How to turn on Honor Band 5: all the ways

Before turning on the Honor Band 5, do not forget to read the instructions and understand the main features of the device. Below we will focus on the first start-up, analyze the principles of pairing Honor Gang 5 with a smartphone and present the main functions of the device. With these instructions at hand, you can easily set up your fitness watch and get the most out of it.

Pairing with a phone. instructions

The next step is to pair your device with your smartphone. Before connecting Honor Band 5 to your phone, check if it meets the following specifications:

  • The smartphone must have Android OS 4.4 or more.
  • Bluetooth must be turned on.
  • Availability of an application for working with a fitness bracelet Huawei Health.

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If all conditions are met, enter the mentioned program and configure the settings. Please enter your exact date of birth, height, weight and gender. You can also enter other parameters (we will dwell on them below). The application contains many functions that are useful for athletes and people who care about their health.

Connecting the Honor Band 5 to the phone takes no more than three to five minutes. The process itself looks like this:

  • Enter the Huawei Health app;
  • At the top of the display, add a new device, namely a Smart Watch;
  • Click on the Honor Band 5 button;
  • Find and click on the pairing button, and then agree to the terms of use. Accept data, set location and sync information;
  • Confirm the steps taken by clicking the Done button and make sure the connection is correct;

Knowing how to pair the Honor Band 5 with your phone significantly expands its capabilities and uses the functionality of special applications. In addition to the specified program, you can install the Running Edition, which is suitable for running training.

Turning on Honor Band 5 for the first time. how to turn it on correctly

After purchasing a fitness bracelet, you are expected to turn on for the first time, which raises many questions from beginners. The Honor Band 5 does not provide any mechanical on / off button, which often raises questions from new owners. To turn on Honor Gang 5, just turn the wrist on which the product is fixed. If the device does not respond to such actions, do not panic. In most cases, the problem is caused by a weak battery. To remedy the situation, just put the device on recharge.

After that, you can turn on the Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet for the first time and see the set parameters. They can be left in the state in which the manufacturer provided, or you can set characteristics taking into account your own interests. After removing from charging, the smart bracelet will show the time and let you in the menu.

What the watch can do, functions

The application provides certain sections responsible for the functions of the Honor Band 5. This means that they can be turned on and off through the settings. Let’s highlight the main functionality of a fitness watch that is available to users:

  • Bluetooth. The option is provided for synchronizing from the bracelet and transferring information to a smartphone. For work, a bluetooth connection is required.
  • Notification. Honor Band 5 receives information about alarms, calls, messages, reminders, missed calls and low battery.
  • Heart rate monitoring. If you enable this option, you can control the state of health and changes in the heart rate.
  • Sleep monitoring. Healthy sleep is important for any person. It is impossible to determine this factor on your own, but the Honor Band 5 has high sensitivity sensors. They collect information about the vital activity of the body day and night.
  • Training mode. Honor Band 5 has a function that allows you to control the intensity of the training process.
  • Messages. The bracelet shows not only text information, but also informs about the sender. Media information is not received.
  • Pedometer. The function is permanently active. It can be used to measure the number of steps, the distance traveled and the number of calories burned.
  • Blood oxygen level. This is a unique feature found on the Honor Band 5.
  • Detect dizziness, lethargy and fatigue. These data are recorded thanks to special sensors.
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You usually don’t need to do anything to enable these options. All functions are available by default. In addition, the fitness bracelet supports different types of workouts, such as outdoor running and treadmill running, walking, cycling, exercise bike, etc.

Separately, we note the large capacity of the power supply (100 mAh). which is enough for two weeks of work. Real tests have shown that at maximum load, the device lasts for six days. At the same time, the battery charging time is no more than 75 minutes.

How to set up Honor Band 5

An important step that cannot be missed is setting up the Honor Band 5, which takes place in several stages. filling out a personal profile with the necessary data, setting goals and choosing the functions of the fitness bracelet, taking into account the available capabilities. Depending on the situation, you can choose one of the setting options:

  • Turn on the device and configure it for individual characteristics and specific plans in terms of sports achievements.
  • Getting the maximum capabilities of the device without considering the degree of load in relation to the level of charge.

To connect the Honor Band 5, you need the Huawei Health program mentioned above. This is a special extension that allows you to develop a training schedule based on body indicators. When you turn on for the first time, you must enter the program settings. It provides three categories. Main, Exercises and I. Basic data is entered in the last section. There you can register your sports plans, set personal profile parameters, set synchronization, set up a notification and solve other problems.

In the video you can watch the installation process in more detail:

Let’s take a closer look at how to set up Honor Band 5. When you first start, study the user agreement, and also pay attention to the following points:

  • Language. After connecting Honor Gang 5 to the phone, the smartwatch automatically detects the language, so this data does not need to be installed separately. Please note that the system has access to calls and geolocation.
  • Time and date. The data is configured in the main menu. Use the touch buttons to set the required parameters.
  • Notifications. To enable the receipt of alerts, you must use the app. Open it, go to Settings and select Notifications. Look at the suggested messages and set the Enable or Disable item next to them, depending on the current need.
  • Clock face. Optionally, you can turn on one of four types of clock display, including the classic hand version. The digital option displays the time and day of the week, date, steps, calories burned, and more. If you turn on the arrow display, the Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet shows the time, day of the week and date. Here we note that the device has an Amoled display with a high degree of protection.
  • Weather. To customize the display of weather conditions, a touch button is provided in the Huawei Health app. The main thing at this stage is to enable access for Honor Band 5 to geodata. In addition, the program should not be included in the list of applications that go into sleep mode to reduce power consumption.
  • Camera. If desired, you can configure camera control for remote access. This option is only available for Huawei smartphones (some models).
  • Heart rate change. Honor Band 5 takes online heart rate measurements. For this, a special program TruSeen has been developed, which controls the work of the heart.
  • Application temperature. Fitness watches can be turned on and not taken off even in the most extreme places, for example, in a bath, swimming pool, etc. A high degree of protection guarantees the safety of internal mechanisms.
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If necessary, you can reset all results and return the bracelet to its original settings. To do this, you need to restart it.

That’s all. Now you know how to turn on Honor Band 5 watch after the first unboxing and make the necessary settings. To do this, just charge the device and put it on your wrist. If the product does not turn on automatically, it may indicate a defect. In this case, you need to take the Honor Band 5 or to a service center. If necessary, the bracelet can be turned on without charging. To do this, just touch the display or enter it from the application.

Of no less interest is the question of how to turn off the Honor Band 5, if the need arises. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • go to the section;
  • find the System section in the list of available elements and click on it;
  • click on the Shutdown button.

Finally, confirm the action. To turn on the product again, you need to connect it to the power source.

honor band 5 unboxing and first impressions how to turn on

The Honor Gang fitness bracelet is a reliable assistant for people who value their health. It’s easy to turn on and easy to use and configure, which is a big plus for beginners. If the Honor Band 5 does not pair with the phone or does not work, the reason may be mechanical damage, system failure, or lack of the required charge level. In the event of a system failure, a regular reboot of the application will help.

Instructions on how to connect Honor Band 5 to the phone

Let’s move on to connecting the Honor Band 5 smart bracelet to the phone. To do this, in the Huawei Health application, go to the “Devices” menu from the main screen

To add the Honor fitness tracker, click on the plus sign in the upper right corner

And we choose our model Huawei. we need “Honor Band 45″

When performing a search, the application will offer to select our Honor Band 5 bracelet to connect to a smartphone

And confirm the creation of a pair on the screen of the tracker itself by clicking on the green icon.

After that, we will once again be asked to allow pairing between the phone and the fitness tracker via Bluetooth and send notifications

Setting the heart rate on Honor Band 5

The first item on the Honor Band 5 is the heart rate tracking setup. Someone mistakenly calls it pressure, but in fact, the pulse is measured here.

When you activate the switch in this section, the heart rate will be measured regularly at the frequency set here. It only makes sense to activate it when you really need to keep track of it. For example, when doing any exercise.

  • In real time at a certain interval
  • “Smart”. when measurements are made based on the statistics of your activity during the day

It is also possible to enable sending a high heart rate notification to the phone. The boundary to be considered critical is also configurable in the application.

You need to understand that the constant measurement of pressure drains the battery of the bracelet, which means that your Honor Band 5 will live autonomously for a few fewer days than it could have been. Therefore, personally, I would recommend using the heart rate monitor as needed, calling this function manually from the tracker screen.

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How to play music through Honor Band 5?

A reasonable question that I asked myself after watching several reviews on the Internet is how to enable music control on the phone via Honor Band 5. And I found the answer only after connecting the bracelet to a Xiaomi smartphone. It turns out that the developers also cut this option for iPhone owners, leaving it only for working with Android.

It can be deactivated through the settings in the application. And when turned on, the music playback control screen is in the main menu on the fitness tracker screen

What application for a smart bracelet to download to the phone?

The Honor Band 5 is configured using a mobile application for the phone. There is a version for both Android and iPhone, but there is a slight difference between them, which I will talk about a little later. In the meantime, you need to download the Huawei Health program from Google Play or the AppStore and install it on your smartphone.

Before starting the installation on the phone, the application will ask you to give it all the necessary permissions for work. to use Bluetooth and send notifications

Then we agree to the sending of your personal data to the Huawei servers (don’t worry, no one is going to follow you) and accept the user agreement

Next, you need to fill out your profile so that the fitness tracker can correctly calculate your steps and other biometric indicators. Here you need to indicate gender, height, weight, date of birth. And if you wish, you can add a photo by taking it right now or by choosing a ready-made photo from the gallery.

In the next step, it is possible to synchronize data from the Huawei Health app with the built-in Health program.

To do this, we allow the transfer to the smartphone of all our data on the heart rate, distance covered in steps, sleep duration and other daily activities.

You can now return to the home screen of the Huawei Health app.

Setting up the Honor Band 5 features

In the “Function Settings” menu, we have the ability to enable or disable certain parameters that will be displayed on the bracelet screen.

For example, if you are not tracking sleep phases or the amount of oxygen in your lungs, then simply click on the “brick” icon, and this data will disappear from the fitness tracker menu.


Honor Band 5 firmware update

Immediately after pairing, the Huawei Health app will request a new firmware version from its servers. Whether to update your Honor Band 5 now or not is up to you. But I am a supporter of installing the latest software versions.

How to Connect and Configure Huawei Honor Band 5 Fitness Bracelet Via Phone App

The turn has come to write detailed instructions in Russian on how to connect a Huawei Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet to the phone and set up a smart watch via a mobile application. Unfortunately, I didn’t have Honor 3 and 4, so there is no way to compare them. But let’s see with a fresh, clean look how to turn on the alarm clock, measure the pulse, blood pressure. We will also learn how the pedometer works, see the weather, change the watch face and set up notifications. The guide will be universal for both Android smartphones (Xiaomi, Samsung, Honor, Huawei, Meizu, etc.) and iPhone.