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How to set up Xiaomi AirDots headphones

Xiaomi AirDots is one of the most affordable and popular wireless devices on the Russian market. With the help of special touch panels located on the outside of each earphone, you can connect to your smartphone and enjoy your favorite music.

Xiaomi AirDots is one of the most affordable and popular wireless devices on the Russian market. With the help of special touch panels located on the outside of each earphone, you can connect to your smartphone and enjoy your favorite music.

Many users face problems when connecting Xiaomi AirDots: in order to properly connect the gadget to the phone, you must clearly follow the instructions.

Contents of delivery

The package includes:

  • plastic capsule acting as a charger;
  • the headphones themselves, which are located in the capsule;
  • replaceable ear pads (attachments) of different sizes;
  • documentation.

The manufacturer did not include a micro USB cable in the package: you need to purchase it separately, but not necessarily, a cable from a smartphone with an appropriate connector will do.

Connection instructions

In order to connect the device to your smartphone, you should:

  • Remove Xiaomi AirDots from the charging case.
  • On each earphone, the back surface is a touch button: if you press and hold it for a few seconds, the device starts to respond with the appropriate indication. It is necessary to simultaneously hold down the buttons on the left and right earphones. The key word is simultaneously: it is important to synchronize the movement of your hands as much as possible so that the “ears” can subsequently automatically synchronize with each other and with the smartphone.
  • Hold down the keys: a white flashing indicator will appear on the right “ear”, then. red, then. red-white. After a couple of seconds, after the appearance of a red-white flicker, you need to put the headphones back in the case.
  • It is important to make sure that the charge indicators are working on AirDots, and then close the case.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone: bring up the menu by swiping and click on the corresponding Bluetooth connection icon.
  • Open the case and remove from it first the left earpiece, then the right one. It is necessary to perform the procedure in this order, otherwise when the gadget is connected to the phone, only one earphone will play. the right one, and when you press the left “ear” only it will play. So the sync will be wrong.
  • After removing parts of the device from the case, a white indicator appears, signaling that the pairing process of two parts of the device is in progress.
  • Go to the phone settings by tapping on the gear-shaped icon (the location of the “Settings” menu depends on the smartphone model). Go to the subsection “Bluetooth”: wait for the update of the section “Other devices”.
  • The name of the connected device will appear in the “Other devices” menu. Each earphone has its own designation: Redmi AirDots_L. for the left, Redmi AirDots_R. for the right.
  • You only need to connect the right earphone. Redmi AirDots_R to pair with the phone. Synchronization with the left “ear” will happen automatically.
  • After the connection is established, Redmi AirDots_R will move from the “Other devices” section to the “My devices” section. Next to his name will be written “Connected”.
  • If Redmi AirDots_R does not appear in the general list, then you need to turn off and then turn on Bluetooth. If this did not save the situation, then you need to restart the smartphone and repeat the connection procedure again.
  • Go to the “Bluetooth” section on your iPhone / Android, wait for the headphone search process to complete. Connect Redmi AirDots_R.
  • “Ear” flashes quickly: pair search is in progress. After about 15 seconds. activation will take place.
  • Put headphones in your ears, play music or video on your smartphone. When the sound starts playing, you need to click on the power button on the left earphone, and it will automatically connect to the right.
  • If, after connecting, the sound plays only in one earphone, then you need to remove the pairing: go to “Settings”. section “Bluetooth”, click on the icon in the form of the letter “i” in a blue circle, located next to the Redmi AirDots_R, and select the option “Disable”. Do the same with Redmi AirDots_L (if the left earphone was connected to the smartphone for some reason). Reconnect the right earbud to your smartphone.

In playback mode, the gadget works for about 4 hours. In the case of using one earbud, the battery life is increased by an hour, after which it will be necessary to recharge by placing both parts of the device in the case. If the case is completely discharged, then it must be connected to a power source via a USB cable.

If you still can’t turn on the headphones, or only one works, you can try resetting the Bluetooth settings in the following way:

  • Unpair with all devices: laptop, computer, smartphone, etc.
  • Disconnect both Xiaomi AirDots by pressing and holding the touchpads until red indicators appear.
  • Press the keys again for 30-50 seconds, wait for a white light signal to appear. Do not let go of the touchpads. After 10-20 seconds. the indicator will alternately blink white and red.
  • Hold down the keys until they stop glowing. Wait a little. after the indicators flicker, the settings will be reset.
  • Return the headphones to the case, wait a few seconds and remove the device, wait until the synchronization is complete, after which you can reconnect the right earpiece to the smartphone.

If the device failed to connect the first time, then do not despair: many users face this problem. You need to do a factory reset again. An extreme measure would be to clear the Bluetooth data on the smartphone.

  • At the bottom there is an option “Clear”, click on it, then choose one of two options: “Clear all” or “Clear cache”.
  • Reboot the smartphone and reconnect AirDots.
  • How to use Xiaomi AirDots?

    Charging wireless Xiaomi AirDots is simple: just place the headphones in a special case for 45 minutes, which is equipped with a powerful 350 mAh battery. The case is enough for three charging cycles, after which you need to connect it to a power source via micro USB. The need to recharge the case is indicated by a red diode, while white means that the battery is fully charged.

    How to connect Bluetooth (Bluetooth) headphones to Xiaomi (Redmi)

    Users of the Xiaomi (Redmi) smartphone can connect Bluetooth headphones without restrictions. the phone supports all codecs available on the market.

    Bluetooth versions are backward compatible, which means that Bluetooth 5.0 is capable of working with Bluetooth 3.0, i.e. modern Xiaomi will connect to old headphones without any problems.

    Before starting the procedure, I will note that there are 2 types of connection:

    • Pairing. it is necessary when you first connect Bluetooth headphones or speakers to Xiaomi, at this moment the data encryption code is exchanged between the gadgets, which is used all the time until you forcibly delete it from the phone’s memory;
    • Automatic connection. if the pairing is successful, the next time the headphones will connect to the smartphone automatically.
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    I will demonstrate the connection using the example of the Sennheiser Momentum M2 IEBT.

    Enter the general settings, find the “Bluetooth” item. Turn on the wireless module with the top switch. Now it is necessary not only to turn on the headphones, but to put them into pairing mode. Usually this is a long hold on the power button, in my case about 6 seconds in the off state. If the headphone or wireless speaker has an indicator light, in pairing mode it starts flashing red and blue alternately, but it is better to read the instructions.

    So, you have entered the headphones into the required mode, now on the smartphone screen, click on the “Refresh” button. In the section “Available devices” in a few seconds the name of the Bluetooth gadget that you want to connect will appear. Click on it. The connection mode will start, after which a request will appear for permission to access contacts and call modes, this option does not affect listening to music, it is configured according to your understanding, but in any case, you must click “Accept” for the connection to be established. Now Momentum M2 IEBT has moved to the “Paired devices” section, which means that next time it is enough to turn them on in the usual way, and after a second they will automatically connect to Xiaomi.

    This can be helpful:

    Hi, my name is Timur. Since childhood, I have been fond of computers and the IT Industry, I like it, this is my passion. Over the past few years, I have been deeply interested in Xiaomi: ideology, technology and a unique approach to explosive business growth. I own many Xiaomi gadgets and share my experience of using them, but most importantly. solving problems and incidents that arise under unexpected circumstances on the pages of

    How to connect Redmi AirDots headphones to a computer or laptop

    Connect Redmi AirDots to a computer or laptop via a Bluetooth wireless network, for which you need a built-in module or an external adapter supporting the technology of the same name.

    How to connect AirDots to a computer?

    If you’ve connected your wireless headphones to another device, you’ll need to untie them first:

    • Go to Bluetooth settings.
    • Find in the list of synced “Redmi AirDots” or “AirDots BASIC_R”.
    • Open the menu of auxiliary functions (its launch differs depending on the OS used).
    • Click on “Forget / Remove Device”.
    • Refresh the list to make sure the headphones are gone.

    This operation is necessary so that when the headset is connected, it does not try to sync with several nearby devices. Otherwise, there is a chance of malfunction and distorted audio transmission. The exceptions are cases when the user turns off Bluetooth on the smartphone upon returning home to connect to the computer.

    After completing the above condition or syncing the earbuds for the first time, do the following:

    • Take both earbuds out of the case.
    • If they are in active mode, hold down the headset buttons for 10 seconds until the LEDs turn red.
    • Press the buttons down again for 2-3 seconds with your fingers. Synchronization of the right and left earphones will occur, which will be indicated by the white glow of the indicator.
    • Completion of the operation will be accompanied by sound from the right earbud, after which its indicator will continue to glow white at a shorter frequency. The indicator on the left earphone turns off.
    • Do not put headphones in the case until Connect to PC occurs.

    To connect to a Windows 10 computer or laptop:

    • Open “Start”.
    • In the lower left corner select “Options”.
    • A window will open from where you need to go to “Devices”.
    • In the “Bluetooth and other” devices tab, activate the wireless connection by clicking on the corresponding toggle switch.
    • In the list of devices available for connection, select “Redmi AirDots_R”.
    • After a few seconds, the connection will be established and the notification indicators on the headset will turn off.

    Attention! If you failed to connect the headphones the first time, unplug them from the device and repeat the steps described above. On other OS, the path to Bluetooth setting looks similar.

    AirDots headphones won’t connect

    When, after several attempts, the headphones do not connect to the laptop, disappear from visible devices, or lose their active connection during use:

    • Turn off the headphones by taking those out of the case.
    • Hold the keys on both “ears” for 15 seconds until a triple blinking of the white LED occurs.
    • Put the headset back in the case to charge it.
    • Go back to “Bluetooth and others” on the computer and connect the earbuds.
    • Confirm syncing between devices.
    • Check their performance by launching a musical composition.

    On PC, the control keys do not work at all or use a single tap to pause the music player.

    Important! The signal transmission quality depends on the distance between the headphones and the Bluetooth adapter installed in the PC. The reason for the termination of active creation is a loaded connection (the computer maintains communication with several devices) and frequency noises, for example, in a cafe or other public places.

    The Xiaomi Redmi AirDots Wireless Headset connects to any device with multimedia functions, including PCs and laptops. Synchronization issues are often caused by connecting to multiple devices.

    How to connect Redmi AirDots headphones to a smartphone?

    Redmi AirDots wireless earbuds model, also known as Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic. Consider connecting two headphones to a smartphone at the same time, as well as the option of connecting one as a mono headset.

    Before using the device, you must remove the protective film from the contact surfaces of the headphones, place them in the case and charge them. The indicator glows red while charging. When fully charged, its color turns white, and after 1 minute it goes out.

    To connect, you need a smartphone with Bluetooth enabled and Redmi AirDots headphones. The headphones are turned on automatically when they are removed from the case. Connecting two headphones to a smartphone:

    • remove both earbuds from the charging case and wait 2 seconds until they turn on.
    • after switching on, the left earphone automatically connects to the right one, the indicator of which starts blinking white.

    REVIEW: Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset (LYEJ02LM)

    Go to the smartphone: in the Bluetooth menu, search for available devices.

    In the list of available devices, we find Redmi AirDots_L. This is the left earpiece. Click on this name and accept the pairing request, in which you can allow the exchange of contacts. Depending on the version of the headphones: Redmi AirDots or Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic, the name in the list of available devices may differ. If you have a version of Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic headphones, then in the list they will be referred to as Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_L. The only difference between the versions is that one was produced for the domestic market of China, and the second for the Global market. This does not affect the functionality and operation in any way. Options and specifications are identical. But the price may differ.

    After a successful connection, information about the status of the device and its charge level will appear in the menu of paired devices. The headphones are plugged in and ready to go. Now, after the first successful pairing, Redmi AirDots will automatically connect to the previously paired device if Bluetooth is enabled on it.

    If for some reason you are unable to pair with the headphones, remove the headphones from the charging case and make sure they are turned off. Press and hold the buttons on both earbuds for 15 seconds. After the indicator flashes red and white alternately three times (then flashes again), release the buttons and return the earbuds to the charging case. Remove Redmi AirDots from the list of paired devices on your smartphone, if present. Then pair again.

    What to do when headphones are not pairing with each other?

    The connection between the headphones can be established by resetting the settings of the Bluetooth modules.

    • disconnect both headphones. press and hold the buttons until the red indicators turn on;
    • now hold down the buttons again for 30-50 seconds, wait until the headphones turn on. a white indicator should appear, then after another 10-20 seconds the indicators will light up and flash twice in white and red (do not release the press) and then flash twice more and go out;
    • put both earbuds in the case;
    • now remove them from the case, wait until the synchronization procedure is complete and reconnect the headphones to the smartphone.
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    If, after the reset, the smartphone begins to see the left and right headphones separately, you need to connect only the right one to the phone, and when it starts playing sound, you need to press the power button on the left. it should connect to the right.

    If it doesn’t work the first time, try resetting again. Also, as a last resort, it will not hurt to clear the data of the “Bluetooth” application on your device.

    Enjoy music wirelessly with Midusa!

    Second way

    Xiaomi did not limit themselves to one connection method, so they came up with another algorithm. It comes in handy if the first instruction doesn’t help.

    • Open the lid of the case and remove the headphones from it.
    • Clamp the touchpads on both earbuds. They will start flashing red and white.
  • As soon as two colors blink, return the earbuds to the case.
  • Take the headphones out of the case. Flashes should occur, the frequency of which will decrease at the right earphone.
  • Now connect your headphones to your smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • If failed to connect Bluetooth headphones, please follow the instructions below.

    The first way

    • remove the headphones from the case;
    • go to the settings of your Xiaomi smartphone and activate Bluetooth (you can turn it on in the control panel by swiping the screen);
    • on the page with connections, select “Refresh” so that the device finds headphones for connection;
    • after the update, the display will show Mi True Wireless. click on it and confirm the connection;
  • now in the menu you will see the status of the headphones, as well as the battery level. They themselves will be displayed in the list of connected devices.
  • Note! You don’t need to press anything on the headphones themselves. The device is activated and deactivated by opening and closing the case.

    How to connect wireless bluetooth headphones with Xiaomi Redmi phone

    How to use Redmi AirDots

    There are no buttons on the headphones, so all control is carried out using gestures on the touch panel:

    • if you press the panel once while listening to music, playback will stop;
    • if there is an incoming call, then in order to reset it, you need to tap on the case once;
  • accordingly, to receive a call, you need to double-click on the panel;
  • when you double-click (if there is no call or music playback), Google Assistant or Siri is activated, depending on the smartphone;
  • If you take one earbud out of your ear while talking or listening to music, the sound will continue to flow through the second headset. Play will stop as soon as both earbuds are in the case.
  • How to connect headphones to a smartphone

    Before you connect Redmi Air Dots to your phone, set them to charge. Put the headphones in the included case and connect it to the mains. If the indicator is red, then the accessory is charging. As soon as the LED on the case turns white, the device is ready for use. After that, remove the headphones from the case and wait for them to sync. This will be indicated by a blinking white indicator.

    What to do if headphones won’t connect

    If you cannot connect Bluetooth headphones to your smartphone, try this instruction:

    • remove both earbuds from the case. They must be included;
    • on both earbuds, hold down the touch pad for 15–20 seconds;
    • as soon as the device flashes 3 times, put it in the case and let it charge;
    • now enter the page with Bluetooth connections on your smartphone and clear the list with saved devices.

    After that, repeat the connection procedure. The problem should go away.

    How to connect Redmi AirDots headphones to your phone

    Xiaomi Redmi AirDots are headphones from a Chinese manufacturer. This model belongs to the class of TWS headsets (completely wireless). Such devices have appeared relatively recently, so it is not surprising that many users are not familiar with the procedure for connecting them to a smartphone. In this article, we will answer this and other important questions from users.

    What you need to know about connection

    Let’s pay attention to a few nuances that will be useful to new users of Redmi Airdots:

    • the red color of the LED indicates a low battery charge, white. the full charge of the headphones and their readiness for work;
    • the volume of the sound during a call or playing music is regulated on the phone itself;
    • the instructions for connecting to iOS, Android and computer are the same;
    • it takes 45 minutes to fully charge the battery, and the autonomy of the gadget is 3-4 hours of continuous listening;
    • if you are going to use only one earbud, remove it from the case and leave the other one inside the case. After that, wait until the fast flashes give way to slow ones, and connect the device to the smartphone in the usual way.

    How to connect both earbuds:

    • Turn on Bluetooth.
    • At the bottom of the page, click on the “Update” button to search for new devices.
    • In the list, select the name of the accessory “Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_R (Right. right earphone)”.
    • Click on the name and confirm the connection request.
    • In the menu, you will see information about the status of the headphones and the battery level.

    Ready! You can now listen to music.

    The manufacturer decided not to be limited to one connection method and, just in case, provided a second method.

    How to connect Xiaomi Redmi AirDots headphones

    To connect headphones, you only need a Bluetooth-enabled phone and the accessory itself.

    Please note that turning on and off the gadget occurs as a result of removing or putting the headphones back into the case, respectively. So do not try to find any buttons with which you can activate them.


    The gadget will not be able to work if it is not charged, so place it in a case to fill the battery before using it. If the indicator is red, Redmi AirDots are charging, if white. they are ready for use.

    Take the headset out of the case and wait a couple of seconds. the earbuds should sync with each other. When the left catches the signal from the right, sync is complete, as indicated by an indicator that will flash white.

    What you need to know about connection

    Let’s pay attention to some nuances that are useful to know and take into account when it becomes necessary to connect Redmi AirDots.

    Connection and control features:

    • Remember the colors of the indicator: red means there is no battery charge at the moment, white means ready for use, full charge.
    • The sound volume is controlled only by the rocker on the smartphone itself.
    • Connection methods are similar on Android and iOS.
    • Recharging the battery takes about 45 minutes.
    • Battery life: about 3-4 hours.
    • To use only the right or only the left earbud, remove one device from the case, and leave the second there, wait until the frequent flashes change to slow ones and connect in the usual way.
    • The headset is connected to the computer in the same way.

    How to connect Xiaomi Redmi AirDots headphones. second way:

    • Take them out of the case.
    • Hold the touchpads on both earbuds.
    • There should be a couple of flashes of red and white light. hold the touch buttons.
    • There will be another blinking of both colors.
    • Place the accessory back into the case.
    • Take it out and wait a little. the fast flashes become slow at the right earbud.
    • Then just plug the earphones into your phone.

    How to connect Xiaomi Redmi AirDots headphones to the phone: instruction

    Wireless headphones have been the flagship accessory of the past few years. and more often people began to replace “wires” with a more comfortable headset. Therefore, now many brands focus their production on such gadgets. The Chinese brand Xiaomi also does not stand aside. in the spring of 2019, the manufacturer released the new Xiaomi Redmi AirDots, also known as Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic. According to buyers, they provide good performance and great sound. How to deal with connecting them to a smartphone. we will discuss in this article.

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    What to do if headphones won’t connect

    Many people ask this question when the gadget cannot sync with the phone, or the name of the wireless headphones has disappeared from the list of paired devices.

    Instructions for returning the accessory to work are as follows:

    • Take the AirDots out of the case, they must be turned off.
    • Pinch the touchpad on each earbud for up to 15 seconds.
    • After triple blinking, put the earbuds in the case and let them charge.
    • Go to the “Bluetooth” page on your phone and remove the name of the gadget from the list.
    • Finally, go through the entire connection process from the very beginning.
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    How to sync Redmi headphones?

    Unplug the two earbuds: hold down both touchpads until the red lights turn on. Hold for 30-50 seconds: first, the white indicator will turn on, then, after 10-20 seconds, it will light up in red-white. The indicator will blink 2 times. Continue to hold until they flicker a couple of times and go out for a few seconds.

    How to connect Mi True Wireless earphones to laptop?

    How to connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to your phone?

    After the “blue tooth” has turned on on the phone, activate the headphones. To do this, press the power button, and then make a long press on the Bluetooth activation button. The indicator, if present, should blink. On the phone, in the appropriate section, select the option. Search for devices.

    How to understand that Xiaomi wireless headphones are charged?

    Simply put both earbuds into their jacks in the charging case and close the lid. The case indicator will turn red, which means that the charging procedure has begun. When the earbuds are fully charged, the indicator will turn white and turn off after 1 minute.

    Work separately PC connection

    Xiaomi and Redmi AirDots are configured as a Bluetooth headset. The right earbud can be used independently by storing the left in the case. This is done as follows:

    • We remove two earbuds and hold down the button on only one so that the headphones are not synchronized with each other. The white indicator should light up.
    • Putting one earphone into the case.
    • Go to Bluetooth devices and look for “AIRDOTS_R”.
    • We connect and listen to sound from one ear pads.

    Pairing is possible with other devices: tablet, laptop, stationary computer, if there is a Bluetooth adapter, a special adapter is required. The connection is the same as on smartphones. When requesting a code, enter four zeros.

    turn, xiaomi, redmi, headphones

    Review of the appearance of Xiaomi Redmi AirDots

    The Redmi AirDots case is made of inexpensive matte plastic. Execution at the level of other competitors in this price segment. inexpensive, but practical. At the same time, the size of the case is slightly larger than we are used to seeing in most budget wireless headphones. This is rather good as it is flat and fits easily into a But on the other hand, the battery reserve, and therefore the autonomy is slightly higher than that of others.

    The lid moves easily on the hinge, but it opens with a little effort. it is magnetized, and the headphones will not fall out of it arbitrarily. There is a logo on the front side of the case. By the way, it can be of two types. in the form of the logo of the company “Mi” or simply the inscription of the sub-brand “Redmi”. Both options are possible and not a sign of a fake.

    The modules themselves are also held on magnets, but the fit into the nests is not very convenient in order to quickly get them out of there. They are planted deep enough, so you have to adjust a little and pick out.

    They look beautiful. Perhaps due to such a detail as a glossy plastic edging around the button. A trifle, but nice, it is clear that the design has been worked on. The control button is perfect. It is not a sensor, so there are no accidental clicks. But on the other hand, it has a large surface, and it is easy to blindly grope and press it without a miss. At the same time, it looks very neat.

    There is a cutout inside the key, under which a light indicator is hidden. It does not burn blue, as is customary, but red and white.

    The shape is also optimal. The elongated body fits well in the auricle, and the blurred corners make them more comfortable there.

    Externally very similar to Haylou GT1, but they are more monolithic due to the lack of a physical key.

    Как правильно настроить наушники Xiaomi Redmi AirDots. Earbuds

    You will find instructions on how to work with Redmi AirDots in these articles:

    Specifications Redmi AirDots

    • Wireless connectivity. Bluetooth 5.0
    • Distance. up to 10 meters
    • Working time. about 4 hours
    • Standby time. about 150 hours
    • Earphone battery capacity. 40 mAh
    • Battery capacity of the case. 300 mAh
    • Charging the earbuds. about 1.5 hours
    • Case charging time. about 2 hours
    • Optional. Intelligent Environmental Noise Reduction (DSP)
    • Headphone weight. about 4.1 g
    • Total weight with charging box. 35.4 g
    • Case size. 62? 40? 27.2 mm
    • Headphone size. 26.65? 16.4? 21.6 mm

    Packaging and equipment

    The Redmi AirDots box is cheap, like all the latest Xiaomi devices. And here we are talking not only about the materials of the cardboard, but also about the design. well, really, it is completely inoperative. Previously, when they made just white Apple-style boxes, it looked much more presentable.

    Well, okay, in the end, after unpacking, we’ll just throw it away, so this is not the most important thing. But for packing the parcel I will put a fat plus to the seller. The headphones were packed not just in a bag, but also in an impenetrable polyethylene “armor”, as a result of which the box was not damaged a bit. So you can safely take for a gift.

    Inside we find 50% of useful things and the same volume is occupied by the air brought from the Middle Kingdom. That is, the box could easily be made half the size. Well, or at least put a cable in it. alas, it is not here. over, for charging, you need a wire with a micro USB connector and it is implied that you must take it from your phone. What if you have an iPhone with Lightning or a flagship Android with USB-C? In general, this moment is not thought out.

    The kit includes only a set of spare ear pads and a worthless instruction in Chinese. Okay, we’re done with the minuses, then there will be only positive emotions.

    Feedback on the sound of wireless TWS earbuds

    Well, now the most important thing. They sound very good, but I can’t say that much better than Haylou or Havit. By and large, these are headphones of the same quality. The sound is clear, spacious and balanced. But fans of deep bass will have to play with the equalizer. The dynamic headroom is enough for the eyes. I was loud even at an average setting, while in others I often have to twist the slider almost to the maximum.

    The default ear pads are wider than the Ausdom and fit more snugly in your ears. Due to this, it is better to isolate the channel from external sounds. And of course, they do not fall out anywhere during active movements, although there are no additional rubber clips here. you can exercise without fear of losing them.

    If we talk about the reception distance, then the 10 meters declared by the manufacturer can only be in theory. In practice, the connection is stable only if you move to the next room. Further there will already be constant breaks.

    A few words about the microphone. It is stated that the Redmond AirDots uses an active noise cancellation system. To be honest, in the Arctic, I did not notice much difference between them and other wireless headphones of this form factor. Learning the voice in them is just as bad. Whatever one may say, the design does not contribute to their full use as a headset.

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