How to disable keyboard on laptop keyboard shortcut?

  • You need to disable the number keys on the right side of the keyboard. It’s simple. We hold down the Fn and NUM LOCK buttons. On some devices, it is enough to press only the second key.
  • Sometimes you need to disable hotkeys. To do this, press the “WinR” combination. In the window, enter “gpedit. msc “.

How to switch keyboards on your phone?

  • Install the Gboard app on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Open the Settings app.
  • Press System Language & Input.
  • Select Gboard Virtual Keyboard.
  • Specify the option you want, such as Theme or Settings.

How to unlock keys on your keyboard?

Unlocking the keyboard in a standard way

  • Press the Fn and F1… F12 buttons at the same time.
  • Sometimes a positive result can be achieved by simultaneously pressing Fn and Pause, the Win keys and one of the function buttons F1 F12.

How to enable the numeric keypad on a laptop?

  • Press the Num Lock key. If it is, it is usually located at the top right of the entire keyboard.
  • The shortcut keys are Fn F11. Most often, this combination works on those laptops where there is no numeric keypad at all.
  • Screen keyboard. This method is the simplest, most original and at the same time effective.

How to lock the keyboard on an ASUS laptop?

You can lock the keyboard in an Asus laptop by using Fn together with F7, F12 or the Pause key. Another option is also possible: WinF any number from 1 to 12. Whatever brand you have a laptop, see the instructions.

How to turn on the keyboard on a laptop?

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If you don’t know how to turn on the keyboard on a laptop, this can be a big hassle for work and everything else. However, you should not despair. There are several guaranteed ways to unlock keys and tweak your workflow.

How to turn the keyboard on and off on a laptop?

Spontaneous shutdown of the keyboard often happens due to the simultaneous pressing of the special Win key and the second button, which may differ depending on the laptop model. You can find out which key in your case makes the desired combination from the instructions for the laptop.

However, what if there is no instruction or you do not have access to it? In this case, you can download the detailed manual for your PC from the respective manufacturer’s website. Most likely, you will need to register by entering the serial number of the laptop, after which you will receive the necessary manual for use.

But before going this difficult path, try simply pressing the FnNumLock key combination, the latter is located on the right side of the keyboard. You probably mistakenly used this combination to turn on the numeric keypad when playing online. In doing so, you unwittingly disconnected part of the keyboard.

If the above method fails to unlock the keyboard, you need to try the combination of the Fn keys and one of the F1-F12 buttons. You need the key from the row where there is a lock or other picture corresponding to the keyboard lock.

If we talk about specific models, often there are questions about how to turn on the keyboard on a laptop Acer, Lenovo, HP, Asus and others. To do this, you can use the following combinations: FnF12, FnNumLock, FnF7, FnPause, FnFх, where x is one of the 12 function keys. And in order to find which key to turn on the keyboard on the laptop, you need to look at the instructions or use the selection method.

How to enable an additional keyboard on a laptop?

These keyboards include the on-screen keyboard, which turns on quite simply and displays the current state of the real keyboard. To display it on the screen, you need to enter the Start menu, then go to Standard-Accessibility and there find the On-Screen Keyboard item.

It’s even easier. after entering the Start menu, enter “keyboard” or “keyboard” into the search bar. As a rule, the inscription “On-Screen Keyboard” will appear as the first item among all the options found.

What is this virtual keyboard for? You ask. It will probably help you find the Num Lock key if it is missing on the real keyboard. And without this button, sometimes it is impossible to unlock the last.

How to unlock your keyboard once and for all?

If you regularly encounter a problem with locking the keyboard, installing the All-Unlock v2.0 RC3 program will help you solve it once and for a long time. You can download the free version on the official website.

When downloading from other sites, first make sure that an antivirus is installed and running on your PC, so as not to become a victim of scammers and harm your laptop.

In case you cannot turn on the keyboard using any of the above methods, most likely you should contact the service center to attract experienced specialists.

Laptop keyboard not working after all described what to do?

If none of the above methods helped, contact your computer service. The reason is hardware. and without special knowledge and equipment, you will not fix it.

Check the cost of the work immediately. If they cannot tell you the exact price, ask for the price range, and for what work the price will be.

Be sure to receive an act of completed work or a strict reporting form, which will indicate all the services provided.

How to replace the keyboard: a temporary solution

While laptop keyboard is not working, use temporary solutions:

  • screen keyboard,
  • third-party keyboard with USB connection.

To use the Windows built-in keyboard, type On-Screen Keyboard in Search (or go to Settings. Accessibility. Keyboard. On-Screen Keyboard). You can write text and close the window, or pin the keyboard to the taskbar.

A more convenient replacement for a broken laptop keyboard will be an external (full) keyboard. Connect it via USB. If the driver is not installed automatically, type the keyboard model into the search engine, and install the driver manually.

If you still have questions about the laptop keyboard, write to our Telegram group.

How to stay focused on your computer: 5 Windows tricks.

The Windows 7 on-screen keyboard is the keyboard that appears on the screen after it starts up, and all the buttons in this image are clickable using the mouse or keyboard.

Why do you need an on-screen keyboard when there is a regular keyboard? 2. How to enable the on-screen keyboard in Windows 7 3. The on-screen keyboard is buggy 4. How to remove the on-screen keyboard?

In the above picture, the Alt key is pressed, so it is highlighted in white.

How to enable the Windows 7 on-screen keyboard?

Windows 7 has a good search function, so let’s use search. We click on the Start button, enter “On-Screen Keyboard” in the search field, a window appears:

As shown in the figure, now it is enough to click on the link “On-screen keyboard” and it will immediately appear on the monitor screen.

2nd option how you can enable the on-screen keyboard Windows 7:

Start. Control Panel. Accessibility:

By clicking on the link “Accessibility”, we get into the window:

We click on the link “Ease of Access Center” and see the offer “Enable on-screen keyboard“:

Finally, you see the Windows 7 on-screen keyboard on the screen. You can make some minor adjustments by clicking on the Options button, which is circled in red in the first image in this article. The “Options” window appears:

In this window, you can set the position of the switch (red frame with the number 1), on which the operation of the on-screen keyboard depends: by pressing the keys or hovering the mouse pointer over the keys.

Virus activity

There are viruses that can block keyboards and other controls on laptops. In such cases, you will have to search for them using antivirus software, and then delete them. However, removing the virus cannot guarantee that the keyboard will work immediately after that, you may additionally need to use other methods presented in the article.

You can scan your computer with the standard Windows Defender, but this is in cases where you do not have any commercial antivirus installed on your computer. If it is installed, then the check is best done through it. Since there are many antivirus solutions on the market, it is impossible to give universal instructions for everyone, so let’s look at everything using the example of Windows Defender:

  • First, you need to call Windows Defender. Since the keyboard does not work, it is best to turn on the onscreen keyboard. In Windows 10, for this you need to go to “Settings”, find “Accessibility” there, and then click on the “Keyboard” column on the left side of the screen. Set the switch opposite the item “Use on-screen keyboard” in the position “Enabled”. It may turn on differently in other versions of Windows.

How to enter at BIOS Settings at any Samsung Laptop (2 ways)

Now in the search bar, which in Windows 10 is called by clicking on the magnifying glass button, and in earlier versions on the “Start” icon, enter the name of the object you are looking for. Select Windows Defender from the results. In later versions of Windows 10, Defender has been renamed to Windows Security Center. In the Defender interface, click on the shield icon, which is located in the central part of the screen, as well as in the left menu.

Click on the link “Start a new advanced scan”.

You will be presented with several scanning options. It is recommended to put a marker in front of the full scan. Now click on the “Scan Now” button. Wait for the scan to complete. It can take several hours. Upon completion, you will see a list of all detected dangerous and potentially dangerous programs. Delete and / or quarantine using the appropriate keys. Reboot your computer.

If, after removing the viruses, the keyboard was still not unlocked, then review and follow other solutions to the problem presented in this article.

Create a new task.

If the keyboard does not work after logging into your account. find the ctfmon.exe process through the task manager.

If it is not there, start manually via File-Start new task.

If it helped, then add the process to startup via the Registry. To do this, press the WinR keyboard shortcut. In the window that opens, type regedit and click Ok. Next, go to the folder along the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. SOFTWARE. Microsoft. Windows. CurrentVersion. Run.

Then select the menu Edit. New. String parameter. Name. ctfmon, value.% systemroot% system32ctfmon.exe. Reboot your laptop.

Cleaning system junk and cleaning the registry.

It can also cause your laptop keyboard to stop working. In order to tidy up the Windows system, install the free version of the CCleaner program from the official website.

Clean the operating system and restore the integrity of the registry in accordance with our instructions. After that, restart your laptop.


It may be that a blocker program was somehow installed on your laptop, which blocks the keyboard under certain conditions. Unfortunately, if this happens, then it will be very difficult to bypass the action of these programs and you will have to use an external plug-in keyboard, and then search for a program that blocks the main keyboard.

However, even in this case, many difficulties can arise, since such programs run in the background and try to mask their data as much as possible, which complicates the process of finding them.

True, some programs have special hot keys that can immediately unlock or call the interface of this program. Try these combinations:


These programs are not always viruses, but they are also very rare. As a rule, they could be installed by another user who does not want someone else to use the computer. True, in such cases, they usually set a password for the operating system.

What could be the reason for blocking

Depending on the reasons that led to the keyboard lock on the device, you will have to determine your further actions and an acceptable way to implement them. Here are the main reasons for locking the keyboard:

  • It was blocked by you or another user. This could have happened by accident or intentionally. Typically, many laptops have the ability to lock the keyboard using a combination of hot keys;
  • Equipment breakdown. Here it is already more difficult, since there is a possibility that the keyboard will have to be completely changed;
  • System crash. Due to a system failure, the keyboard on the laptop may be locked. To unlock it, you may need a certain series of actions, which depends on the complexity of the failure;
  • Infection with viruses. First, you have to remove the virus software that is located on the laptop. If after that the keyboard does not work, then you will have to look for what else has affected the activity of the virus.

Let’s move on to ways to solve the problem.

How to turn on the backlight

Some laptop models have a keyboard backlight feature. It will be useful when working in the dark, but it is energy consuming in good lighting conditions. To control its activation on such models, either a special button is placed, or one of the standard function keys is programmed. It is usually denoted with a light bulb or flashlight icon. And it works in conjunction with the “Fn” button:

  • For ASUS: “Fn” “F3”. decreases brightness, and “Fn” “F4”. increases;
  • HP: on newer models, for example, HP Pavilion, it is “F5” or a combination of “Fn” “F5”, and on older models “F12”;
  • Samsung: automatically adjusts to the illumination, but you can turn it on yourself. “Fn” “F4”;
  • Acer and Dell: “Fn” “F5”;
  • Toshiba: “Fn” “Z”;
  • Lenovo: “Fn” “Space”;
  • Sony: works automatically, all settings only through the VAIO Control Center;
  • MSI has a dedicated button.

Bonus: You can create a set of hotkeys yourself. They will help you quickly call up the desired operations or programs with one touch. To do this, you need to download a special free utility. Which one is up to you, since there is really a large selection on the web.

4 reasons your laptop keyboard stopped working

Typically, laptop keyboard stops working for five reasons, each has a different fix.

  • Invalid hardware driver: It can be reinstalled or updated.
  • Dirt and Dust: Cleaning your laptop keyboard can help.
  • Bad connection: In some cases, the laptop can be opened and the keyboard reconnected. There is a possibility that the keyboard is defective and will need to be replaced.
  • Invalid Regional Settings: Some characters do not work because the keyboard settings are set to the wrong region or language.

As you may have noticed, two of these problems are easy to solve, while the other two require a little more work. To complicate matters further, any repair action that requires opening the laptop will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and may even differ between models from the same manufacturer.

Easily remove your Toshiba laptop keyboard to replace it

Toshiba laptop keyboards are more difficult to detach from the case, the bottom of the laptop needs to be removed, which means being careful with all the screws and checking the cable.

Chances are you don’t want to do this, but follow the instructions carefully and you will find that the keyboard can be replaced.

Connecting a new / wireless / optional keyboard

Usually, the operating system automatically configures the connection of a new keyboard, but sometimes it can fail. Standard desktops have 3 connection options: PS / 2, USB and Bluetooth. For compact laptops, only the last 2 work. Having physically connected the device to the system, it will automatically start searching for it and installing it. Sometimes the system may ask you to install additional drivers, which often come on a separate disk along with the hardware. If the connection still does not work, then try checking the system for prohibitions and connection settings in the BIOS, which we talked about above. For the latter case, you will need to use the old keyboard to enter.

HP laptop keyboard not working? Consider an external keyboard

the harder it is to remove the keyboard depends on which model you are using. Fortunately, more popular models like the Pavilion have an easy way to remove the keyboard. (But higher-end HP laptops are more complicated.)

Think of it as a combination of Dell and Toshiba approaches: One screw must be removed from the bottom and then removed from the case, just like in a Dell laptop.

3.Replace your faulty laptop keyboard

If the keyboard is physically damaged or disconnected from the motherboard (possibly due to electric shock), it will take some time for you to remove the component from the laptop and either re-establish the connection or completely replace the keyboard.

Different manufacturers design their laptops differently, so it’s hard to pinpoint one solution.

However, opening different laptops from the same manufacturer usually works the same way, making it much easier to replace the keyboard (or simply reinstall the cable connection).

Note that laptop keyboards are usually sealed blocks, so while it might be better to clean the keyboard when removed from the laptop, you won’t be able to easily check the internal operation.

After removing the keyboard, you can check its serial number. Type this into the search box on eBay to see if it’s available for purchase. This is usually the case, but buying a replacement laptop keyboard can be costly.


This is a simple utility for blocking keyboard and mouse. Only suitable for use on a home computer or laptop. It is necessary:

  • Download and install the program.
  • Run the utility.
  • In the main window of the application, click on “Lock Keybard and mouse”.
  • To disable blocking, you must simultaneously press ctrl alt del and then esc.
  • The user will see the desktop instead of the program window on the laptop and the devices will be connected.

Attention! It is not translated into Russian, but a person who does not know English will understand in a simple interface.

How to activate Claudia

Unlocking the keyboard on a laptop can be done in several ways:

  • Use virtual keyboard.
  • Windows tools.
  • Using third-party programs.


If the built-in keyboard is out of order, then the user can always connect an external device for printing. To make it convenient to work using an external gadget, it is recommended to do the following:

  • Open the “Start” menu by clicking on the button located in the lower left corner of the desktop.
  • Find the “Device Manager” tab and left-click on it.
  • Click on “Keyboard”.
  • In the window that appears in front of the user, go to the opened item “Information”. Find “Properties” there and select “Device ID”.
  • Click on the identification number of the gadget with the right mouse button and select the “Copy” function.
  • After these steps, you need to click “Start” or press the Win R keys. display the search box on the owner’s laptop, and enter the following phrase in English “gpedit.msc”.
  • Enter the tab: “Computer configuration”.
  • Open the “Administrative Templates” item.
  • Find and enter the “System” tab, then go to “Install devices”.
  • And select “Device Installation Restrictions”.
  • Click “Prohibit installation of devices with specified codes”.
  • Check the box “Enable”.
  • Paste the copied equipment ID into a special window.
  • Click “Ok”.

Important! For this method to be effective, it is recommended that you uninstall the keyboard driver in Device Manager and restart the laptop. When turned on, the device will not be able to load drivers and the built-in gadget will stop working.


Viruses are special programs developed by cybercriminals that are capable of stealing information from a computer and even blocking its operation. A user can infect a laptop with them by downloading unlicensed programs from questionable sites.

You can scan for viruses using the built-in Windows defender against viruses or by installing a third-party antivirus: Kaspersky, Eset Nod32, Avast. It is necessary:

  • Run the utility.
  • Click on the item in the anti-virus program “Scan for viruses”.
  • Wait for the scan to finish.
  • If the program detects viruses, it will display information on the screen and ask the user: delete them or send them to quarantine.
  • After the viruses are removed, you need to restart the laptop.

If it was not possible to activate the keyboard in this way, then there may be a hardware problem.

How to unlock keyboard on Lenovo, HP, Asus, Dell laptops and quickly activate keys

The keyboard on the laptop works by default. If you pour it over with coffee or tea, and after disassembly by the user, reassemble it correctly by connecting the loops, the owner will be able to use it. The keyboard is blocked when you press the keyboard shortcut. Therefore, everyone should know how to turn on the keyboard on a laptop if it does not work.

  • Diagnosis of causes
  • Hotkeys
  • Driver Verification
  • Viruses
  • Hardware failure
  • How to activate Claudia
  • Enabling the numeric keypad
  • Using the virtual keyboard
  • Windows Tools
  • Dispatcher
  • Command line
  • Group policies
  • Third Party Programs
  • Keyfreeze
  • Toddler keys
  • Kid key lock

Third Party Programs

To block work on the keyboard, if there is a small child in the house, you can use the following utilities:

  • Keyfreeze,
  • Toddler keys;
  • Kid key lock.

Hardware failure

This type of malfunction occurs for two reasons:

  • Spilled water, coffee on a laptop. Even a drop can damage the keyboard microcircuits on a laptop and disable it.
  • Self-disassembly and assembly of the laptop. The user may have damaged the cable or inserted it incorrectly. In case of damage, only the replacement of the keyboard unit will help. If the user simply inserted the cable incorrectly into the unit, then it is necessary to disassemble the laptop again and carefully insert the end of the cable into the desired hole.

Attention! To connect the keyboard, it is not necessary to disassemble the entire laptop again. It will be necessary to do this: pick up the upper edge of it with a screwdriver or a knife and carefully remove it from the latches, due to which it is held. On some ASUS, Samsung models, you need to turn the bar that holds the cable. Then insert the cable and return the keyboard to its place.

Next, the reader will get acquainted with the ways to enable the keyboard.

Driver check

If unlocking with the power key does not help, then you need to check the drivers. The latter may disappear due to the influence of extraneous virus programs. But about viruses in the next block. Now we will present an instruction on how to check if there are drivers for the keyboard:

  • Click “Start”. This button is located in the left corner of the laptop screen.
  • On the right side of the menu that opens, click “Control Panel”.
  • Click on the view column and open the item “Large icons”.
  • Find the item “Keyboard”. Left-click it.
  • A window will open in which the user will see two tabs. Select under the name “Equipment”.
  • If in the “Status” section of this tab the user sees the inscription: “The device is working normally”, then the drivers are in place.

Attention! It is recommended to right-click on the “Keyboard” item. In the window that opens, select “Delete”. Restart your laptop. After that, the drivers should be automatically reinstalled in the system, the problem of turning on and off the keyboard will be solved.

If it is still turned off, then now you should check the laptop for viruses.

How to turn on the keyboard on a laptop?

On some laptops, a combination of the Fn function button and one of the F1-F12 keys. for example, FnF1. is used to turn the keyboard on / off. To understand which key you need, take a close look at the icons. Look for a lock button, if you press it together with Fn, the keyboard will be locked.

How to Unlock Keyboard on Samsung Phone?

How to unlock the keyboard in Samsung Helexi Press the power button of the smartphone and make a stroke with your finger up the screen. And if you have a key lock code set, then only Hard Reset. You can use the code 27673855 # or “Settings” “Privacy settings” “Reset data”.

How to enable the built-in keyboard on a laptop?

To open the onscreen keyboard: Go to the Start menu. select Settings Accessibility Keyboard, and then enable the Use onscreen keyboard option.

Samsung Laptop Windows 10 Windows 8.1 Windows 8 Keyboard Backlight Brightness Fix

Which button to turn on the keyboard?

On some laptops, a combination of the Fn function button and one of the F1-F12 keys. for example, FnF1. is used to turn the keyboard on / off. To understand which key you need, take a close look at the icons. Look for a lock button, if you press it together with Fn, the keyboard will be locked.

Which key on the keyboard is blocking the keyboard?

Another option is to hold down “CTRLALTDELETE” and click “Block” in the menu that appears on the screen. In this case, the lock is removed again through the user’s password. Many laptop models also support other key combinations. They also allow you to lock your keyboard and restrict access to your computer.

How to enable the built-in keyboard on a Windows 10 laptop?

Enabling the keyboard on a Windows 10 laptop

  • Right-click on the Windows logo in the taskbar and select the “Device Manager” section.
  • Find the line “Keyboards” in the list and double-click on it with the left mouse button.