Additional settings

The system uses its own greeting by default when the system asks the subscriber to leave a voice message. But you can change it, for example, like in the American films “Hi, this is Phill, but I can’t speak right now. Leave your message “. The text, in principle, can be any and it is recorded with your voice.

This can be done in the same section of the “Autoresponder”. Click on the “Greeting” tab from above, select “Personal” and press the “Record” button, after which you dictate what you wanted to record. As soon as the recording is completed, listen to it and click the “Save” button.

Answering machine on iPhone: enable, configure, disable

The iPhone has a huge number of options, most of which users have no idea at all. Perhaps they could be useful to them, but among such a variety it is difficult to immediately understand that they are present in the phone, not to mention their activation. One of these options is an answering machine, which is described in this article.

turn, timer, iphone

How to connect

  • The system will notify you that the option will be activated within a few minutes, and as soon as you receive another message with information about activation, close it and in the “Phone” go to the “Autoresponder” tab;
  • There will be an initial message from the robot, clicking on which, you can listen to the content, call back or delete;
  • The connection process is now complete. Please note that you will be charged 3 rubles every day as long as this option is active on your iPhone. It is connected to each number separately, therefore, when changing the SIM, you will need to reconnect the option.
  • How to use

    Whenever subscribers call you, but at the same time cannot get through, for example, due to the lack of a network in your phone or if you are already talking to someone on the phone, they will be able to leave you voice messages. All these recordings can be listened to directly from your iPhone, without using any third-party applications and services, additional calls, as it was before.

    To listen to the message, the order of actions will be as follows:

    • Go to the “Phone” tab and go to the “Answering machine” section;
    • You will see a list of recordings from all subscribers who have left you voice messages;
  • If you click on a subscriber, 4 possible actions will appear: listen to the recording, listen in loud mode, call him back or delete. You can also click on the exclamation mark icon on the right to view information about this number.
  • What it is?

    The answering machine allows you to set certain conditions under which an incoming call will be automatically answered, and the subscriber will be able to start a conversation without pressing any keys.

    How to disable

    Unfortunately, this option generally costs almost 100 rubles per month, so it is not always profitable to use it. In this case, you can turn off the “Autoresponder” in a few clicks.

    • In the phone, dial the command 299 # and press the call key;
    • In the menu that appears, click on the “Disable” tab and wait for confirmation of the operation.

    You can also manage this option through your personal account, both in the browser version, and through the official application from Megafon. For authorization, you will need to receive a confirmation code.

    SMS answering machine in DND mode

    In the latest versions of iOS, Apple has redesigned Do Not Disturb mode to include several unique and useful options, such as going to sleep. Also one of the new products is the system of automatic reply from those contacts that you choose. This is, so to speak, a minor option in this mode, but it has already found widespread use. We have already talked about the mode itself in detail, so you can read it in our separate article.

    The automatic answer system will only work if you are on the move, such as driving. In this case, you can set a specific text sent automatically to the subscriber who makes the incoming call. It is important to understand that this option will only work when Do Not Disturb is enabled. That is, you specify the time intervals in which this option will be automatically enabled, and also set the list of contacts as favorites.

    turn, timer, iphone

    To activate, follow these steps:

      Go to the “Settings” of your phone and click on the “Do not disturb” tab;

    Activate this mode and specify the time frame when it will be turned on;

  • Scroll down the list and in the “Auto Answer” tab specify which subscriber group will receive messages automatically if you are on the road;
  • Next, at the very bottom of the list, click on the “Auto Answer” tab and specify the text that will be sent to the user if he calls you.
  • turn, timer, iphone

    As a result, what we get. For example, you are driving and you are unable to answer incoming calls. You have indicated the “Favorites” group, where the contacts of your relatives are recorded. If any of them calls you at the moment, the system will automatically send him a message with the text you specified.

    Attention! Here there is such an important “trick” that allows you to bypass the “Do not disturb” mode. Its essence lies in the fact that the subscriber can send you a message where he will indicate the word “Urgent”.

    Answering machine for people with disabilities

    This option was originally designed for people with disabilities. But the answering machine has become widely used among the mass of ordinary users, as it is quite convenient. For example, when you are driving in the car and do not want to be distracted or walking down the street with the same Airpods, and with an incoming call, there is no desire to take out a smartphone to answer.

    In this case, you can configure the system in such a way that after a certain time after an incoming call, it will be accepted automatically. To do this, follow these steps:

      Go to the “Settings” of your iPhone and go to the “General” tab;

    Next, find the item “Universal Access” and click on the tab;

    Scroll down the list until you find the Sound Source tab;

    Go to this section and click “Auto Answer Calls”;

    Here you need to activate the option, after which an additional time setting will appear at the bottom. A pause is set here, after which an incoming call from the subscriber will be automatically answered. For example, if you pause for 5 seconds, when an incoming call is made, the melody will play for 5 seconds, and after that the call will be automatically answered;

  • Set the required time and check the functionality of this option.
  • Please note that automatic acceptance of incoming calls from subscribers will work for all phones, regardless of the operator, smartphone manufacturer, country from which the call is made. No fee will be charged from you! This feature works for all types of calls, including FaceTime, which is very convenient.

    Disabled in the same way as activated. You just need to go to the section that we talked about earlier and turn off the “Auto Answer Calls” option.

    How to enable geolocation on iPhone

    Many iPhone applications require geolocation to be enabled during their operation. These are usually applications that provide information based on your location. For example, applications for navigation or monitoring local weather cannot do without properly configured geolocation. In addition, other applications need geolocation data. For example, with geolocation enabled, the camera can record the coordinates of the point where the picture was taken.

    In this article, we’ll show you how to enable geolocation on iPhone. The article will be useful for owners of almost all iPhone models, including iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6s and 7.

    How to set up geolocation on iPhone

    So, in order to enable geolocation on the iPhone, you first need to go to the “Settings” application. To do this, just click on the corresponding icon on the iPhone desktop.

    After that, you need to go to the settings section called “Privacy”.

    Next, you need to open the subsection “Geolocation Services”, it should be at the very top. If geolocation is turned off, then “Off” will be indicated in front of this subsection.

    After that, the geolocation settings will open in front of you. In order to enable geolocation, simply move the switch to the “On” position.

    After enabling geolocation services, a list of programs that use or do not use geolocation will appear at the bottom. If “Never” is indicated next to the program, it means that the use of geolocation is prohibited for this program. In this case, the program will not be able to use geolocation, even if “Geolocation Services” are enabled. In order to enable geolocation for such a program, you need to open it in this list and change the value “Never” to “When using the program” or “Always”.

    At the bottom of the list of applications there is a section called “System Services”.

    Additional geolocation settings on iPhone are available in the “System Services” section.

    Here you can turn on or off Apple’s geolocation-based ads, geolocation-based alerts, and other similar features.

    Prevent apps from accessing the microphone

    Warning: This paragraph only applies to the paranoid. If you’re sure Big Brother is following us all, then you should check the list of apps that use your iPhone’s microphone. At the first launch, applications will ask you for permission, but later you can control access to the microphone here: Settings / Privacy / Microphone.

    Frequently visited places

    By enabling the Frequently Visited Places option, you allow Apple to keep track of which places you visit most and add specific information about them to Maps. If this setting makes you uncomfortable, you can turn it off: Settings / Privacy / Location Services / System Services / Frequently Visited Places.

    Autocomplete passwords and credit card details

    For added convenience, Safari prompts you to save information such as usernames, passwords, and even credit card numbers. Perhaps, it’s not worth explaining the pros and cons of such a function. they are already understandable, especially if you do not use a password to unlock your device. To enable or disable autocomplete options, you need to go here: Preferences / Safari / Passwords and AutoComplete.

    Clear history and cookies

    This, of course, is not a novelty, but every user should know that they can delete history and cookies from their Safari browser in one swipe. And if you have something to hide. do not forget to do it more often here: Settings / Safari. Almost at the very bottom. Clear history and Delete cookies and data

    In Skype (Skype) the microphone does not work (iPhone, iPad, iOS), they can’t hear me

    If the interlocutor does not hear you when you call in the Skype program. Do not rush to take to Apple service for repair to replace the microphone. Test the microphone by the following method: video recording, voice recorder, call. If the microphone does not work in skype only, check your privacy settings. In iOS firmware. there is a tricky switch. How to enable it?

    • Go to the “Settings” of the phone
    • Select the item “Privacy” or in new versions of the firmware “Privacy”
    • Select “Microphone”
    • Switch the switch opposite to the inscription “Skype” to the ON position.

    The same method is used to resolve the issue with the programs Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram and VK ().

    If the described method did not help, contact our Apple repair service for help: Apple iPhone Repair Apple iPad Repair

    How to set a timer on iPhone in Control Center

    Starting with iOS 11, the iPhone has a fully-fledged interactive timer widget. To get to it, open Control Center, and then click on the clock icon and hold your finger on it until you see this dashboard:

    If the Timer icon is absent in the Control Center, add it according to this instruction.

    This gesture is probably familiar to you if you own an iPhone 6s and newer. But starting with iOS 11, it works even on devices that did not receive 3D Touch. for example, the iPad, iPhone 5s or iPhone 6.

    Through the widget, you can set the following time intervals: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45 minutes, as well as 1 or 2 hours. If you need a different time period, open the Clock application through the widget and set the necessary parameters in the main interface.

    Translate to iPhone: How to use the built-in Translate in iOS.

    How to set a timer on iPhone in the Clock app

    Open the Watch app (not to be confused with the Watch app).

    Set the desired time after which the alarm will sound. Optionally, you can select the desired sound as a signal.

    Press the Start button to start the set time.

    A ring will appear on the screen, the outline of which will be removed over time. The remaining time of the timer will indicate the time at which the alarm will sound.

    On the locked iPhone screen, the remaining timer time will be displayed below the main time.

    If desired, the timer can be paused and continued later.

    How to turn on the timer in iPhone: 3 ways

    You don’t need to launch the Clock app to set a timer on your iPhone. There are at least two other quick ways to start a timer. In this article, we will tell you about them.

    How to set a timer on iPhone using Siri

    Activate the Siri voice assistant in any way and say the command:

    Helpful advice on the topic: Siri can set a timer even with seconds.

    iOS remembers which timer you used the last time and always suggests it next time. So if you, for example, cook soft-boiled eggs every day for 3.5 minutes, then when you start the application you will immediately go to this timer.

    How to turn on the timer in the iPhone or iPad camera

    Do you want to take a great picture with your friends. and so that all the right people, including yourself, are in the frame? It couldn’t be easier. just activate the countdown with a timer. How to do this on iPhone, we will tell you below.

    Despite the fact that the Timer function has been registered in the Camera system iOS application for a long time, many users are not even aware of its existence or do not know what its use is. We are in a hurry to correct the annoying flaw. after all, it’s worth it, the quality of your images will certainly improve.!

    Using the Camera timer to take selfies and group shots

    Place your iPhone / iPad on a flat surface, stand or tripod.

    Launch the Camera app and, if necessary, switch to the front camera (the timer in iPhone also works with selfies).

    Swipe up from the bottom of the screen (pull up) or tap the arrow at the top of the display.

    In the menu that appears, click on the stopwatch icon.

    Choose from two options. 3 seconds or 10 seconds. The first option is suitable for the fastest shooting possible (you don’t have to run far from the camera), the second. for those shots when you need to run to a group of friends and have time to take the desired pose / facial expression.

    The selected time for the timer appears at the top of the screen.

    Press the shutter button. a white round on the screen or any physical volume button on the verge.

    A countdown will begin in the lower right corner. It’s time to run to friends!

    Done. your selfie or a shared photo with friends or loved ones is already saved in the iPhone / iPad memory.

    Photos taken in this way are of higher quality, they are clearer, more varied and just funnier. If necessary, edit the resulting result (the Edit button in the upper right corner in the Photos application) and send it to everyone who is dear to you.

    Cozy Timer

    Allows you to mute music or video after the owner has fallen asleep. To do this, press the “Start” button during playback, setting the approximate time of expected sleep. There is a setting that allows you to completely turn off the smartphone screen, it will help save battery.

    The options “Timer mode” and “Schedule mode” are active, with a stop after 1 hour, etc., or with a shutdown at a certain time of the day. It also allows you to pause WI-FI and Bluetooth. The program can be activated when the battery is low.

    How to set up turning your smartphone on and off using apps

    It may be that there is no such setting on the device. Third-party applications that can be downloaded from Google Play will come to the rescue. The range includes both paid and free programs. But for them to work, you may need Root rights on the device.

    How to activate the option to turn off your smartphone on Android

    Function settings will vary depending on the gadget model. To turn on the off timer on Xiaomi you need:

    • Go to “Settings”. “Power and performance”. “Power timer”.
    • In the menu that opens, select the gear icon (in the upper right corner) and go to the “Power timer”.
    • Here you need to configure the switching on and off of the smartphone on a schedule. over, you can select not only the time for the shutdown timer, but also the days of the week.

    In order to turn off your Honor phone on a schedule, you need to configure the corresponding option on your smartphone:

    • Open settings. section “Control”. item “Scheduled shutdown / shutdown”.
    • Activate the item “Scheduled shutdown”, then set the time to turn off / turn off the gadget, days of the week, etc.

    In practice, Samsung devices are also customizable, allowing the owner to control the automatic shutdown and shutdown of the phone. To manage the option, you will need to go to “Menu”. “Settings”. “Screen”, etc.

    Some smartphone models do not have an automatic shutdown function. You will need root rights to activate it.

    Phone Schedule

    It is one of the best all-in-one applications. The program allows you to set the time when the gadget is turned off and on in one fell swoop, turn down the sound of the smartphone by time, turn on / off Bluetooth, set your favorite alarm music, make the screen brighter in the daytime and or darker in the evening to save battery power, switch Internet reception from the mobile network on Wi-Fi, when you return home and much more.

    The user-friendly interface greatly facilitates the tasks, allowing even an inexperienced user to easily cope with the settings.

    How to set up and set the timer to turn on and off the smartphone

    Most smartphone owners use them even before bed. As a result, the phone can work all night long, consuming traffic or battery power, and interfering with unnecessary notifications. You can solve this problem by setting a time to turn off the device. Most models have this setting. In some models, the option allows you to set the time to turn on the gadget. Then, at the appointed time, it will turn on by itself. Usually users, to turn off the device, select the evening hours, and the morning to start it.

    How to set the shutdown option on iPhone

    In apple gadgets, you can use the shutdown timer along with the “Sleep” option. It is designed to determine the right time to go to bed.

    To set up this timer on iPhone and iPad, you need to follow a few simple steps:

    • Launch the “Clock” application on the iPhone.
    • Select the “Timer” tab.
    • Click on the signal.
    • At the bottom, in the list that opens, select the “Stop” option.
    • Now you need to set the desired time for the program and press “Start”.

    After a certain time, the device screen will be locked in auto mode, regardless of what exactly was displayed and launched on the device.

    Sleep Timer

    A simple app lets you set up a timer to mute any media files that are playing on your smartphone. In doing so, it uses the permissions of the device administrator. The software works with all media players, and also allows you to deactivate Bluetooth and WI-FI after a certain time. The software will help you save battery power. The app supports gesture control. For example, you can shake it to extend the timer for the desired time if the user has not fallen asleep yet.

    How to connect Wi-Fi on iPhone: complete instructions from the Hamster

    IPhone owners often face Wi-Fi connectivity issues. This article explains how to turn on Wi-Fi on iPhone, the most common problems and how to solve them on different models.

    How to connect to hidden Wi-Fi networks?

    It is possible that the required connection is not displayed in the “Wi-Fi” tab. Most likely, the network is hidden. Most users rarely encounter such hotspots, so they don’t know how to connect hidden Wi-Fi on iPhone.

    In the already described way, go to the “Wi-Fi” menu, click on the “Other” tab. You can find out the name of the network from its administrator, who will also tell you the type of security. If for some incredible reason it was not possible to find out the type of security, then the most reliable option would be “WPA2” for home networks, “WPA2 Corporate”. for public.

    How to connect to open networks?

    Connecting to Wi-Fi isn’t difficult. To understand how to set up Wi-Fi on iPhone, just go to “Settings” and click on the “Wi-Fi” field.

    Select a network from the open list. If required, enter the password, and then click on the blue inscription: “Connect.” at the top right of the screen. If the connection was successful, a checkmark will appear to the left of the network name, and a Wi-Fi icon will appear at the top of the screen.

    If you often use a specific network, then there is no need to do all the above steps every time. Scroll down and turn on the “Request to connect” feature. The device will now automatically connect to a known Wi-Fi.

    On versions of iOS 10.0 and higher, for example, on iPhone 6, 7, turning on Wi-Fi can be much easier. If the “Request to connect” function is enabled, then just swipe up and click on the antenna icon, this is how it looks:

    The most common mistakes and problems

    Find out how to solve wireless problems in the following

    ��How To Set Sleep Timer on iPhone For Youtube Videos & Meditation ��

    • Connection problems on an already connected network;
    • The word Wi-Fi in the settings is written in gray and the slider does not move.

    There are a number of measures to fix connection problems on Apple phones:

    • The most common way to solve the problem and turn on the wireless module on the iPhone is to turn Wi-Fi on / off.
    • If this does not help, then you should delete the network and reconnect to it. To do this, click on the “i” button to the right of the Wi-Fi name.
    • Then in the open menu, find the field “Forget this network” and click on it. Now the forgotten wireless connection will appear in the list of available.
    • The third option is to reboot the router (disable and enable). Sometimes a factory reset is needed. Usually the “Reset” button is responsible for this.
    • You can also reset your network settings. In this case, all Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth users, VPN and APN settings will be forgotten. This requires:
    • go to “Basic” in the settings,
    • in the menu that opens, select “Reset network settings”,

    If the connection is not restored, the problem is probably in the malfunction of parts or overlays in the work of the Internet provider, which you cannot fix.

    To establish a Wi-Fi connection on an iPhone, if the word “Wi-Fi” is grayed out and the slider does not move, you need to:

    • Make a hard reboot of the system. It differs from the usual one in that it resets the temporary data, due to which the wireless module can work. To perform the procedure, you must simultaneously hold down the “Home” (central) button and the lock button. Here’s what you need to hold down on the example of the iPhone 5 / 5s / SE:
    • The second option will be to reset the network settings, the method has already been described earlier.
    • You can also upgrade your operating system. This decision is especially true for users of the sixth iPhone model. This is due to the fact that the new sixes for some reason often have an old version of iOS initially. To update the operating system, you must:
    • go to “Basic”,
    • in the page that opens, a search for updates will begin, and when one is found, click on the inscription that appears: “Request an update”.

    At the time of writing, the newest version is iOS 12.2.

    • Owners of the iPhone 4s and 5 are the least fortunate, since the new iOS has not been supported on them for more than three years. But there is one more solution. So, to turn on Wi-Fi on iPhone 4s or 5, gently warm up the part of the phone just above the “apple” with a hairdryer for 30-50 seconds.

    And even though in the video below the author heats up for 7-8 minutes, do not repeat this! The user manual says that prolonged heat treatment can lead to an explosion:

    Wi-Fi troubleshooting on iPad works the same way as on iPhone. That’s all. If you have any questions, feel free to write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев! Until!

    How to turn off the computer shutdown timer in shortcut properties

    To disable scheduled shutdown using a dedicated desktop shortcut, follow these steps:

    • Right-click on the shortcut, select Properties from the context menu.
    • In the “Properties” window, in the “Shortcut” tab, in the “Object” field, after “shutdown.exe”, delete the characters “-s.t X”, where “X” is the time in seconds before shutting down the computer.
    • Instead, add a space followed by the “-a” argument. The path to the object should look like this: “C: \ Windows \ System32 \ shutdown.exe.a” (without quotes).
    • Click on the “OK” button.
    • Double click on the shortcut to cancel automatic shutdown of the operating system.

    Shutting down a computer by timer in Windows 10 using a bat file. method 5

    Another way is to automatically shutdown the PC after a specified time using an executable batch file with the extension “.bat”. The user needs to create a special “bat” file, and then run it to start a timer until the system is shut down. We will create a file using Notepad. Enter one of the following codes into the Notepad window:

    “X” is the time in seconds before shutting down Windows. Instead of the text: “message text”, you need to enter some text in English, for example, “computer off timer“, which will be displayed on the computer screen.

    When using the second command, the display will not show a warning about automatic system shutdown.

    Save the file, in the File Type field select All Files, in the File Name field name the file with the extension.bat, for example, Shutdown PC.bat (without quotes).

    At the right time, click on the created file to start the computer shutdown timer.

    How to disable automatic shutdown of a computer in Windows PowerShell

    To cancel the termination of the Windows session, in the Windows PowerShell window, enter the command and then press “Enter”:

    How to Set a Shutdown Timer for Windows 10 Computer. 6 Ways

    The Windows 10 operating system has a function with which you can start a timer to turn off your computer after a specified time. Windows 10 computer will shutdown automatically, without user intervention.

    The Windows 10 PC Shutdown Timer shuts down the system completely, not putting the PC into sleep or hibernation mode. A similar ability to turn off a computer is often demanded by users for various reasons.

    It often happens that the user needs to leave, and the work on the PC has not yet been completed. At the same time, it is not possible to interrupt the execution of any actions, due to the specifics of the operations performed.

    For example, a large file is being downloaded to a computer, this process takes quite a long time, and the user cannot, for any reason, wait until the file is downloaded. After the forced shutdown of the PC, the download will have to start over, which is not very productive.

    The way out of this predicament will be to turn off the computer at a time predefined by the user. The personal computer will automatically shutdown after a certain time, sufficient to complete the current work.

    How to set a shutdown timer for a Windows 10 computer? The operating system has built-in tools to accomplish this task. The user can use an alternative option: third-party applications.

    How to Set Auto Shutdown Sleep Timer on iPhone, iPad, & iPod

    In this article, we will look at instructions on how to set a timer to turn off your computer by system means. Most of the methods assume that the user will need to set a certain period of time, after which the system will shutdown.

    There are options in which you can set a specific time to turn off the PC. You will also learn how to turn off the computer shutdown timer if you no longer need to shutdown.

    Shutting down the computer using the command line. method 3

    User can start a timer to shutdown the system at the command line.

    Run Command Prompt in Windows 10. With default settings, the Command Prompt is hidden in the Start Menu. Therefore, read here how to open the command prompt in Windows 10 in different ways.

    In the Command Prompt window, enter the command, and then press the Enter key on your keyboard:

    After executing the command, the countdown will start until shutdown Windows 10.

    If you need to set the exact time to shut down the system, enter this command:

    Instead of “XX: XX”, enter a suitable exact time, for example, “23:30”.

    How to disable computer shutdown in Windows 10 using the command in the “Run” window

    Plans may change unexpectedly and the computer no longer needs to be shut down. In this case, you need to execute another command to cancel the automatic shutdown of the PC.

    • To open the “Run” window, simultaneously press the “Win” “R”.
    • In the “Run” window enter the command: “shutdown.a” (without quotes).

    Scheduled automatic shutdown of the operating system will be canceled.

    Built-in timer

    The Self Timer function was added to the iOS system application a long time ago, but many users are still unaware of its existence. To improve the quality of your shots, let’s figure out how to enable the built-in timer in the iPhone camera:

    • Place iPhone on a flat surface or tripod. The second option is preferable, as it allows you to fix the smartphone in a suitable position and not worry about the fact that the picture will not work.
    • Launch the Camera app. This can be done by clicking on the program icon, calling from the Control Center or from the lock screen with a swipe to the left.
    • Find the stopwatch icon to the right of the HDR label on the top bar. Tap it to open timer settings.
    • Select the delay time. 3 or 10 seconds. If you do not need to run far from the camera, 3 seconds will be enough. If you want more time to take the desired pose. set 10 seconds and wait for the camera to fire.
    • Press the shutter button. the white circle on the screen or the volume up key on the side of the smartphone.

    The countdown will be displayed in the lower right corner. Make sure it starts up and run to take up space in the shared photo.

    The timer in your iPhone’s camera allows you to make your photos clearer and more prepared. The phone is level, you have the opportunity to prepare to take a picture. Plus, you don’t have to ask anyone for help or pull them out of the frame to take a photo.

    The timer remains on even after the Camera is closed. To deactivate the function, go to its parameters again and click “Disable”. This will return you to normal mode, in which the picture is taken immediately after the shutter is released.

    Countdown photography on iPhone

    The timer in the iPhone camera allows you to take a picture with friends as a regular photo, not a selfie. After the reverse calculation, the phone itself photographs the objects at which the camera is directed. If you use a tripod, you get great pictures taken without the help of someone else.

    Third party photography apps

    While there was no timer in the stock camera app on iOS, the lack of a feature was filled by third-party developers who offered several photo-making programs. The simplest and most free timer camera app is called TimerCam.

    To set the timer, click on the number on the screen and select one of the options provided. In the free version, you can set the countdown to 5, 10, 15 and 30 seconds. It is not clear where you will run for half a minute, but if the need arises, then know that TimerCam has provided the ability to delay the creation of a snapshot by 30 seconds.

    TimerCam doesn’t offer anything supernatural. From functions. switching between front and rear cameras, turning on / off the flash. But if all you need is to take a couple of photos with a timer, then TimerCam will do the job quickly and without unnecessary hassle.

    Another good timer is called PhotoTimer. Here you can select the time interval. 2, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 120 or 300 seconds.

    The application allows you to quickly send photos to social networks, shoot videos, scale pictures and take whole series with a timer. Additional features include zoom, stabilizer and dozens of filters for quick photo editing. Not a graphics editor, but basic things in PhotoTimer can be done without problems.

    If you want to completely replace the standard Camera with a third-party application, take a look at Camera.

    In addition to the self-timer, this program includes:

    • exposure and focus control, which can be adjusted separately;
    • lighting adjustment tools;
    • the ability to customize color, tone, temperature and white balance;
    • a large number of built-in filters;
    • digital zoom and stabilizer.

    Camera also offers cross-device sync and a good manager for organizing photos. Essentially, Camera replaces the graphics editor, offering similar tools within the snapshot app. It turns out very convenient: I took a picture with a timer, processed the picture in the same program and immediately sent it to my friends on their phones.

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