Three ways to unlock iPad without password (2022)

Want to know how to unlock iPad without password using? Then you are on the right page. If you have any problems with the unlocking iPad, do not worry. This article will discuss several options for how you can unlock your various procedures.

To protect the privacy of the owner, Apple has developed for its devices shutdown use after entering incorrect passwords. This means that if you forgot your password, successive unsuccessful attempts to unlock your iPad will turn to your iPad.

Good news is that you can still get access to your device. Below are several ways to unlock iPad without password.

How to reset the password code on the iPad itself (only for tablets on iPados 15.2 or more new version of software)

With iPados 15 output.2 users have greatly simplified the procedure for resetting a forgotten password code. From now on it can be done right on the device. What is required for this:

  • IPad must be installed iPados 15.2 or a newer version.
  • iPad must be connected to a cellular network or Wi-Fi network. Keep in mind that if you reboot the device in the iPad mode is not available on the lock screen, you will not be able to reinstall to the Wi-Fi network until the device is unlocked. Cell devices will re-connect to the cellular network if you have an active service.
  • You need to know Apple ID and password if you used it earlier to configure the device.

If you have repeatedly tried to enter a password code on the iPad screen, keep in mind that the tablet will first be blocked by 1 minute. You will be given another attempt, in case it also turns out to be incorrect, the blocking time will increase to 5 minutes, then up to 15 minutes and so on.

After it passed 15 minutes and you again entered the wrong password code, the option “Erase the device” appears at the bottom of the screen.

How to reset the code password on the iPad itself

Click “Erase the device”, and then click “Erase Device” to confirm the action.

Enter the Apple ID password to exit Apple ID on your device.

Click “Erase the device” to permanently delete all your data and settings.

When rebooting the iPad, follow the instructions on the screen to adjust the device, restore the data and settings from the backup and install a new password.

With the help of the service “Find iPhone”

In the case when the service “Find iPhone” is activated, and your iPad is tied to Apple ID, you can unlock it through iCloud: how to do it, I will describe it.

Please note that, besides other conditions, the tablet must be connected to the Wi-Fi network or to the mobile Internet, otherwise it will not be possible to detect it. So:

  • Take another device or use the computer, in the browser, click on the link.
  • If necessary, log in using your Apple ID.
  • Next click “All Devices” and select Blocked iPad.
  • In the upper right side of the page, find the “Erase iPad” button.
  • After deleting all the information, including a forgotten password, configure the tablet as a new one or restore data from the backup. To do this, use the manuals and, accordingly.

Service “Find iPhone

If the “Restore iPhone” function was active on your gadget, you can unlock icloud. Read more about how can this be done:

  • Use the browser on a computer or other device and go to the official website of ICloud;
  • Complete the authorization procedure by entering your Apple ID;
  • Next, you need to open the “All Devices” menu and select a device that is blocked;
  • Click “Erase iPad”. After that, all the data is deleted, and with them the password flies.

Reset Blocked iPad using iTunes

iTunes is definitely useful when it comes to resetting a blocked iPad, and here as you can make iTunes useful.

Situation 1 When you previously synchronized iPad with iTunes

If you have previously synchronized tablet with iTunes, you can simply connect a blocked tablet to PC using a USB cable. Make sure I find my iPad IS disabled on the tablet, otherwise this method will not help.

After iTunes recognizes your tablet, go to the device and select your device icon, then enter the conclusion.

To reset the device settings, select Restore iPad, you need to enter your Apple account password to confirm the recovery.

Situation 2 When you never synchronized iPad with iTunes or enabled Find My iPad

If “trust this computer” appears when you connect the tablet to a computer or find my iPad on this tablet, you can still use iTunes, but you need to configure iPad in Recovery Mode.

Here’s how you can use the recovery mode and iTunes to reset the device settings.

Step 1 Recovery Mode

To enter the recovery mode, turn off the tablet.

  • If you have a main button on your iPad. Press and hold the Home button and upper button. Do not let them down until you see the recovery mode screen, then connect the device to the computer using a USB cable.
  • If on your iPad there is face ID. Press and hold the top button and the volume button button. Do not let them down until you see the recovery mode screen, then connect the tablet to the PC using the USB cable.

In this case, iTunes will detect your iPad and start automatically.

ON device, select iPad for which you need to reset. A notification appears that there has been a problem on your iPad, and 2 options are offered: update or restore. Here, select Restore to reset your iPad.

Downloading the firmware to restore your iPad will take a few minutes. When the firmware is loaded, iTunes will start recovering your device.

Your iPad will be rebooted after iTunes completes its work. You can turn it on and configure it.

  • Recovery mode has a 15-minute time limit. If the whole process takes more than 15 minutes, the tablet get out of the mode. You need to repeat all actions.
  • Using the recovery mode is associated with risk. On your tablet there is a 15% chance to get stuck in recovery mode. But do not worry if you really are not lucky, you can click here to correct the problems “hung in recovery mode” and “iPad is disabled” at the same time.

Planter restoration

If before the gadget was blocked, you created a recovery point through the iTunes program on the computer, you can return it to that state after resetting to the initial parameters.

  • Turn off mobile device. If you do not know how to do it, check out the first point in any of the two instructions above. The shutdown method depends on the iPad model (from Face ID or with the Home button).
  • Connect iPad to computer.
  • Start the latest version of iTunes on a computer. If the software is not installed, then go to the official website and install it.
  • Click on “iPad” in the left column.
  • The program dispensates a device, and if it has been reset to factory settings, will offer to restore or update it. Choose “Restore”.
  • iTunes will start the recovery process. He should take no more than 15 minutes. If you need more time, the software will report this and will have to reset the device to the initial parameters.
  • When the process is completed, the tablet can be disconnected from PC and enable in a standard way.

Backup in iTunes

In the backup save information of this species, it is also possible to automatically create copies of the device each time it is connected to a computer. To do this, on the main page you need to select the corresponding graph. It is very convenient, so many people around the world enjoy the listed advice in everyday life!

About password managers

We often register on a lot of sites. But it is impossible to keep everything in my head, and one login and code for all occasions of life. a huge risk. Therefore, it is better to progress, how to think how to unlock iPad mini through iTunes.

Password Manager. an application that encodes and reliably saves your passwords.

The best representatives of this segment. LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane and others. These programs perfectly perform the information storage task. It remains only to choose a suitable.

I have questions. write. We will definitely help solve the problem “iPad blocked and requires to connect to iTunes. How to unlock?”.

How to avoid problems in the future

It may sound like cliché, but preventing better treatment. Here are two advice so that your iPad is no longer blocked from the wrong password:

  • Remember the password or turn it off. If you have no confidential information on your iPad, it is better to simply disable password use. This is done in the “Settings” menu “Screen and Brightness” “Autoblock”. Either write the code and keep somewhere.
  • If you are going to give your iPad to children, turn off the password or change the default automatic lock time from 30 seconds to 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 minutes. Where to make it described item above.

Now you understand what the message “iPad is disabled to connect to iTunes”. If you have questions, ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, the MacNoob team.RU will try to help.

Well, finally, I will review the TuneScare paid program, which, according to the developers, eliminates the problems arising when connecting to iTunes. For example, in a situation where the program does not see our device or does not see the previously created backup.

Attention! Before buying a subscription, we first blow the free version of the program. it may not come!

After installing the application, click ITunes Synchronization Problems. Connect the iPad to the computer and unlock the device.

The installed iTunes version will be launched on your PC. and the device must be recognized.

If your version of iTunes is some serious problem, we press the second option “Form all ITunes problems” and follow the prompts.

The program downloads the latest version of iTunes with official. Apple website and will install on your PC.

Conclusions: The program is able to run the installed version of iTunes or reinstall iTunes latest version on PC. All this in automatic mode. All these actions can be done independently. Buy a program or not to solve you.