How to Block & Unblock Contact Number in iPhone (Easy)

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iPhone Fell into Water, No Sound: First Aid and Troubleshooting


If you are bothered by a specific subscriber, then it is easier to block him by sending him to the black list.

  • Open your contact list.
  • Find the person you don’t want to be in touch with anymore. Press the “i” button to open the information menu.
  • Scroll down the menu and tap “Block”.

This is perhaps the most convenient way to block calls on iPhone. At least you don’t risk missing an important call. Messages from a subscriber from the blacklist will also not be received. You can view the black list in the settings in the “Phone” section. there will be a list “Blocked”. If you want to remove a subscriber from the list, click “Edit” and select “Unblock“.

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Block incoming calls

Typically, calls with “No Caller ID” and “Unknown” status come to the iPhone from robots and various marketing departments. They can be blocked, like all incoming calls with an unknown number. The operation carries a certain risk: if friends or relatives call you from a number that is not among the contacts, they will not be able to establish a connection. If there is no such danger, follow these steps:

  • Open the standard “Settings” application and go to the “Do not disturb” section.
  • Turn on the “Manual” option.

After activating the option, a crescent icon will appear in the status bar near the clock. This means that the device will not make any sounds: you will not hear notifications or calls. To overcome this block, it is necessary to give individual subscribers special permission.

  • In the “Do Not Disturb” section, click on the “Call Allow” item.
  • Select “From Favorites” if you have previously added all the necessary numbers to the “Favorites” list.
  • Select the “All contacts” mode or create a special group of contacts, calls from which should pass.

Those numbers that will not be added to the allowed list will not be able to reach you. Please note that the function turns off the sound of calls and notifications. Therefore, it is recommended not to keep it constantly on, but to set a clear time.

For example, let Do Not Disturb mode turn on in the evenings, from 10:00 pm to 07:00 am the next day. During the specified period, only those whom you have allowed will be able to reach you, the iPhone will block other calls.

Barring and Restricting Incoming Calls on iPhone

If you do not want to answer calls from specific subscribers, the blacklist comes to the rescue. But how to block calls on iPhone if the number cannot be determined, or the phone is not in the list of contacts? Such an opportunity is present, and it will be useful for all iPhone owners to know about it.

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Use the voice recorder on your Apple Watch

Voice Recorder by ALON Software

Key features:

▪️ You need an additional person with additional devices ▪️ Your operator must support the second line ▪️ Call recording must be turned on before starting a call

Going even further, you can even use an additional person to record the conversation. To do this, you will also need the support of a second cutter line, which you need to talk to your service provider about.

First, you need to call your friend, co-worker, or colleague. After that, you press the “Add” button and select the subscriber whose conversation you want to record. When you call him, press “Combine” to arrange a conference.

Now your accomplice hears both you and the interlocutor. It can use either an Android smartphone with the ability to record voice calls, or a speakerphone on an iPhone and any additional device with a voice recorder.

This is the most troublesome trick, but it will give you the ability to record a conversation without speakerphone and third-party services.

Ask to write it through the second line

Record a conversation using Voice Recorder on Mac

What to choose in the end

If you don’t have an additional device at hand or don’t want to bother with a speakerphone, it’s best to try the TapeACall app.

Yes, there are nuances in his work that you need to get used to, and the price is 329 rubles. a month is also not happy.

Nevertheless, if you need a recording of conversations for work purposes, you will hardly find something more convenient.

Try special recording devices

This is Call Recorder X from PhotoFast

How to Record Conversation on iPhone: 5 Options

Everyone has a friend with Xiaomi, who records absolutely all calls. It is difficult to talk to such a person on the phone: it is impossible to get rid of the thought that every word can become compromising evidence and be used for personal gain.

How To Block And Unblock Numbers On The iPhone. iPhone Tips

All jokes, but things are really more complicated for Apple, and the standard recording of conversations on the company’s devices will never appear. However, this did not stop us from finding as many as 5 ways on how to record a conversation on iPhone. You are welcome!

Information from the article is presented for informational purposes only. We are with the laws of the country you are in before you record calls.

Whether SMS is received if the number is on the blacklist

How to block an unknown number

If you are being called by someone who is not in your contacts, then you can add him to the black list through “recent calls”. To do this, do the following:

  • Go to the “Phone” application.
  • Go to the “Recent” section.
  • Find the number you are interested in.
  • Click on the “i” icon inside the circle.
  • Next, find the “Block subscriber” button, click on it and confirm your choice.

This solution is perfect for those situations when various unknown people call you.

Where is the list of blocked

All blocked numbers are in the missed calls of the call log. All subscribers from the “black list” can be viewed in a separate setting:

  • Go to the dialing menu “phone book”. Click on settings (three dots).
  • Select the settings item “Caller ID and Spam”.

In the menu that opens, you can see the “white” and “black” lists, as well as disable or enable the function of automatic identification of contacts, even if they are not in the phone book.

Useful Apps

A large number of calls from unknown numbers makes it difficult to use the phone as usual. To get rid of such a problem, you need to blacklist the numbers. Most modern smartphones have this feature. If there is no such option, then you can download a special application from Google Play, which will block subscribers. Examples of such programs are “Blacklist” and “Call blocker”.

Blocking a subscriber through messages

Another way to block a subscriber you don’t know is blocking via messages. This is done as follows:

  • Go to the “Messages” application.
  • Find and open your correspondence with the subscriber you want to block.
  • In the chat window, in the upper right corner there is a “Contact” button, click on it.
  • After that, a small panel will appear at the top, on it there will already be a symbolic letter i in a circle, click on it.
  • Then we do everything as before, scroll down, look for the “Block subscriber” button and confirm your action.

As you might guess, this method is ideal for getting rid of spam mailings from unknown numbers.

How to block unwanted phone number on Android

In addition to a separate number, you can add an entire contact to the blacklist. This is relevant when the unwanted subscriber has several numbers.

Locking on Android has a similar process for all smartphone models. the only difference is in small nuances. The blocked subscriber will not be able to send SMS and make calls. The phone will also not receive notifications about missed calls from it.

Reject a call on iPhone (if blocked)

Okay, your iPhone is locked, they call you. Only three buttons are visible on the screen: accept a call, remind, and a message. The problem does not seem to be real at all. But the catch lies in the fact that you need to reject the call not on the screen, but using the side button.

In this situation, you need to knock down the call with a side button. If you double-click on it, the call will reject itself. If you press the volume down button, the sound of the incoming call will stop (the iPhone itself will go into vibration mode), and pressing the same button again will drop the call.

As conceived by Apple, this “function” should prevent accidental clicking on “Reject call” if the iPhone is in your After a few calls, you get used to this feature and just don’t feel such discomfort. Although the thing really saves when the phone is in your and you need to drop the call without reaching Athos.

Resetting a call with Remind

In addition to these two methods, you can also drop the call with the “Remind” button, which is located on your iPhone, regardless of whether it is blocked or not. Only in this case you will need to choose when the system should remind you to call back the subscriber.

Drop call on iPhone (if not blocked)

Perhaps this is the most elementary way. Because when the device is used by you and someone calls. the call pop-up window itself offers to either accept the call or reject it.

unblock, call, iphone

In order to ignore the call, you just need to press the red button. And the incoming call will stop, and your annoying caller will receive a notification that you are busy.

In fact, it is very convenient that the system understands that you are using an iPhone and can quickly drop an incoming call.

How to Reset an Incoming Call on iPhone

If you bought yourself an iPhone for the first time after using Android for a long time, you may have an elementary, but depressing problem: how to drop a call on an iPhone, if there is essentially only a slide with an “Answer” interface. We solve this problem in three ways.

unblock, call, iphone

IOS 14 features

As much as we hope, in iOS 14, Apple did not add the ability to swipe away the lock screen call with the red button. Nevertheless, it became possible to ignore the call push notification simply by swiping it up.

We hope that our tutorial was useful to you. Do not forget that if you cannot answer a call on your iPhone or reject it using the side button. you need to contact the iLab service center and diagnose your device.

IPhone Lock Screen. Turn Auto Lock On or Off

Before considering the issue of disabling or connecting auto-lock, it is necessary to define what the iPhone lock screen is. Every mobile phone is equipped with this function, which means that the screen turns on after pressing the power button. This is an “intermediate” moment between turning on the phone and activating it.

There are additional functions on the lock screen. you can make a call to single numbers, turn on the camera, flashlight, and more. The possibilities depend on the settings you made yourself. It provides information about updates to existing applications and message notifications.

Automatic blocking only by its name explains how the blocking is activated. This is done automatically after a certain period of time, which is pre-configured by the user. To independently configure the time for activating automatic blocking, you must perform the following steps:

  • Select “Settings” in the iPhone menu.
  • Select the parameter to be configured. To set the time, select “Screen and brightness” or “Screen”, which in English means “Screen”.
  • A form opens with available and set parameters. Select “Auto-lock” or “Lock” if using the English layout.
  • A list of time intervals will open, which is set by the manufacturer.
  • In most models, the manufacturer fixes the auto-lock activation time at 3 minutes. The time can be changed at will.

Note! You can turn on auto-blocking by simply pressing the “Shutdown” button. The screen turns off by any unlocking method, which is set by the owner of the mobile phone during settings.

The switched on display of the mobile device “eats up” more charge. you have to charge the phone earlier for about 1-3 hours. Continuous charging will shorten the uptime of the device. Therefore, you need to independently adjust the time to turn on the lock screen.

IPhone Lock Screen. Enable or Disable

The iPhone lock screen is often difficult to use. Users are faced with auto-blocking in the absence of settings made on their own. In order not to suffer from such problems, it is recommended that you study the instructions in advance on how to lock the screen on an iPhone.

How to disable on iPhone 6

In September 2014, Apple offered an improved version of the smartphone. iPhone 6, which can now support iOS 8 and updates to iOS 12. Demand for the presented model has grown instantly, as modern mobile device users strive to keep up with the times and use only the latest developments. Manufacturers pleased buyers with an updated screen unlocking system.

IPhone 6 owners can use the unique Touch ID system. a touch console to unlock the screen by identifying the owner’s fingerprint.

Note! Touch ID gives users some protection against theft. Now scammers do not steal phones illegibly, since it will be simply impossible to use the device.

The instructions on how to turn off auto-lock on iPhone 6 are as follows:

  • Before activating the display, you must press the shutdown button.
  • Next, you need to wait for the lock screen to appear.
  • On the screen, depending on the settings, the message “Unlock” will appear.
  • Place your index finger on the sensor.
  • Wait for the scan and use the device as needed.

The iPhone 10 lock screen is removed in the same way. Modern models. from the iPhone X onwards, additionally have a face recognition system. The user pre-configures the unlocking method by identifying his own face. Immediately after pressing the shutdown button, you need to look into the front camera and wait for identification. If everything is correct, the display becomes active. Thus, fraudsters will not be able to bypass the security system and use the device.

Disable auto-lock in settings

How to turn off screen lock on iPhone 5 and 5s

In the process of using, the owners faced the problem of how to unlock the screen on the iPhone on their own, since the available methods are sometimes difficult. But the manufacturers offered only two ways to quickly turn off the auto-lock. this is to set a lock or a password from numbers on your own.

Note! Each user can change the method of unlocking the enabled “sleep mode” screen at any time.

The first way is to install a lock. In this case, the lock is represented as a graphic figure that needs to be outlined immediately when the phone is turned on and the display is locked. This is done as follows:

  • Press the phone’s power button.
  • Display turns on. the wallpaper of the lock screen and the active display is often different.
  • If the lock screen turns on, you can see 9 dots on it.
  • A drawing is made on them in a predetermined sequence. It may not touch all 9 points, but it may go through some of them twice. It all depends on the user who independently set a similar password so that fraudsters could not remove it. Thieves often use the owner’s data by entering a digital code based on the date of birth and other personal data. It is almost impossible to guess the graphical code if you do not peep it in advance.
  • If the drawing is entered correctly, the screen will unlock. Otherwise, you will have to face difficulties when they turn to specialists.

The second way to remove auto-lock on iPhone is to use digital protection. cipher. The system will lock the screen by analogy with the previous method, but you will have to enter a certain code to activate the display. It is also set in advance, when setting up screen protection. Similarly, the screen lock is removed from other models of iPhone 4, 4s, XR, etc.

How to set the clock on the lock

On the iPhone, the clock is already set on the lock screen by the manufacturer. this is in the style of a mobile device. Therefore, the user can only move the indicators on the display or remove them altogether, if so desired.