Eliminating the consequences of viral infection

If all the described methods of restoring the functionality of the laptop keyboard did not work for you, you are probably experiencing the consequences of a laptop virus infection. This can clearly be evidenced by the presence of a banner describing the methods of transferring money to unblock it to the attacker’s account. You do not need to make any payments, because there are simple ways to deal with this unpleasant phenomenon.

For example, Kaspersky Lab’s free Windows Unlocker utility, which is available at support.kaspersky.com/viruses/SMS, can help. Here you can download an image of this utility, which you then need to burn to an optical disk or USB flash drive. Further:

  • Insert the drive with the recorded WindowsUnlocker into the laptop drive and restart the device;
  • Press F8 to enter the boot menu and tell the system to boot from your drive;
  • The utility will be launched after pressing any key, then you must specify the interface language, and also select the graphical mode for further work;
  • The main menu of the program can be opened where the “Start” button is located in the OS;
  • Select “Terminal”;
  • A command window will open, where you need to enter the line WindowsUnlocker, then press Enter;
  • To run a system scan, enter the number “1”.

unlock, laptop

This will start the system cleanup process, upon completion of which, to exit the command line, enter the number “0”. You can reboot the OS with the command “reboot”.

After completing these steps, the keyboard lock on your laptop will be removed. Similarly, to eliminate virus activity on a computer with a locked keyboard, you can use Live CDs burned using Kaspersky Rescue Disk, Dr.Web LiveDisk and similar applications.

How to unlock the keyboard on a laptop

When working on various computers, it happens that the keyboard freezes or is blocked. Therefore, so that the workflow does not stop, you need to know how to unlock the keyboard. How to unlock the keyboard on a laptop on your own you need to know everyone who has a computer at home or at work.

  • 1 First of all, you need to use the FnNumLock hotkey combination. These keys are located on the right side of the keyboard. As a rule, many users mistakenly use this combination to turn on the numeric keypad, which in the future may interfere with the operation of other keys: for example, the entire letter part may not work. This happens especially often among fans of full-screen online games.
  • 2 Also, the key combination is very relevant: nF12, FnPause, WinFx (instead of x here any number from 1 to 12). This combination is more effective than other keyboard unlocking methods. detailed instructions on the use of these combinations can be found in the instructions for the computer, since they are one of the main ones used in operation by users of computer equipment.
  • 3 When the touchpad is locked, FnF7 can help. If a special icon appears on the screen, then you did everything correctly and accurately. You need to be especially careful about the icons depicting a lock or the word Lock. As a rule, all the necessary information is indicated in square brackets on the keys.

To prevent key locking, both full and partial, you need to periodically check Num Lock, as well as read special manuals. This information will help any user to maintain their equipment in working order.

If all the hotkey combinations do not help, then in this case it is best to immediately contact a special service company. Since improper repairs can only harm the entire system. Also, detailed information can be found on the manufacturer’s website, which is especially useful when there is no way to quickly get to the service center.

We will repair your laptop today, as a rule, in 2 hours

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The master starts working only after agreeing on the price. If the wizard does not fix the problem. you don’t need to pay anything

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How to unlock the keyboard on a laptop

Most often, keyboard lock is the result of pressing the special Win key and some other button at the same time. To unlock the keyboard, a specific key combination is used for each individual laptop model. You can find out “your” combination from the instructions for your PC. If one is not available, you can download the manual for the laptop from the manufacturer’s website. Most likely, you will need to register and enter the serial number of the laptop on this site. After that you will receive the necessary manual.

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To unlock the keyboard, try pressing the NumLock Fn buttons (located on the right of the keyboard) at the same time. This turns on the numeric keypad, after which, accordingly, the input of characters for the PC user becomes unavailable. Such a mistake is often found among owners of laptops with a shortened version of the keyboard and among fans of online games, which, for convenience, block part of the laptop panel.

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If you still cannot unlock the keyboard, look in the first row of keys F1. F12 for the one with the lock (possibly another image, which in its meaning corresponds to the keyboard lock function). When such a button is found, press it together with the Fn key. The easiest way to unlock the touchpad (touchpad) is to press the F7 Fn buttons at the same time. If after that a certain icon appears on the laptop monitor, then you did everything right.

If none of the above options helped to cope with the keyboard lock on your own, it is possible that your laptop was attacked by a virus. To fix it and unlock the keyboard of the device, contact your regional service center.

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Now you know for what reason your laptop keyboard may become inactive and how to quickly solve this problem.

How to unlock the keyboard on a laptop

Laptops have a keyboard mute function, which is a good way to protect the device from accidental presses, for example, by children or animals. However, sometimes users can accidentally lock the device and experience unlocking problems afterwards. The computer keyboard can also be blocked by a malicious utility, and sometimes it can be quite difficult to eliminate these consequences. Below we will tell you how to unlock the keyboard on a laptop and return the laptop to full functionality in the situations described.

How to unlock keyboard on acer laptop

Unlocking the keyboard in a standard way

In most cases, you can both lock and unlock your laptop keyboard by pressing the Fn and Num Lock keys at the same time. Often, owners of devices with a shortened keyboard option, when the numeric keypad is turned on with a combination of these keys, find themselves in a situation that pressing other buttons does not work, and users do not know what to do next. You can return everything back by pressing the aforementioned combination again.

There are other options for unlocking the keypad, suitable for different laptop models. In most cases, all information is available in the device data sheet. But if the manual is not available, you can try the following options:

  • Press the Fn and F1… F12 buttons at the same time. Probably, this combination with one of the function keys of the device will help unlock the keyboard.
  • Sometimes a positive result can be achieved by simultaneously pressing Fn and Pause, the Win keys and one of the function buttons F1 F12.

On some laptop models, you have to use three buttons at once to unlock. Ctrl, Fn and F1 F12. Often, one of the function keys of a laptop has an image of a lock. It is this button, together with Fn, which must be pressed in order to unlock the keyboard.

How to unlock keyboard on Samsung laptop and some other models

It is recommended that you look at the keys before pressing them. However, if the problem has already occurred and the keyboard on the laptop is now locked, it needs to be addressed. And to do this, you need to read the guide on how to unlock the keyboard, for each individual case, since there are several keyboard shortcuts used to unlock.

  • how to unlock the keyboard on a Lenovo laptop;
  • how to unlock the keyboard on an Acer laptop;
  • how to unlock the keyboard on an HP laptop;
  • how to unlock on an Asus laptop,
  • FnNumLock;
  • FnF12;
  • FnF7;
  • FnPause;
  • WinFx (x stands for one of the 12 keys).
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The instructions usually indicate exactly which combination is correct in which case.

A good way to solve the unlocking problem once and for all is to install a program. For example, All-Unlock v2.0 RC3. On the Internet, you can find a free version of the program, which is distributed in this way through a subscription to a specialized site. Although the creators warn that the official website does not require money for it, so you need to beware of scammers, nevertheless, before you download and install something on your computer, you need to make sure that the antivirus is working.

BIOS_PW.EXE and HDD_PW.EXE programs require a special approach to remove the password. The battery is removed from the motherboard or the slave password is removed with the master password. The combination involves numbers and letters that are stored in the program memory.

unlock, laptop

How to lock the keyboard on a laptop

It does not hurt to familiarize yourself with the locking methods, then unlocking the keyboard will not be difficult. There are also several ways to block:

  • combining some keys;
  • removing the case and finding the corresponding ribbon cable on the motherboard;
  • using the Toddler Keys program (before starting up, be sure to read the instructions, since incorrect mouse clicks can block the screen and the entire laptop in general);
  • by installing the Block program (the main purpose of the program is to protect the device from children).

The best way to understand any situation regarding your gadget is to read the instructions for working with it. The use of any other advice is justified only if the manufacturer does not provide specific information on the issue of interest.

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Using code generators

This is the most effective and easiest way to unlock your computer. The service is provided free of charge on their resources by all companies involved in the development of anti-virus software (Doctor WEB, ESET, Kaspersky Lab). You just need to enter the short number required by the Trojan in the code generator field. The generator from “Doctor WEB” has the widest possibilities. he can pick up the code even by the appearance of the blocking banner.

There is only one drawback here. most likely it will not be possible to get into the network from a locked computer. the browser will not start or we simply will not see it. You can try playing with the keyboard shortcuts: WinE, WinF, WinR, WinU. If it does not help, and there is no computer connected to the Internet nearby, then proceed to the following steps.

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You can unblock Windows using special services

There are special services on the Internet to unlock Windows. These services are provided by renowned anti-virus laboratories.

The principle of all these services is that you enter the number to which the attacker demands to transfer money, and you receive an unlock code that you need to enter.

To use one of these services, follow the link:

After entering the number, you will see a picture with a banner image for which this code should be suitable.

If you did not find the code by number, then you can try to search by the picture or the text that is written on the banner.

In general, the method is quite useful, but it is necessary that you have another computer, tablet or phone from which you can go online and get a code.

Blocking your computer with a virus. How to unlock a computer

Once you turn on the computer, and after loading the OS, you see a banner covering most of the screen, the inscription in which says that for one reason or another the computer has been locked, and in order to remove the lock from the computer, you need to send an SMS to some short number.

At the same time, this banner does not move anywhere and does not allow launching any application.

First of all. do not try to send anything and anywhere.

How to unlock a laptop

It’s no secret that the Internet is teeming with viruses, so users should be able to get rid of these harmful programs for the device. Some virus programs can block login access to the system. An offer to send a paid SMS to a three- or four-digit number is displayed on the screen in order to receive a code to unblock access. You should not fall for this “advantageous offer”. You need to unlock your laptop with your own efforts.

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The simplest banners are easy to remove, you just have to manually enter different combinations on the laptop keyboard.

unlock, laptop

First, try with the mouse, bringing the arrow to “Activate” or “Send”, click on this button on the screen. And you don’t need to enter any codes, sometimes it helps: the window closes, the lock is removed. We also click on “ESK”, it didn’t work. “ALT”. “F4”. These buttons also do not work, click on the banners on the screen, often there are hidden buttons.

unlock, laptop

If Windows XP is installed on the laptop, the Live CD will get rid of the hated virus. To do this, insert it into the drive, when loading the device, click on “F2”. Select “DVD Rom” in the pop-up window, then click on “Startup Repair” or “System”. After pressing the “System Restore” button, make a choice: which checkpoint you want to restore.

unlock, laptop

For Windows 7, you need to carry out the same steps as for XP. The difference is that you must use the installation disk of this “Windows”. And when a window pops up with the “Install” button, click on “System Restore” and then select “Startup Restore”.

unlock, laptop

If you do not have the correct disks to fix the problems, you will have to look for an unlock code. I need internet and another computer device. There are special sites for this, for example: https://www.drweb.com/xperf/unlocker/, here you can determine the code from the banner image. Then insert it into the window. and the entrance to the system is free.

unlock, laptop

If your laptop locks, save STIHL and do not believe what will be written there, but follow the instructions written above. The problem will definitely be solved.

How to unlock BIOS Supervisor Password from Lenovo Thinkpad Laptop (no damage to laptop)

Starting your computer in Safe Mode

In order to boot the computer in Safe-Mode, hold down the F8 function key at startup for 3-5 seconds, and then select the “Safe Mode” startup option in the menu that appears. However, if you managed to “hook” a very well-thought-out Trojan on the network that deletes the part of the system registry responsible for safe mode, such an action may not work.

So, safe mode is running and now we can open a browser and use the already described code generators. If the codes did not fit or there are problems with the Internet connection, then proceed to the next step.

Open “Start / Run” and in the command line window that appears, enter the command “msconfig”. In the window that opens, look for the “Startup” tab and delete all suspicious items (xodeccc.exe, plugin.exe, winloker servis.exe, servikes.exe, synsql.exe, onlain servis.exe, exxplore.exe). When uninstalling, carefully look at the “Command” field, it shows which application the removed component belongs to. So after all, you can delete something you need.

In safe mode, there is another option for action. rollback to a previously made Windows restore point. But this will give an effect only in one case, if the “backup” has not been disabled and the existing points are not damaged by a virus.

From my extensive practice, I can say that this operation helps only in very rare cases. For five years now I have been using one unique Rollback RX program, which allowed me to forget about Trojans and all other viruses. The essence of its work is that it continuously monitors the state of OS system files and periodically takes snapshots of them. You can roll back to the desired one, both when Windows is loaded, and before it starts loading. With proper program settings, it is possible to remove the lock from any computer in just five minutes. You just need to note that this program is intended for “lazy” and advanced users.

But let’s continue. If the blocking banner does not disappear even when loading in safe mode, then the “Task Manager” can help (called by pressing CtrlAltDel at the same time). In safe mode, as a rule, the dispatcher is not blocked and is available. It is in it that you can consistently remove suspicious tasks to try to get rid of the blocking.