS. To unlock this function, find the “Settings” icon (gray gear) on the main screen, then go to the “General” item, then. “Universal access”.

Slide the switch next to AssistiveTouch to the right so that it lights up green.

An icon will now appear on the lock screen. If you click on it, the iPhone control menu will open. We select the item “Apparatus”, and then hold down the button “Screen lock” to turn off the phone.

Of course, there is another option: wait until the smartphone is completely discharged and turns off on its own.

Despite the possibility of using an iPhone with a damaged lock button, it cannot be operated in this way for a long time, because this will damage other electronic components of the gadget. Try to make repairs as quickly as possible.

unlock, iphone, home, button

One of the common breakdowns in the iPhone of different models is the failure of the on / off button of the device. In this case, repairs are inexpensive, but not everyone can stay for several days without their favorite gadget.

This is not necessary, because there is a way to use the device even with a broken button.

In the first test version of iOS 11, the developers added a special menu item along the path Settings. General. Disable. It brings up the menu to turn off the device without pressing the power button.

There are several months before the official release of the firmware, and you can use a device with a broken button right now.

How to Unlock an iPhone without a Home Button | Broken Home Button Problems

How to turn on iPhone without home button

There are a hundred wrong actions that can cause various damage to a smartphone. Despite the quality and reliability, Apple devices can be damaged due to carelessness. According to the rating of calls to the service center, the breakdown of the lock button is considered the leader. Few people know that it is still possible to use a smartphone with such a problem. The developers have provided several ways to turn on the iPhone if the lock button does not work.

Conveniently enable / disable AssistiveTouch

Turning off and restarting the device is not needed every day, but the virtual button will regularly appear on the screen. You can configure its quick hiding and display.

Go to Settings. General. Accessibility. Keyboard shortcut and select AssistiveTouch. Thereafter, triple pressing the Home button will toggle the AssistiveTouch menu on and off.

How to Unlock iPhone with Unresponsive Screen Easily

Justin Sabrina Updated June 16, 2020

“This morning my phone unexpectedly fell out of my hand to the ground and finally I got an iPhone with a broken screen. When I tried to unlock the screen password to access my contacts, I found that the screen was not responding at all. no matter how I touch it. How to remove the locked screen now when there is no answer from the phone screen? “

“How do I enter a passcode when my iPhone’s screen is unresponsive? I found that my iPhone 8’s screen was suddenly unresponsive, I tried to do a soft reset, but it didn’t work. Now I cannot access my iPhone because it is impossible to enter the unlock password on the screen “.

If you are facing a similar issue and are worried about unlocking an iPhone with an unresponsive screen, here is a troubleshooting article for unlocking an iPhone with an unresponsive screen. If your iPhone’s touchscreen isn’t responding or working, we’ve come up with several working solutions. Both methods are simple, allowing you to unlock the lock screen when the iPhone touchscreen is not working or not working. So let’s dive deeper into the process of fixing an unresponsive iPhone.

How to Unlock iPhone with Unresponsive Screen Easily (100% Working)

Sudden irresponsibility of your iPhone can be fixed immediately with UkeySoft Unlocker. If your touchscreen is broken or the screen is unresponsive, obviously you cannot enter the password to unlock your iPhone. UkeySoft Unlocker helps you, it removes locked screen from iPhone without password. It is used to remove 4-digit / 6-digit passwords, Touch ID and Face ID on iPhone or iPad. In addition, users also reported that their iPhones were locked with iCloud Activation Lock because they forgot their passwords. UkeySoft Unlocker is also a good helper when you need to remove Apple ID from any iDevices without password or remove iCloud activation lock in iOS 13, 12 and earlier. Now follow the steps below to learn how to unlock iPhone from unresponsive screen without password using UkeySoft Unlocker.

  • Unblock disabled iPhone / iPad / iPod touch without iTunes or iCloud;
  • Unlock broken screen, locked, locked or black screen iPhone;
  • It is easy to remove password from any disabled iPhone / iPad / iPod touch;
  • High level of successful unlocking. compared to iTunes and other iOS unlocking software on the market;
  • Unblock Apple ID from any iDevice without password;
  • Unlock iCloud Activation Lock for your iPhone / iPad / iPod;
  • Keep your apps and data safe while removing Apple ID.

Unlock iPhone 6 / 6S without Password or Siri via Find My iPhone

To fix disabled iPhone, you can also unlock iPhone 6 without Siri using Find My iPhone. Likewise, this method will also receive all data remotely, including the access code. If you’ve used an Apple ID on your iPhone 6 / 6s and Find My iPhone is enabled, let’s get started!

Using a friend’s computer / iPad / phone, go to iCloud.com and sign in with your Apple ID and password.

Click Find iPhone, then select your iPhone 6/6 under the All Devices option.

Just click “Erase iPhone”, then all data and settings, including the password on the screen, will be deleted remotely. When erasing is complete, you can unlock iPhone 6 without passcode.

Unlock iPhone 6 / 6S without Password or Siri with iTunes

To avoid using Siri to log into a disabled iPhone 6, you can use iTunes to restore your iPhone to unlock the screen passcode if you’ve synced your iPhone with iTunes once. Unfortunately, this method will erase all your data along with your password.
Follow Easy Steps to Unlock iPhone 6 without Password with iTunes.
Launch iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone 6 / 6S to the computer you previously synced with.
After iTunes detects your iPhone 6 / 6S, tap your device icon and click “Summary” on the left, then click “Restore iPhone“.

Confirm the Restore option again, then follow the onscreen instructions to restore your iPhone, and then wait for the process to complete.
Now your iPhone passcode is unlocked, you can enter your iPhone without passcode and then restore it from backup if needed.

Unlock iPhone 6 / 6S without Password or Siri with iOS Unlock Tool (Best)

If none of the above works for you, you can turn to a third-party professional iOS unlock tool called UkeySoft Unlocker for help.

UkeySoft Unlocker is a powerful and easy-to-use iPhone passwords unlocking tool to help you unlock iPhone without siri effectively, no matter if you have set 4-digit / 6-digit passcode, Touch ID and Face ID. Plus, it allows you to unlock your Apple ID without a password, helping you access your device again.

Main features of UkeySoft iOS Unlocker:

  • Unlock iPhone 6 / 6s Passcode without Siri.
  • Remove 4-digit / 6-digit passcode, Touch ID and Face ID on iPhone / iPad.
  • Bypass Locked or Disabled iPhone and Broken Screens.
  • Unlock Apple ID on any activated iPhone / iPad / iPod without password.
  • Compatible with all iOS versions and devices (including iOS 13.5).

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How to Unlock iPhone 6 / 6S Without Passcode or Siri

Justin Sabrina Updated on July 22, 2020

Most of us are used to set up a password lock on our iPhone. But what if you forget your iPhone passcode? Sometimes we forget our iPhone 6 / 6S password lock and start to panic. You may have tried to take advantage of the Siri error to access your locked iPhone 6. However, it only works on iOS 9 and is not always effective. If you can’t unlock iPhone 6 / 6S without passcode or Siri, please keep reading this article. Here are the 4 best ways to unlock a disabled iPhone 6 / 6S without entering a password or using Siri.

Unlock iPhone 6 / 6S without password or Siri using recovery mode

If you are not interested in the above methods, put iPhone 6 into recovery mode. this is another method that can help you bypass iPhone passcode without Siri. Likewise, this method will also erase all data, including the lock screen passcode, but sometimes forcing the iPhone into recovery mode can freeze the device and become unusable. Please think twice!

Launch iTunes app on computer and then connect iPhone 6 / 6s to computer with USB cable.

Put your iPhone 6 / 6s manually into recovery mode: turn on your iPhone 6, then simultaneously press and hold the Sleep, Screen Change, and Home buttons and hold both buttons until the iPhone 6 enters recovery mode.

ITunes will then display a message asking you to “Restore” or “Update” your device. Just click the “Restore” button and wait for the process to complete. This way you can get a new iPhone without entering a password.

Hope these 4 methods can help you bypass iPhone 6 passcode. If you want to remove your lock screen passcode quickly and efficiently, it is highly recommended that you use a professional iPhone unlocking tool. UkeySoft Unlocker.

Hot solutions. ALSO ON UkeySoft SOFTWARE

Looking for a secret passcode to unlock any iPhone? Using passcode to unlock iPhone and iPad, you need iCloud remote unlock. This article will show you how to unlock iPhone with or without a computer.

IPhone screen is broken or unresponsive? How to enter passcode on iPhone with broken screen to access it? This article will teach you the useful method to enter password on broken iPhone screen, you can also learn how to unlock broken iPhone and iPad screen.

Can’t enter passcode on iPhone with broken screen? Try the solutions mentioned in the article to enter passcode on iPhone with broken screen and you can also use iPhone unlock tool to unlock broken iPhone screen without passcode.

How to remove passcode from disabled iPhone? How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your passcode? This article will show you how to remove password from locked iPhone / iPad using iTunes, iCloud or UkeySoft iPhone Unlocker.

How to reset iPhone password

Many iPhone and iPad users, as a rule, have forgotten the password for their device at least once. This often applies to old gadgets that have not been used for a long time. In such a case, there are special applications that allow you to reset the password on an iOS device.

4uKey app and can not only remove forgotten passcode, but also reset Touch ID and Face ID information. It works very simply: connect your iPhone, choose to reset your password, after which the utility will download the latest version of iOS. installing it is an integral part of the password reset procedure. After the firmware is downloaded, the password will be deleted from the device.

The application removes not only the password, but also all information about the Apple ID from the device

The only drawback of this solution is that during the password reset process, all data from the smartphone or tablet is also deleted. However, this is not such a big price to pay for the ability to use the iPhone or iPad again with a forgotten password.

The program is not a utility for resetting the activation lock. the program only removes the forgotten password, so the owner in any case will have to log in using his Apple ID and password.

Safely unlocking your iPhone

IPhone self-entry password is not the same as automatic unlocking

  • The trigger phrase you use to unlock can be heard by outsiders;
  • You can use automatic password entry only in the orientation in which you have configured this mechanism;
  • If your password consists of several identical numbers, you need to set them with a slight offset during setup;
  • The command to activate the action can only be in English.

Is this mechanism convenient? Undoubtedly convenient, but only in those situations when no one hears you. Because otherwise, there is a risk that someone outside will be able to use your trigger phrase and, having taken possession of the device, unlock it. The fact is that iOS is not yet capable of recognizing different voices and, accordingly, cannot determine whether the owner is speaking the command or someone who cannot be obeyed under any circumstances.

How to unlock iPhone without entering passcode and Touch ID or Face ID

Unlocking is perhaps one of the few iOS mechanics that has changed at least over the past 10 years. There were only three of them in my memory. The first time was when Apple equipped the iPhone 5s with a fingerprint scanner, the second time when it abandoned the Slide to unlock gesture, and the third time when it replaced Touch ID with Face ID. That, in general, is all. However, each of these innovations is truly difficult to overestimate, since they are all aimed at improving our convenience with you. But what if biometrics is not for you, you don’t want to give up the password, but every time you enter the coveted combination is frankly lazy? I have an answer.

Your iPhone can enter the passcode for you. It’s enough just to ask

How it works? Android needs at least 3 GB of RAM, while the iPhone needs 2 GB

I warn you right away: the method described below may not be suitable for everyone. Despite the fact that I will not offer you to abandon the password altogether. it will just remain. this is still a more primitive way to unlock your smartphone and tablet, which can be used not only by you, but also by outsiders if they find out what here’s the trick. However, the situation with the password is approximately the same. if someone finds out it, most likely, this someone will be able to access your data. But we always hope for the best, don’t we?

How to Unlock iPhone Automatically

The essence of the method described below is to force the iPhone or iPad to manually enter the unlock password. No, this is not the same as turning it off, because you can force the device to enter a combination only by a special voice command, which. presumably, of course. only you will know.

You can turn on automatic password entry only through Universal Access.

To unlock, you need to create a separate gesture

  • Here select “Settings” and go to “Create a new team”;
  • Enter a trigger phrase to activate the command (I have it Unlock my phone) and go to “Action”. “Start your own gesture”;

Click on the places where the numbers that make up your password should be

  • Touch your finger in the places where the buttons for entering the passcode on the lock screen are approximately located (you can lock the screen and mark these places with something. a felt-tip pen, fingerprints, saliva);
  • Save the command and exit the settings.

Now you can remove the lock from your smartphone or tablet without having to enter a password or use biometrics. You just need to press the power button, bring up the password entry window and say the trigger phrase. In my case, this is Unlock my phone. After that, you will see how an invisible hand presses the buttons on your iPhone or iPad and unlocks them. It looks especially impressive the first time. True, if there are several important aspects to keep in mind.

Longreads for you

Safari in iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur adds native support for Touch ID and Face ID across websites. Now you can use biometric data ☝ instead of login and password, as well as for two-factor authentication. But developers must add technology to their sites

The third beta version of iOS 14.3 turned out to be quite rich in innovations. We figure out what’s new in it and what you should pay special attention to

If your Apple Watch won’t charge in Eco Mode, Apple will repair it free of charge. The company has launched a new repair program for Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch SE. We tell you who it applies to, and how to repair Apple Watch under warranty.

You have been offered an alternative working method. With crutches, but working and reliable (Siri can detect the voice of the owner). Stop showing off, don’t like it. don’t use it.

Tool for its programming

If our smartphone is a little older and we are missing many of the above options, we may need to resort to using a third-party tool. One of the oldest. Gravity Screen, which automatically turns off the mobile phone screen when we put it in our or on the table. In addition, it turns on automatically, lifts up or takes out of the. In addition, it also keeps the screen on while we are using the phone by detecting hand movement. We can download Gravity Screen from this link.

How to unlock a mobile without using a button

There are several circumstances in which we may need to turn on the cell phone screen, but we cannot touch the power button. The most obvious reason is that the power button might be broken, but we might also need to see something on the mobile phone that requires its screen to be turned on while we are doing other tasks and we cannot touch a single button. Fortunately, our smartphone has several alternative ways to activate without contact.

The sophistication of our mobile phone functions has allowed manufacturers to integrate functions that were previously considered secondary. Now any option is implemented, no matter how small it is, which gives the user the ability to use it when needed. In what worries us now, we can use various tricks and functions to wake up the mobile phone without even touching it.

Ways to turn on the mobile without touching it

You can say “Ok Google”

A number of Google Assistant drives come preinstalled on the vast majority of Android smartphones. However, we can download it otherwise. We’re talking about the most popular assistant, but this method can be applied to others, such as Amazon Alexa, also available on Google Games. Once we activate it, we can unlock our cell phone using the assistant activation command, so this is the perfect way to wake up our cell phone when our hands are busy.

Virtual button

Some terminals include a Home button on the screen. instead of the classic center Home button. This means the screen can be pressed in the same way as the physical Home buttons, thus avoiding touching the power button. However, you may need to activate it in the screen settings by clicking “Unlock with home button”.

Use biometric unlock

Two unlocking methods are widely integrated into Android here phones like fingerprint sensor and face unlock come into play. As part of the Security option, we can configure both unlocking methods or one of the two in case of its absence. When registering a fingerprint or face. just touch the sensor or look directly at the screen to unlock your mobile phone without touching a single button.

Smart actions

As we speak, mobile phones have options for activating the screen in different ways, sometimes playing with hardware elements such as the touchscreen itself or its sensors. Hence, you can use the two existing functions, such as wake up the screen when picking up the phone and double tap when activated. These features are usually found in accessibility options. When activated, we will have two other alternative options for turning on the mobile phone screen without touching the power button.

To consider

With the exception of the methods in which we use biometric unlocking, the rest of the methods will turn on the screen, but it is precisely if we have configured an unlock method of this type, or even a password, pin code or pattern, that we will need to enter it before the mobile phone can fully unlock.

By resetting the wireless settings

It must be remembered that this method works, but it deletes all data about networks, resets all network settings, including passwords for wi-fi and VPN connections, so you need to be careful.

Restart iPhone in several ways

Restarting iphone 6 helps to solve many problems, in some cases temporarily, but more often than not one restart of the phone is enough to continue stable work for many months. You can reboot the iphone 5s in several ways, today we will tell you about each of them separately. We will give valuable advice and, as always, attach a video instruction on how to restart the iPhone if none of the buttons works.

Methods to restart iPhone

There are several effective ways to reboot an Apple phone, each of them is safe for the device and can be used several times a day. Is it possible to reboot an iPhone without a button? Of course! how to do this, read below and watch the video.

  • Regular way, using the power button
  • Hard restarting your phone if it freezes
  • If the button on the case does not work
  • If the sensor does not work
  • Reboot software option
  • With Assistive Touch

Changing fonts in Settings

Everything, the problem of how to restart iphone 5 without hardware buttons is solved. After downloading, go to the settings and remove the “Bold text”, the phone will reboot again and the system font will return to its original state.

Hard reboot

How to restart iPhone when it freezes so much that it doesn’t respond to pressing the lock button? Then the so-called “hard reset” will come to the aid of the user. With its help, it is really possible to restart the device in case of any software and hardware error. This method works on all Apple equipment, from phones to tablets of all models and configurations.

To reboot iphone 5 in hard reboot mode is simple, simultaneously hold down the lock and “Home” keys, wait 10-15 seconds, the phone should go into reboot. If this does not happen, wait longer. In any case, this method will help, sometimes you just need to hold the buttons longer. The hard way will help if the sensor does not work, but it is unlikely to restore its performance, if this is not a software glitch.

Video instructions on how to restart iPhone 5s if the regular restart does not work, but it freezes.

Reset iPhone

Rather, this is not even a way to reboot, but just a regular function to turn on / off the iPhone. Since the beginning of the entire line of iPhone models, 2, 3, 4, 4S, etc., the on / off button of the device was located on the upper edge of the device. The power button was moved from the upper end to the right one starting with the new models 6, 6 plus, 7, 7 plus. According to rumors, the 8 iPhone will also have the power key on the right side.

How do I completely restart my iPhone using the normal power-on option? Everything is simple and reliable. Press the power button and hold it for 10 seconds, until the slider with the inscription Turn off appears, now we swipe, the phone turns off. After a couple of minutes, turning on the gadget, we get a cleared cache, most of the glitches will never again make themselves felt. The method works if the iOs is not frozen tightly, and all applications are working in normal mode. But there are situations when a frozen device does not respond to pressing hardware buttons, then a “hard reboot” will come to the rescue.

Reboot without lock button

Any equipment fails, not an exception expensive iPhones. Falling, mechanical damage to the case, these are the factors that lead to damage to the device, due to which it becomes difficult to reboot. Most often, the hardware lock button, or power-on button, of the phone fails. Without it, it is impossible to turn on. turn off the phone and reboot the device, if required. But even without such a valuable part of the iPhone, it is quite possible to restart the device by software, although not everything is so simple.

Let’s see how to restart iPhone without the much needed lock screen button? There are four main ways.

With “Assistive Touch”

  • Go to “Settings. General. Universal Access”
  • Find and enable the “Assistive Touch” function
  • Press the soft button that appears on the screen;
  • Select the item “Apparatus”;
  • In the menu that opens, press and hold the “Screen lock” item;
  • Turn off the phone.

iPhone Fell into Water, No Sound: First Aid and Troubleshooting

Changing the unlocking method

You won’t be able to return the usual slider with the built-in tools, but you can refuse unnecessary movement. To do this:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to the section “General”, select the subsection “Accessibility” and go to the submenu “Home”.
  • Turn on the “Swipe to open” option.

This option allows you to open your iPhone or iPad using the Touch ID scanner without pressing Home. You still have to apply your finger, but you will get rid of the extra action. However, for this method to work, one requirement must be met. the smartphone is unlocked only when the display is on.

You can turn on the screen in the following ways:

  • Pressing “Power”.
  • Pressing “Home”.
  • By activating the “Raise to Wake” function, which makes the screen turn on when a person picks up the device.

The display still turns on on its own at the time of receipt of the notification, but you can’t guess this moment. The smartest way is to turn on the “Raise to Wake” option, another iOS 10 innovation. Then the screen will turn on when the phone is in your hands, and all you have to do is put your finger on the scanner.

  • Open the settings, section “Display and brightness”.
  • Activate the “Raise to activate” option.

Unfortunately, the function is supported by a limited number of iPhone models. 6s, 6s Plus, SE, 7 and 7 Plus. On other devices, there is no option in the settings, so you have to accept the new order or use the “Power” key instead of “Home“.

Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

Unlocking iPhone and iPad without pressing the Home button

With the release of iOS 10, Apple owners have a new question. how to unlock an iPhone or iPad without pressing the home button? Fortunately, the developers left the built-in ability to change the unlocking method without using jailbreaks and other complex methods. The new method may not be as good as the slider, but it’s worth trying.

Unlock in iOS 10

In iOS 9, you could open the home screen by swiping to the right, but with the release of iOS 10, the technique has changed. now you need to press “Home”, which many users did not like much.

How to Use Your iPhone With a Broken Home Button

The problem is that an extra action has appeared. To unlock a device that runs on iOS 10, it is not enough to press “Home” once. First you need to put your finger on for Touch ID to scan the fingerprint, or enter the password, and then press “Home” again to open the main screen.

But in this case, the iOS developers acted wisely, leaving in the settings the ability to change the unlocking procedure. Otherwise, users would have to search for how to unlock their iPhone or iPad without pressing the Home button with just one touch, and many would not go without jailbreak to get rid of the annoying innovation.

Download the file on the iPhone using the link

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