Unlock iPhone via iTunes

This method is suitable for those who remember their Apple ID password. Provided you start unlocking your phone with this method and don’t know your login and password, your phone will be permanently locked. Also you can’t unlock it like you can unlock iPhone through iTunes.

This method is suitable for those who want to know how to unlock iPhone without knowing the password. Follow our instructions to regain access to your phone:

To enter your iPhone 8 and then into recovery mode, hold down and release the volume button.

Then press and hold the volume button until recovery mode appears.

To put a turned off iPhone 7/7 plus into recovery mode, turn the phone off, and then press and hold the off and volumetric buttons together until recovery mode appears.

When entering SE /iPhone 6S together, press and hold the off button and Home button. After the recovery mode appears, released the buttons.

iTunes. This is a legal way to turn on a turned off iPhone. Either way, follow these steps to know how to unlock your iPhone using iTunes.

Now that your phone is in recovery mode, click your device icon in iTunes. iTunes will automatically detect that there is something wrong with your iPhone, and a pop-up will appear with recovery and update options.

iTunes will take some time to clear all the data on your device, including your password, so you can set up your iPhone as a new device and start using it again.

Note: Next you need to download the necessary version of iOS, in case of error 3004, then turn off all browsers and put Internet Explorer as default browser.

To regain access to your iPhone with a software reset, you’ll need to enable DFU mode. iPhone 6/6S provides this feature if you press “Home” and “Turn on” at the same time for ten seconds. With the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, you need to do things differently:

  • 01 Connect your iPhone to iTunes.
  • 02 Simultaneously turn down the volume and turn off the phone until it turns off.
  • 03 You will know you have entered mode when there is no Apple logo on the screen.
  • 04 Check for updates and start restoring your phone with the pre-downloaded firmware.

In order to regain access to your iPhone with a factory reset and firmware reset, you will need to enable DFU mode. The iPhone 6 and 6S provides this feature if you press the Home and Power buttons at the same time for ten seconds. If you have an iPhone 7 or 7 plus, you need to do things differently:

Forgot your iPhone password? 4 ways to reset your iPhone password

Made up an iPhone password and then forgot it. Anyway, it is better to know how to unlock iPhone if you forgot your password.

unlock, iphone, forgot, your, password

Happens to everyone. I made up and set a password on my iPhone, and then forgot it. Or haven’t used your smartphone for a long time. Anyway, it’s better to know what to do and how to unlock your iPhone if you forget your password.

In this tutorial I will describe three ways to reset your iPhone password. These methods will not help if you have a locked Apple ID, only contacting Apple Support will help.

If you entered the password incorrectly 6 times, the iPhone will be locked for one minute, if you again enter the wrong password, the iPhone will be locked for 2 minutes, then 3 minutes, and so on. In general, it’s not realistic to pick a password, it’s not enough to live.

If you have the “Erase data” function activated, it’s dangerous to guess your password. This feature will erase all information from your iPhone, if you enter your password 10 times incorrectly. To disable it you must: go to settings. password. in front of “erase data” put the toggle switch in disabled mode.

Below are three ways to reset a forgotten iPhone password, here they are.

unlock, iphone, forgot, your, password

Erase data via Locator

In essence, this method repeats the previous one, only for it you should not open iCloud, but the Latitude app directly. This is useful if you want to use an Apple device other than your computer for recovery, for instance an iPad tethered to the same Apple ID. However, the method only works if the locked iPhone is connected to the internet.

  • Open the Latitude app on your device.
  • In the device list, tap on the iPhone you want to reset.
  • Expand the menu of the selected iPhone and swipe down here will be the “Erase this device” button.
  • The system will warn you that you will lose all your settings and data after a reset, and that you will not be able to locate and track your iPhone.

How to unlock iPhone using recovery mode

Connect iPhone via USB to any computer and open iTunes. 2. After that you need to press two buttons simultaneously: “Sleep Mode” and “Home”. Hold them for a long time, even when the device starts rebooting. You need to wait for the recovery mode window. On the iPhone 7 and 7s, hold down two buttons: Sleep and volume down. Hold on to them for as long as you do.

At the end of the recovery the password is reset.

When locking the screen

This is the easiest option. a situation where you don’t know the numeric or number-letter passcode that iOS requires every time you unlock the screen (unless you use Face ID or Touch ID). In this case the smartphone powers on, but you can’t access the information or go further than the lock screen without the password.

Even if the code is only four digits and numeric, you can’t guess it by guessing. After 10 incorrect attempts, the ability to enter is disabled for 1 minute, and then this time grows up to several hours.

What to do

The only way to unlock your iPhone without a password is to erase all the data on your smartphone and restore it using your computer. If you have a backup in iCloud or iTunes, you can get all the information back later.

An important point: if “Find iPhone” is enabled on your device (and it’s always active by default), the system will require your Apple ID account password after the restore. If you enter the password, the iPhone will return to its normal working state. Otherwise, you’ll get a different kind of lock. an activation lock.

To reset the lock password, you need a USB cable, a Windows or macOS computer, and iTunes. If it’s not installed, download it from the Apple website. If you have macOS Catalina or later, use the standard Finder app instead of iTunes.

First, turn off your iPhone by holding down the side or top button. Disconnect the cable from your smartphone if it is connected. Then proceed depending on the model of the device:

  • On iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, second-generation iPhone SE, iPhone X, and newer models: Connect the device to your PC with the USB cable while holding down the side button and do not release it until the recovery screen appears.
  • On iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: Hold down the volume down key and connect your smartphone to your PC with the USB cable until you see the recovery screen.
  • On a first-generation iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, or older models: Hold down the home button, connect the device to your computer with the USB cable, and hold it in until the restore screen appears.

When a window appears on the PC screen telling you that an iPhone has been detected and prompting you to restore or update it, click the “Restore” button. Once the procedure is complete, enter your Apple ID account password on your iPhone. The device will return to a working state. You can set it as new or restore data from backup.

If you wait more than 15 minutes, your smartphone exits recovery mode. In this case, you will have to repeat the process all over again. reconnect the iPhone to the computer by pressing the necessary button, and select “Restore”.

How to unlock iPhone/iPhone (4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus), if you forgot your password, by yourself

Users of Apple devices sometimes face the problem of how to unlock iPhone/iPhone (4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus), if you forget the password, independently through iTunes, iCloud, using the “Find iPhone” and “Recovery Mode”. Any Apple mobile device. Whether it’s a phone, tablet, or player, all work under the same operating system. Accordingly, the problems are similar.

One problem can mean several problems, for example, sometimes there are problems with the known service “Find iPhone “, in addition, phones are sometimes tied to a particular operator. Each problem requires a separate analysis and a substantive approach to solving it.

How to Unlock iPhone If You Forget Your iPhone Password?

Your iPhone’s password protects your device from unauthorized access, and can also prevent you from using your device How to unlock iPhone if you forget your password. This message usually appears after you’ve tried to enter the wrong password at least six times. When we see the message “iPhone disconnected”, the first instruction follows: retry after 1 minute or retry after 5, 15, 60 minutes.

10 attempts. you will receive a “iPhone disconnected. Connect to iTunes “OR your iPhone will be completely erased if “Reset Data” is enabled in “Settings” “Touch ID and Password” (or “Settings” “Password” for an iPhone without Touch ID).

Too many failed attempts and your iPhone automatically locks for a short period of time. If you keep entering the wrong password, your phone will either shut down until it’s connected to iTunes, or it will automatically erase all your data if you have this option enabled. Many users want to know how to remove the iPhone lock screen access code without a password? How to unlock a disabled iPhone without a password? How to unlock iPhone without a password. Don’t worry, this article will tell you five effective methods to unlock your iPhone without a password.

Phone provides security for users. Your phone holds a lot of valuable data, including contacts, photos, social media accounts, passwords and even e-wallets. Almost everything is hidden on the other side of the lock screen, and it seems like you can’t get it unless you know the password. It seems to be safe, but there can be problems with the iPhone. Your iPhone 5S/6(Plus)/7(Plus)/8(Plus)/X/XS/XS Max/11/12/13. Can get locked for a variety of reasons. often than not, children enter the wrong password and end up locking your phone. Here we will provide some common solutions, you can unlock iPhone without a password.

Tips If You Forgot Your iPhone Password

Ask for your Help at the Center

If you still can’t remember your iPhone password, and you desperately need it, you can ask for help from the support center. Find Settings, then click on About. Then you should get a notice that there is no limit on your SIM card, but if you do not see this notice for a long time, then you can contact your operator.

To unlock your iPhone thirteen, follow these instructions:

You should contact your operator in order to see if he really tried to help you or if he postponed the issue indefinitely.

unlock, iphone, forgot, your, password

After your operator has approved your actions you can reset your phone to the factory settings. Here’s how to do it:

Use Passfab iPhone Unlocker to reset your password to factory settings.

  • Download the software utility
  • Remove your password from All Devices on another device
  • Restore your phone via a backup of your phone
  • Use your phone with pleasure

Don’t be fooled by the fact that there are tools you can use to recover your phone if you forget your iPhone password. At this point, no one can offer you this.

You can restore your phone from your backup and continue to use it. Remember that your phone data will be restored solely from a backup, so create one on your phone at least once every six months so you don’t fear losing everything.

What to do if you forgot your iPhone lock password

This is the only way to remove a password that will save your iPhone data, even if you don’t have an up-to-date backup. You can use it only if you have previously synced your iPhone with your computer and have access to that computer.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer you synced it with previously.

Step 2. Wait until iTunes has finished syncing your data and backed up your device.

Step 3. Once the process is complete, select the “Restore iPhone” menu option.

Step 4. When the iPhone restore opens the settings screen, click “Restore from iTunes copy”.

Step 5. Select the appropriate backup and wait for the procedure to complete.

You’ll get your iPhone without the lock password and with all the data that was on it before the procedure was performed.

If your iPhone hasn’t been synced with your computer, use one of the two methods below.

Erasing data using iCloud

If “Find iPhone” has been enabled on your iPhone, you can use it to erase your data and password.

If you use this method, you won’t be able to make a backup copy during the process. But you can later restore your data from an iCloud backup, if you have one. If not, you will lose all data from your iPhone.

Step 1. Navigate to “Find iPhone” service or open the appropriate application.

Step 2. Log in to the Apple ID account the device is tethered to.

Step 3. Open the “All Devices” list at the top of the window and select the one with which you have problems.

Step 4. Select the “Erase iPhone” option to erase all data from it along with the password, and wait for the procedure to finish.

Erasing data in recovery mode

If you use this method, you won’t be able to make a backup during the process. However, you can later restore data from an iCloud backup, if you have one. If it is not there, you will lose all data from the iPhone.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes.

Step 2. Perform a forced restart of your mobile device:

If you have an iPhone 6s and earlier, iPad, or iPod touch, press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time. Do not release them when the Apple logo appears. Continue to hold them until the recovery mode screen appears.

If you have an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, simultaneously press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and volume down. Don’t let go of the buttons when the Apple logo appears. Continue to hold them until the restore mode screen appears.

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Step 3. Select “Restore” mode when the corresponding dialog box of the program appears, and wait for the procedure to finish.