How to unlock phone sprint for free

So, you have a phone in the Sprint network, and you want to unlock it for use in another network in the United States or at the local operator in the country where you are traveling. As a rule, when you buy a phone from the operator, it is blocked in the network of this operator, which means that you cannot take the Sprint phone and immediately go to Verizon or T-Mobile. But besides this, Sprint is quite limited and strict about unlocking, but there are some more ways that you can unlock the sprint phone for free so that you can use it in other networks. And this method works if you want to unlock the iPhone or unlock Android phones.

If you are not sure how to do it, be sure to follow the instructions below, as we will spend you step by step through the unlock process.

Why do you unlock T-Mobile iPhone

There are several reasons to encourage people to unlock T-Mobile iPhone or unlock iPhone IMEI from other operators.

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Cut roaming. If you unlocked your T-Mobile iPhone, you can change the cheaper SIM card to the local during travel or business trips around the world. Generally speaking, local mobile networks take much less.

Get additional value for resale. iPhone without any restrictions will be sold at a higher price on the market, as buyers can use any carrier that they like.

The burden does not risk if unlock T-Mobile iPhone. Perhaps some people consider unlocking T-Mobile iPhone illegal and unsafe. In fact, completely safely and legally unlock T-Mobile or iPhone IMI.

Operator Output from Operator: Step-by-step instructions

If you have not come across the SIM-Lock lock on the iPhone, IMEI-Server will explain to you what it is and how to make the iPhone take SIM cards of any world operators. If the iPhone is blocked, (hereinafter we use the word. “locked”), the notification will be displayed on the screen. “SIM-card is invalid”

Note that some IMEI after official unlocking (unlock) still do not accept your SIM card. This often happens after updating the iPhone through iTunes to iOS 8. In case you sent IMEI to unlock, being iOS 7, but after received the result “unlocked” and immediately updated the iPhone via iTunes to iOS 8 before activating via Wi-Fi, your device can get a ban on unlock. Check which iOS version is installed.

iPhone was stolen

So, you are inexperienced or by ignorance all the subtleties of the iPhone purchased it from hand, on the Internet and IMEI (unique, identification number) was registered as stolen, and this fact will not allow you to use iPhone in other cellular networks in many developed countries. You can check whether your iPhone in the blacklist. To the best of our knowledge on this issue, there should be no ways to unlock the iPhone, only if you are able to unlock the device at the hardware level. If the phone was brought into a black list due to non-payment of ETF, then you must contact Sprint and offer to pay ETF. In this case, you will probably be denied, but there is a small chance that they could untie the iPhone from Sprint.

Our online service offers you Services for the official Unlocking Apple iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 from the Sprint cell (USA). This method is called Factory IMEI unlock iPhone. that in translation means factory unlocking iPhone. Such a loaning of the iPhone is made through the request in the Support of the cellular operator or in Apple itself. Based on the query result, the blocking status is changed on the Apple activation server, which is connected to your phone at the time of registration and connection to iTunes. That is, after successfully completing the ANLAK process, the Apple server will determine your phone as “unlocked” unlocked and support any SIM card.

The service is available for order:

  • Unlock iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 from Sprint
  • Unlock iPhone 6, 6Plus, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 Bad ESN / BlackList (in black list) Sprint

Before ordering services:

Now you know how to unlock iPhone 6 from Sprint USA cellular operator. If you have any questions, write to us by mail Contact @ LetsunlockiPhone.RU or live service chat support and our experts will help you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Unlocking iPhone Sprint

What does my iPhone Sprint “blocked”? or “unlocked?”

The term “blocked” refers to a device that can only be used in the Sprint network and cannot be activated in the network of another operator. “Unlocked” device means that the device is no longer blocked for the Sprint network, and the user can switch to the network of another operator.

To check, unlocked iPhone or not, you can go to the “Settings” application. Click “Cellular Communication” or “Mobile Data”, and then locate the “Cell Data Network” or “Mobile Data Settings” on the screen. If you find any of them, your iPhone is unlocked. Otherwise your iPhone is blocked.

Will Sprint tell me when my device can be unlocked or unlocked?

For customers with postoplast having devices with a SIM card unlock function, SPRINT automatically unlocks your active device with support for unlocking SIM card. But for customers with a prepaid Sprint does not unlock the device automatically. You will need to call Sprint clients by phone 855-639-4644 to request unlock your device.

Usually recommended to unlock your iPhone Sprint when you are going to travel or move to another region. In addition, you can also unlock iPhone from Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile or other. Before unlocking the iPhone, you need to make sure that your operator offers unlocking, and the complexity may vary from the operator to the operator. After sending a request, the process may take several days.

Part 1. Check Verizon iPhone Unlock status

If you recently bought iPhone 5 devices and Apple devices in Verizon or Apple Store, your iOS device will not be tied to one operator. To be more specific, Apple starts supplying iPhone 5 models and later iOS versions with a universal basement radio GSM / CDMA / LTE, which supports all American and most international operators. In addition, Verizon also started supplying all 4G phones in unlocked state.

So you can unlock the Verizon iPhone without code to replace the SIM card, and then restart your iPhone, then you can use a new carrier to meet your personal needs. However, for people who own the older verison iPhone versions, unlocking the phone for use with another operator can take more time.

Although Verizon relaxes with an unlocking iPhone, especially the iPhone Verizon 4G LTE, yet there are some requirements that you must follow. Or you can not unlock your Verizon iPhone or tablet, no matter which iPhone unlock service you use.

Checklock for unlocking Verizon iPhone

  • If your iPhone was purchased under a contract 2 for a year, then you need to fill it, paying all months of 24.
  • If the purchase of Verizon iPhone is funded by Verizon Edge or in accordance with the two-year payments plan, then you need to pay all overdue accounts before unlocking Verizon iPhone.
  • Do not report that iPhone is lost or stolen. In addition, if your iPhone ever has been associated with any form of fraud, you do not have the right to unlock Verizon iPhone.

If your Verizon iPhone is still blocked without visible reasons, you can contact the device unlocking policies for Verizon phones to get detailed information. If you want to check the Verizon iPhone unlock status, simply type # on your iPhone keyboard to get IMEI code. Fill out the query form and ray email messages containing the status of unlocking your Verizon iPhone device.

How to unlock iPhone four sprint

“Sprint”. One of the most famous American mobile operators, but in our country he became famous for the tariffs on the connection, and not a large coverage area, but in the fact that our country comes in a huge amount of iPhone tied to it on a contract basis.

This mobile operator provides its customers with a large discount on the iPhone series phones in return to the signing of the contract, under the terms of which the phone is tied to it and can function only in connection with SPRINT SIM cards. But falling into our country, such phones become useless, and people are called “bricks”.

You acquired just like this phone? Can’t use it to fully? The device does not accept your SIM card? Well, then you only have one thing. order such a service as an iphone sprint.

How to untie the iPhone from Sprint?

The case in the case of “Sprint” is exactly the same as in the case of other operators. Only transfer the phone to the status of “unlock iPhone”, you can use them to fully. Well, to produce anlock iPhone by two methods.

The first method is the official unlock (bounce). But in different cases different requirements can be moved. For example, in one case, it may be required exclusively “clean IMEI”, any “IMEI” is supported, but the absence of a current contract is required, and in the third, and does not play roles at all, not the wrong parameter. Services are different, both in terms of conditions and in terms of price range, and in terms of timing. In general, deadlines can vary from 3 to 25 days.

Second method. Unlock from the “Sprint” operator using a chip inserting into a tray for a SIM card. It may be the “R-SIM” chip or “gevey” (the chip model depends on the phone model). Your SIM card will be inserted into the chip itself, and thus will function. The method allows you to start using the phone already 15 minutes after purchasing an adapter, but the setting will have to be made after each SIM card replacement or departure abroad. In general, it is pretty simple and fast, and even a cheap method, but unofficial, and it is his minus.

The advantage of the official way is obvious. the device will be untied forever, legally, “White Method”. But again, it may be necessary to order more and additional service, such as the “IMEI” check, the calculation of the operator, and much more.

However, choose you. The fact remains only in one. it can help you in the case of binding the phone to the “sprint”, only unlocking the iPhone, which can be carried out not all experts, and not in every company!


If, after checking IMEI, the iPhone number it turned out that it was in the “blacklist” (Blacklisted Sprint), confused, lost or turned out to be the answer not found to you (the phone is not listed in the Sprint cell phone database) you can choose another our service that supports the above conditions.

  • This offer is only for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 blocked under the Sprint cellular operator.
  • Sprint contract action period must be over.
  • iPhone must be activated in Sprint cellular. (Used at least once in it)
  • This service cannot unlock the iPhone located in the black list, stolen or lost. If it is found that the iPhone is listed in the list of lists. there will be no money back.
  • Carefully read the agreement before buying unlocking Sprint.

Instructions “How to unlock Apple iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 from Sprint operator”

Make sure the iPhone fully satisfies all the above conditions. Use IMEI IPhone Verification Services.

Order and pay for the service. In order form, specify IMEI iPhone number, a working electronic box to obtain an unlock result.

Wait until you receive the result of unlocking and instruction on the mailbox (check the spam folder!). Connect the iPhone to a personal computer and run iTunes.

Instructions “How to find imei iPhone number?”

  • On most iOS devices, the serial number, IMEI / MEID and ICCID can be found by selecting “Settings” “Basic” “About this device”.
  • If the device is not yet configured, the IMEI and ICCID numbers can be found by clicking the “Properties” icon in the lower right corner of the welcome screen in the IOS settings assistant.
  • IMEI IPHONE device engraved on the rear panel of the device, closer to the bottom edge. Meid number is the first 14 digits IMEI.
  • To find the serial number and IMEI / MEID, remove the SIM card tray. (Meid number is the first 14 digits IMEI.)
  • If there is an original packaging, the serial number and the IMEI / MEID number of the device can be found on the label with the barcode.
  • The serial number of the device can be found after it is connected to the computer and start the iTunes program:
  • Connect the device with iOS to a computer.
  • Open the iTunes program if it has not opened automatically.
  • Find your device on your computer.
  • To view the information about the device, go to the Overview tab.

Operator Output from Operator: Step-by-step instructions

If you have not come across the SIM-LOCK lock on the iPhone, IMEI- Server will explain to you what it is and how to make the iPhone take SIM cards of any world operators. If the iPhone is blocked, (hereinafter we use the word. “locked”), the notification will be displayed on the screen. “SIM-map is invalid”.

IPhone lock may appear suddenly (after updating through iTunes), even if the phone successfully worked successfully with other SIM cards. This means that the phone you used was originally locked, then spent an unlock, but unlock “flew” and the iPhone was re-locked on the same operator. In any case, what would not be the cause of the blocking, the sequence of your action on unlock will not change. That’s what you need to do:

Determine the type of blocking.

Simply put, we need to know what operator / country or region is locked your iPhone. The only way to get an accurate answer to this question (if the iPhone was bought from the hands) is to order the GSX report on IMEI:

Any of these checks clearly will show who your phone is shocked. The information you need will be displayed in the “Next Tether Policy Details” string. If the result you received seems to be incomprehensible to you, consult with us through the online chat or mail Support @ IMEI-Server.RU and we will quickly respond to all your questions and pick the right service.

If you know that earlier this phone worked for example in the USA and the former owner used it with Verizon SIM cards (or any other operator. ATT, T-Mobile, Sprint, Cricket), then this is at all does not mean (!), that your phone is locked exactly on this operator. There is a concept of regional blocking, in which the phone can take a SIM card of any operator in a certain region (country or a number of countries). The fact that the former owner enjoyed exclusively ATT. It does not mean that he could not use Sprint. As a result, your false confidence is that you and without checking “know” the operator may turn into an incorrect choice of service for you.

For unlocking from the operator, the IMEI check is recommended, not mandatory. You can order a check anywhere, the main thing you must be confident in the information received. When ordering unlocks without prior consultation and without prior checks (or if the checks were ordered on another site), the user assumes all the responsibility for the accuracy of this data.

Choose the desired service.

At this stage, you have already identified the type of blocking and know your operator and country. It remains only to choose the desired service in the price of the iPhone. In our service list, unlocks are divided into categories. countries. Choosing a service, you may find that there is a concept of an iphone clean and iPhone Blacklist. What are the difference between such services?

  • iPhone Clean. in most services implies unlocking devices without an active contract or debt.
  • iPhone BlackList. designed to unlock any phones, including debts, an active contract, and in some cases lost phones. information about the concept of “black list” can be found in the article. What does “NEXT TETHER ACTIVATION POLICY: BlackList” mean? There is more detailed described what kind of types of black lists and how serious it is.

unlock, iphone, sprint, refund, policy

To check your phone for a blacklist, you can order a preliminary check in the section. Checks on GSM BlackList-Status for iPhone, iPad. The result of such an inspection will show whether there will be difficulties with the uninstall device, and will help unambiguously choose the service you need.

  • If you order a clean phone through a black list. it will be unlocked. But if you place the phone in the black list as pure, then (depending on the service) or get canceled, or lose money for the wrong order.

Having on the hands of the results of two checks (GSX by IMEI and checking on the BlackList), you can place your order. Before placing the order, carefully read the description of the service:

Pay attention to warnings if they are. In the unlock services through the blacklist there is no guarantees on Unlock. This means that if the phone after some time it will be blocked again, you will not cancel and refund for such a request. This condition is not our “know how”, this is a new rule of all resources engaged in unlocking. If you want to get more information on this issue. why this is happening and where the lifelong units neverlock disappeared. Check out the material. “Official” and “unofficial” iphone unlock. what’s the difference?

If you agree with all the conditions and requirements, carefully fill in all fields. Errors in the IMEI number or in the phone model (if a different price is specified in the service to different models), may cause loss of money for making an incorrect order.

With an incorrect choice of service (if you have another operator / country), you will also lose money for the wrong order. This is a rigid restriction that concerns all services and this condition for any site by unlock. If someone does not write about it on every step with red letters, it does not mean that you will be forgaring such a mistake. It simply means that possible risks are hiding from you. Cause such a sharp condition is simple. The provider books a place on the server under your order, spends time and resources on it (there could be a correct IMEI of another client at this place). If ultimately it turns out that the order was incorrectly decorated, which was the cause of a false-positive answer “unlocked”, then the provider rejects any claim, since he did everything you need and the phone would be unlocked, not mistaken.

Ordering a service, you can track the status of your order through the control panel on the site. After completing the order, you will receive a notice to the mail that your iPhone is unlocked. So far, the order is “in the process”, it does not matter whether the phone will be turned on or not. You will not need any actions except to wait for a notice to the mail about the successful unlocking.