How to Turn an Old Android Phone into a Security Camera

Nowadays, phones are changing rapidly and many buying a new one throw the old one far into the box. But is this an option? In today’s article, we’ll take a look at how to convert an old Android phone into a security camera.

Everything is quite simple, and following the instructions. You will have a camera in your home that you can connect to over the network and see what is happening there. She can also notify when there is movement in the house. Interesting?

  • Android phone with a camera;
  • Charging cable;
  • IP-Webcam application (if Play Store does not work for you, download from
  • SECuRET SpyCam application;
  • Wi-Fi access.

Why two apps? Do you have to use both of them? It’s just that each of them serves for different purposes, and if you just need to watch a constant stream of video from the camera without interruption, set up an IP-webcam, and if you want to receive notifications if something moves in the frame. Configure SECuRET SpyCam.

It is desirable that the phone, which you will be using was without any special brakes, that is, if possible, reset to factory settings and clean it from excess.

Configuring SECuRET SpyCam

Securet SpyCam has many settings to work on almost all devices. This application allows the phone to capture any movement, take a photo or video and send it to you by mail. Also, a photo or video can be Synchronized with the DropBox cloud storage. That is, in other words, you can install your old phone in some place, set it up to send you messages with a photo and if there is some movement in that place. You will receive a letter with a snapshot of a moving object. For example, you have someone pulling something from the table and you do not know who, point your phone at him = Cover it with something so that it does NOT catch your eye = set up, and expect a letter with photo

Download and Install the SECuRET SpyCam application = launch it on your phone = and click on the key in the upper right

There are a lot of settings here and they are all in English, you don’t need to change all of them, left most by default. Everything will work like clockwork. But still, some settings need to be changed, after you have selected the key, go to General = now decide which photo or video do you need? Make your choice in Motion Capture Mode

In this example, we will test the photo delight of movement, therefore, in the same General, select Photo Settings (if in the previous paragraph you selected Video, then here you need to select Video Settings).

If you want color photos. Put a check mark in the Color Photo box (if you don’t check the box. The photo will come in black and white). Next line is Built-in Camera Resolution. Here you select a lower or higher quality photo resolution (higher. Higher quality, but also slightly larger in size). Burst Captures. Here you can set the burst mode by selecting the location of one photo for example 5.

In the Email and fields, you can configure the way of notification in case of movements in front of the lens. Why publish a photo with movement in I do not know, and I think very few people will use this function, but receive notifications by mail. This is interesting

Click on the Email field = put a check in the Auto Email Captures field = now you need gmail mail to send you notifications if you don’t have one. Register using the link. = When you have gmail. In the Gmail Address field, enter your email address (to receive = in the Gmail Password field. password to the mail = in the Send Email To field. We enter the postal address to which you want to receive notifications from the photo in case of motion detection. The following fields are required, the first is the subject of the letter, and the second is the cover message.

turn, camcorder, phone

Now we return to General and go down to the very bottom, here you can set up synchronization with the DropBox cloud storage. By default, all captures (photos, videos) are saved on the device and sent to your email (if you have enabled this function above). If you have a DropBox account, you can set up automatic synchronization of photos with this storage. You can also make the photos after synchronization are deleted from the device and remain only in the cloud, which is convenient if the amount of internal memory is not very large.

In General, as mentioned above, go down to the very bottom and select Dropbox

Check the box Auto Sync Captures. Automatic synchronization with cloud storage, select Auto Delete Captures if you want the photos to be deleted from the device after synchronization and remain only in the cloud. Click on Log in. Enter your username and password for your DropBox account. Upload Using. Here you can choose when it synchronizes, only via Wi-Fi or in other ways.

Now let’s move on from setting up to monitoring. Install the phone in the place of surveillance, Connect it to the charger and to Wi-Fi = launch the SECuRET SpyaCam application = check the Built-in Camera field and click Start

Two screens will be displayed in front of you, the largest screen shows the normal view and the small one (top left). Motion detection is displayed. First click on Press Play to start motion detection at the top right of the screen.

Now click on Play at the bottom of the screen, after which surveillance will begin and if there is any movement in front of the camera. You will be notified of this via mail, and the photos will be synced to the cloud (if you configured above). If you want to stop watching. Click on the two vertical lines at the bottom of the screen (also called a pause).

You can still dig into the settings, but why? Everything works fine anyway, the phone is connected to a charger and hidden in the right place, if there is movement in sight. An alert arrives at

IP Webcam

Securet SpyCam is a very good motion capture app, but it has one flaw. Video streaming available. If you want a surveillance camera, that is, to install the phone anywhere and watch what is happening at any time, and not just when something is moving there. The IP Webcam application will suit you.

IP Webcam application is the perfect tool to turn your Android device into a surveillance camera that transmits video streaming and can be viewed through any browser and from any computer.

Install the IP Webcam application from the Play Store if access to the Play Store is closed in your region. You can use a VPN to bypass the restrictions, or download the same program on (or any other resource).

As usual, there are a lot of settings, but we will NOT consider all of them, they can generally be left by default and everything will work fine. If you want to restrict access to the video broadcast from the camera. You can set a login and password, or you can leave access without a password and login. To set a login and password for viewing video from the camera. Open the application and go down = select in the “Connection settings” “broadcast in the local network” = login \ password

You can also configure where to record, when to record, record movements or not, recording quality and much more, but this is not necessary.!

We install the phone in the place where you want to conduct video surveillance = go to IP Webcam = go down to the very bottom and click “Run”

Now you can watch video from this camera from any computer on the network. At the bottom of the screen, the address for connecting to the broadcast stream will be written, as well as the number of connected devices for viewing from this camera.

Also on the phone screen there is “How do I watch”, if you click on this button you will see instructions in connecting to watching video broadcasts from second devices.

Through any browser, you can watch a video stream from this device, just enter the address as written at the bottom of the phone screen. For example: in the window that opens you will see various settings, you can enable video, audio stream, take a snapshot from the stream and much more.

You can also watch the video stream using VLC. Open the player = select “Media” at the top left = Open URL = enter the address to view the stream, for example

While watching, you can record videos, take photos and more. This application is useful for creating a video surveillance camera from your old phone, it has enough settings to configure the surveillance camera according to your preferences and be aware of what is happening in the place you need.

CCTV camera connection: analog equipment installation process

The location and connection of the CCTV camera directly depends on the specifics of the room in which the installation will be carried out.

For example, in a private house, it is planned to install cameras on the street. There are certain rules for this, and such video equipment has its own characteristics. Before connecting surveillance cameras, it is necessary to draft the system as a whole.

What is needed to connect the camcorder?

To properly connect to a CCTV camera and get a high-quality image, you will need:

  • Connecting cables;
  • Power supply unit.

A coaxial cable is most commonly used to connect an analog camera. It is connected to CCTV cameras, to a recorder or monitor. The cable must be of better quality. The quality of the connecting cable affects the operation of the system when the devices are located remotely.

Power to the recorder or camera can be supplied with any connecting wire. In this case, all equipment will receive power from one source. It is best to use a wire that contains the power cord. The cable is connected to the camcorder using lead wires or connectors. The device requires software to operate. Its choice depends on the type of camera that is connected to the system.

The process of connecting analog video cameras

To connect an outdoor surveillance camera, you must follow the rules, which are provided for the installation of indoor video surveillance equipment. The most common mechanisms that are connected in many video control lines are analog video cameras (can be compact). Analog cameras contain the following connectors:

  • Red. to connect the power supply;
  • Two RCA connectors (called tulips).

RCA connectors Available in two colors:

  • The yellow connector is for video signal transmission;
  • The connector is white. for audio signal transmission.

The color scheme may differ depending on the equipment model. Any monitor (TV) can act as a video image receiver.

Connect the camera to the monitor using a pair of RCA connecting cable. The video output from the camera must be connected to the video output of the TV, and the audio output is connected accordingly. You can select the right or left audio channel. The classic wire layout is shown as follows:

  • The red wire of the video device is a plus;
  • Black wire is considered a minus;
  • Yellow cable provides video signal.

The camcorder connection diagram is as follows.

The video output is connected to the central core of the coaxial cable connection. Plus and minus are connected accordingly. An RCA connector is screwed to the opposite end of the cable.

Recently, BNC connectors are more commonly used in modern equipment.

Connecting Camcorders to a Computer

When the mechanism is connected to a computer, it is possible to record the information received on a hard or removable disk. The advantage is the ability to program the device (for example, set up a specific time for the survey). There are three main ways to connect a video device to a computer.

First, you need to install a video capture card on your computer. Using this mechanism, you can Kodirov received information and process it.

The video capture card has up to 16 video outputs. This number of outputs will provide connection of a whole complex of video surveillance. You can purchase specialized software bundled with the board. With its help, you can manage the system and expand its functional set.

You can connect the camcorder to a computer using a USB converter. This option is the most budgetary. With this type of connection, analog video can be converted to digital. To connect a video device to a computer, a Video Server is used. Using this mechanism, the received signal can be digitized, thereby improving the image quality.

IP video cameras are also used to complete video surveillance systems. With their help, you can control the events taking place online, through the world wide web. Connecting such devices allows you to view video images from any device (Android mobile phone, computer, laptop, etc.).