Charge percentage on new iPhones

To begin with, you need to figure out which iPhone the user ended up with. This can be done using the box, or simply by going to the settings.

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If it is version X and newer, then the charge percentage can only be seen by opening the control panel. The top, the so-called monobrow, takes up quite a lot of space, and that is where the icon with percentages should potentially be located. In this case, a number of other values developers have not changed, left in place. This is a little strange and a little offensive.

Given these changes, you’ll have to do a slightly different operation on the new versions of the iPhone to display the charging percentage than you did with the older iPhones. There are a few options here.

  • Through the settings. The user needs to open the section “Settings”, then go to the category “Battery” and here activate the option to charge as a percentage.
  • Through the control panel. In this case it is necessary to sweep down the upper curtain, revealing the control panel. Near the icons responsible for Bluetooth and geolocation, on the right side in the top corner is exactly what will display the charge as a percentage.
  • Via Siri. Owners of apple devices have an excellent assistant in the form of Siri. It allows you to get information about the charge. Enough to ask what percentage of charge is left, or how many percent. Try different wording for your query.

The minus of the changed menu in the new iPhones is that you will have to make requests all the time, open the menu, swipe the top bar or communicate with the voice assistant.

But many see this as a positive change. Avoiding the display of a lot of additional information unloads the main screen, making it easier and more pleasant.

To refuse to buy such a phone only because it does not show the charge in percentage, at least silly. You can get used to anything.


The new iPhone X brings a lot of changes. Now the familiar things that we have become accustomed to over the years are a little different, and you just need to learn about them once to get things back on track.

One of these elements, was the battery percentage on the iPhone 10. Many users like accuracy and do not want to give up this feature.

I will show you and tell you how to turn on the percentages that we are accustomed to. Apple didn’t remove anything, it just slightly changed the logic of user interaction with the device.

Many users of mobile gadgets are used to judging the current battery level by the percentage indicator. This indicator should be placed in the upper right corner of the screen. Such a possibility was in all models of the iPhone.

In the settings, we used the option which, when activated, would display a percentage charge indicator along with the battery icon (in the upper right corner of the screen) telling us how much battery interest we had left. With the release of the tenth iPhone this option from the settings has simply disappeared. So many users have started to wonder how to make the charge in percent on the iPhone X.

It should be noted right away that it is not possible to do this. Apple has simply decided to abandon the option that allows you to watch the battery charge as a percentage. This feature has been removed from the settings, and there are simply no tricks to enable it.

This decision by Apple may be due to the fact that the new iPhone X simply doesn’t have a place to show the battery percentage. The protrusion at the top of the screen eats up a large area of the information panel.

If you’re used to being guided only by the battery charge as a percentage, rather than the battery picture, you can go to the “Management Item” menu and there see how much percentage is left. As long as the “Control Point” is running on the screen, it is in the percentage that will display the battery charge.

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The iPhone is not correctly displaying the battery charge

Follow the instructions below to open the control panel:

    Touch the top right corner of the screen where the battery icon is located.
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It turns out that in order to view the percentage of battery charge you will need to perform this action every time. The fact that many iPhone owners don’t want to see the percentage of charge on the main page causes discomfort.

All the settings are inside the iPhone itself and have been provided in advance by Apple developers. It only remains to enable these settings.

  • Go to Device Menu and enter section Settings.
  • Then look for the item Basic and press the section Statistics. This is where the coveted subsection is located Using the battery, Below that is Percentage charge.
  • Flip the switch to the “On” position and look at the battery icon at the top of the screen. The procedure is over.

By the way, the ability to turn on the battery percentage was introduced back in the iPhone 3GS. Many people at the time appreciated this innovation. To do this procedure on other phones with an earlier version of iOS, it was just necessary to update the firmware to version 3.0.1. On newer iPhones this feature was already built in by default and you just had to turn it on.

These simple smartphone manipulations will allow you to set the percentage of charge on your iPhone, and will bring you more pleasure from using it.

How to make the percentage charge on the iPhone

If the user wants the percentage on the battery charge to be reflected after all, he must do some manipulation of the device. On iPhone models, it is enough to start by figuring out which model the user is using. You can see this through the settings me.

If you’re using an iPhone model starting with the iPhone X, the view is available through the control, as the rest of the space is taken up by other useful information.

A lot in the iOS system is untouched, from time, to SIM card mobile operator signal, Wi-Fay, and so on. The procedure will be different from other old models.

The battery percentage on new iPhones

There are three options on how to see the percentage of charge on new iPhones:

1 option

It is necessary to use the settings, and then through the settings to go to the section “battery”, and through it to see the option “charge as a percentage”.

After that will be available the percentage charge on the phone. Most often this option is suitable for the iPhone Apple X.

2 option

For it you need to pull the notification curtain. Next to the bluetooth icon, the user can see the data he needs. They are usually located to the left of the battery icon.

3 variant

Another easy way is to simply ask Siri, “How much percentage do I have left?”. It will automatically tell you the right figure.

The disadvantage of this method is that this algorithm must be done constantly. However, if it does not annoy the user, he will not see the cluttered screen of his device. Such information looks much nicer, and the developers are making great efforts to minimize the amount of information received, to make it much better. Even if many users are unhappy with the fact that you can’t keep track of the percentage of charge throughout the day.

But the percentage is always available to the user while he is charging his device.

Battery charge percentage on older iPhones

On older models, you can also see where the charge percentage button is located. On all models up to and including the 8th (grabbing the Pro versions), charging is in the status bar. In order to activate it, you need:

  • Open the settings by tapping your finger on the gray gear icon;
  • Next, you need to go to the “Battery” section;
  • Activate the “Percentage Charge” parameter.

After that, on the main screen, the user will find all the information they need. This method will work for both iPad and iPod Touch owners.

You can also use the virtual assistant Siri. It will also help to activate percent mode.

However, some functions become inaccessible if the user activates the power saving mode, which also displays the percentage level. For example, functions such as booting in the background or using iCloud stop working normally in the background.

This mode can also affect the automatic locking screen. The user will notice that the screen turns off much faster, after about half a minute. This is due to the fact that at 80 percent or more power saving mode is not necessary, and when the battery is less than 20 percent, then the automatic mode is activated.

Power Saving Mode activates when iPhone has less than 20% battery power left. You can independently activate it through the settings and the “Power Saving Mode” item.

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If we consider an additional way that will work for all but the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro version, it is to add an information sticker to the status bar of the smartphone. Many are waiting for this feature to become available on iOS 13 via a tweak. Instead of percentages, it will become possible to check battery status, and recommendations for replacement will also be available.

How to find out the battery percentage on your iPhone X/XS/XS Max/XR?

Here’s how to find out the percentage charge on gesture-controlled iPhones.

If you’re a lucky iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS or XS Max owner, you’ve probably already noticed that iPhones with gesture controls and without a physical Home button don’t display the battery percentage on the top menu.

The thing is that the design of the upper part of the display is made in such a way that there is simply no room for “percentages”. Compare your “X” to any other “iPhone” and you’ll see what this has to do.

Unfortunately, the ability to show percentages on the home and lock screen is denied to the iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR. There’s nothing you can do about it, you just have to put up with it.

However, there is a way to find out exactly how much % charge is left in the power source. What’s more, there are several of these ways.

Previously, almost all iPhone models had no problem turning on the display of battery charge in %, in the status bar. To do this, it was enough to go to Settings. Battery and activate the corresponding option. But in smartphone versions with the TrueDepth camera system (iPhone 11, 11 Pro, iPhone X, XS and XR), this feature has been eliminated. And yet there is an alternative way to turn on the percentages on the iPhone 11 and similar models. We’ll talk about it today.

The easiest way. Your procedure:

[Newest Tips] How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone 13/13 Pro/13 mini/13 Pro Max

  • Touch the right “ear” at the top of the display (where the charge indicator is located);
  • Swipe down and select Controls;
  • At the top right, you’ll start to see an icon with a % battery level reading. The management item can be closed.
  • Swipe from left to right on the iPhone’s main display;
  • Click on the Change command in the widget screen that opens;
  • Click the “” (green) icon next to the Battery widget. The widget itself should appear in the upper area of the screen, with the icon “-” of a red hue;
  • Swipe again from left to right on the main display, bringing up the widgets screen. Use the Elements widget to see your iPhone‘s current battery charge in %.

Another frequent question from users “Charge percentage on iPhone 11. how to enable it on all screens?”. The answer will disappoint many. it is not possible in principle. Maybe soon the developers will eliminate this defect, but today the “ears” in this model do not allow you to display the charge in %.

The built-in Siri assistant is another option on how to turn on charging percentages on iPhone 11. Call the voice assistant by saying “Hey Siri” or by pressing the side Power key several times in a row. When the voice assistant starts up, ask it to “Show battery percentage.”.

“Battery percentage iPhone 11 how to turn on?” A popular question, but, according to Apple engineers, not really relevant. Initially the option was removed because the battery capacity in iPhone 11 was increased, compared to previous models. Whereas the display % is necessary primarily (so think Apple engineers) for those people who actively use the smartphone and battery drain. The opinion is controversial, but the fact remains that the options on how to turn on the percentage on the iPhone, can be reduced only to the above methods, any other alternatives are absent. We hope that the mentioned ways will be enough for your tasks.

Earlier models of the iPhone fully displayed the battery charging scale in %. However, in the X model was implemented display “from top to bottom. Because of the new design, iOS developers have chosen to change the content of the main status bar on the screen. And one of the components they gave up was the “Charge Percentage” option. You won’t be able to activate it directly through settings. There is, however, a way to turn on the percentages on the iPhone XR, as well as other models in the X, XS and XS Max line.

Turn on the charging percentage on the iPhone XR. Procedure

The first option is to do it via Control Points:

  • Touch your finger to the area at the top right of the screen where the battery indicator is located.
  • Swipe down to open the Controls.
  • In the upper right corner, you will see an icon that shows the % battery charge;
  • Close the Controls item by swiping your finger up.
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In fact, nothing complicated, all manipulations are done literally in a couple of movements.

The second option on how to enable percentages on the iPhone XR (this includes all models of the X line and iPhone 11) is to do it through a widget:

  • Swipe from left to right on your smartphone’s main screen;
  • Select Change from the list of widgets;
  • Click on the “” sign (green) next to the Battery widget. After this action, the widget will appear in the upper section of the display, but already with the designation “-” (red shade);
  • Next, through the widgets screen you will be able to monitor the indicator of the charge of your iPhone in %, calling the list of widgets in a similar way (swipe left to right).

iPhone XR charge percentage how to turn on all screens

The answer is clear. this option is not available. All because of the same “long ears” that are present in the design of the iPhone X, XS and XR. The updated appearance of the “apple” smartphone has forced Apple engineers to remove some options from the main screen. Perhaps an alternative option, how to turn on the default percentages on the iPhone XR, will be available in future versions of the gadget. But for now, it remains to use one of the aforementioned ways.

By the way, in unofficial statements Apple representatives said that the display of % charge was removed among other things with the care of the user. According to the manufacturer, many users are already rushing to plug in their smartphone when the indicator dips to 39 percent or lower. Although in fact, it is enough for a few more hours of use without excessive loads. So that the gadget is not charged as often, it was decided to abandon the charge indicator as a percentage.

What is the level in the iPhone

Most likely, new and inexperienced users of operating systems iOS and smartphones iPhone are not aware that their devices have a pre-installed application called “Roulette”. It can be used in different ways, but in addition to the basic functionality of the tape measure, it also contains an option “Level”, which we will talk about next.

The “Measuring tape measure” program allows you to measure the parameters of real objects in the world around you with the standard camera of the gadget. Based on augmented reality technology. It not only performs a photo capture of an object, but also shows the value of its width, length or height directly on the screen.

Important! Before you use the application, you need to make sure that the phone has iOS version 12 operating system. It is available on new smartphones, the iPhone SE and iPhone 6s, as well as on iPads of the fifth and later generations.

In addition to the basic functionality, the “Measuring tape” program has a tool that helps align vertical objects. For example, it could be a picture frame or a flat table surface. Initially, the function was available in the “COMPASS” application, where in addition to determining north, south, west and east it was possible to determine the tilt level of an object using a built-in electronic gyroscope. In the new updates, the developers have transferred the functionality of the angle meter to the “Roulette” app.

Where is the level in the iPhone 7 and other models

As already mentioned, the surface curvature meter function was originally located in the COMPASS app, but then it was moved to another place. the pre-installed Roulette program. On any iPhone or iPad, which fits the technical and software requirements for the installation of iOS operating system version 12, the program will work without problems and is located only in one place. “Roulette.

If we talk about the work, then all actually may not be so smooth. If the built-in gyroscope of the smartphone was damaged when you hit it on the ground, or moisture once got into the phone, which did not seem to cause much damage to the device and its components, the module may not work properly.

Important! It is necessary always to treat your phone with care and not to drop it even on soft surfaces. Doing so may cause the failure or malfunction of certain modules.