How to set up Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone?

“Do Not Disturb” is a useful iPhone feature that prevents any calls to the device during the hours set by the user. Usually, iPhone owners set up Do Not Disturb so that no one can call them at night or during the work day. But it is possible to use the option in another way. as a white list, which allows calls only from selected subscribers.

Do Not Disturb mode parameters are set in the Settings section of the same name.

On older versions of iOS, the function settings block is located in “Notifications”.

In addition to the main “Manual” toggle switch in the “Do not disturb” section, you will find a lot of other settings:

“Scheduled”. This setting allows you to adjust the amount of time that the Do Not Disturb option will be in effect.

“Allowed calls”. Here you can determine which subscribers will be able to reach you when the Do Not Disturb mode is activated. If you select the option “From all”, all calls will be blocked, but if you check the box “From favorites”, the most important people for you will be able to contact you at any time.

The main thing here is not to forget to assign “Favorites” status to important contacts.

“Repeat Calls.”. If this toggle switch is enabled, a call to a persistent caller who calls a second time within three minutes of the first call will not be silenced.

“Silence.”. There are two options in the “Silence” block. “Always” and “Only while iPhone is locked. If you check the second one, the unlocked iPhone will skip calls. Select the “Always” option and stop caring whether your device is locked at night or not.

How to change the “Do not disturb” option to the white list?

Set this option to run 24 hours a day and deactivate the “Repeat Calls” slider.

Go to the Contacts app and open the card of the person you’d like to hear from. Look for the “Add to Favorites” item on the card and click on it.

In the “Call Allowance” block of the “Do Not Disturb” settings, put a checkmark in the “From Favorites” checkbox.

With this setting on your iPhone, no one can reach you except for the person whose call you are waiting for. The white list is formed from the selected contacts.

Blocking a caller: the iPhone blacklist

The iOS operating system offers several ways to add a contact to the block list. Which one is right for you depends on the situation in which you need this feature. Let’s look at the possible cases in more detail.

How to Unlock ANY iPhone Without the Passcode

How to block a caller from the iPhone contact list?

You will not be able to block a number directly from the Contacts application as this functionality is absent there. But if you enter Phonebook from Phone application (“Phone”. “Contacts”), then if you press info icon near the number of contact (letter i in a circle) a window will open with “Block caller” option at the bottom. After pressing on it the contact will be added to the “blacklist” and will not be able to call you.

How to block unknown or hidden number on iPhone and blacklist contacts

You can lock a number on your iPhone, even if it is not in the phonebook. Open “Recent” section in “Phone” application, find the number you’re going to block and click on the info icon next to it. Scroll through the list and choose “Block caller”.

But adding a hidden number (not displayed during the call) will not work. Special third-party software will help to do this procedure. The task of such applications is to recognize phone spam and protect against it. You don’t have to choose a single program. iOS allows you to control blocking by multiple apps. Download and install them from the App Store. Then go to Settings. Phone. Call Blocking and Identification. At the top of the window, you’ll see a list of installed programs that can control blocking. Move the slider to the “Enabled” position for applications that will be used to protect against phone spam.

These apps are integrated into the operating system, and when a call comes in, iOS will verify the number against the phone databases of these third-party apps. Depending on the settings of a particular program, if a call is determined to be spam, the appropriate label will appear on the call screen, or the call will be automatically blocked.

How to see blocked contacts on the iPhone?

We told you about including numbers in the “blacklist”, and now let’s figure out how to find blocked contacts in iPhone. The list of such contacts is located in the “Phone” section of your smartphone settings. Full path to the blacklist: “Settings”. “Phone”. “Call blocking and identification”. Besides the list of phones there is a button for manually adding new entries to the “black” list.

Returning a contact from the “Blacklist”

To unblock phone numbers, go to call blocking and call identification settings. Swipe “rehabilitated” number to the left and next to it will be a “Unblock” button.

To quickly remove some numbers from the “blacklist” you can use the “Change” button in the upper right corner of the settings window. After pressing this button red circled minuses will appear next to the numbers. Pressing on them removes contacts from the list.

How to know if you are in the black list

You cannot do it directly. A blocked subscriber receives no notification neither about the fact of blocking when the number is “blacklisted”, nor about attempts to call or send a message. But there are several ways to check it.

The first option. to call from another’s number. If this call goes through and the call from your phone rings, it means that the number is probably blocked.

One more way is to use the service “Anti-Anon”. Connect it with the mobile operator (as a rule it is paid), and then turn off the number display in “Settings”. “Phone”. “Show number”. Now try to call the caller again.

How to open the “blacklist” if you have the iPhone 3 model

The feature of blocking unwanted contacts appeared only on iPhone 4. This sought-after feature is not available on newer models. On such phones you can independently create some semblance of a “black list”, which though will not protect from unwanted calls, but at least will warn about them. Go to contacts and press to create a new one. Enter the numbers that you want to “mark” as unwanted and then set a silent ringtone to that contact. It will not save you from calls, but you will not be distracted by them.

You can install additional applications that will put calls into silent mode, according to the list. A full-fledged blacklist on iPhone 3 is possible only for jailbroken phones. If you have a jailbreak installed, download the iBlacklist app from the Cydia store and configure it to filter out unwanted calls.

How to see blocked numbers on iPhone

If you blocked phone numbers on your iPhone, and now someone can’t reach you, you can learn the list of such numbers and unblock them if you wish.

This beginner’s guide details how to view blocked numbers on your iPhone, unblock them, as well as additional information that may be helpful.

How to find out if a blocked caller on iPhone

Adding numbers to the BlackBox, a person wants to save himself from annoying calls, messages or emails. Most often it is a forced need, but sometimes it can be just an impulsive act or negligence.

What to do if a contact is blocked and you very much want to know if he/she called? Can you do this with your phone? The answer is unambiguous. no. Calling a blocked contact simply can not reach the caller, which means that it is not recorded in the iPhone in any way. The “ignored one” constantly hears short ring tones or is redirected to a voice mailbox, if it is connected.

But, as we know, there are no hopeless situations. There are three ways to find out if there have been calls from a blocked number:

  • Unblock the caller and wait for the callback.
  • Calling the right number yourself.
  • Ask your mobile operator for details of calls and messages.

Important! When calling a service center, you should be prepared for the fact that this service is chargeable. You should have your passport with you to confirm that it is the owner of the phone number who has applied for the details.

Finding out if you’ve made calls from a particular number is a lot harder than putting a lock on your iPhone, so don’t abuse the option or use it in the heat of the moment.

Find out about calls from blocked number with cellular operator

How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your password? Here are 6 ways!

The unthinkable happened. You’ve absurdly forgotten your iPhone password. What to do? How to unlock iPhone without knowing the password? Is it possible. Yes. And there are a lot of ways. We’ve counted six. Let us help you.

The easiest way : try to strain your memory, maybe you will remember. For example, it can be your favorite number, a memorable date, or something else that is important to you personally.

Unlock a number on your iPhone

If you remember locked contacts, you can easily unlock them in the Phone app. But if you can’t remember the contact(s), check the list of locked numbers in the phone settings menu and unlock them accordingly.

In this section, we’ll show you different methods to unlock contacts on your iPhone and iPad.

Unblock a contact from the Phone app.

Launch the Phone app, tap the info icon next to the number you want to unlock, and tap “Unlock this caller”.

If the contact is not in the “Recent” section, go to the “Contacts” tab, select the contact you want to unblock (use the search bar to find the contact faster), and select “Unblock this caller”.

Unblock contacts in the settings menu.

This is the best approach if you want to briefly view all the blocked contacts on your iPhone.

  • Tap the “minus” icon to the left of the contact you want to unblock and select “Unblock. This will unblock the number(s) and remove it from the list of blocked contacts. Tap Done to save changes.

Appendix: Enable sound for unknown callers

iOS and iPadOS come with a feature that automatically redirects calls from unknown/unsaved numbers to voicemail. Think of it as a “soft block.”. If you do not receive calls from numbers you have not blocked, the “Mute unknown caller” feature is probably active.

Go to “Settings” “Phone” “Mute unknown callers” and turn off “No sound for unknown callers”.

View blocked callers on iPhone and Android

Information about blocked callers is in a special section. Its location varies depending on what version of firmware is installed on the device.

To find this section on your iPhone, you need:

To view blacklisted contacts on Android devices, follow these steps:

  • In the “Phone” section, tap on the icon with three vertically arranged dots.
  • Go to the “Settings” menu and select “Call Blocking”.

A full list of all blocked contacts will be displayed. Here you can also put any contact into the Blacklist by clicking on the add number button.

How to unlock iPhone numbers from AT T

If some friends call you often or you can’t take a call in a certain period, you can skip some important numbers. Then you need to know how to unblock iPhone numbers from your AT T phone. When you start the call blocking service AT T, you need to call them to unblock them from the blacklist or remove them from AT T Call Protect.

Call the AT T divert system

Dial “60” from your iPhone to enter the selective call cancellation system. You can press the “” button to unlock the number from your iPhone and dial the number you want to unlock. And then press the “#” key to confirm that you want to unblock the number.

Unlocking with iPhone AT T

When you enter the home screen on your iPhone, you can enter “Call Protection”. And then you can access a locked auto or blocked number. You just need to unlock the number from your iPhone to turn them into contacts.

If you use a different support service, you can also check the details of unlocking details from the carrier’s website. And then you can call the service to unlock iPhone numbers to receive calls or messages from your friends now.

What happens when you block someone on your iPhone

There are several good reasons to lock a contact on your phone. If someone is spamming you with continuous phone calls, text messages, or FaceTime calls, you should block them for as long as you can. But have you ever wondered what happens to the contact you blocked? Can they contact you despite being blocked? Read this guide to learn more about the consequences of locking the user on your iPhone.

Locking an iPhone contact (could be a phone number or email address) ensures that the person can no longer contact you by phone, via iMessage, FaceTime and Apple’s other proprietary apps and communication services. Go to the section below to get the full picture of what happens when you block someone on your iPhone.