How to rotate the screen on the phone samsung?

Click on the inscription under the icon. this is a “bookcreen” or “auto-rotation”, respectively. Here you can choose the transition to the landscape mode separately on the main screen or the voice call screen. If the auto turn is disabled, you can turn on the rotation button on the navigation panel.

  • First of all, you must take up the notifications panel at the top of the screen.
  • Now click the “Auto-rotation” icon to enable or disable this parameter.
  • You see? It’s very simple, I think I helped you.

Where is the autoprot in Samsung?

As you know, the function of the auto turnover of the display appeared on the earliest models of Android phones. Thanks to the exercise

(gyroscope) phone can determine the angle of its orientation, and rotate the image on the screen for more convenient viewing by the user. The fleet function allows you to work comfortably with the phone

If you opened the phone control panel and did not find the options there, then we advise you to search the “Bookcreen” option there, which necessarily exists there.

Let’s look through the standard algorithm that allows you to rotate the display.

How to disable auto-rotation on the iPhone

Often iPhone owners disable auto-rotating function on their phone for various reasons. For example, it interferes with viewing pictures or video. To do not look at various videos and instructions on how to turn off this feature, it is enough to remember a simple and simple algorithm that will take from force for 5 seconds.

Developers specially introduced such a simple algorithm into the phone so that any newcomer can find the power turning button without much effort. Such an important function should always be in sight and in fast availability. Not every user will be adjusted to the settings, search for a specific section, which is why they came up with the control panel, on which there are all those functions in a certain point.

In order to disable the automatic rotation on the iPhone, you need:

  • Activate the “Control Panel”. You can do this with an ordinary peak of the finger from the bottom of the phone to the top;
  • Next you need to enable book orientation lock. This is the same icon that looks like a lock in the line, heading re-. The function is considered to be activated only if it is white (it all depends on the version of the phone).

And all! The screen will become static without any additional actions. 2 steps enough to disable this feature. It is worth remembering that the inclusion of auto show occurs on the same principle, only you need to click on the blocking and make it transparent. Button color. its performance.

Fast access panel

The easiest way to activate the screen of the screen screen on the Samsung smartphone is to use the appropriate button in the curtain. To do this, wrap it down and tap on the “Bookcreen” icon. The icon will change its appearance, and the name of the active function will be displayed below.

How to enable the screen of the screen on samsung-01

If the buttons include auto-rotor, then it must be added to the shortcut panel:

  • The above will appear with an additional window with available buttons. Find the one that is responsible for the automatic rotation, click on it and, without releasing the finger, drag to the panel below. Change it places with other icons if it is necessary. Tap the “Finish” button

After that, a button for controlling the screen of the screen will appear on the quick access panel, with which you can quickly switch modes.

Setting auto show

To set up an automatic rotation, you need to tap by its name (and not on the icon) on the quick access panel. Multiple activation togglers are displayed here. By default, the screen does not turn over if the function is turned on on the main screen or with voice calls, but you can activate these options at any time.

How to turn on the auto turn on the tablet?

The screen of the screen is one of those functions that I like someone, and someone is madly annoying. Fortunately, the tablet functionality allows you to configure it so that the operation of the device was as comfortable as possible.

Why sometimes you need to turn off the screen screen

Perhaps the main and only reason. the question of personal convenience. With an active Internet seining, this function facilitates viewing pages, since their format can be sharpened both under vertical and horizontal screens. Automatic rotation will allow you to quickly switch between pages, comfortably studying information.

But while reading, games, viewing the video, the autoprot can only prevent, especially if you use the tablet lying. Not understanding what position it is required from it, the gyroscope changes the position of the screen, causing annoyance and confronts from the rhythm of work or rest. Here in this case it will be appropriate to use the shutdown function.

How to enable and disable the auto rot on the screen

By default, the function of the screen screen is turned on on all tablets, and if everything suits you, just do not change anything. Otherwise, use the instruction by selecting the desired device.

Auto-rotation on iPad. To understand whether this function is turned on or disabled, it is enough to look at the panel on which the battery level is located. If the auto-rotation is turned on, the lock icon will be open if off. closed.

To change the status, double-click the “Home” button by calling the Multitasking menu, and select the “AutoFurning Lock” icon. It is located below left. Turn the tablet to the position you need and click. Everything, after that, the screen is zezted until the next reconfiguration.

Auto-rotation on Android. There are several ways here. The easiest and fastest. call the menu located in the upper right corner of the screen. To do this, sufficiently spend your finger from top. Among the icons, find “Auto-rotation” and click, having achieved the desired state.

The second method requires login in the Settings menu. Open the “Special Features” panel, find the “screen of the screen” and remove (or put) a tick next to it.

You can also choose the “Energy Saving” widget and turn off the rotation through it.

Autopot on Windows 8. Work with this OS is somewhat more complicated than with previous. The tablets with Windows 8 periodically deliver to their owners of inconvenience, then sending inverted photos, then deploying the screen at an inappropriate moment. If you want to disable this feature, you can use several ways.

  • Charms Bar. The main function of this application is the audio adjustment, but in most Windows firmware there are also a motor control button here. To quickly call Charms Bar Press WIN-I.
  • Personalization. Going to this section, you need to select “Settings”, find the “Auto-rotation” option and remove or select the checkbox in the desired row. Unfortunately, this feature works only in some models.
  • Keyboard. The way simple, but does not work everywhere. If the keyboard is connected to the tablet, simply click Win-O combination.
  • System registry. One hundred percent way to disable automatic turn, but the most painstaking. Follow this path: the “Run” application. the “Regedit” command. the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwaremicrosoftwindowsCurrentVersionAutor. Next, the editor opens, in the right sector of which you select the “Enable” parameter, open its context menu, select the “Modify” option. In the “Valure Data” field that appears, set the parameter to “0”. It blocked autotype.

Why the screen does not work on the tablet

As a rule, there are failures in settings, sometimes new applications or viruses. To start, check the settings and drive the tablet through the antivirus. If the auto rot is not turned on manually in the settings and viruses are not detected, you can simply restart the tablet.

But if the problem is not solved or periodically occurs again, it is better to reflash the device to eliminate the problem in the root.

Should I activate the screen of the screen

Automatic screen rotation is convenient because you can turn the tablet or phone at any time, and the picture will immediately take the required position. It is relevant when watching videos, photos, games and text set, when you want the keys to be larger.

On the other hand, in some situations it works in an unnecessary moment. for example, if you have turned, and the sensor in the Android device recognized it as a call to change the display orientation. For those who like to read Lyzha, the use of the gadget in this position becomes a whole test, because almost always the function works out when you need.

Use the tablet or smartphone lying on the side, with the rotation function turned on at all is not possible, because of which users prefer to completely disable it.

The screen does not work on Android

If you do not have time to come home to watch the Football Cup final or favorite TV series, it can be done on your mobile phone. To view the video on the gadget there is a horizontal orientation. And what to do if the screen does not work for some reason on your Android device. read our article.

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  • What to do if the screen does not rotate automatically
  • Why does not work turnover on the Android tablet
  • Reset settings on your mobile phone
  • Opporting android smartphone
  • Program for changing the screen orientation in Android

How does the autoprot work in Android

In modern mobile devices, a special chip is responsible for turning the screen. accelerometer. Thanks to a simple device tool, the system can learn the orientation of the phone case and automatically adjust the screen. His structure is such that it works only in the earth’s atmosphere. This means that in vacuum, the autoprotes on tablets and mobile phones will not work.

Problems with automatic restructuring orientation Screenshot can appear on different brands and phone models. Sometimes. these are temporary bugs, but in some cases the problem may be serious. In such cases, we do not remain anything as to give the device to repair. But before you need to try to eliminate the problem yourself on Android.

What to do if the screen does not rotate automatically

Try to solve the problem with auto-rotation. Close all applications and games that you have been running. And turn off your mobile phone for 10-20 minutes. Then turn it on, and check again, it may be difficult to eliminate in such a simple way.

Make sure the function is enabled in the settings:

  • Most device with Android settings for auto cuttings are stored in the shortcut panel. Lower the curtain;
  • The button to turn on the function you need may be on different panels. If you can not find the button on the open panel, try movies (left or right) to move the buttons;

If here the button is turned off, then you will be able to activate the function. And thus solve the problem with automatic turning in its mobile device. In the latest models of phones, this feature may have another name. For example, in the popular Samsung Galaxy S10, if the display turns off, then the button is called. “Auto-rotation”.

But it is worth activating it, for some reason it is renamed “Bookcrew”.

It is worth pressing it again. and the button is again called.

Why does not work turnover on the Android tablet

Communication problems are found on different devices, including on tablets. Make sure that this feature is enabled in the settings.

If the function has already been turned on earlier, but the tablet still does not rotate the picture automatically, try also to turn off the device. And get the battery from the housing, if it allows it to do the design. Users whose devices were exposed to physical effects (the device fell on the floor with a significant height, it was impaired and.D.) can be advised to contact technical service. Since the same accelerometer probably failed. If the problem is based on the program level, we have a chance to return the screen reversal.

Reset settings on your mobile phone

Most program problems on users of users can be solved by returning settings to the state of factory. Thus, we can eliminate bad program errors, garbage, etc. Settings can be reset in different ways. But the device must be prepared for this process. Take care of your personal data. Make a backup to quickly restore them. Since the phone’s memory, which does not rotate the screen, will be fully.

But the most important thing is your Google Account. You need to know the login and password from the profile to quickly log in in the new system. If you do not remember the password or any other data from your Google account, you will not be able to enter the phone after discharge. In this case, you need to remove your account from the device. And after the reset, create a new one in order to enter the Android system.

When everything is ready, proceed to eliminate the problem when the display of the display in Android does not work:

  • Turn off the phone;
  • When the device is completely turned off, press and hold the volume and power reduction keys to a characteristic feature (vibration or menu appearance). Buttons for entering the RECOVERY menu for your device, you can find in the manual that was included;
  • A sensory input does not work in a special menu. You can navigate through the menu using the volume keys. And the choice can be made with a power button;
  • Find the “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” string and select it;

Now the device will start the data recovery process. He will not take much time. You will need to enter your Google account and make some device settings. Now turn on and then check the auto turnout on your phone or tablet with Android.

Opporting android smartphone

If you purchased the device, but later noticed that it does not work automatic shift orientation change in it. you can return it under warranty. In other cases, the phone can be reflashing and installing that firmware in which the rotation will work. All relevant applications, drivers and programs can be taken on this site.

Choose your model in the list and find the appropriate firmware. Usually, in the same topic you can find the tools that are necessary for this process.

Program for changing the screen orientation in Android

If none of the methods described above did not help solve the problem with auto-rotation, you can still use this wonderful function. After all, there are third-party programs that change the orientation even without a built-in accelerometer.

The application should help solve the problem anyway.

Rotation Control application allows not only to change the location of the screen.

Applications Applications: Explanation:
Conjugation with other programs. Can block screen orientation by other applications.
Support for any orientation. The application also allows you to create portrait orientation.
Device protection. There is a device protection mode from the influence of third-party applications to the parameters.

How to turn on the screen turn on samsung

Sometimes, when using some Android applications, such as YouTube video hosting, there is a need to switch from the book in the landscape screen and back. And if some programs have such a switch in their intees, then others rely on a gyroscope installed in a mobile device and react to its data. In some cases, the rotation sensor may be faulty, incorrectly operate or disabled. How to turn on the screen of the screen on Samsung and comfortably use those applications that are designed for landscape orientation?

If the smartphone sensors work properly (in this case, the gyroscope), then everything you need. omit the curtain of the notifications and among the quick access buttons to find the one that is responsible for including this feature.

Depending on the firmware and the Android version, the button name may differ, but the appearance of the icon implies its belonging to the screen turn. For example, on the Samsung Galaxy M20 C smartphone C Android on the “board” and the shell of Samsung Experience 9.5, in an inactive state, the activation button is called “Bookcut”, and when it is turned on. “Auto-rotation”.

If there are some problems with a gyroscope or there are errors in the operation of the operating system, you can use the additional software.

One of these utilities is Rotation CONTOL, which allows absolutely arbitrarily to rotate the location of the screen, regardless of how the smartphone is true in space.

The application menu is integrated into the quick access cortex and on the lock screen, which means that, if you wish, you can always quickly switch to a book or landscape orientation even with a non-working gyroscope.

How to turn off the screen of the screen on samsung?

Go to the “Settings” and find the section “Screen”. Here, remove a tick from the point “Auto-rotor”. Note that you can not turn off the screen rotation through the “Settings”. Here is what the button looks like to disable the function in Samsung devices under the curtain.

To find the function control menu, follow these instructions: Open the device menu, go to “Settings”. Take advantage of the “Special Features” tab. In the list, you will find the “Auto-rotor” line. to enable it, check the box, to disconnect it.