Mi Band does not connect to your smartphone. How to fix

Your Xiaomi Mi Band can’t connect to your smartphone? Bluetooth connection failure occurs? The problem seems serious, but with the help of this article you can fix it.

What’s the first step you need to take to start using the Smart features of the Mi Band? Of course, first of all, you need to connect your fitness tracker to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Although this operation is implemented in the Mi Band is really simple, many users may encounter problems of various kinds. In this article, we have collected the 9 most common problems of pairing the bracelet via Bluetooth, and given solutions for a quick and trouble-free connection. This guide is suitable for both Mi band 2 and Mi Band 3.

Mi band is unable to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth

The first thing to do is to make sure your smartphone and Bluetooth version meet the minimum requirements of the Mi Band. Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 2 require at least Android 4.3 or iOS 8.0 and Bluetooth version 4.0 or higher.

If your device meets these requirements, try the following steps:

  • Make sure the Bluetooth module on your mobile device is enabled and check the number of records of connected Bluetooth devices. If there are too many devices on the list, delete old connection records for devices you no longer use and restart the pairing process.
  • You don’t need to connect Mi band using standard smartphone interface. The right way. Use the official Mi Fit app.
  • Make sure your wristband has sufficient battery power. Also remember that the distance from the bracelet to the smartphone should not exceed 10 meters. Even at this distance, objects can interfere with Bluetooth signal quality, so a range of 5 meters is considered optimal.
  • Turn off Bluetooth and reset the smartphone. Try reconnecting Mi band.
  • If these actions didn’t help fix the problem, try another mobile device if possible. If the connection was successful, then the problem is related to your smartphone. There may be a software or hardware error. Contact technical support and describe the situation.

The Mi Fit app reports that the wristband is not found

turn, xiaomi, bracelet

  • Make sure your bracelet has enough battery power.
  • Place the wristband next to the smartphone with no obstacles.
  • Turn off Bluetooth and reset the smartphone. Try to reconnect the Mi band.
  • Try if possible to use another mobile device. If the connection was successful, then the problem is with your smartphone. Need professional help.

I have more than one Mi Band. Can I connect them to the Mi Fit on my smartphone

Keep in mind that you can log into one Mi account on your smartphone at the same time unit, Mi account in turn can only be linked to one Mi Band. This means you can’t use two Mi accounts on your smartphone at once.

If you want to pair another Mi Band, you first need to unlink the connected bracelet in the Mi Fit app and then proceed to connect it.

If you really want two wristbands at once, you can create two Mi accounts and switch between them manually in Mi Fit. Just log out of one account each time and log in to the other. Not very convenient, but the way works.

Mi Band only connects to your smartphone while charging

The most likely cause of such behavior. Mi band battery failure.

Check the battery level either on the tracker itself or in the Mi Fit app.

If the charge level is very low, charge the bracelet for at least 3 hours. Then disconnect it from the charging cable and try to pair Bluetooth again.

If this does not work, then we are talking about a serious technical problem. Contact technical support to fix it.

The connection with Mi Band is intermittently interrupted during use and sometimes does not resume

This situation can be observed due to system errors or outdated bracelet firmware.

  • Close the Mi Fit app and launch it again. The available firmware will be checked, and if there are updates, the installation process will start.
  • Reboot your smartphone and run Mi Fit.
  • If the problem persists, uninstall and reinstall the application, then download and install it again.

Even if the phone is lying next to the Mi Band, the Bluetooth connection is still interrupted

The most common problem. Bluetooth version incompatibility. Try another mobile device if possible. If the connection succeeds, the problem is related to your smartphone. Otherwise, there is something wrong with the built-in Bluetooth module of the bracelet- professional help is needed.

Smartphone won’t connect to Mi band even after rebooting

We recommend deleting previous Bluetooth connection records on your smartphone.

  • Go to Bluetooth Settings My Devices (iOS) or Pairing Devices (Android).
  • Select the devices one by one and tap “Forget”.
  • Now restart your smartphone and try to reconnect the Mi band.

Can’t connect Mi Band after changing phones

This problem occurs when the bracelet has not been disconnected from the old phone. You need to unlink it from your previous smartphone first.

Install Mi Fit and sign in to your Mi account (which was previously used with this bracelet). Go to Mi Band Profile and go to the bottom of the page to select an option “Disable” Then go to the Profile page and click “Add device” section “my devices”

Instructions for Mi Band 4 in Russian

Sports bracelet Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 in appearance almost does not differ from the previous generation products. Added the abbreviation Smart to the name, which means the word smart. The same oval-shaped capsule on the polyurethane strap. However, if you look closely, the changes are still visible. The size of the new bracelet model is slightly larger, but this can only be noticed by directly comparing the two samples.

The front side of the new product is more flat, and there is no notch in the place of the touch button and the only button. And it is quite good, because in it there is nothing practical. In the place of the notch is a circle or a horseshoe, depending on the modification of the fitness bracelet. The display is covered with glass with rounded edges 2.5D, which has a special oleophobic coating. You’re lucky enough to have a fitness band that slips on easily, but it leaves fingerprints in the same second, even after you’ve just washed your hands.

How to turn on Mi Band 4?

Be the lucky owner of a fitness bracelet? When unpacking and trying to turn on the Mi Band 4, the screen does not light up? We tell you what button to press to make the Mi Band work!

The new bracelet for sports Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 is currently the most balanced in the market, and most importantly at an affordable price! That’s why many people choose this particular fitness bracelet!

If you have not had previous Mi Smart Band bracelets, then for sure you will be puzzled at some point, whether at the time of purchase or during use, and how to turn on the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 fitness bracelet?

How to turn the Mi Band on or off

The Mi Band has been given the unofficial title of the People’s Band. The high quality of the device and the relative low cost allows millions of users to opt for the Mi Band. However, new users may have many questions when familiarizing themselves with the device. Just a couple of such questions we will try to answer.

Switching on the Mi Band

Most users immediately after buying a new gadget, want to test it as quickly as possible. However, in the case of the Mi Band, there may be a number of difficulties. The device has a limited set of controls. The Mi Band 2 had only one touch button available, the Mi Band 3 has only a touch screen. There are no physical buttons on the Xiaomi fitness tracker. Therefore, newcomers absolutely reasonably have a question, how to turn on the Mi Band.

The most logical, and at the same time effective way to turn on the bracelet. Pressing the touch button. Mi Band 3 has a special touch area for your finger. Press the button. After that an image should appear on the screen, this means to start pairing in Mi Fit.

However, in many cases, the tracker may not respond to presses and the screen does not show signs of life. Do not panic, this is actually a common situation. It occurs when the device has discharged to a critical limit, after which there was an automatic shutdown.

Insert the Mi Band capsule into the charger and plug it into a power source, such as your smartphone charger or your computer’s USB port. If the image appears on the screen, then there is nothing wrong with the device and you need to wait for it to fully charge. It usually takes a couple of hours.

If even after charging, the Mi Band doesn’t come to life, then it raises the question of a device malfunction. Contact the store where you purchased the device with a request for a replacement device, repair or refund.

Disabling the Mi Band

It is unclear in what scenarios you may need to disable the bracelet, but let’s assume that you decide not to use the device for a long time. Keep in mind that the manufacturer has not laid down a software or hardware way to disable the Smartwatch.

You can only disable the Mi Band by completely discharging the device. This process can be accelerated by setting up notifications, constantly measuring your heart rate, or, for example, by turning on continuous vibration in the third-party Find Mi Band app.

Also discharging the Mi band battery will also be possible with the help of a freezer, this method is more barbaric. There is a high probability of damage to the battery and partial loss of its capacity.

The company has released five models in different modifications since its inception. Let’s highlight the main generations of Xiaomi Mi Band:

Experts recommend opting for the last three models. It is for them we will look at how to configure the Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet, and what points to consider when connecting. As for the 1 and 1S, they do not have a screen and are unlikely to satisfy customers in terms of functionality. The other products have good functionality, water and dust protection, high quality communication and small size. But let’s not dwell on the characteristics, but let’s talk about setting up a fitness bracelet Xiaomi on Android and iOS.

How to configure the fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4 without any problems

Fans of the latest developments of the Chinese company Xiaomi often ask. how to configure a fitness bracelet Xiaomi 4 and ensure the convenience of using the device. At first glance, the new model does not differ from the previous generation devices. In the name appeared inset Smart, which translates as “Smart”. The shape remained standard, but the dimensions have changed slightly upwards. Below we will not look at the appearance, but focus on another issue. the setting of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet, the peculiarities of its launch and application.

How to connect the Mi Band 4 to your phone

In order to connect the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to your phone, you will need the Mi Fit app. You should also make sure your smartphone meets the following requirements:

OS Requirement Android 4.4 or higher. For iOS version 9 and later.

Bluetooth requirement Bluetooth support version 5.0.

Mi Band 4 | Charging Test 0-100%. How much time Mi Band 4 Take to Charge | How to Charge Mi Band 4

Step-by-step instructions on how to connect:

Download and install the Mi Fit app from Google Play or App store.

Turning on Bluetooth on your smartphone.

Launch Mi Fit app.If you have a Mi account, Google account or click Sign in. If you don’t have one, click Sign Up, create an account and sign in.

Choose to sign in through one of the accounts.

Allow the app to access photos, multimedia and files.

At the bottom of the screen you will see a message that there are no connected devices click on it.

Device selection window will open. Needless to say, specify the Bracelet.

Accept data collection and confirm access to geolocation services.

The device will start searching at which point bring the Mi Band 4 as close to the phone as possible. When your device is detected, you’ll need to confirm the connection on the bracelet.

It remains to wait until all updates are downloaded. In this case, if you bought the bracelet on Aliexpress and your default setting is English, it will be translated into Russian.

Done Mi band 4 is synchronized with your smartphone.

Turn on incoming call notifications

As with the app notifications in Mi Fit, open Profile, select the wristband, and tap Incoming call. Then click on Allow access to the phone.

Give the app the necessary permission and done. Now you can activate the Warn about an incoming call. You can also enable phone number and caller name display here.

Detailed configuration

So, we told you how to set up the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 after buying it. Now it’s time to get acquainted with its features in detail.

Home screen view

Just like a smartphone, the fitness bracelet can have different themes of the home screen. They are pre-installed “from the factory” and can be downloaded through the internal store Xiaomi. This gives a highlight to the device, making its style unique, and the display more understandable.

Using the app

To change the main screen view is required:

  • Go to Mi Fit, select the desired device;
  • Go to the “Store”, where we choose the right one from the available options;
  • Pressing “Synchronize the dial”.

The bracelet will automatically change the home screen theme.

Through the wristband

If the automatic change of the screen theme did not happen, then we use the bracelet menu. Go to the “Display” section of the device and manually set the design you like.

Setting the Power of Vibration

Mi Band 4 has a built-in vibrator to notify the wearer of received notifications, calls, reminders and alarms. The standard strength and duration of vibration is not suitable for everyone, so the developers have provided a special setting of vibration signals.

  • Go into the “Profile” of the Mi Fit app and select the bracelet;
  • Search for and go to the “Vibration” menu;
  • Choose an event (for example, “Incoming call”);
  • “Draw” the vibration according to the principle of touch-triggered. The blue bars represent the vibrations of the bracelet, and the white bars represent the pauses.
  • Name the “picture” and save it.

It is possible to save several different profiles for each event to tactilely recognize them.

Setting the brightness

The intensity of the brightness of the bracelet screen affects not only the usability, but also the duration of operation on a single charge. Therefore it is better to set the brightness of the screen on a compromise level, at which the information can be already recognized at a distance from the raised wrist.

Important! The brightness is also affected by the night mode, in which it drops at a certain time of day. Set up this feature through Mi Fit in the menu tab of the same name.

Pin Code Setting

The fitness tracker, like the smartphone, is a private thing, and equipped with the necessary locking features. When you remove the device, the system will ask for a pin code to verify the user.

You can enable/disable pin code locking as follows:

  • Go to “Profile” of the Mi Fit software and click on “Lab”;
  • Select “Bracelet lock” and in the subsection “Password” set 4 digits of pin-code;
  • Save the code and test it in practice.

Weather display

The fitness bracelet automatically receives weather data from your smartphone, so to display them on the Mi Band 4 requires pairing with it, as well as having an Internet connection. The location also changes automatically, similar to the smartphone with geolocation enabled.

At the same time, you can manually specify the city in which you are located:

  • Go to the “Profile” of the Mi Fit app;
  • Select the “Weather Settings” option and select your locality;
  • You can also enable/disable the auto-location feature.

Music control

Doing a review of the fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4, it is worth mentioning that this is the first device of the line, which is able to control the player of the paired smartphone. It makes listening to music even more convenient by eliminating the need to reach for your gadget or randomly press the headphone buttons every time.

The player window can be turned on in two ways:

Next, you need to run a player on your smartphone, and preferably a pre-installed one, or a player from. Yandex.Music or other popular stable apps.

Setting up notifications

For many owners, the main function of the bracelet is to notify of events or messages without having to reach into your or purse. That’s why the notification setup has a lot of variations.

About incoming call

Perhaps the most important notification of the smart watch is the incoming call. How to configure the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet to show who called: you need to enter the tracker settings from the Mi Fit app and select “Incoming Call”.

Here you can enable the display of contact name on the watch face and vibration of the device. There is also a function to ignore unknown numbers. User can reset the call by pressing the red handset on the bracelet without touching the phone.

About SMS

Similarly with calls, for SMS-calls you can set up a notification on the main screen with a customizable vibration. In this case you need to enter the submenu “SMS Incoming” and set the slider to on.

You can read the received message on the screen and scroll vertically with your finger on the screen.

Notifications from smartphone apps

Going into the “Notifications/App Management” menu of the Fitness Bracelet from the Mi Fit app, it is possible to enable event notification from apps. For example, by selecting WhatsApp from the list and engaging it, you will receive notifications of in-system calls and messages. You can, on the contrary, deprive annoying applications of this option.

The “Receive only when screen is off” option will help avoid repeating notifications on two devices, and will save the already low-capacity battery.

Warm-up Reminder

This feature is useful for people with a sedentary lifestyle. Each interval Mi Band 4 signals the owner with animation and vibration about the need to stretch.

To turn on the warm-up reminder, you need to enter the same name submenu of the Mi Fit app and move the slider on. It is desirable to set the start and end time of this option, so it does not wake you up at night.

Goal Notification

If you’re a calorie tracker or just like to set personal records, you’ll love the goal notification option.

By turning on the slider of the same name, you will receive information about the passage of a certain number of steps (daily norm), using the built-in pedometer.

Events setting

This feature is an organizer that notifies you of a pre-planned event. Entering the “Events” item of the menu of the Mi Band 4 tracker, you can add the name of the event, its duration, the frequency of repetition of the notification. Unnecessary event is disabled in the same menu.