Geolocation services in iPhone. Or how to make your smartphone work longer!

Only a rare user configures geolocation services on its iPhone. And in vain! Today we will analyze each of these settings in detail and find out which service for what is responsible for, and also, that you can and even need to be disabled to improve the work of the smartphone.

The search for a GPS signal consumes the battery of the smartphone, and if satellites are in poor visibility, then the flow can increase at times. Also, the GPS receiver itself does not need any data, they are requested by a certain program or service. And if she asks them, then it is going to do something with these data. and this is an additional load on the processor, which leads to even greater battery consumption.

And all this can happen (and occurs!) even at the moment when your iPhone calmly lies on the table either in his What is the most important thing. most geolocation services are practically useless!

In iOS 12, you can always see when the iPhone is trying to get a GPS signal. Many of you noticed a small arrow in the status bar on the right of the clock:

Geolocation icon

If this arrow is present and filled with white (as in the screenshot above). it means that the iPhone is now trying to determine its coordinates, actively using GPS. If the arrow is not filled with color and only its contours are visible. it means a specific service or a program can access the GPS under certain circumstances (for example, you have a reminder configured, which should work when leaving the house, that is, when changing the current location).

So, what can be disabled and how it will affect the operation of your iPhone? Open settings. Confidentiality. Geolocation services and at the very end of the list, we turn to the System Services menu:

  • Geolocation advertising Apple. Advertising display in App Store app store based on your location. You can safely disable.
  • Geepresentation. If the service is active, the iPhone transmits your location to Apple to display more suitable information when searching on the Internet (for example, news). Can be turned off.
  • Geoprediability. Location-based warnings. iPhone will determine the location if you added a reminder to call someone by leaving work, or remind you of buy something while near the store. If you do not use this kind of reminders, then turn off.
  • Calibration compass. The service is used to correctly determine the compass on the direction where you look. If you at least sometimes use cards, then it’s better to disable this service.
  • Calibration of traffic accounting. Responsible for the correct operation of the pedometer. If you use fitness programs (accounting of steps, the number of floors), or carry Apple Watch. it is better not to disable this service.
  • Find iPhone. What is clear from the name, the service is used to search for iPhone and display it on the map. In case of loss / theft of the smartphone, this function (in theory) can determine its location. You can not disable, because the service is used extremely rarely.
  • Share geoposition. Allows you to send your current location to friends and acquaintances through the message application and find friends. Even if the service is disabled, you can still send your location in other applications (Viber, Telegram, Skype). Service can be disabled.
  • Search for cellular network. A completely useless function, the essence of which is to constantly send information about the location and reception level of the cellular network in Apple. Apple then can send this information to your operator so that it improves the signal covering in this area. Boldly can be disabled.
  • Wi-Fi network. Another useless feature that sends information about the reception level of Wi-Fi signal in the area where you are. That Apple does on with this information, it is known only to the company itself, so we turn off.
  • Timezone. The service is responsible for automatically defining the time zone in order to set the correct time. If you do not often travel (change time zones) and decide to disable the function, then you must in the Settings menu.Main.Date and time Disable automatic time detection / date, and set these values ​​manually. Not to do this, you can not disable this service.
  • Emergency Calls and SOS. If on the iPhone x (and newer) clamp and hold the power button simultaneously with the volume button (any), the “Emergency and SOS” slider appears on the screen, dragging which, your iPhone will call the emergency service and will give your coordinates. This service can be turned off, but, to solve you.
  • HOMEKIT. This feature creates a geosone around your house, allowing the iPhone, for example, automatically on arrival home Turn on / off certain devices of the smart home, if any. If there is no devices that are compatible with HOMEKIT. the service must be turned off.
  • Meaningful places. The service constantly monitors your location and remembers the places you visit (as often and at what time). The data obtained are used, first, in the photo “Photo” to create improved memories and, secondly, for predictive routes constructing. If you are not interested, the service is better to turn off.
  • Iphone analysis. Useless user function that sends different data based on geolocation developers to improve their products. Unambiguously turn off.
  • Routing and traffic. Another harmful service that spends the resources of your iPhone, constantly sending data on the application of the card application to then improve the application. Unambiguously turn off.
  • Popular near. When you buy some kind of application in the App Store, the iPhone sends the data on where you were at the time of purchase, then, when other users visit the same places to offer them the same application. Be sure to turn off this useless service.

How to enable the installation of geotegs in the photo

Locking geoposition on each photo taken can come in handy to remember where the picture was taken to quickly sort photos from shooting places or do thematic selections.

It turns on the station of the geometry on the iPhone as follows:

Go to Settings. Privacy. Geolocation Services.

Activate the main switch.

Next, in the Camera section, select when using the application (to enable constant fixation of tags) or ask the next time (so that each time you create a photo to include or disable tags).

Now, together with a snapshot on the iPhone, the coordinates of the place where it was made.

How does geolocation in the phone

GPS. Geolocation is an extensive complex of processes, which is directed to the search for the user, determining its location. There are two ways by which you can define a person finding:

note! In order to track the position of the user using mobile operators, a mandatory Wi-Fi connection is required, as well as cellular communication.

The operation of the GPS service is available to a limited number of applications, not all mobile phones can even take advantage of this feature. The method of determining through the satellite is the most accurate, since not all mobile operators can determine the exact location, as a rule, it is always an approximate.

If the phone has a position module, then the accuracy of the data is high. It is worth noting that the algorithm of the satellites is simple:

  • A module is activated on the phone, which helps to fix the location of objects with a specific time indicator;
  • Satellites direct their own rays on the receiver. The receiver is Android himself
  • After that, the phone and satellite data are compared, there is a calculation of the approximate location of the user.

This is the most accurate system that will not even require internet connection. So does not work with cellular operators, because for their reception in any case, the Internet is necessary.

How to find an iPhone with geolocation included

One of the main advantages of geolocation services on the iPhone is that users can easily find lost mobile devices on the IOS operating system. Determine the location of the lost device allows a special program called “Find iPhone”.

However, to use the presented utility, you will need to enable geolocation services to the iPhone, as well as the program in the active state.

You can configure the “Find iPhone” application as follows:

  • Open the “Settings” application and select the “Username” tab, then you need to go to the “icloud” section;
  • In the list that opens, find the “Find iPhone” utility;
  • Click this application and activate it in the window that opens, transferring the slider to the active state;
  • It is also necessary to translate into the active state the “Last Geoposition” option;
  • Now when the input request appears, you must enter a personal identifier of the Apple ID.

After configuring the application represented in case of loss of the mobile device, you can still track its location through the ICloud website for a personal computer. To do this, it will be necessary first to log in in the system, and then run the program “Find iPhone”. A card will appear on the device screen on which the mobile device location will appear. If you wish, you can send a beep with a request to return the phone to its owner. over, you can also remotely block the device.

How to disable geolocation on the iPhone in the settings

It is worth seeing what major ways to disconnect geolocation exist on the iPhone. Users can disable or activate this service. The easiest way to come up with is to use settings.

To disable geolocation and geoposition with settings, it is worth:

  • Open “Settings” on the iPhone;
  • After it is worth scrolling the page until the user reaches the “Privacy” item;
  • Further click on the item “Geolocation Services”;
  • Expose “Off”.

note! This is a simple and usual way to deactivate. To take advantage of others, it is worth limiting the work with definite scenarios. It is possible to selectively put in “Geolocation services” at what moments geolocation is worth activating, and in what. no.

Thus, the user limits personal information. If the user chooses a specific script, then geolocation can be activated only at the time of use of such a function as “iPhone search”. Full shutdown of geolocation means the closure of all items and services. To deactivate all services, it is worth translating all items in an inactive state. After that, no one can atocle personal user information.

What methods of geoposition changes exist

You can change the location using VPN. It is enough to connect to any foreign server and turn off the geolocation module.

If the application you need supports the definition of location over the network, it will turn out to be deceived and found in another country.

This method is the easiest and does not require any complex manipulations. You just need to install any VPN client, for example, TunnelBear or other analogs.

Unfortunately, the method is not always suitable, besides this will not be able to specify the exact location in a particular country. In this way, it will not be possible to virtually “travel” in its state or “go” to the exotic country.

Some tweak jailbreak can be transferred to your gadget to any point of the planet without additional services and applications. To do this, you can use AklocationX, GPSCheat tweaks or their analogues.

Every year the reasons for doing jailbreak on the iPhone is less and less, not everyone is ready to go on the accompanying limitations only for a couple of minor buns.

Special applications for the computer can replace geolocation on the iPhone connected to it. The method is quite legal and does not require any manipulations or hacking.

This method requires only a direct connection of a smartphone to Mac or Windows-PC on a wire for the time of geoposition substitution, but solves all the necessary tasks. In this way, we are now going to any place on the planet.

What is the influence of geolocation settings in iOS 14

Geospresents. allows the system and third-party services to offer the user more accurate proposals depending on its location.

The service is intended exclusively for advertising purposes if constant notifications are tired of stifetics or magnets. disconnect this switch.

Geopresentability is a more important service that is needed to trigger all kinds of scenarios with binding to geolocation.

For example, if you have included reminders with a triggement of geoposition or automation, depending on your location, this chip must be enabled. If you do not use such things. we boldly disconnect.

Data and wireless. Networks. This switch is responsible for the operation of the chip U1. Such a module is on board all the iPhone starting with iPhone 11/11 Pro models, Apple Watch Series 6 and HomePod Mini.

The chip is required to more accurately determine the location of the gadgets in the premises, to transfer data between the UWB devices without using Wi-Fi and to search for gadgets near the Airtag labels, which will not appear Cuppertinov.

The chip works only on the last generations of gadgets, and in Russia and is completely disabled at the program level. Boldly turn off the toggle switch.

Identification of the seller Pay. determines the location of the user during payment using the contactless payment system. This is necessary to search and more accurately determine the identified sellers who have the right to receive payment through Pay.

In other words, the system allows you to more accurately determine the seller based on your location. Extremely useless chip, turn off.

Compass Calibration. Need for those who often use navigation applications. Without it, the system will need time to determine the direction of the user’s glance for its positioning on the map.

Typically, this uses data when moving and the GPS calibration is not needed. Turn on the option only if you need to focus on the smartphone in difficult conditions or away from civilization.

Motion Calibration. Pure Sports Function. It allows you to more accurately determine the distance passed with a smartphone, the number of user steps or the steps overcome.

Need a chip only to those who use the iPhone as a pedometer or need accurate sports statistics without Apple Watch and fitness bracelets. The rest can disable the option.

Find iPhone. the most important chip in geolocation parameters. Without it, it will not be possible to find a smartphone after loss or theft. Be sure to turn on and do not touch this toggle switch!

System Setup. Need to work some IOS chips like optimized charging, change the topic of registration or NightShift by time of sunset / dawn, and not according to a specified schedule.

If you do not use such settings. you can disable the switch.

Share geoposition. responsible for the operation of GPS to be able to share his geoposition with friends. Without switching on the switch, it will not be possible to send your locations in the chat or through the locator application.

Finding a cellular network. Designed a chip to collect statistics on the location of the user relative to the honeycomb. In the theory, you can help Apple and the operator to improve the coating, and in practice it is better to turn off this toggle switch.

Installing the time zone. will help correctly adjust the time on the smartphone while crossing time zones. Those who travel a couple of times a year and less often, can easily turn off the chip.

Constantly flying and moving tourists this option will be definitely useful.

Emergency calls and SOS are needed to accurately determine the location of the user when the SOS mode is activated. If desired, find a smartphone will be through positioning by cellular tower.

It works well all this only in the US and another small number of countries. Our chip is exactly useless.

DeviceManagement.Framework. service that allows you to remotely configure the gadget and is needed exclusively for educational institutions.

It is generally unlikely to ever earn, we boldly turn off.

HOMEKIT. the desired chip to trigger the scripts in the smart home, which are configured for arrival or user care. If a smart home is not configured on the HomeKit database or there is no scenarios on arrival / care, turn off the switch.

Important geopositions. a service that tritely follows you and remembers the favorite visited places. Based on the data collected, the system will offer certain recommendations.

Down with constant surveillance! Turn off the switch and do not forget to clear the collected statistics in this menu.

Product Improvement is a separate group of switches that activates Apple Product Perfection Services. Spending battery charge for sure not worth it. Turn off all switches below.

How to enable offline search in the “Locator” application

In versions of iOS 13 and above, it became possible to enable offline phone search. That is, now find the lost iPhone you can if there is no connection to the Internet, or it is turned off at all. To activate the function, you must open the settings, go to the Apple ID section and find the “Locator”. Now it is necessary to enable the options “Find iPhone”, “Include offline search” and “Last Geoction”.

Offline search allows you to pave the route to a lost phone if it is turned off or missing network connection. Even if the phone was stolen and pulled out the SIM card out of it, the owner will still be able to send a notification to the smartphone or erase all the data from it and block it.