Disable parallel call. How to configure the second line for trimmer on the phone. How to enable using USSD requests

In order to change the active mode in its menu, you need to go to the “Select SIM card” item or simply deactivate the “ON” item.

The more correct name of this feature is. waiting for a call, that is, if at the time of the conversation you someone else tries to reach the phone reports a short beep. And you can put the current conversation in waiting and connect the second subscriber. In addition, at this moment you can combine these 2 and more calls to one and everyone will be each other to hear.

Hold / Waiting (“Second Lesk for Trimmer”): Cost

It is fully provided for free: there is no connection for connection (including repeated) and the subscription fee. Communication itself when using the service is charged in accordance with

Android is full of useful frills and they are all the time replenished with new, giving our gadgets to more efficiently.

If you want to receive notifications during a conversation, you will need to activate the option “Waiting for Call”

This setting is available in phones regardless of the version of the operating system, for example, Android 5.1 or 6.0.1 and user inteeis.

You will hear some signals in the dynamics, you can switch to another call and talk to someone else.

Thus, you will be able to not disconnect the initial challenge and answer the new, without closing any of the two.

If you answer another call during a conversation by phone, the first side will hear a voice message or a song, which depends on the cellular operator.

Why do you need the second leak for trimmer

The second line for trimmer, or hold / waiting for a call. this is a function that allows you to make some incoming or outgoing calls at the same time.

Thanks to the second line, you may not miss important calls or dial another number right during telephone conversation.

It happens very useful in the working goals: if during the conversation you need to clarify the data from another person, you do not need to dump a call. Put it on withholding, call the desired number and find out all the necessary information, after which I will return to the first challenge.

You also do not miss if the courier will come to you during a conversation with my parents, and so on.

The second line has 2 serious minuses:

  • Restored outgoing calls are paid at standard prices. If you are 10 minutes “hang” waiting until the interlocutor communicates with someone else, it will have to pay for it. But there was no conversation in fact.
  • Function does not work for 2 or more SIM cards at the same time. The second line for the trimmer can switch the calls only on one number, so that for calls from several SIM, use different phones or do it in turn.
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To activate and configure the wait function, you can use both the standard settings of your phone and the services of cellular operators. All operators have a second fishing line for trimmer.

Built-in tools for smartphone

Most modern devices have a built-in function. Most often it is activated by default. no additional actions do not need to do.

Consider how to configure the second line for trimmer on Android and iOS.

Holding on iOS

To use the second trimmer line on the iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Open the “Settings” menu on your smartphone.
  • Go to “Phone”.
  • Click on “Waiting Call”.
  • If several SIM cards are installed in the device, select the one for which you need to activate.
  • Pull the “Waiting Call” switch so that it becomes green.

To turn off, use the same method, only instead of a green switch must be gray.

Waiting for Android Call

The second leak for trimmer on devices with Android OS can be activated by many different ways.

This is due to the fact that for android creates a lot of shells from smartphone producers, and for each of them there is its own instruction for setting up. However, for most of them, the standard instruction will apply.

The standard way to start the second line on the Android phone will look like:

  • Run the Settings application. Find the System Applications tab in it.
  • Lay out the section “Phone” or “Calls”.
  • Click on “Call Waiting” and activate the switch.

Instead of “Waiting for a call”, the name “The second line of trimmer” can be used, “Holding a call”, “Notification of incoming during the conversation” and so on.

You can learn exact instructions for your device on the forums or in the technical support of the manufacturer of your smartphone.

For several years he worked in a cellular salons of two major operators. I understand the tariffs well and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially on Android.

How to activate call waiting feature (Call Waiting)? (Android 9, Android 10 or Android 11)

Important: This article only applies to certain products. Please check out applicable products at the top of this article.

Availability of the call waiting function depends on the network. An active SIM card must be installed on the phone, otherwise you will not be able to access additional call settings.

If you activated a call waiting, you can handle multiple calls at the same time. When it is activated, you will be notified using the audio signal if another incoming call is detected. Select, take an incoming call or reject it. The calling man just hears the beep, and if you decide to reject the call, it will either hear the “busy” signal, or will be redirected to your voicemail service if it is supported and activated.

Android 10 or 11

  • Find and select “Phone (Phone)”.
  • Click on the menu button (three vertical points), then select “Settings” “.
  • Select “Calls” → “Call Waiting” “.
  • Click on the switch next to the Call Waiting menu to enable this feature.

Android 9.0

  • Find and select “Phone (Phone)”.
  • Click on the menu button (three vertical points), then select “Settings” “.
  • Select “Calls” → “Advanced Settings” (ADDITIONAL SETTINGS).
  • Click on the switch next to the Call Waiting menu to enable this feature.
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Android 10 or 11

  • Find and select “Phone (Phone)”.
  • Press the menu button (three vertical points), and then select “Settings” → “Calls”.
  • Find and select the name of the service provider for the corresponding SIM card.
  • Click on “Call Waiting” “.
  • Click on the switch next to the “Call Waiting” menu.

Android 9.0

  • Find and select “Phone (Phone)”.
  • Click on the menu button (three vertical points), then select “Settings” → “Accounts for calls”.
  • Find and select the name of the service provider for the corresponding SIM card.
  • Click on “Additional Settings” (Additional Settings).
  • Click on the switch next to the Call Waiting menu.

Connect / Disable second line. free. This is possible in several ways:

IVR service. Call the number ## 914. After that, listening to the answering machine tips, type 1 #. to enable, and 2 #. for shutdown.

SMS-service. We send SMS with the text “ON” or “OFF” to number 1029.

USSD-service. For inclusion, score 11415 #. To turn off. 11435 # and press the dialkey.

A FOX. In the personal account, I move to a section with additional services, mark the desired service to activate or delete a mark if the need for it disappeared.

The only moment about which is to remember is that the “second line for the trimmer” is available only with a positive balance on your account. I cannot use myself to use it.

Methods for connecting the phone to TV

With Wi-Fi network

In general, with Wi-Fi, you can connect the phone to TV with different options:

  • via local connection: t.E. Both devices are connected to the Wi-Fi network from the router (for example) and “turn out” in one local network. The following are used by DLNA / UPNP (in my opinion it is not so comfortable and easy, moreover, not everyone has a router and T.D. and T.P.);
  • Wi-Fi Direct (Wi-Fi Miracast): Direct connection of two Wi-Fi devices. It is very fast and easy, besides, no additional. Costs for adapters and cables (so this option I will consider).

First you need to open the phone settings, go to Wi-Fi section and activate the Wi-Fi Direct feature (usually, it is in addition. Menu, to open which, you need to click on “three points”, see. Example below).

Next on the TV you need to go to the “Network” tab, and also enable Wi-Fi Direct: usually the devices will immediately find each other. You will only have to confirm the pairing of devices and wait for the completion of the operation.

After, all that will be on your phone screen. will automatically start broadcast on the TV screen. Conveniently?!

Of course, if you want to fully use conjugate devices, it is extremely preferably to the phone. Connect the joystick or keyboard (links below to help).

Using HDMI intees

On a number of smartphones and tablets there are Micro HDMI ports (see. photo below). If your device is also equipped with this port, the connection occurs simply simply using the usual HDMI cable!

  • We buy Micro HDMI. HDMI cable (in any computer store, you can order on Aliexpress with a discount);
  • We connect the cable TV and telephone (extremely preferably tv before it turn off, t.to. The port can burn);
  • Turn on TV and open the “Login” menu: Select the port to which the cable from the phone (for example, HDMI 2) is connected;
  • Next, the phone should start the auto-adjustment of the image under the resolution TV. In general, this is completed on this process, and everything that will be on the phone screen is automatically displayed on the TV.
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How to connect the phone to a TV using HDMI

Without adapter

In this case, the phone will be used as a flash drive (T.E. On TV, you can view the phone’s memory and open the desired photos, video, files).

The whole connection process is quite simple. To begin with, you need to connect TV and the phone with a regular USB cable (this comes complete to any phone, used for charging).

Next, in the phone settings you need to give permission to view files in its memory (usually, this menu, as on the screen below, pops up automatically when the device is connected via USB).

After, in the TV settings, open the “Login” tab and select USB. Cm. Example below.

If the connection has passed successfully. you can work with the phone memory. However, I can not not notice that some devices are not at any pretext they do not want to settle.

Select the desired file from the TV drive / menu

With Micro USB Adapter on HDMI

In Chinese online stores on sale there are specials. Adapters with Micro USB on HDMI (Display Port). Thanks to them, you can transfer the image from the Mobile Phone screen to TV (the connection will be similar, as if you). Cm. Photo below.

True, it is worth noting that for most such adapters, the phone (tablet) must support MHL technology.

If there is something to supplement. read at least a few words.

How to turn off the second line for the mts trimmer

Turning off the second line on MTS is made via USSD command 43 # or through the corresponding Mobile Phone Menu.

The subscribers connected after March 13, 2009 are connected automatically. If you connected to the MTS network to this date, activate the second line yourself, using the tools presented in the review.

All cellular operators are represented. So call the service themselves. But in fact, it is two and “call waiting”. These services provide a second call when the phone is in dialogue mode. No one useful option is not working without them. Conforted.

Consider what features of the Ural Provider Mobile Motive, and how to connect it.


The option allows you to call the subscriber even in a situation where he communicates with someone else. T. E. In fact, the user gets the ability to control both two challenges. If someone will call during a telephone conversation, the subscriber will hear the corresponding sound signals and can do the following:

  • accept a call within the second line without the need to complete the current call;
  • switch between two challenges that are parallel to each other;
  • return to the short connection, t. E. on the second line for trimmer communication.

In the process of switching the service, the service allows you to put one of the numbers to hold to return to its use in the future.