Three ways to unlock iPad without password (2022)

Want to know how to unlock iPad without password using? Then you are on the right page. If you have any problems with the unlocking iPad, do not worry. This article will discuss several options for how you can unlock your various procedures.

To protect the privacy of the owner, Apple has developed for its devices shutdown use after entering incorrect passwords. This means that if you forgot your password, successive unsuccessful attempts to unlock your iPad will turn to your iPad.

Good news is that you can still get access to your device. Below are several ways to unlock iPad without password.

How to unlock disabled iPhone using iTunes

If you have previously synchronized the iPhone with iTunes, you can restore your iPhone from iTunes backups, which is a simple way to unlock a disconnected iPhone, but this method will delete all data and settings, and you will need to reset the device settings after unlocking.

Make sure you do not lose your photos, messages and other data after unlocking? Make a backup of your iPhone and iPad using iTunes right now!

Run iTunes and plug your iPhone to the previous backup computer. ITunes will automatically detect a connected iPhone device, then goes to the “Device” tab in the upper left corner of iTunes and click the “Create Backup Now” button in the Summary menu, iTunes will start the data backup from the iPhone disconnected.

Backup iPhone data with iTunes

After backing up data from the iPhone disabled in iTunes you can start removing the iPhone password with / without iTunes.

ways to unlock iPad and iPad Pro

If you enter the wrong access code to the iPad, you will be prompted to wait 5, 15 or 60 minutes. After 10 attempts to enter an invalid iPad password in a row your iPad is turned off and blocked. You need to restart the iPad to remove the screens password. As a result, all your data and iOS settings will be deleted after unlocking iPad. You need to manually restore your iPad with the corresponding backups.

Unlock iPad and iPad Pro using iTunes

Step 1 Connect the iPad to a computer. Run iTunes. You can see the detected iPad device on the left pane of iTunes.

Step 2 Default Conclusion Section, Click Ipad Restore.

Step 3 Wait a while to complete the iPad recovery process. You can successfully unlock disabled iPad using iTunes.

Note. You need to pre-synchronize iPad with iTunes on this computer. Otherwise, the unlocking of the iPad using iTunes is useless.

Unlock iPad and iPad Pro using Find My iPhone

Step 1 Open the ICLOUD website on your other iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Step 2 Enter your ICLOUD account. Choose find iPhone option.

Step 3 Select your iPad name from all devices.

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Step 4 Select Wash IPad to reset and unlock the iPad password without a computer.

Unlock iPad and iPad Pro via recovery mode

Step 1 Turn off the iPad. Hold and press the main and power button simultaneously about 10 seconds. You can see the Apple logo on the iPad screen.

Step 2 Release the power button, but continue to keep the main button. ITunes logo will appear on the iPad screen.

Step 3 Connect iPad to a computer. iTunes can automatically detect your iPhone.

Step 4 Click Restore To confirm and restore iPad. Wait a bit to unlock a blocked iPad.

Unlock iPad and iPad Pro with Siri (iOS 9. iOS

Step 1 Ask Siri about cellular data. Then turn off cell data on the iPad screen.

Step 2 Turn off Wi-Fi immediately to disable Siri. You can see that Siri is not available.

Step 3 Tap Home button on iPad. You can be on the iPad main screen using Siri. So you can bypass the iPad Lock Screen Password.

Note. Make sure the SIRI is activated on the iPad before. If Hey Siri does not work, you should search for other ways to solve your problem.

How to unlock iPad without password in DFU mode

If you have forgotten the iPad password and did not synchronize the iPad with iTunes on your computer, you will need to enter an access code to unlock the iPad, and click the “Trust” button on the iPad to allow the computer to manage iPad data.

In fact, iTunes also opens the door to unlock the iPad, even if you did not connect iPad to this computer. You can unlock the iPad via iPad iTunes recovery mode.

iPad from Face ID: Press and hold the top button and any volume button until the power off slider will drag the slider to turn off the iPad. Connect your iPad to a computer while holding the top button. Hold the top button until you see the recovery mode screen.

iPad with the “Home” button: Press and hold the side (or top) button until the power switch will appear. Drag the slider to turn off your device.

After that, connect the iPad to a computer using a USB cable while holding down the “Home / Top” button until the recovery mode appears.

Then iTunes will detect your iPad and you will see the restore or update option. Here you must choose “Restore”, and iTunes will help restore the factory settings of your iPad, and your iPad will be unlocked.

If your iPad comes out of the recovery mode during the process, you will have to repeat the steps described above to translate it into the recovery mode.

Reset iPhone without password Apple ID via iTunes

iTunes also supports the removal of an Apple ID with iPhone. But using iTunes to reset Apple ID with iPhone has some restrictions, make sure that you have recently synchronized iPhone with iTunes, and the “Find My iPhone” function is disabled. Before starting, it is recommended to update iTunes to the latest version.

How to reset the iPhone without Apple ID through iTunes? Run iTunes on your computer. Connect the iPhone to a computer using a USB cable. Choose your iPhone in the upper left corner. Click “Summary” on the left pane, and then click “Restore iPhone” on the right pane.

Click “Restore” again, and your computer will delete your iPhone and install the latest version of iOS to the device. Wait until the process is completed, and your iOS device will reboot.

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Note: If you are asked to specify a device password or “trust this computer”, answer immediately.

Most people can be interested in this method of using iTunes for free removal of the Apple ID, but it is worth mentioning that when using iTunes to reset Apple ID sometimes there is a map screen / black screen / hang and t. D. Please use it. carefully.

How to reset blocked iPad without a password

Conclusion If you do not know how to perform an iPad reset when you forgot your password, view this guide to find ways to restore the Blocked iPad Pro / Air / Mini without a password using 4.

“As I am stupid, I forgot my password, and now my iPad is blocked. How to reset blocked iPad without a password? “

If you also encountered the same situation described above, you want to reset the iPad settings without using the password, you will receive help from this article. In general, you need to restart the iPad if you encountered the following:

You need to delete all existing data on the iPad before selling or give you to receive a used iPad, but it is blocked, and you do not know the password. You forgot your password. Your iPad is disabled or not responding, then you need to reset it to the factory settings you want to reset the settings to solve some problems with the software on the iPad.

Installing the password on the iPad. One of the best to protect your privacy. However, sometimes it can be difficult, because if you have not used your password for some time, you can forget your password. IPhone lock can be activated by multiple input incorrect password. If your iPad is blocked and you do not know the correct password, relax, read and find the four effective way to restore the factory settings iPad without a password.

Reset Blocked iPad using iTunes

iTunes is definitely useful when it comes to resetting a blocked iPad, and here as you can make iTunes useful.

Situation 1 When you previously synchronized iPad from iTunes

If you have previously synchronized tablet with iTunes, you can simply connect a blocked tablet to PC using a USB cable. Make sure I find my iPad IS disabled on the tablet, otherwise this method will not help.

After iTunes recognizes your tablet, go to the device and select your device icon, then enter the conclusion.

To reset the device settings, select Restore iPad, you need to enter your Apple account password to confirm the recovery.

Situation 2 When you never synchronized iPad with iTunes or enabled Find My iPad

If “trust this computer” appears when you connect the tablet to a computer or find my iPad on this tablet, you can still use iTunes, but you need to configure iPad in Recovery Mode.

Here’s how you can use the recovery mode and iTunes to reset the device settings.

Step 1 Recovery Mode

To enter the recovery mode, turn off the tablet.

  • If you have a main button on your iPad. Press and hold the Home button and upper button. Do not let them down until you see the recovery mode screen, then connect the device to the computer using a USB cable.
  • If on your iPad there is face ID. Press and hold the top button and the volume button button. Do not let them down until you see the recovery mode screen, then connect the tablet to the PC using the USB cable.

In this case, iTunes will detect your iPad and start automatically.

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ON device, select iPad for which you need to reset. A notification appears that there has been a problem on your iPad, and 2 options are offered: update or restore. Here, select Restore to reset your iPad.

Downloading the firmware to restore your iPad will take a few minutes. When the firmware is loaded, iTunes will start recovering your device.

Your iPad will be rebooted after iTunes completes its work. You can turn it on and configure it.

  • Recovery mode has a 15-minute time limit. If the whole process takes more than 15 minutes, the tablet get out of the mode. You need to repeat all actions.
  • Using the recovery mode is associated with risk. On your tablet there is a 15% chance to get stuck in recovery mode. But do not worry if you really are not lucky, you can click here to correct the problems “hung in recovery mode” and “iPad is disabled” at the same time.

How to unlock / wake iPad Air

You have 3 options, as shown below.

  • Press the top button or the “Home” button to display the iPad AIR from sleep mode.
  • Click the “Home” button with a registered fingerprint to unlock the iPad Air. (On the iPad Air 4 Touch ID instead installed on the top button)
  • If you cannot unlock the iPad Air using Touch ID, enter the access code to unlock it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bypass Ipad Activation Lock

Can I bypass ICloud activation lock on your iPad using factory settings?

Not. While your iPad is still registered in the same ICLOUD account, you cannot remove the ICloud activation lock from it. Reset to factory settings will delete only your local data, while the backup version of your system in iCloud will remain untouched.

How can I delete an ICloud account on my iPad without a password?

Unfortunately, you could not. Apple will in no way allow you to remove the Apple ID from this device without checking the password due to obvious safety problems, not to mention bypassing the iPad activation lock without authorization. However, convenient tools, such as Fonelab iOS Unlocker, will help you easily accomplish this task.

Can I ask Apple to bypass the activation of my iPad activation?

Certainly! Apple really provides such services to their customers. Just go to the nearest Apple Store, bring a blocked iPad with a purchase proof, documentation that can confirm that you are the owner of the device, and documents for confirmation of the person, such as your driver’s license. Apple staff will be more than happy to help you, but the service is provided only in the store.

FoneLab helps you unlock the iPhone screen, remove Apple ID or Password, remove Open time or password restrictions in seconds.

  • Helps you unlock iPhone screen.
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Many people prefer to use iPad as a daily media driver. On this note, when you need to bypass iPad activation lock, sometimes it may be unpleasant and require a lot of time to correct. Here we tested 3 ways to help you solve such problems that your problems can solve in the shortest possible time. To learn more about how to bypass iPad activation lock, you can leave a comment in the article.