Enabling data transfer on your Samsung smartphone

There are several ways to turn on the mobile Internet. You can do it literally in a few clicks: in the interface of modern smartphones this function is placed on one of the first positions, since almost all the work of applications and the operating system as a whole is connected to the World Wide Web.

How to activate 4G Internet on your Samsung Phone

Auto setup

As a rule, after inserting a SIM card, the device tries to connect to the network immediately. If it does not, try changing the settings as follows:

  • Contact your operator and ask him to send you a message with the connection settings.
  • Open the configuration parameters sent to you and click “Install”.
  • You will be prompted to enter your PIN. Enter combinations from 1 to 4 or 0000, if this does not work, ask your operator for the PIN code.
  • Save the settings, restart the phone.

Turn on the data transfer and enjoy the full experience of your smartphone.

Manually set up data transmission

If there is an error during the automatic access control, try to do it manually. Repeat the following steps:

  • Check the network access settings with your operator. The company employees will send you an SMS or dictate the data by phone, or perhaps this information is available on the official website.
  • Open the menu of the smartphone and select the menu item “Settings”;
  • Select “Connection”, then “Mobile network”;
  • Open the “Hotspots” line, press “Add”;
  • On the screen that opens, fill in all the fields with the data dictated by the operator.

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Save your changes, return to the previous menu. Select the previously set up point. Restart your phone and turn on the internet.

Turn Wi-Fi on and set up

Using the Quick Menu is the easiest way to connect the Network. It is enough to swipe the screen from top to bottom, a menu will appear in which you should find the wi-fi icon and click on the icon. If another icon appears at the top of the screen, it means that the function has been successfully enabled.

There is a second way. It is necessary to go to the sections of the settings, go to “Connections” and select the item Wi-Fi. Next to the clock on the phone after a while an icon will appear, confirming the correct connection.

Note! The device always automatically searches for nearby networks.

It is possible to add networks manually, but this method is more suitable for experienced users. To do this, you should understand the following parameters:

You should also be aware of! Several encryption options are usually used. FT PSK, WPA/WPA2, WEP. The necessary information is displayed in the tabs related to security. For a normal user any of the above modes is fine. Do not select only WEP, as it is considered to be an outdated standard. The security of the transferred data is not guaranteed.

Using a third-party proxy server solves the problem of extra security. The name of the proxy node is entered manually, if the automatic settings do not work for one reason or another.

What you need to connect mobile data

First of all in order to connect mobile data it is necessary to coordinate this question with your operator. For a particular number must be a suitable tariff offering a certain amount of Internet per month on the 2G/3G/4G network. It can be unlimited traffic or limited, e.g. 1-2 GB of Internet.

In most cases it is possible to connect mobile data automatically. For this, the operator sends all the necessary settings as an SMS and the user just has to press the “apply/set” button. If the automatic settings don’t work, you can ask the operator for information to enter the data manually.

How to turn on Samsung mobile Internet?

On the number 06503 you can always quickly get automatic settings for your cell phone.

Set up your phone or tablet and use mobile internet and “MMS” service.

For the services to work, you need to make sure that your device has data transfer enabled. How to check?

For devices running the “iOS “1 operating system. Type on the main screen: For iPhone running iOS 7: “Settings” “Cellular”; for iPad: “Settings” “Cellular Data”; for iPhone and iPad running iOS 6 or earlier: “Settings” “Basic” “Network.2. Check that the “Cellular data” switch is on (green).

For devices running Android operating system.

On the screen with applications, select the “Settings” menu;2. Next, find the section responsible for the “Data Transfer” settings and select it. Note: in different versions of the operating system this section has different names: “Data usage”, “Data transfer”, “Cellular settings”, etc.3. Check that “Data transfer” is switched on (there must be the “tick” icon); Status of “Data transfer” also can be checked in the settings menu in the Notification Center (swipe from the top edge of the device). The icon responsible for “Data transfer” or “Mobile data” must be active.

For devices running “Windows Phone” operating system

On the main screen, swipe to the left, tap “Settings” “Data transmission” (or “Mobile networks”);2. Check, that the switch for activation of “Data transmission” is switched on.

Select the service you wish to set up

It is possible to look connection of service in a personal cabinet on a site, the name of service is “Access to the Internet and MMS”.To be sure that your number is not blocked because of null balance, switch your phone on and off.

How to quickly get automatic internet settings for your phone?

Mobile internet on your smartphone should automatically connect after activating your SIM card. If it does not, check:1. Whether the service “Internet Access” from the operator is connected

To connect, dial the command 110181#

Automatic configuration of mobile Internet can be ordered by calling 06503. Password for saving the settings. 1234. The call is free.

How to configure the mobile Internet manually on Android?

Android smartphones of different configurations may have different manual setup paths. You can set and get the exact ones by indicating the model of the device in the field above.

Usually the way is this:1. Go to the settings. “”. “Mobile network” settings and tick the box in “Data transfer” item. “Access Points.”. Press “New access point” menu functional key.2. Enter the following parameters in the corresponding field:- Name: Beeline Internet- APN: internet.beeline.

User name: beelinePassword: beeline- skip Server, MMSC, MMS Proxy, MMS Port, MCC and MNC- Authentication type: PAP- APN type: default- APN protocol: IPv4- skip Enable/Disable.Press the function key in the menu “Save”.3. Go to “Settings” section. “

“. “Mobile network”. “Access points” and choose the created profile of Beeline Internet.

How to manually set up mobile Internet on your Apple iPhone?

Go to settings. “Cellular data” and select the “Cellular data network” item.Enter the following parameters in the respective items:- APN: internet.beeline.ru- Username: beeline- Password: beeline

Visiting the site beeline.ru you consent to the processing of data about your visit to the beeline website.ru (cookies and other user data), which are automatically collected by VimpelCom PJSC (Russian Federation, 127083, Moscow, Russia). Moscow, ul. 8 marta str. 10, pp. 14, hereinafter. Beeline) on the terms of the Personal Data Processing Policy.

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Switching on and setting up Wi-Fi

Connecting to the Internet through the quick menu is considered the simplest option. To perform the task, you need to swipe from the top to the bottom of the screen and click on the wi-fi icon in the menu. If an additional shortcut appears on the display, the functionality has been successfully activated.

The second variant of the decision of a question is carried out through the block “connect” and the shortcut “wi-fi”. An icon should appear next to the clock on the gadget, informing you of the correct action.

Important! Hardware automatically detects nearby operating networks and establishes communication.

To add manually, you need to know certain parameters presented:

Different versions of encryption are used for data transmission: FT PSK, WPA/WPA2 or WEP. The last one is undesirable because of high risk of leakage of information to unauthorized persons. The problem of protection is solved by using a third-party proxy server, which has an additional level of protection. Its name is entered manually, especially if the automatic debugging did not work.

Debugging Wi-Fi

Manual configuration of the Internet

How to manually turn on the Internet on Samsung:

  • Request data from the mobile network operator or read the relevant section on its official website.
  • Enter the menu of the gadget and go to “settings”.
  • Find “connect” block, move to “mobile networks”.
  • Find the access point shortcut, click on the “add” button.
  • After opening a new profile its columns are filled in with the information from the provider.
  • After saving information you should choose created profile, activate “mobile data” block.

The process ends by rebooting the hardware.

Mobile network


To get information about settings, operator sends special request to number 5049. Text in SMS must contain word “internet”.

Name Parameters
Set name Megafon
APN: Internet
Username any
Password any
Access Point intenet.megafon.ru

Important! After you enter the information, the data is saved. The user must use the information provided by the service provider when filling in the names and parameters.


Information on the site


The filling in is carried out similarly to the previous rules, the only change will be

After saving the changes made, you need to check the connection according to the parameters in the “data transfer” block. It is located in the menu of quick access.

Manual configuration of the Internet

How to set up the internet on your Samsung Galaxy phone manually. Step by step instruction:

  • First of all it is necessary to know the list of adjustable parameters of used operator. In this case the support service will help you during the application or send a special request to the operator to send a list via SMS or look the information on the site if there is internet on another device,
  • On the settings submenu, select the “connections” tab,
  • Tap the “mobile networks” inscription,
  • Open “hotspot” panel,
  • Click on “add” at the top of the screen.

Next, fill in the proposed parameters, depending on the operator. It should look like this:

Let’s look at this process by the example of the most famous companies providing mobile communication services in Russia.

  • Name: it does not matter, but it is better to call by the name of the operator MTS.
  • APN: internet.
  • Users: select any or leave the input field as it was,
  • Password: use any password or the entry field as it was before.
  • Access point: intenet.mts.ru.

Keep configured parameters of MTS network.


To get the settings, send a special request (SMS to 5049 with the text “internet”).

  • Network name: the same as above, for example megafon.
  • APN: similar.
  • User name / Users: also,
  • Password / Password: also.
  • Point: intenet.megafon.ru.

Keep configured data. Remember that you have to use the parameters you were sent by SMS or from the official site.


  • Name: beeline.
  • APN: the same.
  • Username / Users: also any or empty string,
  • Password / Password: the same as above.
  • Point: intenet. beeline.ru.


For Tele2 it is the same, but you have to indicate tele2 in the name and intenet in the point address.tele2.ru. Do not forget to save the selection.

After the selection process, check the connection in the options under “data transfer” on the desktop by swiping the menu bar down (shortcut menu).

After the manipulation, restart the device.

The third method is to ask the operator to make an automatic adjustment for your network, or ask the employee at the branch of communication.

Internet Accelerator for Android

To increase the speed on your Android smartphone, you need to use the program Internet speed master. The application works both for devices with Root access and for those without Root access.

Consider a smartphone that has Root rights. Download the application via Google Play (it is free):

  • launch the Internet Speed Master app
  • confirm the app access to Root rights
  • Press the “APPLY PATH” button
  • restart your smartphone

After the reboot the speed of connection to the Internet will increase.

Let’s look at the element of this application with devices that do not have Root rights:

You may not always notice a strong impact of this application on the internet speed. You can use another way to speed up the loading of pages in your browser. One of the most popular browsers on Android is Chrome:

  • Launch your browser
  • click on the three dots in the upper right corner
  • From the list click on “Settings
  • Open “Traffic Saving” icon
  • move the slider to “On.”
  • Check WI-FI connection.
  • Reboot the router or PC.
  • Check other sites.
  • Check your balance.
  • Check the physical connection (the message “Network cable is not connected” or no WAN port indication on the router).
  • Check the network settings.

How to connect 3G and 4G on your smartphone: brief instructions

  • Go to the menu and click “Settings”.
  • Next, click on “Wireless Networks”, then select “”, tap on “Mobile Networks” and “Network Mode. Choose “3G Service” and activate it.
  • Next choose your network.
  • Press “Network mode” and select 3G.