If Samsung hangs on the logo, it can occur for several reasons:

  • Overflowing storage (the main solution to this problem would be to delete unnecessary files, photos, videos, etc.д., as the full memory slows down the phone and causes it to hang on the logo);
  • Viruses on Android (they cause the operating system to malfunction and cause the phone to hang on the Samsung logo);
  • Damaged power button (a faulty button can cause a cyclic reboot of the device and hangs on the logo);
  • Mechanical damage to the device (this can be caused by dropping or bumping, getting wet or dusty).

Samsung Galaxy A10 does not turn on, shuts down, freezes? Recommendations

Mobile devices even the top ones often “show their character”, slow down, glitch and freeze.In this article you will learn why Samsung Galaxy A10 does not turn on, turns off or hangs.

The article contains a list of recommendations, the implementation of which will help you get your mobile device back to its previous life.

Samsung does not turn on or hangs on the logo screen causes and solutions

In order to understand how to proceed, you need to learn about the causes of failure. If the phone does not turn on and does not charge, the breakdown may be hidden in any part of the equipment, which can be eliminated by an experienced technician, making diagnosis.

  • If the smartphone does not turn on after charging, it may be because of poor battery level. It would seem that here is a charged battery, it can be used for another day, but in fact it sits for a few hours. The main reason here will serve too much unnecessary functions included in Android. To battery does not run out and the device does not turn off at the right time, you need only to disable unnecessary functions in the Android.
  • To understand why the phone does not turn on, you need to long press the “power on” key, if the reason is the battery, it will give a signal “life”, and will quickly shut down. If it’s likely that the battery is simply worn out, you’ll have to buy a new one.
  • Samsung may not turn on after charging due to a broken charging cable. It is very easy to check. If after a couple of minutes your smartphone shows no signs of life, it means that it is not charging, and the reason may be the charger is broken. In modern smartphones, both the charger and headphones and other devices are connected through the same slot. It simply can wear out, the contact pads wear out over time, to restore them will not work, it can only help to replace the entire charger module. To check the charger breakage, you can use another device which should be connected to the phone.

If Samsung after connecting to the charging cable, still blinks and does not work properly, there may be two reasons.

  • The first is overheating, resulting in the battery does not receive power.
  • The second is using a charger that doesn’t fit your device.

Software bugs

One of the reasons why Android can run is because there are many bugs in the software that can cause the problem. Sometimes Android devices can start running into problems because the software has a glitch.

A software error can be solved by updating the software. Manufacturers regularly release new updates to ensure that they can address current bugs and problems in the software.

A software problem

Software breakdowns are a very broad class of ailments of modern devices. Devices often crashes firmware caused by an interrupted update or a malicious application. It happens that the system just hangs up.

Recommendations from Samsung Galaxy S8 technical support (suitable for all devices):

  • Press the volume up and power button at the same time.
  • Hold the combination for 10-12 seconds.
  • If the gadget rebooted and worked, then it was only a minor malfunction.

Complete phone reboot (all data from internal memory, including applications, contacts, calls will be lost):

  • Hold down the volume up and power buttons.
  • On the menu that appears look for “Wipe data/factory reset” (the choice is to press power button).
  • When done press “Reboot system now”.

You can also try to flash your device (not recommended to do it at home).

Application Failure

When an app fails, you may find that this problem occurs on your device. Some of our users encountered this problem when they downloaded an app outside of the Google Store.

Many applications contain malicious codes and viruses that can corrupt your device software and make it work abnormally. To avoid such problems, you should make sure that all apps are downloaded from the Google Store, and you have reliable anti-virus software installed on your phone, which can effectively suppress virus attacks or buggy apps.

How to turn on Samsung without a power button?

There are several options for solving this problem, here are the most effective ones:

Putting your smartphone on charge. Many Samsung and non-Samsung phones turn on when connected to a charger. The first thing you can do in this case is to put the device on charging and try pressing the volume knob.

How To Fix A Samsung Galaxy A10 That Won’t Turn On. Android 10

If you don’t have a wall charger handy, but have a laptop and a USB cable, you can connect your phone to your computer.

If the first method did not work, try holding down the volume button to., the home button, and holding those two buttons pressed, connect the power cord (keep the buttons pressed at all times!). After a few seconds (about 5-7), you should see a warning menu.

Immediately release the buttons, and then press and hold down the volume button for a moment After 5-10 seconds should start loading the device.

The third method gives results almost 100% of the time if the button does not work on the Samsung Galaxy. It involves manipulating the battery of the smartphone and requires some manual dexterity.

It is necessary to remove the back cover, insert the power cord. When the second battery indicator appears, you need to sharply unplug the power cord and also sharply remove and insert the battery. Phone starts to reboot.

How to turn on Samsung Galaxy, if the power button does not work

How to turn on Samsung, if the power button does not work? It is clear that the failed important element requires a master and replacement for a new one, but sometimes we need to dig into the phone. To turn on or restart your smartphone when the button doesn’t work, try the following ways.

Restart the system via Recovery environment

To restart Android via Recovery, follow the instructions:

  • Turn the smartphone off using the procedure described above.
  • Enter the Recovery environment using the instructions in the previous method. Do a hard reset or cache cleanup if needed.
  • Use the volume controls to select “Reboot System Now” and press the power button.

Restart through Recovery can be used only after performing certain actions in this menu, otherwise it is absolutely useless, as it takes twice as long as a normal restart.

turn, your, samsung, phone

Samsung Galaxy does not turn on. Restarting your smartphone

Sometimes Samsung Galaxy smartphones or tablets can stop turning on even for no reason. The Android operating system fails, but most often users have problems because of the pre-installed ROOT rights. Now you will learn how to revive your device, unless of course it is a hardware failure.

There are several ways and we will start with the most obvious and simple ones.

Smartphone does not turn on or hangs on the logo screen solutions for Samsung

Android users often face a problem when turning on their device. That is, when you try to turn it on, it just hangs up, showing either the logo of the manufacturer of the device, or a green robot. This instantly lets us know that there is a failure in the system, most likely caused by a mis-installed application or a failed attempt to root your device. Or everything is much simpler, your device is attacked by viruses. In some cases, the device cannot boot when the memory is full

In this article we will give an answer to the most common question among owners of Samsung smartphones why it hangs on the screen saver or the logo. In this case, the reasons are both software and hardware. Most often, of course, the cause of such a failure is a software error.

All service codes for Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets

  • #1234#. will show the software version, modem version and region
  • #06#. displays IMEI number of your phone
  • #0#. this code will bring up a menu where you can check the functionality of gadget components, including LCD panel, IR port (if any), speaker, cameras, and more

Again, don’t touch those settings that you don’t know what they mean. You risk losing functionality of your phone or valuable data.